Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Boost my Ego

I'm a Top Momma!! It's gonna help boost my blog traffic..and the longer I can last the better! So take a peek and when you get on my Blog!! Please!! It's the one with this picture

I'm a Top Mommma!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Asbestos is bad..mmmkay???

Cancer is such an awful disease...I was so worried the entire time that Kyle worked at HTI that he was going to end up with some sort of disease like Legionnaires or Mesothelioma. (yes, I know Legionnaires isn't cancer...I'm just saying....).I am so glad he no longer works there. Now if I can just get him to stop smoking..I can quit worrying about lung cancer!


I'm biting the bullet and getting a perm today. I have been wanting one for quite awhile and keep putting it off because of money...well, the lack of. We still have some of the tax return hanging out in our bank acct and I figure if I don't do it now..I'll have missed my window of opportunity. So at 12:00 today I'm going for it.

I am going to BoRics because it's so much cheaper than other places...I hope I don't regret it. The good thing is...I'm not really looking for a style...I gave up on style a few years ago. LOL My hair is always twisted up and secured with a clip with the ends sticking out...with a perm, the ends will be curly and look a little less ugly-that's the plan anyway. So, as long as I end up with curly ends and unfried roots. I'll be happy.

The Ultimate Gift

I don't get out to see movies often because they are expensive..and well, I am poor. That, and I don't have a babysitter very often. Anyway, recently I heard about this movie that has me really wanting to go and see it.

This is the official site of the movie "The Ultimate Gift" and the grass-roots movement its starting to help charities and give to others. This movie started as a book that I guess has been key in prompting people to give to others, connect with friends and family, and help those in need like never before. What a concept, huh? I'm a big fan of anything that makes the world a little brighter and people a little more caring.

The weekend of March 9,10&11 has been slated the "Weekend of Giving", for this movie. There will be several opening screenings of The Ultimate Gift all over the US and Canada, and each and every one of them is an opportunity to raise donations for non-profit organizations – including those closest to your heart. Throughout the “Weekend Of Giving”, $1.00 of every ticket purchased for The Ultimate Gift will be donated to the charitable group of your choice, thanks to a special partnership with the Fox Film Fund. What's really neat is that your organization can sign up and get a code and take part in such a great movement..and benefit from it. I am going to tell Logan's school (since he attends a private school) about it on Monday...what a great fundraising opportunity! will give me a good reason to get a sitter and have a date with Kyle.

I think this movie is definitely going to be a "must see"..write it on your calendar...spread the word.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Tax Return

I know that next year I will be looking for this info...because I was looking for it THIS year. LOL I filed my taxes on 2/2 and it was direct deposited 2/16 and by 2/23 it was pretty much least spoken for. (that's what being poor all year will do for ya!) Money goes WAY too fast..I know that! But we have all been spoiled by life is good. :-)

Ugly Duckling

Every once in a while I start feeling "ugly"...yeah, only occasionally!! LOL Now is one of those times and I am thinking of things that will make me feel less "ugly".

Getting my nails done, getting a pedicure, getting a perm and having my teeth whitened are all on my list. I know all about the nails and pedicure..but wanted to do some research on how much the perm will cost and the toth whitening...more specifically, how does tooth whitening work. I am petrified of the I need to know exactly what it entails.

I really found some great info at not only on the tooth whitening but on other health related things that are of interest to me. It's a great site and I am glad I found's so neat when searching for one thing, leads you to a great site you never knew existed.

I'll keep you posted on my anti-ugly progress! ;)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Thick as Pea Soup

I was in bed, having dreams about a leaking gas in my house that was going to kill us all and kept waking up, so I decided to just get up and start my day early. I think the dreams started some sort of anxiety attack..I wish it would just stop.

I looked outside and the fog is SOOO thick..I've never seen anything like it..everything just looks white. We are under a "frozen fog" advisory and Logan's school is on a 2 hour delay. His appt. to get his cast off is at 12 today so I am just going to keep him home..the dr's note will excuse him and it seems stupid to go to school for an hour.

Dylan has an appt at the ENT this morning. He has had fluid in his ears for a while and the Ped finally sent us to see if he needs tubes. I am hoping not. I guess the whole family will traipse to the dr. Hopefully, my darling children behave.

Ok..I guess I better start thinking about getting everyone up, fed, and dressed.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Is there anything cuter or funnier than animals doing cute/stupid/funny animal stuff? LOL I don't think so. My kids love to watch this show on tv that shows animals doing off the wall stuff and they laugh SO HARD at it! In an attempt to keep them from killing each other and driving us crazy I went on a search for funny animal pictures and found the neatest site with videos, pictures, trivia, etc.

My kids love it and check it out at least once a day. They want to send in a video or picture of Jack...but Jack isn't that entertaining--Jack's forte' is more of the "most annoying dog" variety!

Who Says You Can't Go Home??

We are home!! Got home about an hour ago...carried all the stuff in, plopped it in the floor and got the kids jammied and in bed! woohoo!

We had a very nice visit, but home is SUCH a good place to be. I can't WAIT to sleep in my bed tonight. Kyle is in the shower and when he gets out we are headed to bed to watch Psych. I'm so excited. LOL

The kids are off school tomorrow for President's Day, but I still have to work of course. bleck. At least I don't have to work until 10 and my commute is about 5 seconds! *wink*

It was so nice seeing Rita and meeting Miss Alayna..I took some pics but will have to upload them some other time..I don't even know where the camera is at this point. She is very sweet and cute and I loved cuddling with her all day Saturday.

UGH. my little angels are fighting...guess I better go get them settled down before I have to beat them.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

High Traffic = Big Money

I added a counter to the bottom of my blog. I like to see how many visitors I get...where they come from, what they searched they found me. I'm actually a little bit obsessed with it and check on it at least 3 times a day. What?!? It makes me feel loved!! LOL

Since such a big part of my blog are my PayPerPost posts I wonder how many people are also in the PPP world..and how many people are a little curious..but haven't yet taken that plunge. Of course my counter doesn't give me specifics like that! Go figure!

I have actually been looking for ways to get more traffic to my blog so that I can take these high paying opportunities that PPP is now offering. Some of them even pay $1000!!! I just need more traffic!!!

I really wish I could convey to people how wonderful PPP is. I TRY to do that with my exciting posts (*wink*) and I really hope that I am making people interested and really want to make money blogging. I know that PPP is one of the best avenues for this type of advertising out there.

Even though I only blog about things that truly interest me...or that I feel compelled to share..I like that PPP requires all bloggers to include a disclosure policy on their blog. That way, my readers know that I DO include commercials on my site and I'm not trying to be sneaky about it.

I've said it before (several times) and I'll say it again...Check out PayPerPost today!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!

How cute is my weathergirl thingie with the hearts?!? I was so excited to see it! LOL

We are heading out of town today...down to TN to see the inlaws...and I'll run over and see Rita and the babies too. We had a snow storm yesterday so I wasn't sure whether we were going to be able to go or not. Looks like the roads are not so bad now and we will be a-ok. yay!

Speaking of the snow..I am so glad it snowed again so we could take the kids out sledding. They hadn't gone yet this year and I had a hankerin' to take them! So, I took an hour off work yesterday and took them out for awhile. (gotta love working from home!) Kyle went out with us as well and we had so much fun. It wore me out though...that walk back up the hill is BRUTAL!

Monday, February 12, 2007


My paycheck got here today so I went and bought my new Dyson. I was supposed to buy it with my tax return..but it is taking too I figured I would buy this now and pay my bills when the tax return shows up. Same difference, right?

Anyway, I love this vaccum! I've barely used it, but you wouldn't believe the crap it has pulled out of my carpet! BLECK-O! I feel like a cleaner person already!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Love is in the air

With Valentine's day coming up it has me thinking a lot about love and how happy I am I am in a relationship....and in love.

Standing in the kitchen this morning with Kyle, with our arms wrapped around each other waiting for our toast to pop up, I asked him if he thought anyone else was as in love as we are? LOL

I want everyone to have this kind of love. This kind of completeness. I am so very blessed in that I found Kyle (way back) in High School and haven't had to venture out into the world of single people an dating. I know my single friends and I have talked about if you aren't in school and you don't go to church and you don't hang out at do you meet people TO date?

I have encouraged them to join some type of online dating service..yet no one has taken my advice. (Which makes NO sense to me since I am ALWAYS right! *wink*) Maybe it is the cost of those services?? Well, guess what. In my random searching around on the internet..I found a place that offers Free Online Dating!! You can't beat free, right? This site offers everything those "other" dating sites offer, but completely free. They will never ask for a credit card. Love is only as far as your computer...what are you waiting for?? Honestly, the best thing you could do is...

Snow Zone

I just went to check the weather since I hard about this snow storm we are supposed to get. My local news channel isn't commiting to an amount of snow that is expected, (they hate to be wrong you know...) so I went to check out my favorite weather site and found this:

We are in the 6-12 inch area...should be interesting.

Shopping Woes

I have THE.HARDEST.TIME shopping. Not just for gifts, but myself as well. I look and look and look for the perfect thing and then obsess about whether I am getting the best price, if there is a coupon or discount code somewhere for it, etc. It's really maddening and drives me crazy. I had to quit shopping for clothes for the boys last night because it was too overwhelming. How sad is that? LOL

Thank God for the gift card. I can't even tell you how many times this little pre-paid credit card has saved me when I have a gift to give. What I really love are the gift cards that are redeemable practically anywhere. That way I don't even have to think about what store someone would like to shop at...they can figure that out for themselves!

So, that solves my problem of the perfect gift...I don't think there is any hope for my own personal shopping. Maybe I should just make my husband do it.


Now, I am getting sick. I woke up with a very sore ear and a very sore throat this morning. My chest also feels heavy and when I cough, it burns. Lovely.

More snow is expected on Monday and Tuesday..between 4 and 8 inches..good grief! I'm done. I'm good for one good snow a year..we've had's time for winter to move on now! However, my kids still have not gotten to sled since it has been SOOOO cold and they have been sick. so maybe once this new snow falls we can sled..and then we can really be done with winter. LOL Didn't the groundhog say we would have an early spring??

Speaking of spring, I read today, that Daylight Saving Time is kicking off 3 weeks earlier this year and that it can cause all kinds of havoc...or inconveniences anyway. That should be fun.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

V-day E-card

I don't have the most romantic husband in the world...well, I take that back..he IS romantic, just not in the textbook flowers and candy kind of way. He hates Holidays like Valentine's Day and Sweetest Day, claiming they are "hallmark holidays". I, however, am a total girly girl and really like those holidays!! So, he usually meets me in the middle (kind of) and send me an e-card. This year, I have decided to just do the same thing.

I was checking out and they really have a great selection of cards. Everything from funny to risque..ooh la la!! And they have cards for all occasions. The price is great too...the first 30 days are free (you can send as many cards as you want) and then after that it's $13.99/year. Now I don't know if you have noticed how much cards are..but you would easily spend that much on 4 cards at a store. One of the other things I like is that you can pick out a card and schedule it to be delivered at a later date. So, my nieces birthday is coming up in
April..I'll probably remember again in May it's really cool that I can go to and pick out a card for her, schedule it to be sent on her birthday and not think about it again!
Valentine's Day eCard by "The Chins"

Come ON already!!

I am SO anxious for our tax return to get here. I am making lists and researching and driving myself nuts, honestly. I swear I visit the IRS 5 times a day to check the status. LOL I just want it to get here so I can buy the few big things we are getting and then figure out the best way to use the rest of it. I was really really hoping it would be deposited yesterday..based on the time it took for last year's return..but no. Darn! Hopefully this coming week...I *think* they only deposit on Fridays though. I just want it NOW. I know..I have no patience!

Payday Buffer

I am really so amazed that since October I have made over $470 with PayPerPost. It has been easy and enjoyable and has really provided a nice buffer between paychecks.

When I first became interested in adding sponsored content to my blog and started PayPerPost, I had decided that any money I made was going to go into our Disney fund so we could take the kids to Disney World. Plans have since changed. LOL It was a nice idea and would have worked wonderfully..but the truth is..when you only get paid once a month..sometimes you need a buffer between paydays. It seems like every month, right before payday we are BROKE and we need gas or milk or something and that PPP money has been a godsend! It's really nice because it is deposited in my paypal account and I can use my paypal debit card for instant access. Actually, I guess that is good AND bad...I bet if I didn't have the debit card, more of that money would have been saved. Oh do whatcha gotta do, ya know?

One of the best things about PPP is that the money is constantly coming in, right now I get a deposit every few days..sometimes twice a day. My "goal" is to make 2 PPP posts a day so I get 2 deposits a day...but I haven't become that disciplined yet. Which is really sad since it is so easy to make money this way. But laziness is one of my biggest problems..I'm working on it though!

Wii Woes

It's 8:45...I have been up for an hour and my kids are already making me nuts. We got a Wii for christmas and they love it..we all love it. But boy do they make me nutty with it. They get mad at each other and yell and if Logan doesn't win he throws a big ol' fit. I swear the child gets sent to his room at least 10 times a day over the wii. We are hoping that with being consistent (you freak out and go sit in your room alone for a few minutes while the rest of us continue to play) will break him of it. It's really maddening and makes the game less enjoyable for us all.

Right now they are playing Rampage and they aren't acting too awful...YET. I tell ya, I like them MUCH better when they are playing nicely and laughing together..that screaming and crying and whining can drive a momma insane!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

New Diet??

Speaking of losing weight, I really like to look at thin women's bodies...and fantasize they are mine...or what I would do if they were mine....the clothes I would wear, the tattoo I would get (on my lower back), the belly button ring I would get. AS it stands now..any tattoo or belly button ring I got would be lost in rolls of fat...mmm...that's pretty! ROFL So, here I sit...fantasizing about thin-ness and eating a bag of chips. It's a sickness, really! LOL

Maybe I should start looking at Tongue Rings I bet if I got a tongue ring it would keep me from eating for a few days..then maybe once I got past that, my stomach will have shrunk so I'd be a lot less hungry and then the playing with the toungue ring (which I am SURE I would obsessively do) would keep me from eating out of boredom. Yep, I think I should start a trend...the Tongue Ring Diet anyone interested??

Weight-y Thoughts

It's getting to that time of year where I start thinking about my weight and what I am going to do about it. *sigh* I know I want to lose some weight before the spring/summer. It just sucks that it isn't easier..and more fun. I really hate it and wish I was blessed with a fast metabolism that would allow me to eat what I want without ever gaining weight. I guess it's time to break out the Walk Away the Pounds videos and switch my nightly ice cream to yogurt--for starters. I do best with small steps. LOL

Review My Post..

I am so excited. I have been doing PayPerPost since October and have made over $470. I know I sing the PayPerPost praises quite frequently, but I can't help it! It is really easy and the wonderful people there have just made it even easier. Not only easier to make money, but easier to promote my blog in general. ask?? With a new feature that has just been implemented that allows anyone reading my blog to click on a specified badge and be directed to payperpost where they can sign up and then make a post on THEIR blog about MY blog. That person gets paid, I get paid..and my blog gets a lot more views. It's really a win win can't beat that!!

I added the new badges/links to my blog earlier this week and I am only a little obsessed with checking my stats to see how many people have clicked on them and if anyone has signed up yet LOL That's pretty typical of me...I check my e-mail 50 times a day too. So, if you haven't on a link..check out PayPerPost and sign up! It will make my day to see the number of clicks go up!!! *grin*

School's in session...

School has been back in session since yesterday (2 hour delays yesterday and today) but I kept both boys home. It is just TOO cold and they have both been sick and I decided to just let them stay home and rest/get well. Not that we WANT them home...LOL they are really being little pains..and boy are they WHINEY!! I bet I will be REALLY glad when Monday gets here!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

OK..the cold can go away NOW!

I woke up to a temp of zero this morning...who knows what the wind chill is. *sigh* I REALLY want to take the kids out sledding..but with Logans cough..and fever...I am guessing it wouldn't be the best thing to do.

I'm getting a little annoyed with this cold, I swear..I'm about to start doing a search for dubai properties! It stays hot there year round...and is really gorgeous. I bet the dog would be glad too...he HATES going out in this cold.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


It has been SO cold here...FRIGID, man!! School was cancelled Monday and Today because of the below zero temps, then at noon today it started snowing..I think we have about 5 inches..and school is closed again tomorrow!! I hope it warms up a little so we can go out and sled for a little kids are dying to go since we didn't get to the last time it snowed a couple weeks ago. Logan has been kinda sick we probably shouldn't...but I might bundle him up REALLY good and let him go out for a few minutes anyway! Hmm..wonder if that is a "good mommy" or "bad mommy" thing?!?!? LOL

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Spending Tax Return $ Wisely

I filed our taxes on Friday and am already making big plans for it.

I have no plans to save it and I think my tentative plans for using some it for an awesome vacation have been put on the back burner.

Truth is, we really need to take care of some stuff around our some things to make our day to day life a little easier/better etc.

For one thing I really really need to look at home office chairs and purchase one. Mine is AWFUL..and since I am working so many hours a week now, I really need to get a new one. In the last couple of weeks I have been in a lot of pain in my neck and upper back..and I KNOW the chair has something to do with it.

So..I am in a search for that...and while I'm looking for that..I think I am going to look at Bunk Beds for the boys..their beds take up so much room and I really like having them in one room and the play room in the other.

There are so many sites out there to look at for this kind of stuff but I have found some really great furniture of ALL kinds at great priced It is so fun to look at all the different kinds of furniture and get ideas (and dream) about what I would like to have in my house.

So, if I'm's because I am lusting over furniture somewhere!! *wink*