Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Helper Kyle

Today is Kyles day to help at Dylan's pre-school. We are supposed to help 12 days/year. I haven't done any this year since I have to work, but this will be Kyles 4th time to go in. He hates it. LOL I hated it when I had to do it too. all that bending over to help the little kids at their little table wreaks havoc on one's back. I complained about it to Cindy, who is a pre-school teacher and she told me that your back gets used to it..and that she now has good back muscles. LOL

With K and D gone this morning I will have an entire hour to myself before I have to work. I think I will eat breakfast and watch an episode of Desperate Housewives off of the DVR. It's not K's favorite show so they tend to pile up a little..he prefers to "watch" it while he is also doing something else on the computer so he doesn't have to give it his full attention. Silly man!

1 Time a Month

As much as I love my job, I hate that I only get paid once a month. When payday rolls around again, I am ALWAYS hurting for money. And sometimes, things come up that make me REALLY need money before that next payday. I really like that I have the option of taking advantage of Payday Cash Advance Loans if I would ever need to. Up to this mom has been my cash advance loan..but that might not always be an option.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I am really worried about my niece. She has depression issues and was in a facility last year to help her deal with some things she had going on...she asked for the help because she was SO distraught. 2 nights ago she attempted suicide. She is in a different facility now. I am just SO sad for her and worried about her. She says she is SO unhappy. She left my sisters house in November to move back in with her dad and everyone thought she as doing well. She said she is tired of pretending she is happy. It's all very very sad and I am sad that I live so far away. :( Please keep her in your prayers.

Keeping Tabs on Y&R

I have been watching The Young and the Restless since I was about 3....One of my earliest memories is of me helping my mom fold clothes and watching Y&R. LOL I don't get to watch it as much now as I used to since I am working full time and I really miss it. Luckily I can visit and catch up with my favorite Genoa city friends on a daily basis. :) I love that they have the story line every day, plus spoilers (IF I wanna check them out), message I can read the thoughts and opinions of other Y&R fans, and pictures on their site. Even when I can't check it out daily, I can always go there and catch up. If you love Y&R like I do, you should definitely check it out.

Monday, January 29, 2007

He THINKS he's funny!

I have a dry erase board thingie on my fridge. On it, I write the different dinners that I have ingredients for so I can look at it and decide what we should eat without thinking too much about it. Some weeks are "bad" weeks for that I am tired and don't want to cook when I get done working..during those weeks..we tend to eat a lot of fast food..or pizza. (awful, I know) So, the other night I got up in the middle of the night to get something to drink and walked in the kitchen and some extra wording at the top of the board got my attention I walked over so I could see it better in my bleary-eyed said "Fast Food" and had 10 check marks behind it!! I laughed SO hard.

Las Vegas-the tv show

I love the show Las Vegas...I didn't think I would like it and didn't originally watch it..Kyle did and I ended up seeing a couple episodes and then got hooked. I love the cast--well, most of cast..I'm not a huge fan of Molly Sims..and I don't even know why. LOL I really like Nikki Cox, even though I think her looks have gone way down since she got botox injections and became so thin. She did just get married to Jay I'm guessing he likes the super thin, big lipped type. Really I shouldn't be mean..I can't imagine being in the showbiz biz (ha!) and all the pressure to be "perfect". Regardless, she is a great actress and I wish she and "Danny" were together on the show. LOL

Open House

We had Logan's open house tonight. It was basically pointless and was nothing like the open houses we had when I was a kid in school. this was basically a look at the curriculum and classroom for next year--I think they are trying to promote re-enrollment and new enrollment since it is a private school. So we went and looked around, talked to the teachers etc. Logan "signed in" in his current class room so he could get an "out of uniform" day on Wednesday.

I am HOPING Dylan will be ready to go to kindergarten next year..but I am really doubting it. I talked to the principal and she is willing to test him before I pay the enrollment fee..that way if he ISN'T ready..I'm not out $ that's good. he definitely wouldn't test well now, I don't think..but maybe in a couple months.

Going back to Sydney, to Sydney, to Sydney

In 1994 I went to Australia with a youth group. We were there for 10 days and did a LOT of traveling..we visited several different churches and did a lot of sight seeing. It's hard to believe that was 12..almost 13 years ago! It was so neat and I will never forget how awesome it was to see (and tour) the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge. We also visited a zoo where we fed kangaroos..they were just out in the open..I could walk right up to them and feed was SOOO cool! I really hope to go back some day, when and if I do I definitely plan to do some reasearch on Sydney hotels I would love to find something very close to the opera house and harbor..a luxury I certainly didn't have while traveling with my youth group. LOL

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Blog changes

Well, blogger finally forced me to change to the new version. I was scared and really didn't want to...I don't do well with change. LOL But I had no choice..I have spent the last hour and a half messing around with it and trying to make it pretty. I *think* I like it. What do you think?? I hope there aren't any weird settings in it that are going to mess up my PayPerPost posts--that was really my biggest fear in switching over. If there are..hopefully someone can help me fix them.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Will work for Cell Phone

My cousin lives in Indiana but his mom lives here in Ohio, he is always going back and forth from his house to her house (which is also my grandma's house) to help take care of her and my grandma. He was at my mom's house yesterday hanging a ceiling fan for them and told my mom he would come every 2 weeks and clean her house for her if she would get him a cell phone and pay for it. (my mom and her husband are both "disabled" and can't do things like sweeping, mopping, etc) She said that was fine. I asked her what kind of phone or service she had agreed to pay for and she said she didn't know..she need to look around. I took it upon myself to do some looking for her and I really want her to check out wirefly. It has some great info and search features...allowing you to search by carrier, phone, or service plan by simply inputting your zip code. They also have a pre-paid tab with all their pre-paid plans--which I definitely think is the way she should go in this instance. That way she doesn't end up with a HUGE bill if he should go over his minutes--and can cut him off he doesn't keep his end of the deal! ;)

Change of Plans

My mom got our trip got cancelled. :( I am so sad and Rita is sad. Kyle and I are going to go down with the boys next month for a few days and I will spend some time with Rita and her babies then. I'm still bummed. :( Since I had already made arrangements at work to take half of the day off..I stuck with that and spent the day with my boys. We watched TV and played hours of the was really nice and they were SO excited when I told them I was done working for the day. LOL I think we are going to try to figure out something fun to do today and go to Applebees for dinner (we have a GC). I would REALLY like to go to Cincy and go to the keeps asking to go and they are having a special where kids get in free right now..BUT, it's still $36 for K and I to get in..and we can't really afford that right now. ( have I told you guys I get paid once a month?? I really need to get better at managing it so it lasts longer). So, I'm not sure what we will end up doing...maybe we will go the Museum since our membership expires on the 29th..and it's free. LOL I'd really like to see the Otter feeding one time. Every time we have gone they have been cleaning the cage/home thingie. We'll see.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Reading on the Road

So mom and I are on our way to the great state of TN (this afternoon) and I was thinking that I wish I had thought ahead and gotten us some books on tape. When I was younger and we would travel together I would read to her. Now, in her old age *wink* she isn't such a great I will be driving and she can't read in the car because she gets car sick. So having an audio book or two would have been smart. Oh time.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Shower the bebe

Miss Alayna Jane came home from the hospital 2 weeks ago weighing 4 lbs 2 oz. I am headed down to see her this weekend and to shower her and her mommy with gifts. I can't wait to get there....I might stick her in my purse and bring her home!! ;)


Every once in a while I get tired of being overweight and start thinking about dieting, exercising etc. I have heard and read a lot about Hoodia. Apparently, natural hoodia is from Hoodia Gordonii which is a cactus found in the South African desert. Of course I'm not going to Africa to find some of this cactus--lucky for's in an easy to swallow pill form. The word is--it keeps hunger at bay..and you know what that means..less hunger pangs, less eating. I think I'll give it a whirl.

Hanging out with the dr.

This has been a week of dr. appts. on Monday, I had my follow up from my colonoscopy and that other thing...LOL The appt. was uneventful--she refilled my prescription and told me to eat fresh veggies and fruit, blah blah blah.

Wednesday Logan went to the orthopedist--he had hurt his arm earlier in the week and was in a half cast/splint from the ER. The orthopedic guy put him in a full cast--it's red and he thinks it's ever so cool!! ;-)

Today, We took Dylan to the cardiologist to have his (apparent) heart murmur checked out. They did an EKG and exam and said the murmur was completely innocent and benign and to basically ignore it. What a relief--I was a little nervous about it and am glad his little baby heart is just fine. :)

Saturday, January 20, 2007


I got a raise!! I am SO excited. It was very unexpected--I mean I was hoping since they are SO good to me and I have been there almost 1 yr. But hoping and expecting are two totally different things. LOL I really really love my job and I honestly feel so very blessed.

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Sims

I bought Kyle The Sims:The complete collection for Christmas. he loves it and has been obsessed. Then he asked me to make a family...he wanted me to see how if worked and give him some people to become friends with. Oh about obsessed..that's ME! I LOVE it..I can't believe how much time I have wasted taking care of my Sims family. LOL

1 year

My year anniversary is coming up at work. It makes me excited to think that I have been there one year...and that I still LOVE it and I am good at my least I hope I'm as good as I think I am! Speaking of that..I've kinda been wondering if I will get a raise..dreaming of a raise...I'm not sure if they do that or HOW they do that..if it's just a given or if there is some sort of Employee Evaluation Software they use to base their decision. As it gets closer I think I will casually mention to my boss that I have been there a year..just to keep it fresh in their minds!!

Ocean front

Oh gosh...I've been dreaming about vacation. I got this great idea that we should rent a house on the beach for a week or two...if we get something with high speed internet..I could still least half days...or half the week or something. So, I've been doing LOTS of searches and THINK we might end up in the Outer Banks this Summer!! I went there probably 13 years ago and it was awesome..and looking at these houses and making me very excited to go back. hmmm.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Strange Thing

I have a strange thing I like to do...yes, only one!! *wink* On Sundays I love to read the classifieds...I read every sections, for sale, wanted, Pets, Apartments for Rent, Homes for Sale--even though I own a home. LOL Of course I do this all on-line since I don't subscribe to the newspaper..and sometimes..I even search other cities classifieds as well. I know..I told you it was strange.

Dinner with me mum

Mom and I went to dinner last night. She and her husband had a big fight and she ended up spending the day here..and then we went to dinner. It was nice to get out of the house and hang out with her for a bit--but her mind was elsewhere...I kinda think she just wanted dinner to be over so she could go home and go to bed. poor Mom. She doesn't have an easy life that's for sure. I hope today is better for her.

Secret Identity

I have a friend that was needing to serve her ex husband with papers for court and was having a hard time locating his address to get them served. She didn't want to make any phone calls to his work for fear he would answer and know her voice or see her number on caller ID. I made a couple calls for her, but was really no help. Today, I came across is something she could have definitely used..caller ID changing, voice changing..and even phone call recording!! Eventually she got the info she needed..and got the papers served. (woohoo!!) I'll be sure to pass this link on to her in case there is a "next time".

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Spot o' Tea??

You know what I have never had and totally need?? A Tea Pot!! I love tea...especially when I have a migraine or am sick...there is just nothing like a hot cup o' tea!! I definitely need to get one..and quit doing the microwave thing!!

HP photo hunt # 23

YAY! Another photo scavenger hunt!! woner if I will be diligent enough to keep up with this one?!? $1000 is the prize and I could SO use that to buy a new HP Camera...since I apparently didn't get one from Ted!!(I'm not bitter though!)

Here's the deal, Veronique just got back from a week long trip in Europe and took a ton of pics with her new HP M527 digital camera, (I'm sure all her pics turned out excellent as I bet she did a lot of researching on Digital Photography Tips before she went--I mean who wants to spend a week in Europe and risk the pictures sucking because they didn't know what they were doing?!?!) ANYWAY, PayPerPost made a collage of her pictures and split the collage into 30 pieces. The pieces are going to be distributed on blogs throughout the internet. The first person to find all the pieces can grab a $1000 opportunity. woohoo!!!

My gift to piece # 23 Good Luck!!

~This post brought to you by HP

Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy Birthday, Tammy!!

Today is my big sisters birthday....she is 39. I think we are liking each other more lately. It's about's only taken 32 years!! LOL Happy Birthday my sister..I love you!!!


Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!

Logan woke me up this morning and immediately said "it's 2007! I turn 7 in 2007!!" LOL We had intended to let the kids stay up until the ball dropped...but they were acting like little freaks and I was afraid I would have to beat them before midnight. So we put them to bed and told them we would wake them up to see the ball drop. It took them about an hour to finally be quiet and go to sleep. We got them up at 11:30 and they were SO tired. LOL But they did get up and eat a brownie and watch the ball drop! when it was all said and done Dylan was so tired he was crying to go back to bed. LOL poor baby.

So, Happy New year. 2006 was much better than 2005 for us. I can only hope 2007 will be even better. No resolutions here...but we are going to eat sauerkraut for good luck today!! :)