Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekend re-cap

Friday night, as soon as Kyle got home from work, we went out and mowed the lawn and weed-eated. The plan was to do it Saturday morning, but K figured that since he was already hot, tired and sweaty, he might as well do it then. It was 100 degrees! So...being the nice wife I am, went out and really didn't take long and I knew I would be glad it was done on Saturday morning. After that we showered, fed the kids, put them to bed, we ate dinner and then we went to bed.

Saturday morning, K got up with the kids and I got to sleep in until 9:30. It was Heaven! While I slept, both boys had baths and Kyle made them omelets! When I got up, he made me a yummy omelet! After that we started de-cluttering the living room. It was really really bad and was making me twitch (as Cindy says). After that, we moved to the play room and cleared out a BUNCH of non-played with toys and got it organized. Then, we ordered pizza and watched Arthur and the Invisibles. It was a really cute movie and pizza was nummy!

This morning, Kyle slept in and I made pancakes for the kids. I spelled their names in pancakes. I was so proud of me...I almost took a pic! LOL After Kyle got up, we talked for awhile while the kids played outside. Then Kyle took his RC car to an empty lot down the road to break it in. Dylan went with him...but they quickly returned when Dylan touched the engine and burnt his little baby fingers. :-( so, K brought him home and I dealt with him while K went back to finish with his car. I think it took a good hour before D quit crying and saying, "ouch ouch ouch ouch". Not that I blame him...burns hurt SOOOOOOO bad!! Once K got back, we all got ready and went to BW3's for lunch/dinner. It was SO good and cheap! After that we came home and I made a grocery list and went shopping. Came home, unloaded all the groceries and looked at my receipt. Then I realized I didn't scan my kroger plus card! So, I took my receipt and went back to get it scanned and get the difference credited back to my card! Then I bought the few items I forgot and spent the same amount of money! LOL When I came out of the store, my mom and brother pulled in, so I stopped and talked to them for a few minutes. Now, I am home...the kids and the hubby are in bed...and I need to do some work.

Whew. Thank God next weekend is a 3 day weekend!!


Jen said...

Awww poor little guy!
Paul, 5, just did that on the iron and man did he cry!
Sounds like you guys had a great family weekend! I love those. Even the yard work. Can't wait for cooler temps this Fall. Enjoy the long weekend!