Friday, July 22, 2005

Logan's non tooth

Just wanted to share a pic of Logan with his now missing tooth! LOL

Just Stuff

Logan lost his 1st tooth last night! It's one of the front upper ones (the left one to be exact). He looks SO cute. LOL It's really too early for him to be losing teeth..but he got hurt a few months ago and it has been kinda loose since then. He got $2 from the fairy and was SO excited. he's wearing his money in a cap on his head! LOL

My aunt is doing ok...they have unsedated her but she is still on the respirator. they tried to take her off yesterday, but her heart rate skyrocketed so they had to turn it back on. they are going to try again today. she is on heavy pain meds so she is still sleeping most of the time. she did open her eyes while we were there and we got to tell her happy birthday (she turned 63). She nodded her head "yes" when my mom said "this sure is a hell of a way to spend a birthday, huh?" She was very agitated and frustrated at not being able to talk to us and being in pain...I kept telling her to just relax and that it was ok. I stroked her forehead...and then the nurse sai.d that touching her stimulates her and makes her uncomfortable. so i stopped that. I thought I was helping though since she seemed to calm down some. oh well. So she eventually fell back to sleep and we left for fear of waking her again. I'll either go back today or tomorrow.

It's still so ungodly hot here. We might take the kids downtown to play in the fountain....IF I wanna hang out in the heat.

Kyle might be getting a job with the cable company. It's a sales position which he REALLY doesn't want...but the benefits are so good. He would like to have a technician job with them in the future. so maybe this is the place to start. hopefully, we will hear something definite soon.

Sunday, July 17, 2005


gosh it's hot. sitting in my a/c'd house it is HOT! If I sit real still and don't move, I am comfortable. otherwise I am burning up. SO...since I have had to get up umpteen times to deal with Logan, I am hot...and getting annoyed...because I am HOT! UGH.

My brother is here tonight because my mom had to go to my grandmas because my aunt, who usually stays with her is very ill and in the hospital. :( I am not real sure what is going on with her or if we are getting the whole story. all I DO know is that she has been very sick with throwing up and diarrhea for 2 days, tests showed a large mass on her intestine, they did exploratory surgery and removed part of her colon. They are keeping her heavily sedated tonight...I will probably go tomorrow to see her.

Kyle is out fishing with his cousins. I can't imagine WHY he wants to sit out in this nasty HOT weather!! ;) I hope he is having a good time. I worry about his "mental health" since he isn't working and has really no other contact than with me and the kids! so, hopefully, he will have a good time...he went about a month ago and really enjoyed it.

off to go find some oreos and milk.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

back to "normal"

We are home from Niagara and had a wonderful time. For the last 3 years, a few friends from an online message board and their families have met and vacation together. We always have a really good time. I wish more of our group would come...I am thinking that next year we might have more people there. The last 2 years we went to Cedar Point and this year was Niagara and I think next year is going to be Gatlinburg, TN. I have already started checking out places for us to stay...I'm just a little excited about it. LOL

so, anyway..we are home and settling into life again. well, not really since we have done nothing but sit on our asses for the last few days. LOL I am watching Amelia this week so she is keeping the kids pretty occupied...which is always a good thing! :)

I need to pay some bills today, call comfort inn to complain about the completely crappy room we stayed in on the way home from niagara, go to the store, find a pre-school for Logan, and I have to work from 4-6. I am guessing that all of that isn't going to get done. ;)

We are getting to the end of K's unemployment checks so someone is going to have to get a job. We have both been sending our resumes out...hopefully,one of us will have a job that will pays the bills SOON! He is going this week to find out if he qualifies to receive training for another type of job, paid for by the state. His "job coach" said she thought he we are keeping our fingers crossed that she is right.

I need to get Dylan potty trained. He is definitely capable of it...I've just been really lazy with him. If I can manage to get it achieved before school starts, I'll put him in pre-school too!!

Well, I am rambling so I guess I will post this and get on with my day!!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Be Right Back

Dylan HATES for anyone to say good-bye or bye-bye. He'll say, "Don't say bye-bye, say "be right back"!" I think that is really cute...I just had to "write" it down so I'd remember!! :)

Finally HOME!!

We have been gone, for what seems like forever! We left on June 21 to head down to tampa to get our new car. We planned to be back home within a week....that turned into 11 days!! So, we are home now..and are leaving in 3 days to head to Canada for a 5 day vacation there. I'm not even unpacking the suitcases..that would be dumb. :lol I need to get to the bank to deposit some money, pay some bills, get to the post office and to the grocery today. good times!!

SO, we have our new car and I am thrilled. It has more miles on it than we expected and we had to have $700 worth of repairs done to it before we could drive it home, but it is a great car and is SO nice to have something with some room. Putting 2 car seats in a Jeep was REALLY sucking!!

We got to take the kids to the beach while we were in FL...they LOVED it! Kyle and I got really burnt though and are still dealing with the pain from that. Kyle had the worst sunburn I have ever seen in my life! It was GROSS. he had HUGE>>>HUGE blisters on his 3 inches in diameter in puffed WAY could see them through his shirt. it was GROSS. Now that the blisters and skin is gone has 2 very large raw spots on his upper arms. It's really awful.

We stayed with my SIL at MacDill AFB...which was so nice. it is right on the bay and you can see the water from her front door. SO pretty! The night we arrived, K and I were out unloading the car at was all quiet and dark and then all of a sudden we heard a trumpet playing TAPS. It was SOOOO neat. I told Kyle it was one of the neast experiences of my life....he said that was sad! LOL so, the base plays taps at 10 and revelie at 5:30 am....needless to say, I never heard revelie! LOL

On the way home from Tampa, I sent Kyle and the boys on to my MIL's with my SIL and I met my friend Cindy who lives right outside Atlanta. It was SO nice to see her. I also got to meet her friend Leslie who was on her way to Tampa. LOL We had a very nice visit...I only wish it could have been longer.

So, I guess that gets me pretty caught up. No big plans this weekend just getting ready for the next trip. :)