Saturday, September 22, 2007

anniversary thoughts

I have lost 16 lbs! I am SOOO excited. My (unrealistic) goal is to be down to my wedding weight, on my 10 yr anniversary, 12/27. I need to lose 68 more pounds in about 13 weeks...somehow I don't think I will get there. LOL

Mom has agreed to watch the kids for the weekend so we can celebrate! I have been looking for someplace really neat to go...that isn't TOO far from home. Somehow, I ended up on a website for Mendocino lodging and NO place looks as neat as THOSE places. I don't think we can swing flying to CA for the weekend though! ;-)

It'll be so cold and probably snowy by then....I just can't figure if we should go to a "city" somewhere and stay in a hotel. Or stay in a cottage out in the woods and do nothing but hang out in the cottage. That would be right up Kyles alley...he is a hermit! LOL

So...I'll keep looking..I'm sure I can figure out something by then. hopefully.


Jennifer said...

CONGRATS on the weight loss!! I'm so proud for you!! That's hard work!! (HUGS)