Sunday, May 27, 2007

oooh, I want that!!!

I was just reading Cindy's blog and she was talking about a contest over at Pinks and Blues Blog I HAD to check out. So, I did and I entered..I REALLY wanna win!!

They're giving away a brand new Dooney & Bourke Splash Denim Bucket Handbag in summer white with a white leather strap. Retail value: $135!

This bag screams summer with its fun, playful “splashes” of color, and includes the must-haves of an inside zip pocket, cell phone pocket, inside key hook and top zip closure. It’s fully lined in red canvas and has a strap drop length of 5.25.” The full dimensions are: L 9″ H 8″ W 5.5.

They're also tossing in a sumptuous .5 fl oz bottle of Dream Angels Heavenly Eau de Parfum purse spray from Victoria’s Secret. Retail value: $29!

Awesome, huh???

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Might be just what you need...

Being the child of recovering alcoholics, I am all for treatment programs and facilities that help people with an addiction.

I recently came across a drug rehab related website for a treatment facility in Michigan.

I hope if you stumble across this blog entry and need some help in this area..that you will check it out. It could very well be the best "click" you've ever made!!

Memorial Day Weekend

It's a holiday weekend and we have nothing planned! It feels great!

I slept in until 8.
Fed the kids.
Cuddled with K awhile when he finally woke up at 9:30.
Updated my Home Improvement Blog.
Searched for new bathroom stuff on EBay while K and the boys played the Wii.
Ate Lunch.
Watched the Season Finale of Heroes.
Took a nap.
Cleaned out the linen closet.
Put the towels away.
Made the kids dinner.
Made a pot of Chili.

So--just a bunch of nothing..but very enjoyable!

The kids are going to bed in a half hour so they can watch Over the Hedge in bed. Then, K and I will watch tv and eat some chili. :)

I am THRILLED I have two more days off work!! yay!!

Love me some POLICE!

Have I ever told you how much I LOVE the Police?!? Not, the uniform wearing, siren blaring, gun yielding, police..THE Police, the group--you know Sting?!?! YUM!!

We are a very musical family--not in the play a piano, strum a guitar, blow a trumpet kind of way--not even in a "we can sing" kind of way. Just in a "every statement said--makes someone break out in a song that relates to that statement" kind of way. And I swear, a Police song comes out of someones mouth at least once a day. Yeah, we're fun to be around! Much better than Cindy's family who has a movie quote for EVERYTHING!! ;-)

I am really excited because they are releasing a new police cd and I absolutely cannot wait to get it.

I just yelled to Kyle, "Hey--a new police cd is coming out" and he immediately sang, "Every little thing she does is magic" and "Message in a Bottle". LOL

When we go on long trips I like to play music from the same artist for a specified # of hours and then we switch. How awesome will it be to have one CD with all these songs on it??

Disc: 1
1. Fallout
2. Can't Stand Losing You
3. Next to You
4. Roxanne
5. Truth Hits Everybody
6. Hole in My Life
7. So Lonely
8. Message in a Bottle
9. Reggatta de Blanc
10. Bring on the Night
11. Walking on the Moon
12. Don't Stand So Close to Me
13. Driven to Tears
14. Canary in a Coalmine

Disc: 2
1. Do Do Do de da da Da
2. Voices Inside My Head
3. Invisible Sun
4. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
5. Spirits in the Material World
6. Demolition Man
7. Every Breath You Take
8. Synchronicity I
9. Wrapped Around Your Finger
10. Walking in Your Footsteps
11. Synchronicity II
12. King of Pain
13. Murder by Numbers
14. Tea in the Sahara

SO Awesome! Can't wait for the next trip!!!

School's out! (for 1 kid anyway)

Yesterday was Dylan's last day of school. When I was buckling him in the car he asked why I was bringing home his placemat, I told him that it was the last day of school--that school was over and he said, "But I didn't learn anything yet!!" LOL I told him he would be back after the summer to learn more. He was ok with that! :-)

He should be starting Kindy in the fall, but with his birthday not being until June 21 he will be a young 5 and really he just isn't ready. I've talked to a few people about it and anyone with boys or experience with young kids thinks it's pretty normal that he isn't ready...and they think it is smart to keep in pre-school another year. So..that's what we are doing.

Here he is with his teachers and some other kids and the baby chicks someone brought in:

Friday, May 25, 2007

Summer Nights

Now that I got some new home furniture I am really really wanting patio furniture. Something really comfy with big cushioned seats and maybe a fire pit thingy in the middle. A place to go out in the evenings after the kids are in bed where I can stretch out and enjoy nature and drink a glass of wine. Sounds heavenly doesn't it??

They are so expensive though. I am hoping that when they go on sale I can find something. I don't know when that kind of furniture goes on sale though...after July 4th??

It's really gonna suck when my new deck is all done and I have nothing to sit on to enjoy it!!! Maybe I'll move the recliner out there!! ;-)

June Wedding

My cousin is getting married in June in Georgia. I am going with my dad and his wife and daughter and taking Dylan with me. I am really looking forward to it. (I need to make sure I meet up with Cindy while I am there too.)

I have NO idea what to wear though. I have a really cute skirt--maybe I will just try to find a new shirt for that. I wore it to 2 weddings last year--it can be my wedding skirt. LOL

......wonder if I can lose about 50 pounds in 26 days???.....

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wants and Needs

With my "new" kitchen coming to fruition, I am getting excited about new rugs and towels and all the extra "Stuff" I want to put in it!

I'm also wanting some new cookware!! Something pretty and RED! I have been using the same pots and pans since before we were married--so about 11 years or so. Good grief!! I don't just WANT new cookware..I NEED it, Darn it!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Stupid Cable Company

When they put our new siding up, the had to take the cable box off the house. So, the cable box is hanging off the house and the cable wire is drooping WAY down into the yard.

I called them today to ask them to put it back up (the contractors can't do it because there is a lock on the box--so they can't get into it to put the screws in) and they said they can't come out until June 11. JUNE 11!! I said...we're supposed to keep this wire hanging in our yard for that long. she said "yes" *sigh*

Maybe one of my kids will get "clotheslined" on it and jerk it out of the wall.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Should she..or should she not?

I have a friend that wants to have Lasik surgery..and earlier today we were discussing pros and cons...shoulds and should nots. She was saying that she has done a lot of research and the the percentage of Lasik Complications is actually very low. I reminded her while that is true... if a million people have lasik every year..that "small percentage" is pretty high!

I gues I am just sensitive about eyes..I only have one good eye..I am blind in my left eye. The thought of losing my vision in my other eye freaks me out! Today I was driving and something blew into my eye and while I was rubbing it and trying to get it out I honestly couldn't see and it scared the crap out of me. Then I started thinking about what I would do if I never saw my kids faces again. :(

So..messing with eyes is just very scary to me--BUT I can understand the attraction of Lasik..and I can totally understand her desire to see the alarm clock without setting it on her face. LOL

Gas Prices

Yesterday, I filled up and gas was $3.25/ gallon. (Took $52 to fill the tank...maddening I tell ya!!)

This morning, I took Logan to school...gas was $3.17/gallon. I was SO annoyed..seems like everytime I fill up, the NEXT DAY the price has gone down.

This afternoon, I picked Logan up. Gas was $3.49/gallon. SO glad I filled up yesterday!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Where Being Cheap, Pays Off!!

Have you ever checked out Bid4Prizes? It is so cool--it's an auction site where the lowest bidwins!! That's right--the LOWEST! That's my kind of auction. Of course the lowest bid--has to be the lowest UNIQUE bid...otherwise everyone would bid 1 cent and everyone would be winners--LOL

I was looking at it today and would LOVE to win this TV and Theatre Systemfor Kyle for Father's Day! Can you imagine his shock and awe?!? LOL Of course I would benefit too..not only from how he would "owe" me--but I would get to enjoy it too!! Can't beat that!!

Definitely check it out and do some bidding..can't hurt to try!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Link Fixed

I guess my link to mynew blog wasn't working--sorry about that. I don't know what I do wrong, but sometimes when I post a link it pust the URL to this blog in front of the linked to URL. Does that make sense??

Anyway--the link is fixed in my other post. If you wanna see my purty house!! :)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

House Changes

We are having a bunch of renovations done on our house and I started a new blog just for that. If you want to check it can find it here. Make sure you scroll down to the bottom to get the first part of the process!! :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Win a Date!

Oh my fun..if only I was single..and a guy!! Well..I don't really want to be a I'll pass. LOL Now you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, huh?

I was watching some of the Free videos at and saw this contest they are having to win a date with Mirelly Taylor (you know, from Serving Sara, Las Vegas, and Numbers??) The way it works is that she posts videos of what she is looking for in a guy and then the guys submit videos trying to woo/seduce her. We, the people of the internet world, then get to watch the for the ones we like best. Of course, Mirelly, (how cute is she by the way??? VERY!!) gets final pick out of the 3 finalists.

I love stuff like this...contests that allow anyone to enter..and that give the people (thats you and me) the power to vote and change those people's lives! Maybe I am just a tinge power hungry!! ;)

So...Seduce a Celeb will run on over the next 14 weeks. Head on over and Check out the hilarious video submissions at GoFish now! I swear there is nothing funnier than a cute (or even not cute) guy trying to woo/seduce a girl via video! LOL

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Things to do...

I have a million and one things to do this weekend...Errands to run, parties to fun fun.

If I get nothing else done..I HAVE to get to some sort of store that sells office supplies and get printer ink and a notebook. I can't work another day without those things.

I need to make some returns and buy a b-day gift too. Logan is going to his first ever non-family birthday party. He is so excited and I am excited for him. Kyle has to take him, because I will be at my cousins bridal shower..Kyle is less than thrilled...he's just a tinge anti-social. ah well..he'll get over it. LOL

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Feeling Froggy..

Sometimes if you sit around and plan will NEVER do it..ya just gotta jump in and go for it...then you're committed. LOL

when we first moved into this house it was covered in floral wallpaper--big mauve and blue roses on every wall. it wasn't pretty. the intent was to remove it all and paint. I was PG with Logan when we moved in so I wasn't real excited about tackling the project. One day, my mom was over and picked at a peeling piece of wallpaper and RRRRRIIIIIIPPPP. And that began the job. In a little over a week we hade all the wallpaper down, the walls painted, new baseboards and crown moulding up, and new light switch and outlet covers. It looked awesome and I was so glad she got us started. It was hard work and I spent way too much time on a step ladder peeling wallpaper at midnight--but very worth it.

Today, I went outside to look at some old pavers we have down by the shed. I want to use them to make a brick patio on the side of the deck. To expand the area...I invision parties with groups of people on the deck and other groups on the patio. I don't have that many friends..but I still invision it. My life is much more glamorous in my head! Anyway, the area next to the deck, now has big flat rocks made out of concrete with grass growing between them. I hate it. So, they all need to be dug up so my patio can be born. I didn't even make it down to the shed to look at the pavers. Kyle had a shovel out and I picked it up and started digging up the big rocks. It was hard work..and I'm still not done. But at least it's begun...I would say I'm about 1/2 - 3/4 done with diggin them up. yay!

While I was doing that, K was digging up some very tall weeds and small trees and a bush I hate. The boys helped throw the rocks into a wading pool and then they found an inch worm they made a house for an named "inchy".

It was a really nice day. The weather here is awesome. My hands hurt and I have blisters..but that's ok.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

speaking of...

sorting through the mess..I need to start thinking about cleaning the dumb basement. There is so much stuff..just stuff...down's ridiculous.

We have to move everything away from the walls so they can waterproof it, so it's a prime time to get rid of the stuff we don't need. I am going to sell what I can for a new patio furniture fund. When I get that new deck..I'm going to want to sit on it and enjoy it!

I know I have lots of knick knacks and odd and ends, a couple beds, misc furniture, a ton of books--I even think there are a couple catholic bibles (NO idea where those came from), a solar panel, etc, etc. It's really nuts!

Sorting through the mess

I need to get off here and get some cleaning done so Lola doesn't have to wade through the filth to take care of the kiddies.

Speaking of cleaning my desk is a nightmare. seriously. It is chock full of work stuff, home stuff, kid stuff, school stuff and I can't find anything. My bank sent us a notice about accidental death insurance that they are providing at no charge..but you have to sign the paper and send it back in..and now I can't find's on the desk..somewhere. I swear. I am the most unorganized person EVER!

love me some Avon

My friend, Michele is selling Avon now and I am so excited. I used to sell it and loved it...then Kyle lost his job and money got tight overnight and I was late..real late paying my Avon bill and they ditched me. Oh well. Keeping a roof over our heads and eating were more important at the time..go figure!

Anyway, I'm so excited for Michele and plan to give her some business as soon as my paycheck gets here. I was telling her that when I was a rep I had the CUTEST business cards and address labels made. I miss them! I should make some more cute ones..don't know what I would put on them...but I should make some!!

what the future holds

Do you ever look at your kids and wonder what they will be like when they grow up? I do. I wonder how they will be as teen-agers and if they will still love their mommy as much as they do now. And if they will be nice boys who respect adults.

I don't think I could stand it if they turn out to be little hoodlums. and I hope to heaven they don't get into drugs. I can't even imagine having to send my babies to drug rehab. Although, I WOULD in a heart beat if I needed to.

I pray over them all the time..I just want God to keep them safe and to help them make good decisions. This world is a scary place.

If it's not one thing.....

I just went in to make the kids breakfast and was using the microwave and toaster and blew a "fuse". UGH. so I had to go to the basement and flip the switch thing. I can't even tell you how very annoying that is.

It's been like that since forever..I can remember getting up in the middle of the night to heat up a bottle and having to go down and flip the switch. Now THAT was SUPER annoying!! Thank God it didn't happen all the time or I would have lost my mind!

I'll have to make sure that power supply repair is on the work orders for the house. I'm almost positive it is--I mean it would have to be..since their main concern is getting the house up to code.

TGITW--thank god it's the weekend

I am so glad it is Saturday. This last week has been rough and I could definitely use some R&R.

My period is late and the PMS is killing me. I suffer from PMDD it's never a fun time. I take Zoloft to help with it..and it does wonders. BUT my prescription ran out and I kept forgetting to call the dr. so I was without it for a few days and there was one day where I was seriously going to lose it. I'm glad to say I got my scrip filled and am now feeling more normal.

Kyle's tooth started hurting extremely bad this week..I took him to the dentist on Thursday and his wisdom tooth is pushing againste his other teeth at a 45 degree angle--where the wisdom tooth meets the other tooth, there is a cavity which has eaten away at the other tooth. He now needs the wisdom tooth and the other tooth extracted. so the dentist referred us to an oral surgeon. I called Friday and the soonest he can get in for a consult is 5/16. I asked if I could go ahead and make the appt for the procedure now and they said they "don't do that". UGH. so I don't know how long it will take before he can getit done. He is so miserable and is staying hopped up on Vicodin to help with the pain. Hopefully he doesn't end up with a prescription drug addiction. Poor Kyle.

Today, we are going to pick out flooring, bathtub fixtures, kitchen sink & faucet, and a back door for the house. The contractor said they will start next week and needs to know which stuff we want. He will be out one day this week with roof and siding samples!! Lola is coming to watch the boys so we don't have to take the little darlings with us..the last time I took them to Lowe's they almost got beat--remember...they made me miss out on ice cream!!! Not happening again.