Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sick Girl

I finally got my kids well and guess who gets sick? Me! I have had the most HORRIBLE sore throat I think I have ever had in my entire life. It's been miserable. Thursday night I ended up in bed with an aches and chills and crying to my mommy on the phone. Kyle brought me advil and cuddled with me for awhile before I finally drifted off to sleep.

Yesterday, I woke up and didn't feel TOO horrid..but my throat was still hurting. So, I took more advil and carried on with my day. Last night, Logan's school hosted a "parent's night out", so come hell or high water I was NOT missing out on a night of babysitting! So, I took a shower, put on makeup, dropped them off and went to dinner with my hubby. About the time we got seated, the aches started again, the chills started again. (I kept the crying to a minimum though!) I tried really really hard to just enjoy myself and my yummy steak dinner..but I just couldn't. I was miserable...even drinking a frozen margarita didn't help! wah!! every swallow was like razor blades in my throat!! UGH! in hindsight, I should have taken more advil before we went out..but I didn't... We got done eating about 8:15 and the kids weren't due to be picked up til 10. I knew that if we showed up earlier than the other parents that they would be ticked. So we came home, where I changed into some comfy clothes and sat on the couch mumbling and crying about my pain, death, etc, etc. Kyle brought me some advil which I had to MAKE myself take. just the thought of swallowing was almost more than I could bear (bare?).

Long story short (HA!), the advil kicked in about the time we went to bed. I took it again as soon as I woke up this morning and am fixing to take another dose. I've had K look in my throat and he doesn't see any I am guessing it's not strep--I've never had strep in my I don't know why it would happen now. However, if Monday I don't feel MUCH better...I am going to the dr.

Tonight we are taking the kids to an outdoor play of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I think they will really like know horses and fighting, and a little bit of fright..doesn't get better than THAT! LOL Hopefully, by taking my advil religiously today I won't be hit with another bought of fever, chills, and aches!


Robin said...

i feel for you. i've had some kind of upper resp infection/madness for about 3 weeks now. i guess it's rooted in there and is never going away. i sound like "froggy" on the lil rascals. i like to think it makes me sound sexy but in reality, i probably just sound like some old bar hog that smokes 3 1/2 packs a day and swizzles whiskey like water. ah well. i refuse to pay the dr cause all i need is antibiotics and good cough syrup to make it all go away (it's not like i haven't been through this b4); if only i could write my own RX's!! anyway, i think it's going around town so keep it over on your side okay? FEEL BETTER SOON!

sue said...

Hmmm, feels like razor blades?? my guess wouldbe strep!!! Hope you feel better soon sweetie!!

Jen said...

OOOh! I had that last week. UGH!!!
It just turned into an ugly sinus thing. I agree with Robin, I sound totally different. The only benefit is that if you want out of something all you have to do is call and everyone says "Oh, you sound terrible! You should stay home." Translated, "Stay away from us!"
I hope you have seen the last of the pain though. NASTY sore throat. Hurts just to think about it.