Monday, May 29, 2006


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This is Dylan's imaginary friend, Magi. He loves the movie "Fern Gully" and talks about Maji ALL the time. I took him shopping for shoes while we were in TN a couple weeks ago and he wanted these spiderman sandals. I kept telling him that we were not getting those sandals..we were getting THESE sandals. He picked up the box, put it in the cart and said., "Magi says I can get them!" LOL And Kyle told me that he was pushing dylan on the swing in the backyard last week and Dylan wanted him to push "magi" too. lol

When I was Dylan's age I had an imaginary husband. His name was Dick. and evidently, when I was done with him, I told my mom that he died in the fire with John Dixon--a character from my mom's soap "Young and the Restless". LOL

edited to say: John Dixon was on "As The World Turns"...I don't know how I messed that up. Thanks, J for setting me straight!! ;)

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Much better

Logan is feling MUCH MUCH better..thank god. I felt so terrible for him..he was having stupid dry heaves..and we all know how horrible it is to be throwing up, when there is nothing left TO throw up! YUCK! I have phenergan suppositories in my fridge, so I called the ped to ask if I could give him 1/2 of one. She said that I could give him a 1/4. I told him that I had medicine that would make him feel much better, but that since he was throwing up, he couldn't take it through his mouth...that I had to put it in his bottom. He looked and me like I was crazy and then gave a little laugh, like he thought I was joking. LOL Poor thing. But he took it like a champ and barely flinched. He threw up one more time after that...then took a nice long nap and has been fine since.

My visit with Rita was very nice. She got to my moms about 2:30 and we ate around 4 and they left at 8. We talked and laughed and had a very enjoyable time. She then came back for a couple hours today and we are going to meet for lunch tomorrow on their way out of town. The pic at the top is of her and Logan and Avery, today.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Pukey McPukerson

Logan started throwing up this morning and is quite miserable. :( My friend rita just got into town last night with Avery. NO WAY can he be around Logan. So..I guess we will hang out down the street at my moms house today and stay away from the germies.

Mom was having us for dinner (stuffed shells) anyway, so she will just have company a bit sooner! I called and told her and she told me I need to come down and dust the furniture and sweep the floor. hmmph! At least I don't have to finish cleaning MY house. LOL

Guess I better run...

Please pray that logan feels better soon!!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Summer changes

Today was Logan's last day of school so we are officially on summer break!! yahoo!!

The picnic and "program" at the school was SO nice and Logan brought home folders of his work throughout the year and several art projects and the teacher gave all the parents photo albums full of pics of their child throughout the year. VERY NICE!!

I went to Target last night to get Mrs. K's gift. I bought a straw tote and filled it with flip flops, sunglasses, a paperback, sunscreen, chapstick, and 2 "survival kits"--1 insect and 1 sunburn. I I hope she likes it..I liked it real well!! LOL

For the summer (and maybe longer depending on how it goes...) we've moved both boys into one room and turned the other bedroom into a play room. We are actually still in the process of getting it all switched. (I'm taking a break) I have cleaned out all the toys, wiped down walls, wiped down furniture, helped move the beds..and I'm tired!! Hopefully, we don't regret this..I am hoping the little darlings will get along well.

Of course...doing all this, we are neglecting doing the cleaning we SHOULD be doing for rita's visit!!'s gonna be a late night. I don't *think* it will take long..the kitchen and bathroom are clean...the living room is kinda trashed. but with K and I both working on shouldn't take too long.

Kyle passed the test. ya-hoo! He accepted a contingent offer of employment and is now awaiting the next step. As much as I would LOVE him to get a job..and as much as he NEEDS to get a job..I am hoping it doesn't mess with our July vacation plans...or the plans I made to go visit my sister at the end of July. If he could start work august 1 that would ROCK!

I guess my break time has come to an end..and the darlings are begging for food...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Good Grief!!!

Long time no post, huh? almost a month..sad, sad, sad!!! **hanging my head in shame**

Logan lost his first "supposed to" tooth today. He lost his 2 top front teeth last summer after getting those don't REALLy count (even though the fairy thought they did ;)) and today lost his bottom front left..the right will be a few days behind, I think. He is very excited for the TF to come and I am excited to BE her. :) He looks pretty cute with his "non-tooth" smile.

This is L's last week of school...tomorrow I am going to the school to help, it's a cleaning day...should be tons of fun. NOT! Friday is the last day and they have a fmaily picnic to celebrate...I am taking macaroni salad.

Rita, Alan, & Avery will be here this weekend. I need to come up with some cheap food ideas so i can keep them fed. We were in TN last week so I got to see Avery then..he is as precious as can be. I can't wait to see him again.

I've been working as much as possible lately..I wish my hours would get increased so I could count on that much money every month.

K has an interview..well, a qualifying test..not an interview yet. Hopefully, he will do really well and be called back to go through the rest of the process. life is boring and I am tired. I'm going to bed.