Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Prescription Savings

Since I lost my job in May and lost my insurance coverage in June, I have been dreading having to refill my monthly prescriptions.  I have waited as long as possible, resorting to taking my pills every other night instead of every night to allow them to last longer.  2 nights ago I took my last pill.  Today, I made phone calls to find out how much the prescriptions would be without insurance.

I called Kroger, the normal place I get them filled.  I was quoted a price of $23 for the first one and $77 for the second one!!  OUCH! 

I called Kmart, and was told that they have a prescription program where you pay $10 for 12 months to be enrolled in the program.  If you are enrolled in this program your prescriptions are less than if you are not enrolled.  Fine.  She quoted the price for the first prescription as $5 and the second as $10!!!  WOWZA!!

Seriously...that is less than my co-pay WITH insurance!!  I asked her to sign me up for the prescription program and to please call Kroger and have my prescriptions transferred.

Probably should have called around months ago.  who knew??

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


A little over a year after I started my job, I lost it. :(  The reason is "lack of work" and there were approximately 25 of us let go last Thursday. It came as a HUGE surprise and I was sad and scared.

But, thank God for unemployment.  The job search begins, but for now I am using my extra time to enjoy being a stay at home mom again.  Actually, if I'm being honest, I have spent the last few days doing NOTHING.  Catching up on tv shows, laying around, just blissfully doing nothing! In a few weeks the kids will be out of school and before I know it I will have a job again, so I am allowing myself to have a few days of nothingness!  It's been lovely.