Monday, December 31, 2007

Year in Review...kinda.

I saw a cute idea on cindy's blog; Here is first sentence from the first post of each month in 2007.

January: Logan woke me up this morning and immediately said "it's 2007! I turn 7 in 2007!!"

February: I filed our taxes on Friday and am already making big plans for it.

March: It was actually kind of warm today...I think it got up to around 50.


May: I am so glad it is Saturday.

June: My oldest baby graduated from Kindergarten on Thursday night!!

July: We spent our weekend at Tammy's cleaning and ripping up carpet.

August: Shelbea had her first tournament this weekend.

September: I'm sure I have talked about it before...but in case I haven't, My dream is to live in a house on a lake someday.

October: Since Dylan was sick a couple weeks ago he has been sounding kind of congested and his "nose stuff" is all thick and blecky and irritating the inside of his nostril causing it to bleed.

November: I took Dylan to the pediatric opthalmologist today...the Ped had referred us when he didn't pass his test in their office.

December: Saw this over on Renee's Myspace and had to post it!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas DAY Festivities and Loot Report

Christmas morning Kyle and I were both awake before the kids--which NEVER happens. LOL I had been having a hard time sleeping for the last few nights and was awake again all night that about the time 6:30 rolled around I whispered to Kyle that I couldn't sleep and I thought if I couldn't sleep he shouldn't sleep either. He didn't agree, but he did stay awake and rub my neck and back to try to help me relax. About the time I was ready to drift off...we had 2 little boys jump on the bed! So..we all got up to check out what Santa left.

In the Stockings:
Me: B& BW manicure in a minute, hand lotion and moisture socks
Kyle: flashlight, lighters, shower gel, laffy taffy
Boys: candy, underwater submarine thingies, tooth tunes

From Santa the boys received:
a folding moon chair (each)
flashlight (each)
Sonic & Mario olympics wii game (L)
attack of the toy bots wii game (D)
Slushie maker (D)
frog aquarium (L)

From us:
mini helicopter (each)
mini train (each)
connect 4
guess who
bath tub boat
crayloa drawing thingies (each)
clip on light for bed (each)
ice age for wii
meet the robinsons for wii
Shrek 3
ant farm
shrek 3 activity book

Me from K:
make-up mirror
2 post secret books
big brain academy for wii

K from me:
The Godfather for wii

Later that morning mom and Tony came down for breakfast. I made a yummy breakfast pizza and monkey bread. I think we might have started a new tradition! Mom brought more gifts down..and I had about 6 small gifts for her...I wanted this christmas to be extra special for her since she and her husband are separated this year and she didn't have any gifts to open Christmas morning. She was thrilled by everything I got I was really happy that I succeded.

From mom:
chia pet (each)
play-doh (each)

make up mirror
another necklace--white gold chain with love knot--so pretty!
B&BW lotion and powder that I have been wanting since last Christmas!
small wallet
Philosophy Gingerbread Man bath salt/scrub

lots of Socks (she always gets him socks and underwear--he's always glad when Christmas rools around because he knows he is getting new. LOL)
lots of Underwear
clock radio

From the in-laws:

race car track (for both--from BIL & SIL)
jam pack jam game (D--from BIL & SIL)
Transformers Risk (L--from BIL & SIL)
Nintendo DS game (L--from SIL & BIL)
Spiderman lego play set (D--from SIL & BIL)
2 Case collector knives (L from MIL & FIL)
4 sheets of coins for collection (D from MIL & FIL)
Kyles parents get each of the grandkids a collector item for Christmas..Logans is knives, dylans is coins, my niece gets carousel horse things and my nephew gets some kind of helicopters

$50 check from his mom

Longaberger Christmas Basket

Then that evening we went to Kyles aunts for Christmas Dinner and had a really yummy dinner and she gave me a bottle of vanilla B&BW lotion. We then played a few games and came home.

It was a really really good day and once again we feel so so blessed.

Christmas Eve Festivities & Loot report

I just realized I never posted about our Christmas!!

Earlier in the day, we watched The Nativity Story with the kids. We really enjoyed it. The kids got kinda bored in parts, but I think it was really good for them to see and for us to put so much focus on the reason for Christmas for awhile.

That night my sister and her family, my dad and his family, and my mom and brother came to our house for food and gift exchange. We chose to pick names this year for the adults and then everyone bought for the kids. It was very nice. Although, I missed the extra gifts to open...I'm a sucker for a gift! LOL

I had everyone bring an appetizer and or dessert. We ended up with: cocktail weenies, cocktail smokies, smokies wrapped in bacon and brown sugar, homemade salsa, shrimp cocktail and cheese ball for the "main" course. Then we had a lemon dessert, chocolate dessert, fudge, and a chocolate fountain with marshmallows, bananas, apples, oreos, nutter butters and pretzels to dip in it. It was very yummy!

My mom got my name in the gift exchange and she got me a set of Philosophy bubble bath/shower gel--3 large bottles in the scents of hot chocolate, spiced apple cider, and vanilla wafer. I've already used the chocolate and K has used the apple cider. they smell so good..I'm almost tempted to taaste 'em! LOL She also got me (and my sister) a really pretty "daughter" necklace.

My BIL got Kyle and he got him some various tools he needs for work, (they work together)

The kids ended up with 2 remote control motorcycles (1 each), a set of guns that shoot those little foamy things, a e-pet pet (like Webkinz), Logan got a Nintendo DS, a game, and a case for it. Dylan got a V-Smile, a game and case for it. They also each got a disposable camera---can't WAIT to see the pics from those! LOL

After everyone left we got the kids all jammied and set out cookies and milk for Santa (I bought a special plate and mug this year just for that purpose--I was so excited to use it!), and read a Nativity/Manger story (can't remember the name, but it was REALLY cute) and 'Twas the night Before Christmas.

It was so nice, because everyone was gone, the house was cleaned up and the kids were in bed, all by 9:30! So, Kyle and I relaxed...and kept checking Santas progress... until the kids were asleep...filled the stockings and headed to bed.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy TENTH Anniversary to US!!

10 years ago today....on a snowy, cold Saturday, in Gatlinburg, TN, I married my very best (guy) friend, my high school sweetheart, the guy that I had to kiss first or he never would have kissed me, the person that can make me laugh like no one else and makes me feel like the only woman in the world. I have always felt blessed just to be his friend...and the fact that I am lucky enough to be his wife is beyond amazing to me.

I can honestly say that after 10 years of marriage (and 16 years as a couple) I am as in love with him as I was all those years ago....if not more so. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't hug and kiss and cuddle and laugh and tease and joke and just ENJOY one another. He makes me feel like a better person than I am and he absolutely, totally completes me.

He is absolutely not perfect...but he is SO perfect for me. And while there are some things about him that make me bonkers...I would never change him.

These have been 10 absolutely wonderful years..and I am so excited to see what the next 10....20...30....hold! It's been an amazing ride and I am SO in it for the long haul!!

I love you, totally rock my world!!!


Thursday, December 20, 2007


Al of the Christmas Shopping is officially done! I am so glad. I wrapped a handful of gifts yesterday, but didn't get far since my boys are a little annoying. They think they are helping....but my patience lasts for only so long. So..I closed up shop and decided I would do more another day.

The BEST place to sleep

Every year this is the cats favorite sleeping spot. I wish I could curl up there!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Shopping

How are you on your christmas shopping? I think I am about done. As usual, I have done a large bit of it on-line so now I am just waiting for everything to be delivered. I do still need to get Kyle one more thing, my mom one more thing, the kids one more thing, Kyles work gift exchange gift, my brothers gift, the in-laws gift and Dylan's teacher's gifts. Then I need to wrap it all.

I've actually had a pretty easy time of what to get and didn't have to hard of a time coming up with good ideas. Unlike my friend whose husband, made a list and wrote HDMI switches on it. She had no idea what that even was...and neither did I. We had to do an internet search and we still aren't sure why he needs that. Oh well. She says she's not buying anything she doesn't understand..I don't blame her. LOL

Nasal Spray

When I was so super sick with my sinus issues my mother kept encouraging me to sniff salt water up my nose. I refused, because I was afraid I might drown. I told her I would just get some nasal spray if I felt the need to sniff stuff up my nose--which I never did. She is anti nasal spray because apparently it is addictive. who knew? I asked her if she knew people that actually had to go to drug rehab because of nasal spray. She doesn't think I am funny.

Over my Head

I've noticed that sometimes...depending on the group of people I am with...the conversations seem to be over my head. Not that I am a stupid person..they just talk about stuff that I am not familiar with and don't really care to be familiar with. Recently at dinner with a few of my cousins, some of the guys were talking about phase 1 environmental testing or something to that effect. I have no idea what it is...except that it has to do with some kind of construction or something..I think. I feigned interest for awhile and then luckily someone else got my attention with another topic. You don't think my lack of interest in topics I know nothing about makes me a boring person, do you? nah!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to My #1 Son!!

Today is Logan's 7th birthday. I can't believe that it has been 7 years since this amazing, funny, (frustrating) little boy came into my life. He has filled my life and made me so so happy. I am so proud Nd so blessed to be his mom.

I got up this morning and scrubbed my floors and vaccumed to prepare for the "family party". Kyle went to pick up the cake and a gift for Logan and came home with a beautiful wreath for my front door and new rug for the bathroom. I was so excited!! :)

I opted to not do food for the clan since I am hosting Christmas Eve and can't afford to feed everyone we just had cake and ice cream. It was a very yummy spongebob cake and we had a nice time. Everyone stayed a couple hours and then they left. We spent the rest of the evening playing checkers and Life with the kids.

At 11:00 last night Logan got up and told us that Kyle forgot his birthday spanking. Kyle was glad to rectify the situation. LOL

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The sickies have descended upon my house and refuse to leave. I am so aggravated.

I have had some kind of sinus thing and cough for over a month now. It came to a head last week and I was SOOOOO sick, I went to the dr and got antibiotics and am feeling much better..but still have a cough that is lingering and making me insane since everytime I cough hard, I wet my pants, (which my gyno tells me is from birthing 2 large babies--lucky me!) *rolleyes*

Dylan threw up for several hours the Wed before Thanksgiving.

Logan threw up for several hours the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Saturday, Dylan's eyes were pink and gooky--pink eye in both eyes as diagnosed by the urgent care dr on Sunday.

Sunday night, Logan woke up and threw up all over his bed (and between the bed and wall--which was REAL fun to try to clean up at midnight with the other id fast asleep in the top bunk!)

Dylan has been home from school all week with the pink eye thing. Today he woke up with a stomach ache and a yucky cough.

Logan has been up all night with diarrhea.

This week is Logan's last week of school before Christmas Break. All I want is a couple days of no children here so I can get some stuff done in the house. I'm really thinking it's not going to happen.

My fingers AND toes are crossed that they both go to school tomorrow..and friday!!!

UPDATE: Dylan just threw up all over the living room floor. Lord, help me!

Stupid Weather

Last week it snowed...not once but twice, which resulted in one snow day and 2 two hour delay days.

Yesterday it got up to 66 degrees!!

Today the high is supposed to be 38.

Tell me that's not stupid!!!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Elfs (Elve's) R Us!!

For your viewing pleasure!! :-)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Snow Day!!

We had our first official Snow Day of the year yesterday. Well, Dylan's school stayed open, but since Logan's was closed...and I'm horribly ill, we all stayed home. It would have been much quieter and restful for me if he had gone though. Oh well. They had a blast playing out in the snow...and I got a few moments of quiet then. I had to MAKE them come in..and they were FROZEN. They both came in asking for hot baths! LOL

Logan's school was on a 2 hour delay this morning, so I took Dylan at the normal time and Logan and I did a little grocery shopping before I took him to school.

Now, I am watching the view and drinking a coke hoping my head quits hurting. Then, I am going to go work for awhile. ugh!

My house is in shambles. since I have been sick nothing is getting done. Amelia was here the other day so I had her unload and reload my dishwasher which was very nice. It hasn't been done since then it's pretty scary in there. Hopefully, tomorrow I will be feeling much better and can get the house in order before the weekend.

Monday, December 03, 2007

The tree is up!

I think this is the earliest I have had it up in about 5 years!

We moved furniture around and got it all put up and decorated yesterday. It would have been a lot more fun if I wasn't completely miserable with a sinus infection and some kind of chest cold thing.

The house is actually still in shambles as I lost my motivation quite quickly..and if mama ain't one's motivated. LOL

I went to the dr. this morning and she gave me a RX for soon as I feel better I'll get the rest of the house decorated and the mess cleaned up.

Regardless..I LOVE having the tree up. It's SOOOO pretty!

Bless Dylan's heart...we put the tree up and then ran to the grocery..when we came back Dylan said, "has Santa been here yet??" LOL It's gonna be a LONNNNG 22 days!

Cute clothes

I wish I was into a sport or something...even a job that required me to wear a cute outfit or uniform. "Work at Home Mom" just doesn't require anything more than comfy jammies, jeans and tee/sweatshirts. whoo!

I saw the cutest Adidas golfshirt the other day and decided I should play golf just so I could buy it and wear it. Of course, I need the cute little golfers body to go with it...and the money for the---um, what are the fee's called??? green fees...tee fees??? Oh you know what I mean! LOL I know it's expensive to golf...heck it's expensive to mini golf! ROFL


Kyle's 90 day probationary period was over on Nov. 3. When that period ended he became eligible for health benefits as well as insurance benefits. This thrills me to no end. He hasn't had life insurance since his other job ended almost 3 years ago!

When I became a grown up and moved out on my own..I took over paying for the life insurance my mom had on me..but Kyle had none. I had gotten some term life insurance quotes and they were so expensive since he is a smoker. With this new job, he is eligible for the insurance regardless of being a smoker. BIG relief for me. It's nice knowing that if (God forbid) something happens to him..we will be ok.


Amelia is back home. She had moved to a boarding school/facility type place that has experience in dealing with her "issues". We were all feeling very positive about this place and encouraged that this would finally be the way to get her the help she needs to go on and grow up and be a good adult.

Apparently, this was not meant to Amelia had a "new issue" rear it's ugly head and she was forced to leave. It's been very very hard on her parents as they are at a loss as to what to do for her. In some ways, I think this might be easier if she was a drug addict and needed to be in a drug treatment facility. And I certainly don't mean that drug addiction is an easy thing to overcome. I just mean that I think there would be more options out there for them..more help..if that was her "issue".

Keep them in your thoughts and prayers...I know they appreciate it.

Exercise Aids

I have been toying with the idea of maybe getting a piece or two of fitness equipment. I wonder if it would make me exercise more....or become a "glorified clothes hanger"??

I have lost 27 lbs and I want to keep it up. My eating has been not horrid..but not great either. I have found though, that if you exercise gives you a little more leeway in your caloric intake.

I just wonder if I would be more likely to work on an elliptical (or something) than I am to put in a workout video and do that?

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Merry Toss-mas

Saw this over on Renee's Myspace and had to post it!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gift Thinking

Once again, I am having a hard time thinking of a gift for Kyle. I usually figure out a few things...but it takes me awhile to get there. I was going to get him some tools that he needs...but my sister got his name in our gift exchange and she got a few of them. I do know that he wants an LED flashlight and a safety utility knife so I imagine I will get those...I just need one really "wow" gift and I don't think a flashlight or knife is going to get it. LOL

Decisions are the worst!!


Have you seen that "tag" jewelry that is popular now. I've only seen it in silver and the words look stamped or embossed into the silver. Kinda like dog tags but way cuter. LOL

I think I would like a piece of it. something really cute with the boys names on it.

While looking at all this and doing a lot of searching on the internet, I came across these other tags with various sports emblems etc.

I got one for Shelbea right away since she is the queen of soccer..I knew this would be right up her alley. Something cute to add to her christmas present. I wasn't sure what color to get...but eventually decided on red. Since they just moved and I don't know the name of her new team..I just put her name and a soccer ball on it. I think it came out really cute...what do you think?I think she'll be tickled. :-)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Time Out

I have never taken a "time out" from my kids because I thought I might beat them. .....until today.

Logan and I had a BAD afternoon and after repeated mis-behaving and his little mouth running..I had had enough!! I'm not proud to say that I yelled--loud enough to make my throat hurt. (nice, huh?)

I then walked away and locked myself in the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and had a nice good cry and prayed. After a few minutes I felt SO much better.

I'm still not happy with him..but I no longer want to pinch his little head off!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Money Woes

Ergh! I'm pretty sure that I posted an entry about us having some extra $. I have no idea what I was thinking. We have no $. I can barely keep our heads above water here.

We have to go out of town this week for T-giving. Logan's b-day is 12/16, Christmas is 12/25, our 10th anniversary is 12/27. And there just isn't enough $ to cover everything I want to do...barely enough to cover the bills.

I got on-line this morning to check my balance and about had heart failure. I had done some christmas shopping on-line and totally forgot about my insurance payment that was being withdrawn today. *sigh*

So, once again, I'll have to break out the emergency credit card and use that for groceries and our gas, etc for this trip. I guess I can transfer a little bit of money between our two checking accounts. Actually, I guess I won't even bother. I just checked the other's not worth messing with. LOL

I really need to get some more hours at work...4 hours/week just isn't cutting it. Although I LOVE my free time. I wish I didn't have to work at all...EVER! LOL

Spelling Bee

Today was the 1st-3rd grade Spelling Bee. Logan was representing his class. We went over every word on the list last night and again on the way to school this morning so the hard words would be fresh in his mind. some of the ones he had a little trouble on were:

He only made it to the 2nd round. Guess what word he missed???


Poor thing. He got the I and O turned around. I was still SO proud though...just winning the classroom Bee is pretty darn impressive, I think!

He can go to the regional Bee in January if he wants compete against other 1st graders from other schools in the area. He said he wants to do we'll see.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I was taking a bath the other day and realized how much I love my vanity. It's a shame my bathroom isn't larger so that everyone that comes in can get the full effect of it. And that you have to be laying in the bathtub just to see how neat it really is.

It's one of those bathroom vanities where the sink bowl is cut out from the cabinet underneath it. Have you see those? If I had the money, I would have put in one of those cabinets with the sink sitting on top..looks like a bowl sitting on top of a cabinet. Those are SO cool!

Anyway..if my bathroom was bigger you could see how neat the vanity is. Maybe I could knock out the wall between the bathroom and the kids room and extend the bathroom about 3 feet.....just so I can show off my vanity. That's not "vanity"...right???

Friday, November 09, 2007

Dog Bite

My poor baby Dylan!

He was playing outside with the neighbor boy. I went out to check on him and he was happily playing, I called him..he came right away and said he was being good and wanted to play a little longer. I told him a LITTLE longer, but that he had to stay in the FRONT yard. He said Ok and off he went.

10 mins later I went out to call him in and he was nowhere to be seen. so I started walking down the street and yelling his name. Then I heard him crying. He was down the street, next door to my moms house, playing in the back yard. They have 2 semi-large dogs and one of them bit Dylan right on his butt!!

He came out from the back crying his little head off and I looked at his butt and there was blood! scared the crap outta me. The dog owner said that the dog didn't bite him that MAYBE he scratched him. I didn't have time to argue with Mr. owner of biting dog. So I picked Dylan up and carried his screaming self home.

When we got hom and I removed his clothes it was very obviously a bit mark with one "puncture" mark. I called Kyle and he was on his way I just put Dylan across my lap and held a cloth on his bottom..which seemed to help with the pain. :( Once K got home he looked at it and then headed down to make sure the dog has had it shots, etc (it has). Then I called the on-call nurse and he said we should go to Urgent Care to make sure the puncture wound was cleaned out really well.

So, we took him and were there for about 4 hours!!! They cleaned it and bandaged it and gave us a prescription for antibiotics. He was really hurting last night but seems to be ok now. Last night he couldn't even sit down, but now he is sitting fine---I'm surprised as it is quite bruised.

I'm so glad it wasn't worse than it was and it was on his hiney and not his face!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Logan update

Before I get to the update part I just want to tell this....

The other day Logan had a program at his school...after the "big" program we went back to his classroom for a "small" program. I was sitting on the front row in the first seat, a man and his wife sat next to me. Logan was in the first row of desks closest to us. When it was time for them to stand up and sing, all the kids were behind their desks, Logan was next to his. I whispered to logan to move behind his desk. He briefly looked at me and then looked away..and didn't move, so again I told him to move--in a louder whisper. He looked at me and looked at his desk and said "what?" and then looked away. So I leaned forward and touched his arm and told him again to move behind his desk...he still looked confused and didn't move so I just decided to leave him alone. So..the man next to me, leans up and pokes Logan in the arm and says (loudly), "she's telling you to get behind your desk--is there something wrong with your ears?!?!" to which Logan replied. "OH! Geez!" and then moved. I was so annoyed with that man. I can understand him maybe saying something to try to "help"..but I thought the ear comment was uncalled for. My mom and Kyle said I should have said something to him..but I didn't really want to get into it with a stranger in the middle of the first grade classroom! LOL

Now for the update--

yesterday morning logan was saying that his ear was hurting. He mentions that I didn't think much of it. So, later I took him into the bathroom to get his hair combed and looked at his ear and the entire inside of his ear and a big area on the outside and the side of his face was covered with a nasty crust...from fluid leaking out and drying. BLECK! So I cleaned it all up and out a little. He said that it didn't hurt anymore. so I took him to school. He said it was fine after school and there didn't appear to be anymore drainage, but I made him a dr. appt anyway. So, he has a RAGING ear infection in that ear. The Dr. said that even though some of the fluid drained doesn't mean his ear would be fine once the infection clears. *sigh*

I think I am going to call and get his re-check appt with a different dr. in the practice. This guy is new and I don't know that I like him a lot. Just seems weird to me to let the fluid sit in there!

Cindy--I asked about a decongestant and the dr. told me that some studies have been done that show that may actually prolong the time the fluid is in the ear. I said..I think I will get another opinion.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Thinking about...

..getting a Sam's Club Membership. Just can't decide if it would really save us money or not. My Dad belongs and he tends to buy pop, water and bread from there. I think that's it. LOL I don't want to spend money on a membership if the only deals I am going to get are on those things.

A couple of years ago I went with a friend to get some supplies for a vacation we were taking and I seem to remember the HUGE pork tenderloin we bought being very reasonable. And someone else told me that they get pet supplies from there and save a lot of money.

I guess the best thing to do is go with dad one day and do some comparison shopping, huh?

TV filled evenings

Since Kyle started working again we have gotten so behind on our weekly shows. We record everything on the DVR and then watch the shows together on the weekends. We can usually fit in one show a night...two if nothing else is going on and Kyle gets off work at 5 instead of 6.

This last weekend was my birthday, so we decided to watch a movie as something "special" rather than the tv shows like usual. So, we are a little more behind now. I spent this morning watching 2 episodes of Desperate Housewives. I think we will get Las Vegas watched tonight and maybe Bionic Woman.

It's only a little sad that the excitement in my life is what shows I am going to watch that evening, right???

Searching Queen

I like the fact that I can search the Internet and find anything I need. I like that some people ask me to search for things for them sometimes. It loses it's novelty really fast though, when the same people ask for you to search for things for them over and over and over. People that have computers and on-line access..people that are certainly capabale and even computer savvy.

In the last week I have searched for airline info, GPS systems, make-up, purses and Luminox watches...all for other people!

Maybe I will start charging for my services..then I wouldn't have to keep the job I hate..and could stop looking for another one. Ya think?

Friday, November 02, 2007

Dylan can't see

I took Dylan to the pediatric opthalmologist today...the Ped had referred us when he didn't pass his test in their office. He is near-sighted and needs glasses. The dr. wants him to wear the glasses all the time for now..and he'll see him again in 2-3 months.

I hate that he has to wear glasses...just because I know how much of a pain dealing with glasses can matter the fact that he is a very active 5 year old with a very active 6 yr old brother. I just wonder how many times these glasses will get broken??? I do know that he is going to look SUPER cute though!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Logan can't hear

Logan brought a note home from school the other day and it said he failed their hearing screening and said we should take him to the Pediatrician. so, I called and made an appt for this past Monday.

Monday, I took him in and the nurse did some kind of test where she put a thing in his ear and it came back with a reading of "refer" meaning he needed to be referred to a specalist. She did the other ear and got the same thing!

The dr. came in and he did another test--this one checked for fluid in the ear. Apparently, he has a bunch of fluid in both his much so, that it is sucking the ear drums in. Neither ear drum can move..or vibrate. the test he did was just a flat line...where it's supposed to show a peak of some sort. He said that there is no sign of infection or anything like that...and basically that we need to wait it out.

So, we'll go back in 6 weeks for a re-check, if there is still fluid, we'll wait a few weeks and go back for another re-check, if at that time there is still fluid, we will have to think about surgery to release the fluid.

So, I don't know how much he can hear and can't hear. I think he DOES have a lot of "selective hearing"...but I guess he really can't hear some of what I am saying. So..I have to try to be nicer--because I do get easily annoyed with him sometimes.

I did send the teacher a note and she moved his desk from the 4th row, up to the front row. He has missed some of the oral portions of his tests and I am wondering if this "hearing loss" has something to do with it...rather than the "not paying attention" that I assumed he was doing.

Keep us in your thoughts...I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend stuff

Chelsea got in town late Thursday night, so we met for lunch on Friday. Friday night, I left the boys with mom and Kyle and I drove out to Wilmington (an hour) to go to the Haunted Hollow Bus Ride. We met Tammy, Larry and Chelsea there. As soon as we got started raining! BIG, FAT, COLD drops! I had a sweat shirt to put on, but Kyle was wearing a short sleeve polo..he was fuh-reezing! I felt so bad..I offered to share my sweatshirt..and he said he was fine. I offered to take my t-shirt off and give him that (while I wore the sweatshirt, of course) and he said he was fine. Luckily, the rain stopped shortly after that.

So, we went on this haunted's a great big school bus with the top cut off..and it was SOOO fun. Nice and throat was hurting at the end from all the screaming. fun stuff!

The kids were asleep when we got back, so they stayed at moms. The next morning, Kyle went to work and the kids and I went to eat breakfast with mom, Tammy, and Chelsea. Then they went shopping and the kids and I came home...I cleaned the bathroom and the living room.

Kyle was home about 3 and then we all got ready and headed to the bowling alley where we met Mom, Tony, Tammy, Larry, Shelbea, Chelsea, Dad and Lola. We had a party--celebrating my, Chelsea's and Tony's b-day.

We had 2 for the kids--with the bumpers and one without for the adults. We could only have 6 people on a I ended up bowling on the bumpers side with the kids. I trotted my little self up there and threw my ball...cause you know...with the bumpers help I was going to be AWESOME!. So, I threw the ball..lost my footing and FELL..HARD. I hurt my knee and hip and back....and pride!! :) My knee and hip are hurting really bad today..and keep trying to go out. Hopefully, they will be better tomorrow.

We all really enjoyed bowling though...I think it might become the party of choice for this clan!

Chelsea headed back to TX tonight. It was so good seeing her..I'll miss her a lot. Lindsay will be here in 2 weeks that'll help!

Working woman Blues

I'm not so sure I'm loving my job. Actually, I know I'm not. I hate to say that, because the money is good and it allows me to take my kids to school and pick them up in the afternoon...and spend all afternoon wth them...but the job itself??? UGH!

Out of all my ventures into the home based business world this is definitely my least favorite. But like I said..I DO hate to complain...many, many people would like to have my "problem". I just gotta buck and do it..and quit whining.

I am keeping my eyes and ears open for something else that might sound good..but I imagine I will just stay right where I know..because the money is good..and all that.

Finding Treasure

I love to go through old things. it's like a little treasure hunt! I can spend hours going through my moms hope chest--just looking at stuff I have seen 10 times before. So, when it's something I have never gone through...I am REALLY loving it.

When I was PG with Logan, we started clearing out Kyles grandmother's house to get it ready to sell. all the things in the basement were dusty and dirty..and because I was PG..I wasn't "allowed" to spend anytime looking through any of it. HMPH! We brought a desk, sewing machine in cabinet, and old console radio back from her house.

About 3 weeks ago, I went through the sewing machine cabinet and found a lot of odds and ends...a bazillion buttons...and a set of silver cufflinks!! They are so pretty too! I think I might have to go buy a mens shirt so I can wear them!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Living in a TV dreamworld

My mom has one of those groovy new big screen, plasma, tv's. The picture on it is awesome and I am jealous!

However...when I get one...I want a bigger one than she has. Hers is 42" and our tv is like 56" even though her picture is better...I like a BIGGER picture better. So...I want a BIG, GOOD picture. LOL Also, when we get one (notice how I say WHEN..and not IF!!??!) I want to hang it on the wall..she has hers sitting on a plasma stand. which is ok...I'm just thinking of all the floor room I could save by having my tv on the wall.

Then, I want to get one for the bedroom and hang it on the ceiling so I don't have to move my head to see the tv. Neck pain is the pits!


Please excuse my post titled "Am I OK?" from yesterday. It was quite a rant and was intended for my diet blog.


I'll post a nice, normal entry on this blog later today. :-)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Missing "my girls"

Every summer (except last year) for the last 4 years I have gotten together with several of my friends and their families for a vacation. The first 2 years we went to Cedar Point, then Niagara falls for yr 3 and Pigeon Forge, TN for year 4. We had so much family stuff during the day and at night we would put the kids to bed, crack out the beer and wine coolers and have SO much fun just talking and laughing..and having a marshmallow fight or two! LOL

We didn't do it this year since several of us were having money issues and gosh, I missed it SO much. I feel kinda cheated almost. I have decided we absolutely, positively MUST get together next summer...even if it means pitching tents in my backyard...we have to see other next summer. It would be a "sin" to not do it 2 years in a row!


Remember my post about quoizel lighting last month? Well, it's driving me crazy..I wake up in the middle of the night spelling q u o i z e l!! Isn't that nuts??! It takes me back to the days when Logan was little and I would wake up in the night singing those darn Wiggles songs!! UGH!

I think the only way to make the insanity stop is to go purchase a new dining room and kitchen light. You know I'm right! ;-)

Seriously..I need to do something about those lights...especially the dining room. It doesn't even work a lot of the time. Kyle said he isn't sure if the problem is the switch or the light itself. I's the light and let's buy a new one! Of have to have money to buy a new light! HMPH!

Just stay there...

So, mom's husband moved to FL. Since being there, he and my mom have been talking some. He had decided to move back to Ohio because all of his medical care/records etc were here. Well, apparently that has all changed in the last week or so.

Al is living with his son, a week or so ago the son's wife took the kids and left. They are now talking divorce and he is saying that if they are going to get divorced he wants Al to stay with him. He is also going to try to get transferred to another location for his job. So, Al is now staying there and he and his son are looking at Wilmington NC real estate!

Whatever. I am glad he isn't coming back..just one more thing my mother does NOT need in her life. He has some major faults and huge issues.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Train up a child....

A good Pillow

say cheese!

Logan is wanting a digital camera so bad...he has wanted one for at least 2 years now. I think I may get him one this Christmas. I'll have to look around and see what is available and what is best for him. Of course I don't want to spend a ton on something that will be mostly used to take pictures of his own butt! But I want something that is easy for him to handle and something that can stand up to a little abuse.

I have owned 3 digital cameras in my life--all different brands..and I can't say that I am commited to one brand...they were all 3 great cameras. Of course, I'm not really a technological as long as it's point and click..and works...I'm good to go!

So...I'll keep a look out and see what I can find. I may get a new wrist strap for my old one and just give him that...we'll see.

If I had a bunch of money...

I would turn my basement in to a liveable area. I'd make a room for storage, a room for the laundry, a small bedroom and a theater room...and a small bathroom. I used to want another living room down there..for the kids to hang out I am digging the theater room idea.

What started the whole idea was the cool home theater furniture I have seen. I LOVE it. I can't see me putting it in my main living area though!

Kyles aunt and uncle are building their dream home in TN and they are going to have a theater room. I am jealous--and can't wait to visit!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Logan had his check up last week and Dylan had his today.

I was going to post their stats..but now I can't remember. hmph! I know Logan is over 4 ft tall and Dylan is under. LOL She said Logan will be somewhere between 5'10" and 6'1". She didn't give me that info about Dylan. Logan just had a big growth spurt..and she said he isn't too skinny...that he is gaining weight and his BMI is fine. Dylan however hasn't gained much weight in the last 1/2 pound is all! He has grown about 2 inches. she wants us to keep an eye on that..although she wasn't overly concerned. Hopefully, it will resolve itself and we won't have to mess with any kind of nutritional supplements to keep him healthy.

Dylan got 4 booster shots and screamed his little head off. They gave him a sticker that said "I pitched a fit". LOL Bless his little heart...before they brought they shots in, he was begging, "Please don't give me a booster shot..PLEASE!" I would have gladly taken them for him if I could have. :( little punkin'! He did get a sucker, 2 more stickers and McDonalds afterwards. No more shots for awhile, thank god!

Dylan needs to see an opthamologist..he was having trouble reading a line on the test...not sure if it was uncooperativeness or actual trouble seeing..but we'll get him checked just to be sure.

all in all, both of my boys are strong and healthy and just perfect.

Kyles truck

Did I ever post and say that Kyle got a new truck.?? Well, new to him.
We were looking about the time I got my work bonus..since that's when we had money. He ended up getting a '91 Jimmy with only 56,000 miles on it. We paid $1,000 less that we "budgeted" and then spent another $400 getting some work done on it--tune up, brakes, etc etc. Not too bad.

Originally, he wanted a pick up truck, but he carries around about $500 worth of tools in his car everyday. So, we would have had to get a locking truck toolbox which would have been more $$. Plus, pick up trucks are REALLY expensive for some reason. Seems like everyone we found that sounded decent had about a million miles on it. So, we lucked out with this Jimmy I think--for the time being anyway. It's a cute little truck and just "looks" like and square. ROFL

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Money Money

For the first time in awhile...our money situation seems to be a little better. I don't have that constant feeling of worry. I am keeping the "emergency" credit card paid off and I just paid off another credit card and I can see how I can get some more paid off very soon. It feels good. We are still SO in debt--having an unemployed husband for 2 years will do that--but I feel like we are on the other least I hope we are.

I signed up to pay our mtg every 2 doing that, we will have it paid off 7 years sooner and save something like $19,000!!! WOW! I should really think about investing in some kind of budgeting software to make sure that I can keep this feeling of "whew" that I have now. I tend to spend what I have...and if I have a real budget...that should help me spend it wisely. I hope one day..some day to be debt free..aside from the mortgage..and maybe a SMALL car payment. as it stands we don't owe anything on either of our cars and that is really, really nice. Those 2008 Grand Caravans look SO nice though--HOWEVER, I remember what it was like having a new van with a new van payment...and it wasn't pretty. LOL So, I'll enjoy my paid off Bonneville for awhile longer!

Bye, Sis!

Tammy is getting ready to move into her new house. It should be all done in the next few days and then they will be gone. I don't imagine I will see her again until wait, Chelsea is coming at the end of the month so we will get together then! I'm really just kidding of course..I imagine I will see her more often than once a month...I guess. I know that I won't be driving the hour drive to see her much!! Oh well.

Her house sounds like it will be nice..but small. I was a little sad that she didn't ask me to help pick out paint, carpet, fixtures, etc. Probably for the best, I'm sure I would have talked her into spending more than she should (always easier to spend someone elses money) and gotten one of those cool bathroom sinks. You know the kind that look like a bowl sitting on top of a cabinet?? She does want me to help with decrating--she says that will be more fun than picking out the other stuff. hmph! We'll see...

Football Season

At times I wish I was in to football...but most of the time I m so glad we are not a sport-loving, football watching family. I hate that some peoples lives seem to be dictated by when a game is on. My dad said that he couldn't go to my nieces soccer game a couple weeks ago because the Bengals were playing! Now, I didn't go either..because I am lazy and like to do other things with my weekends..but at least it wasn't over a football game! LOL

I remember being in TN one year and meeting Rita and Alan for dinner and they were late meeting us for dinner because of Tennessee football and then when they did get there...he kept watching it on the tv in the restaurant! BOYS!

I think my big issue is that I totally do NOT understand football..not at all. I try to watch the superbowl and ask questions...but it just doesn't make sense to me. Oh well. Maybe one of my boys will play and I will learn then???

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Always Something

Since Dylan was sick a couple weeks ago he has been sounding kind of congested and his "nose stuff" is all thick and blecky and irritating the inside of his nostril causing it to bleed. it's pretty gross. Wed. night he woke up coughing and holding his throat and then yesterday morning he woke up with small pimple like things all around his nose and mouth. He didn't have a fever or anything and said he felt fine so I took him to school and made him an appt for that afternoon.

I picked Dylan up and on the way to the dr my "low tire pressure" light came on. No of the tires has a slow leak, I made a mental note to stop and get air after the appt.

Got to the appt. 10 mins late--cause that's how I arrive for EVERYTHING. *sigh* Got right in and Dylan was diagnosed with some kind of strep infection and impetigo. Is it contagious? of course it is! Good mommy for sending the kid to school with all the other little darlings all day! *sigh* So, she writes a prescription for an antibiotic, says he can return to school on Friday. (good..because that's picture day--nice time to have sores on your face, huh?)and sends us on our way.

We get to the car, I call my mom to tell her that I just got done and can pick up Logan..she doesn't need to worry about it. As I am pulling out of the parking lot, I notice the car feels a little weird....I ignore it..when i start going faster..I hear a weird sound and the car is definitely vibrating. I pull over and my tire is FLAT! Not the tire with the slow leak...the other rear tire. Lovely. Call mom back and tell her to get Logan. Call Kyle and complain to him. Drive to a gas station..out some air in..can hear an audible "hissssssss" as the air is leaking right back out. Call Kyle some more. Call the oil change place next door..ask them where I should go...luckily there is a tire place right down the hill. I get Dylan back in the car..tell him to stay put because I am putting air in the tire and we are going FAST to the tire place. Get the air on down the hill...and ask to get my tire repaired. sure. 35 mins. no problem.

So, they take my car...Dylan and I sit and wait. I notice a sign that says they now have internet access in the waiting room, and I REALLY wish I had my laptop with me so I could do something constructive while I wait. As it turns out...Dylan and I had a nice time looking at magazines that was pretty constructive. :)

So..back to the car. I call Kyle and tell him where I am. He tells me to get the other (slow leak) tire fixed as well. Fine. 10 minutes later. They can fix the slow leak tire, but the new flat tire has damage to the sidewall...I need a new tire. lovely. 30 minutes and $150 later I am on my way home with my pretty new tire. Thank God I had my "emergency" credit card with me...and it wasn't all "emergencied" out. LOL

I have to take Logan to the Ped for his 6 yr check up today...hopefully, it's much less eventful!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Sunday

We went to the outdoor play last night and had a really good time. The kids loved it and were PERFECT..which is REALLY saying something since they never are! It was very chilly though and I don't think it helped my sore throat at all. I think I have moved past the fever/chills/aches stage though..and the worst of the pain is over...although it still hurts pretty bad!

Kyle and I had a disagreement this morning and I started cleaning and doing laundry. I have done 2 loads of laundry, cleaned all the clutter out of the living room, dusted all the furniture and mopped the hardwood. The kids were fighting and refused to stop so Logan got sent to his room to clean, Dylan to the play room to clean and Kyle must have felt guilty because he went in and did the dishes and vaccumed the living room, hallway and the boy's room. It looks SO nice and smells nice and I am excited to start the week off with a clean house. I should get mad at Kyle more often! ;-)

Before the "fight" and the cleaning began, I was doing my favorite sunday morning ritual. Reading PostSecret and looking at the Target and Kmart weekly ad on-line. I am trying to get some christmas gift ideas and for as cheap as possible of course. I can't believe Christmas is 3 months away. I bet my friend, Sue has hers done already! I did get a few gifts bought for the men in my life the other day...Eddie Bauer was having a great sale! Can;t beat paying $5 for a polo!

Kyle is wanting to I guess I better go help him figure something I can eat too..and take some more advil. *sigh*

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sick Girl

I finally got my kids well and guess who gets sick? Me! I have had the most HORRIBLE sore throat I think I have ever had in my entire life. It's been miserable. Thursday night I ended up in bed with an aches and chills and crying to my mommy on the phone. Kyle brought me advil and cuddled with me for awhile before I finally drifted off to sleep.

Yesterday, I woke up and didn't feel TOO horrid..but my throat was still hurting. So, I took more advil and carried on with my day. Last night, Logan's school hosted a "parent's night out", so come hell or high water I was NOT missing out on a night of babysitting! So, I took a shower, put on makeup, dropped them off and went to dinner with my hubby. About the time we got seated, the aches started again, the chills started again. (I kept the crying to a minimum though!) I tried really really hard to just enjoy myself and my yummy steak dinner..but I just couldn't. I was miserable...even drinking a frozen margarita didn't help! wah!! every swallow was like razor blades in my throat!! UGH! in hindsight, I should have taken more advil before we went out..but I didn't... We got done eating about 8:15 and the kids weren't due to be picked up til 10. I knew that if we showed up earlier than the other parents that they would be ticked. So we came home, where I changed into some comfy clothes and sat on the couch mumbling and crying about my pain, death, etc, etc. Kyle brought me some advil which I had to MAKE myself take. just the thought of swallowing was almost more than I could bear (bare?).

Long story short (HA!), the advil kicked in about the time we went to bed. I took it again as soon as I woke up this morning and am fixing to take another dose. I've had K look in my throat and he doesn't see any I am guessing it's not strep--I've never had strep in my I don't know why it would happen now. However, if Monday I don't feel MUCH better...I am going to the dr.

Tonight we are taking the kids to an outdoor play of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I think they will really like know horses and fighting, and a little bit of fright..doesn't get better than THAT! LOL Hopefully, by taking my advil religiously today I won't be hit with another bought of fever, chills, and aches!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thinking of Disney

With fall officially here, I am thinking a lot about next fall and the hope that we will be in Disney World. My plan is to save our tax return and take a really awesome vacation in the fall. I think the boys are at a good age to go..and Kyle has never I want to do it really right!

I am hoping I can get Kyle to agree to fly..he has a fear of flying and wants to drive..I think that is just will take at least 2 days to get there..and 2 days to get back..that just cuts into our vacation so much you know? Oh well...something that we can definitely discuss and figure out in the course of the next year or so. LOL

Something else to think about is where we will stay. I really really wanna stay "in" the park and ride the shuttles/trams where we need to go. Of course, I could do a search on Orlando real estate and find a really nice rental in the area..or hey! If my return is enough I could just purchase a home there and we would always have a place to stay while there, huh?!?

The next year will be fun trying to work this all out-I'm really looking forward to it!!

save our homes

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Now that Kyle is working and we have a little extra money...and Christmas is coming up..I am addicted to bargain websites. I check them several times a day to make sure I am not missing a great deal on something I HAVE to have.

If I'm not looking there..I am on craigslist looking at all the stuff there. I waste so much time looking at items I don't even Dodge Charger accessories. Like I'm friends with Bo and Luke Duke and am going to give them a gift for their car for christmas! ROFL I don't know why I even click on some of the things I do...nosy I suppose!!

I really need a chair to complete the dining room set I got from CL a week or so I am always on the lookout for that. Not sure if CL is the place to find it though. hmmm...maybe I should post a "wanted" ad, instead of waiting for it to come to me!

Nice Saturday

We had a cook-out at a local park yesterday. Figured it would be the last one of the season. It was a really nice day and we found a site with 3 picnic tables right together...nestled under some nice big trees for shade! I have decided though, that cookouts/picnics are a LOT of work and those trips from the house to the car, and then the car to the picnic site, then the site to the car, and finally the car back to the house. whew! I was exhausted when we got home! Hopefully..all that work burned off some of the million calories I KNOW I consumed!

Mom was having a hard was a bad back day for her and she banged her knee, not once, not twice, but 3 was swollen towards the end of the day. Of course she has knee problems anyway...but the banging it on things just aggravated it. She left before the rest of us and I told her to do a google search for osteoarthritis relief. I figure maybe she can find something to help her back AND knee. And when she does, I wanna use it too. My back has some serious issues!

So, we went to be at 10 last 11:30 the phone rang. At first I ignored it. Then, they called right back--or course 2 calls right in a row after 11 means somebody is hurt or dead right?? apparently not...this call was about an Xbox I have for sale. Can you imagine?!?! I asked him if he wanted to come and get it right then. You know..I figured maybe he was in desperate need of an x-box playing session or something. He said...oh's too late. Well DUH, dinkus--why are you calling my house so late??? UGH! He did come this morning though and pick it up. I'm glad it's gone. Now I have a plethora of games to get rid of. I might just take them to gamestop or something.....

So far it's a lazy sunday...not for long though..I have a mountain of laundry and work to do. Logan has homework out the wazoo from missing 2 days last week. Good times...GOOD times.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

anniversary thoughts

I have lost 16 lbs! I am SOOO excited. My (unrealistic) goal is to be down to my wedding weight, on my 10 yr anniversary, 12/27. I need to lose 68 more pounds in about 13 weeks...somehow I don't think I will get there. LOL

Mom has agreed to watch the kids for the weekend so we can celebrate! I have been looking for someplace really neat to go...that isn't TOO far from home. Somehow, I ended up on a website for Mendocino lodging and NO place looks as neat as THOSE places. I don't think we can swing flying to CA for the weekend though! ;-)

It'll be so cold and probably snowy by then....I just can't figure if we should go to a "city" somewhere and stay in a hotel. Or stay in a cottage out in the woods and do nothing but hang out in the cottage. That would be right up Kyles alley...he is a hermit! LOL

So...I'll keep looking..I'm sure I can figure out something by then. hopefully.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Light me up!

We got a new dining room table and chairs yesterday. I bought it from someone on Craigslist and it is so nice! I'm thrilled. We haven't had a table and chairs for a couple years now since the kids had a kids sized table they preferred to sit at and my house is small--I sold the set to give us some room. Now that they are older I am craving "family dinners" and a place for L to do his homework. So, now we have it. YAY!

Now I hate the light in the dining room. It's a fluorescent light and kinda ugly. I would love to get a pretty pendant light in there. Speaking of lights, I need to get a new one for the kitchen too. I was looking at lighting the other day and came across something called quoizel lighting. It's SO pretty. It will be awhile before I can afford to get anything new though. Since we HAVE light in's just not a priority you know? It's not like the light is broken and we have to eat in the dark. hmmmmm...maybe I could "fix" that!! ;-)


Kyle has a really cool RC car that he loves to go out and drive..and the kids love to watch him! He got a new one about a year ago and sold his old one to a friend of they can go out and drive them together. We might do that this weekend since we finally went to the Hobby Store and got gas for it and some other things.

It was so funny at the hobby store. The kids didn't really understand what it was before we went in...and kept asking why daddy had to "buy a hobby". LOL They were quickly entertained by all the cars, planes, trains, etc etc. They were even very interested in some rock tumblers that were being demonstrated. I don't really even get what a rock tumbler is...but they were pretty interested!! Which was totally fine with me. anything that keeps the fighting and screaming to a minimum and keeps the little hands for touching everything, HAS to be good!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Not meant to be...

Dylan's pre-school got new furniture so they had all the old furniture out in the hallways. I noticed that several of the pieces said "SOLD" and had a last name. I saw a couple that I was very interested in...especially one with little compartment like mail boxes. I was thinking that it would be such a nice way to get the play room organized.

So, I asked at the front desk about buying one or two pieces. Sadly, she told me they were all sold...and the ones that weren't marked were going to another location. I was SO disappointed!! From Dylan's room to the front desk, I had already planned on getting rid of one of the desks in the play room and knew exactly where I would put the "new" furniture. oh well...*sigh*

Monday, September 10, 2007

Destructive Little Monkeys

I don't know any little kids that are more destructive than mine. Just when you think they are behaving and being nice and innocent, you get slapped in the face with their destruction!

The other day, Dylan was playing nicely in his bedroom with a couple of matchbox cars and a little metal plane. He was talking and playing and having a grand old time. On my way to the bathroom, I peeked in to watch his super cute playing self. Imagine my surprise when I saw what he was doing--taking the point of the plane and and "nose diving" it into the wood on the bunk beds and ladder!!! mom bought them both big rubbermaid tubs full of craft supplies--paper, pencils, pens, markers, glue sticks, tape, stickers, etc etc. In the course of playing with all this...someone got the bright idea of taking a black marker and drawing all over my brand new kitchen floor!!! Luckily, the marker was washable so no little monkeys got beat!!

Can't wait to see what happens THIS week!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Taking Care of Me

So, once again I am on Weight watchers. This is my 3rd week--I weigh in tomorrow...but up to this point I have lost 11 pounds. This week has been bad--especially with labor day being on Monday and me eating like a freak at a cookout we went to. So..don't check back tomorrow for any reports of a big loss this week. quite sure I will see a gain. blah!

So..when I am feeling good and optimistic and liking that I am losing weight..I start thinking about the rest of me..and now I am wanting to invest in some good skin care products to take care of my face. I'm getting older and I really need to think about it now--rather than later. I even have my first "age spot". nice.

Hopefully, I'll see an improvement in my weight and skin in a few weeks. I'll keep you posted!!

stressful Decisions

I had a really really stressful today...all over Dylan and pre-school. so stupid, huh? I just want to make good mommy decisions--and I am so scared I'm not. Not that going to the "wrong" pre-school is going to be life altering for him. LOL

I finally came to a decision though and have felt much better. He starts on Monday...and I start training for my new job.

Good times.

Pond House

I'm sure I have talked about it before...but in case I haven't. My dream is to live in a house on a lake someday. I was reading myspace the other day and one of the girls I used to go to church with is moving. She said they were looking at beaufort nc real estate but in the end, ended up finding the perfect home right here...not too far from where they live now.

The propery is 33 acres with a 7 acre pond! That's some "pond", huh? LOL I kept referring to it as a "lake house" and she said's just a "pond house" LOL Makes her sound like a frog!! ;-) It's so pretty. big white house, sitting on top of a big hill over looking the pond. Color me jealous!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Winning the Lotto

Have you heard about the ONE person that one the powerball last week. He won over 300 MILLION dollars!! Can you even imagine? WOW!! I was imagining how I would use that kind of money and how nice it would be to take care of my mom--pay off ALL her bills, my dad--buy him some Arizona luxury real estate,(just because it he went on a trip out there and LOVED it...not because I want to get rid of him), my siblings, all my friends. I was imagining certain friends and being able to call them up and ask them--what do you need to be out of debt--then sending them a check. GOSH! wouldn't that feel awesome!!

Of course, to win the lotto..I would have to play it..and I don't. I have a friend that recently got a full time job and her "treat" every day is playing the pick 3 straight and boxed. Not sure if she has one anything yet...but I might have to start doing something similar! I really like scratch-offs...maybe I will do that instead!! ;-)

Vegas--my way

Kyles cousins are trying to get him to go with them to Vegas the first weekend in October. Of course, K is saying no. Even if we had the money for him to go, he is afraid to fly. AND..he "promised" me that we would go to Vegas for our 10th anniversary--which isn't happening..and NO way is he going to Vegas without me!! The cousins insisted I could go too..but really, hanging out with them is not my idea of a good time! I like them and all...but I have heard their stories from previous vegas trips and their idea of a good time and MY idea of a good time are two completely different things!!

Plus, I don't trust their hotel decision making abilities. I want to stay someplace that I have heard of, like Caesars Palace or something. I'm in the mood to watch Oceans 11 or 12 or 13 since I haven't seen it yet. Anyway....

I am pretty sure the closest I am going to get to a casino any time soon is the riverboat casino in Indiana. LOL

Making up the difference

Being "poor", I have learned pretty well how to make up the difference in the money that comes in and the money we need to go out. We make enough to pay the bills and have a teeny tiny bit after that. Of course that doesn't cover, gas, entertainment, clothes, etc etc. It really sucks sometimes. But a few things I do really help make up the money we lack.

I do things like sponsored blog posts, take surveys, sell things on e-bay or cheapcycle and even participate in market research occasionally. It doesn't make enough to live on...but definitely helps a lot. There are times that I couldn't have even put gas in the car if it wasn't for these extras. And I am so thankful that they are available to anyone.

Now that Kyle is working and there is more $ coming in, this extra money can go for more "fun" things and I love that! Of course my job is ending who knows how long that will last. Better spend it fast before I have to use it on something "necessary". LOL

Alternative Vehicle

I think I should buy a golf cart. The gas prices are crazy and driving me there FAST! I have been using my moms car since school started, because we only have one car and K has to use it for work. Her car is a Ford Crown Vic. It uses a lot of gas. She filled it up last week and I need to fill it up again today. The only places I have gone all week is to and from school. It's beyond me how fast gas can be used up when I am not even driving that far!!

When my mom lived in Florida, they lived in a retirement village and everyone drove golf carts. It was great fun riding around there. They could even drive their carts to the local Wal-Mart if they wanted!! They would come home, plug the cart into the wall to charge it...and that's it. How nice would that be? Of course I have not idea how expensive golf cart parts are, if it should break down. But it couldn't be more expensive than CAR parts..right??

Yes, I think I will buy a golf cart. It'll only take me 2 hours to pick Logan up from school. LOL

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekend re-cap

Friday night, as soon as Kyle got home from work, we went out and mowed the lawn and weed-eated. The plan was to do it Saturday morning, but K figured that since he was already hot, tired and sweaty, he might as well do it then. It was 100 degrees! So...being the nice wife I am, went out and really didn't take long and I knew I would be glad it was done on Saturday morning. After that we showered, fed the kids, put them to bed, we ate dinner and then we went to bed.

Saturday morning, K got up with the kids and I got to sleep in until 9:30. It was Heaven! While I slept, both boys had baths and Kyle made them omelets! When I got up, he made me a yummy omelet! After that we started de-cluttering the living room. It was really really bad and was making me twitch (as Cindy says). After that, we moved to the play room and cleared out a BUNCH of non-played with toys and got it organized. Then, we ordered pizza and watched Arthur and the Invisibles. It was a really cute movie and pizza was nummy!

This morning, Kyle slept in and I made pancakes for the kids. I spelled their names in pancakes. I was so proud of me...I almost took a pic! LOL After Kyle got up, we talked for awhile while the kids played outside. Then Kyle took his RC car to an empty lot down the road to break it in. Dylan went with him...but they quickly returned when Dylan touched the engine and burnt his little baby fingers. :-( so, K brought him home and I dealt with him while K went back to finish with his car. I think it took a good hour before D quit crying and saying, "ouch ouch ouch ouch". Not that I blame him...burns hurt SOOOOOOO bad!! Once K got back, we all got ready and went to BW3's for lunch/dinner. It was SO good and cheap! After that we came home and I made a grocery list and went shopping. Came home, unloaded all the groceries and looked at my receipt. Then I realized I didn't scan my kroger plus card! So, I took my receipt and went back to get it scanned and get the difference credited back to my card! Then I bought the few items I forgot and spent the same amount of money! LOL When I came out of the store, my mom and brother pulled in, so I stopped and talked to them for a few minutes. Now, I am home...the kids and the hubby are in bed...and I need to do some work.

Whew. Thank God next weekend is a 3 day weekend!!

Friday, August 24, 2007


Isn't it strange what things people get addicted to? Drugs and food are of course obvious. But did you know they get addicted to things like nasal spray and lip balm?

Our pastors wife was so addicted to Afrin it wasn't even funny. She was always whipping that bottle out of her purse and shoving it up her nose!! Kinda sad really because it IS an addiction...and probaby one without any support group or anything like you would find in drug rehab. Of course I don't know that you NEED a support group to "come off" nasal spray or kip balm. Or course it's not me thought so who knows. I have my own addictions to deal with. *sigh*

Pack your bags!!

I am so surprised at what cute luggage there is out there. Used to be that when you flew somewhere there were a bazillion black suitcases....ours included. Except ours is more blackish green..but still!

When we were on our trip to TX I saw so many cute suticases...bright pink, red, tan with african animals, even polka dots!! I would love to have some cute--or even just non-black luggage! I looked around a little today. I don't really know much about I am going on looks alone. I do hear that travelpro is really good luggage...I'll ahve to look and see what they have in the way of "cute"! LOL

Our luggage was a christmas gift from my in-laws and I loved it then. You beat the heck out of carrying our clothes in garbage bags when we went somewhere. LOL But now I am needing something much cuter...girly even! darn it!!

Breathing Easy

I need to get out and see my grandma and aunt soon. They live together..neither one of them are doing fanatastic...they both have medical condition and they are both on oxygen. At least my grandma doesn't aunt goes outside every 15 minutes to have 2 puffs of a cigarette!

Anyway, we were there a couple weeks ago, but my grandma was sleeping so we didn't wake her up. Mom said she called today to talk and said that she wanted us to visit..and that she was upset that we didn't wake her up when we were there. But she's 85, doesn't feel well, and I am going to wake her up?!? I don't think so!

So, I will probably try to get out there this weekend or next and spend some time visiting with her. She can tell me all about the portable oxygen concentrator she just bought, we'll play domino's, and I'll listen to her jokes and stories about the "olden days". It'll be fun!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Too much HGTV

I have been spending so much time watching HGTV. I got hooked earlier in the summer when we were making all the updates in our house. Now, I just watch because I really enjoy it.

One of my favorites is a show that shows people looking for a new shows three houses they are interested in and then they pick a house. I love trying to figure out which house they are going to pick.

I have noticed a trend though...I almost ALWAYS pick the most expensive house! You know, the awesome house with the great view, lots of space and outdoor kitchen that is at the VERY top of their price range! Very fun to pretend I have their money and need to pick a great house!! It's only a LITTLE depressing that I really don't! ;-)

IB what?

Isn't it weird h0w we get used to using initials for things and then can hardly wrap our head around a different word for the same initial? Or...maybe that's just me.

I suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), so of course I hear IB and I am immediately thinking "Irritable Bowel". So, imagine my confusion/surprise when my friend was doing and internet search for IBM memory! In my head I was thinking...Irritable Bowel Management....Irritable Bowel Month. But then the memory part didn't make sense. Finally I just asked. Guess what she was looking for?!?!

IBM memory!! You know..IBM the computer company!!!

ROFL I crack myself up!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Grade

Logan is a first grader today. I took him to school this morning and I think he was a little scared...even though it's the same school, same friends, etc. Bless his heart. He looked very cute and grown up in his new uniform and new shoes, sporting his new camo messenger bag!

I am waiting to hear back from Dylan's pre-school as to when he can should be any day now. He is chomping at the bit to go. Good thing I decided to find him a new pre-school to go to since the one he went to last year didn't have enough kids to open this year!!

I'll post pics of mr. L later!! :)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Irrational Fear??

I have a really big fear of masks. They freak me out like you wouldn't believe. I'm not talking about the hard plastic ones in kids costumes, I am talking about the pliable latex-y ones that go over your whole head and are just FREAKY!

Kyle used to have a Ronald Reagan mask that scared me to death! He would occasionally put it on to get a nice big scream out of me. I finally made him cut it up and throw it in the trash--no throwing it away was NOT enough!

When we were helping Tammy move in to her house, Logan found a mask in a box with some of her stuff. He put it on and came to find me. I was in the van looking under the seat and thought I heard Tammy whispering to I looked up and turned around to find her...and screamed bloody murder. Much to the enjoyment of Logan! LOL

So, yes I have a fear of masks...last year Dylan was a cat and wanted to look at animal masks to complete his costume and I refused to let him.

You KNOW that as these darling boys of mine get older and know just how scared I am..they are going to be scaring me ALL.THE.TIME. bratty little boys!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ink MeMe

This is fun.

Cindy tagged me for a tattoo meme. I thought I'd play because I rarely play, when I do get picked for meme's because...let's face it..I'm a lazy blogger!!

So..I'll play this time.

I have one tattoo, it is a ladybug (I just typed "butterfly"! ha) on my right foot close to my toes. It's middle spot is a heart. I love it! My mom says it looks like a "cherry bomb"???

I'd like to get a couple more--a wedding ring and something to do with my kids...but I don't know what, or where!
I don't know who to tag. I can't think of anyone that I know reads my blog and has a tattoo besides Cindy. LOL I'll tag Renee...she can blog about her hubby's tats and anyone else that read and has a tat...please play and let me know!! :)


My crock-pot has been cooking way too hot and fast lately. The other day, I put in stew beef (to make beef tips and noodles) and they were done in about 2 hours! In an attempt to keep them warm I turned them off for awhile and then turned them back on. They ended up over cooked and a little dry. Kyle said they were fine..but I was about choking to get them down my throat! LOL

So, I saw a great deal on crock-pots the other day and got a new oval one with a warm setting (very excited about that) and a free little dipper crock pot-so cute!

They were having SUCH great deals and it was everything I could do to not order a new cookware set while I was at it! But I was strong and didn't spend the money. I'll just carry on with my scratched up cookware I got before I was married!! I have such a rough life don't I?!?

Friday, August 17, 2007

Bend without Breaking

The closer the 10th anniversary gets..the more I think about what I want for a gift! LOL My mom has offered to stay with the kids for a weekend so we can go away, ALONE and I am really excited about that. However..I also want a GIFt..gimme,gimme,gimme!!;) Of course I am looking at the typical diamond rings but don't really know if that's what I want.

The traditional gift is aluminum/tin because "The pliability of tin and aluminum is a symbol of how a successful marriage needs to be flexible and durable and how it can be bent without being broken." I LOVE that..and it almost makes me teary when I read it. I told Kyle that and that he would need to think of a clever gift for me to go along with that theme. He said he would get me a can of coke! *rolleyes*

So, I don't know. I would really like for us to get matching "wedding band" tattoos...he's balking at that idea. He's a chicken! LOL Of course I need to figure out something to get him as well. Good thing I still have 4 months to think about it, huh?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Trash night

The trash men come tomorrow, that means that I need to walk around the house and gather any and all trash, bag it all up and leave it at the door for Kyle to take out in the morning. Yes, I am fully capable of taking it out myself, HOWEVER there are scary wild animal creatures that live in the space between our privacy fence and the neighbors privacy fence and NO WAY am I going to go out there and risk surprising one!

So, anyway...the trash is calling my name and here I sit. I have done just about everything I CAN do on this computer because I don't feel like gathering the trash.

I'm getting tired though, I'm making a lot more typos than usually do and my eyes are really trying to close. I guess I will go do my "chore" and get my behind to bed!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Better than nothin'

We stopped by Tammy's the other day and she told us that they are moving out to where Larry's mom lives--which is about 45 mins from us and that I could quit checking out real estate listings in the area. I hate it and am pretty upset. Not upset, I guess..just disaapointed. While they will still be closer than they were when they lived in TX--it's still pretty far.

No more calls saying, "I wanna stop by" don't "stop by" a house that is an hour out of your way! LOL They claim they will see us all the time since they will still be working here and Shelbea's soccer team is here. But how often do you think they are going to want to hang around here after work when they have an hour drive to get home you know?

But. it IS closer than TX and if I want to spend time with her I can hop in my car and be there in less than an hour..and if I want to meet her for lunch I can be at her work in 20 minutes. It'll be ok....and I'll be hapy for them, whether I like it or not! ;)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

busy weekend's been so long since K and I have worked at the same time, that I forgot how full the weekends are with trying to get so much done. Let me think...after we got married I quit my job, he worked third, my brother moved in with us and I did some babysitting as well. He lived with us for a a little over a year and then after he moved I was "just" a housewife..soon to become pg with Logan. So, for most of our married life (9 1/2 years) there has only been 1 of us working full time! The person that wasn't working did all the household stuff. No wonder I am feeling overwhelmed by my job, the kids AND the house! I think since I am working from home...while caring for the kids..and trying to keep up with the's MUCH harder than going AWAY for work..and no one being home all know?

Anyway, it's been a trying week. Amelia has started staying with us again during the week since she can't be trusted at home by herself. She doesn't help with the kids..but she has helped me keep my sanity with the housework. Very nice having someone around, who can unload a dishwasher, run a vaccum, pick up toys, and clean a bathroom!

So, what was this post about...busy weekend that's right! This morning we got up and Kyle unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, ran to the bank. Kyle weed-eated (ate?) the yard and I mowed. We showered, ate lunch, watched Psych, I paid bills and left to take the kids bike-riding. After that we went to the river and did some wading/playing in the water. Came home, showered again, ordered Logan some uniform shorts and shoes for school, Laid out a pork roast to thaw for dinner tomorrow, ran to Taco Bell and Mickey D's for dinner, got the kids in bed and am now watching The Devil Wears Prada.

Tomorrow, we are going school supply shopping, clothes shopping for all my boys (K included), and grocery shopping. Then we can come home, eat dinner, go to bed and start the work week all over again! *sigh*

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Soccer IS enjoyable!

Shelbea had her first tournament this weekend. We went to one game yesterday that was so boring, neither Kyle or the boys wanted to go back today! LOL

Mom and I went today and it was SUCH a GOOD game! Very enjoyable--lots of cheering, goal making, etc. Shelbeas team WON! we were very proud! The next tournament is Labor Day weekend...I might have to make me a "I'm Shelbea's Aunt" t-shirt! ;) So, we had fun..AND I got some sun on my face--nothing like a little "color" to make a girl feel purty!! :-)

Kyles first day of work was Friday, he said he thinks he will like it. Tomorrow he has to be there at 7 and work 10 hours. bleckety, bleck, bleck!!! Better him than me! HA! Of that we are both working I guess I have to start doing some housework again...and if he works more hours than me..I'll have to do even MORE! UGH! It had been so long since I loaded and ran the diswaher, that last week when I did...I almost forgot how to turn it on! Seriously!! gonna miss that!

We have a tour at Dylans new school tomorrow. excited about that! I hope I like it and like the program there--'cause frankly, if I don't..I don't know where in the heck he is going to go! LOL

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Job for Kyle....

Larry, that's my Brother-in-law, Tammy's husband, is the maintenance supervisor at a very large apartment complex here in town. He called last week and said that he was getting ready to fire one of the maintenance guys and told Kyle that if was interested, he could "get him on". So, Kyle of course told him he was definitely interested.

The next day, Larry called and told him to go online and fill out an application and take the on-line test. So, Kyle did. The next day, he received a contigency offer of employment--he has to pass a background and drug test. Fast, huh? (Sure beats the heck out of having to interview with 6 people sitting at conference tables asking him a hundred different questions!!) He signed the offer right away, faxed it back in and went saturday morning to take his drug test. As soon as everything comes back ok, my husband will no longer have the role of stay at home dad!!

It's really very exciting and has been a LONG time coming. We are looking forward to having some "breathing room" know, money-wise. The only "bad thing" is that we had planned to go on vacation for about a week in mid-september. Now, we won't be able to do that. :( But, really, thats good too--that will save us money fo'sho'!! We are thinking of just taking a weekend trip to Indiana or something.


We (mom, Tammy and I) just spent the weekend in TX with my nieces. Lindsay as in the Miss Texas Teen pageant...and WON!! We were so excited and SO, SO glad to be there!!

I love my nieces so much and really, really miss them. We had a wonderful time and spent a lot of time laughing. They really just crack me up. Since my maturity level is around, oh, 16 years old...I find them very entertaining. My mom, (who is 60) not so much, LOL. She got tired of all the loudness and laughing after a while.

We did all have fun talking about girl stuff. Clothes and boys and sex. They are WAY too young to be thinking about HAVING sex...but we had some very informative discussions about safe sex in a fun way and I was so glad they feel like they can talk openly about that stuff with me. I have always had that with my mom and sister--and am glad they have it too. My mother was even a willing participant in some of our conversations--and actually gave some very funny input about sexy lingerie--which brought up something to do with a crotchless panty "wear-er" that mom knew...which brought peals of laughter and "GRANDMA!!!' from the girls! ROFL it was really, really fun.

Good to have girl time when I am surrounded by boys. Even Shelbea is a tom-boy. I swear, I can't win. I can't wait to see "my girls" again!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Confessions of a desk slob!

I really need to get my desk clean. One of the things I am looking forward to, about work ending, is being able to throw a BUNCH of the papers on my desk...AWAY! It's crazy in there.

Yesterday, I unplugged the wireless router to reset it, the plug got pushed off the desk and I had to crawl under the desk to look for it. There are so many plugs down actually took a few minutes to find it...then when I did..I couldn't get it up to the desk without it falling back down! I had to IM Kyle and have him send Logan in, so I could feed the wire up the back of the desk and Logan could pull it from the top! Of course in the process, he knocked about 3 stacks of paper off the desk. Not a big deal really since there is NO rhyme or reason to the madnness in there!

I also need a new computer chair. The one I am using now is SHOT. We got it from the apartments we moved from seven years ago. The upholstery was scratched all to hell--from a cat apparently..but it worked well...and who cared if it was ugly--not me!! Well, something has happened to it and now it leans sideways and the back is SO far back..if I want rest my back against it..I just about have to lay down! yesterday, the little hydraulic lift thing in it...that let me sit at a good height...quit working. One small "whoosh" and I was about a foot from the floor. So,'s time! LOL

Alright..Im wasting time..I have to head to a couple counties away to do some courthouse research..I guess I haven't posted about that yet, huh? Oh well...I'll fill ya'll in later...gotta get!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


work is driving me insane. INSANE!

You know at the end of August my job is ending. So, there is a new customer service manager, new reps etc. They all work in the new office and I feel like a "lowly" home worker...completely out of the loop and not knowing what is going on. I can't get answers to problems, and I am jsut kind of fed up.

Oh Well, It'll all be over in a few weeks.

I have been sending out my resume like a mad woman. Tweaked it a little and specifically asked the programmer what intranet software we use so that I can make it sound like I "know" something! LOL I think I have a new job or two lined that's exciting. I'll blog more on that later.

Speaking of intranet software, if you are in the market for something like that..for your may want to click the link and check this particular company out. They offer a 30 Day free trial of their software. (Contact them to get it setup) and it offers lots of perks like - integration to backend systems - group scheduling - business email solution. o In-Depth Personalization o Enhanced Communication - Among managers and employees.

All of these are things my company could be using right now! Supposedly..things will be getting better..oh goody...just in time for me to leave!

Sunday, July 22, 2007


We taught Jack something cool today! He's SUCH a little PAIN IN THE REAR dog...but he does do some pretty cool "tricks" and he learns quick. too bad...he is as annoying as he is.

anyway. he has always known "Go get your ball"...but today he learned, "go get your toy"..and that it's not the same as "ball". AND...he learned to put a magazine in his mouth, take it from Kyle and bring it to me...and vice versa! It was SOOO cool!

We tried to teach him to do the same thing with the remote...but he refused. Dumb dog!!

good weekend!!

Tammy dropped Shelbea off at about 10 yesterday morning. At noon, we (shelbea and I) went with my mom shopping and to lunch. She bought me some new outfits to take to TX (thank God, because the stuff I wear on a daily basis is pretty, "bleck!"), We then went to Max and Erma's for lunch, to Lowes to pick up a grill for mom, and to Payless to look for shoes--no luck there!:(

Mom dropped Shelbea and I at home and we waited for Tammy to pick her up. Kyle had taken the boys to the park to do some hiking,so when Tam came I asked her to take me down to the park. She did, and I met up with the boys and we did some walking, lots of bridge climbing and just enjoying nature. It's SO pretty here this weekend...the sky is BLUE, the temp is GREAT, and there is an awesome breeze!! Can't beat it!! Anyway, we came home for a couple hours and then the boys and I dropped K off at his cousins for some "guy time"...the make a fire in the fire pit and sit around and drink and talk and laugh. It's really annoying..but K deserves some "time off" every once in a while! ;) Mom came down at midnight and sat here (while the kids slept), while I went to pick K's drunk behind up. We came home and ate leftover pizza and watched Psych.

Today...we went to a different park to do MORE hiking. We met up with our friend Rick and his daughter, Merah and we walked and walked and walked...I literally thought I was going to die! I was trying SO hard to not be the "fat, out of shape, whiner" that I WANTED to be!! LOL the only thing that "saved" me was knowing that I was getting really good exercise and that my pores were getting nice and cleaned out--from all that sweating..and that my metabolism was going to be high for several anything I ate tonight would be like a "freebie" own littleMiracle burn of calories...I had yet to consume. But that's what kept me going!! I know, it's sad isn't it?!?

It does make me realize how much I DO NEED to exercise on a regular basis and lose some weight--so I won't always be that fat, out of shape, whiner!!

We saw a couple of really turtles at the that was pretty worthwile of the walk too!! :-)

Now, we are beat and just hanging out. The kids are all showered and jammied and eating dessert and then heading to bed. I think I am going to go grab Taco Bell for K and I for dinner and then I am going to take a LONG bath...cause you starts tomorrow! BLECK!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cover the windows

I have 4 windows in my bedroom. I think 4 windows is a little excessive and covering them all is expensive. I currently have a shade on one (it came with the house) and blinds on the other 3. I can't decide if I want to switch to Roman Shades though. I was at Odd Lots the other day and they had roman shades that would fit the windows in there for $20/each. That price is great, but times it by 4 and it's expensive! Of course switching the one shade to a set of blinds would be the most cost that's probably what I will end up doing.

Trucker Girl

A couple weeks ago Tammy and I traded cars so Kyle could take all of the carpet we ripped up to the dump. Tammy's husband has a truck and the carpet was in the bed. Anyway, I had to go to the bank so I drove it..and oh my gosh, I am in love with trucks now! I really want one. Actually, I don't know if it is the truck I am in love with per se, or the fact that when you are in a truck you are sitting high I could get the same feel from an SUV or Van. I miss my van. :(

I told mom that I would like a truck, I think. and she asked where I would put my groceries..I told her in the bed of the truck. she said...they'll fly out when you drive home. I explained to her that I would simply get one of those tonneau cover things. She said, ohhhhhh..but I'm pretty sure she didn't know what I was talking about. LOL

I want one of those big loud know the kind that you can HEAR idling when you are sitting at a light? I think I have been in a testosterone filled house for too long!

Life is Short

Mom and I went to lunch and out shopping today and while we were at lunch we were discussing my sisters MIL and the fact that since her husband has died she quit working. Mom asked why she quit and I explained to her that she no longer NEEDS to work..with his pension and her SS starting in 2 months and all the money they have in IRA's etc and his life insurance. She's pretty set and doesn't want to work in a factory anymore...who can blame her..she's old.

Mom said she hoped that I would learn from that and start thinking about retirement so when I am her age I can be "set". That conversation led to "HA! I can barely afford to live..much less save!" But I know she is right. Something else we need is life insurance. I have it..but K doesn't...he had it with his job...but since he no longer has that..... Maybe I will check into Globe Insurance or something like that. I know that if he dies I'd like to have money to bury him...can't keep him in my freezer or bury him in the backyard!