Saturday, June 30, 2007

She got it!!

Tammy called this morning and said the house is hers! I asked her if she wanted to look at some other properties and she said she had talked to 3 different landlords this morning and no one was willing to work with her on the credit check thing and that a credit check couldn't be done until Monday..and she has to start her job on that is their predicament and this lady is willing to meet her at noon today and give her the keys!!

So, I am heading over there in a few minutes with a bucket full of cleaning supplies, my trusty Dyson and some Febreeze. LOL Hopefully, we can get it nice and sparkling and make her feel a little better about it. :-)

In other, sadder news. Ted, (the step-FIL) died at 9:15 last night. Tammy was very glad she was with Jeannie (MIL) and able to stay with her last night. Tammy said Jeannie is very disoriented and just very very sad. I'm sure it helped immensely to have her only grandchild with her as well.

Tammy update

So, Tammy and Shelbea headed up here on Thursday night...right before they left, their "friend" the property manager guy, called and told her the house they rented while she was here 2 weeks ago, was actually rented to someone else and he was "sorry". So...she is starting her new job on Monday and has no home. Nice, huh?

If that isn't enough, her MIL's husband, who has been sick for awhile, ended up in the hospital with kidney failure and on a ventilator. They were going to move him to a bigger hospital but couldn't get him stable enough for the move. I don't know all the details, but he got progressively worse and today they removed the ventilator..he died...the even said "time of death"..everyone was crying..the wife was sobbing and laid her head on his chest and then, he started breathing. The nurse said, "oh my god! he doesn't want to leave". When I talked to tammy at 8:30 pm he was still breathing on his own...but the dr said it was only a matter of time until his heart stopped. :( So, Tammys husband is on his way here and then will fly back to TX next week to drive the moving truck back here for the move. He is actually driving the van full of some of their stuff. Of course they have no where to move it into since they have NO HOUSE! *sigh*

So, I went with her to see one house's nice but's in a great school district. she gave the lady her number and references and she said she would make a decision tomorrow. Tammy doesn't LOVE it..because it is old and kinda run down..not run down I guess..just not updated at all. So, in the meantime we are going to look at some more houses tomorrow...if we can find any in the area she wants to live in...the main thing is getting in a good school she will need to live in one of the suburbs...but not TOO far out because her and Larry both will be working in the city. Keep hyour fingers crossed that they get the house we saw tonight or she finds something else. God knows I don't want them all living with me!! :-)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vacation Thoughts

Kyle and I were discussing where we want to go on vacation, IF we can scrape together some money for it. We asked the kids and they want to go to a cabin on a lake and rent a boat. There are some places not to far from here, that the rates aren't too god-awful. I'll have to check some more into it. We wouldn't be able to go until my job ends on 8/31, which means I will have to take Logan out of school for a few days. Not that that will be a problem since his school encourages family trips, etc.

Kyles aunt and uncle are building a house right on the lake in TN and I can't wait for it to be we can visit them and vacation CHEAP! LOL They are retiring of course, so it will be another 18 months or so before they get down there..the house will be done soon it will just be sitting there un-lived in. Kyle is going to try to talk them into renting it out by the week untile they can move down full time. I'm not sure they will go for sounds like it's going to be REALLY nice!

They are so cute...typical retired couple...she is in to rubber stamps and making greeting cards and he is all about golf. He is usually talking about some new Callaway golf item he has purchased or wants. I know they will be so happy when they can focus on their hobbies full time.

Anyway, I am hoping I get a job lined up so we can spend a small piece of my "bonus" on our vacation. and I hope I can find some place nice for us to go!


I haven't posted anything interesting lately. I cheated and stuck a "happy birthday dylan" entry in today because I didn't post it last week like a "good mommy" would have! ;-)

So, Tammy came in town last week and Shelbea tried out for the Select Soccer team...she made it and got on the "A" team, which is apparently a much better team than the "B" team. She was very excited...and we were all excited for her. Tammy had a couple interviews and was offered a job that same day. They have friends in the property management business and were able to put a deposit down on a nice house in the suburbs, in a good school district. So, the move is on...Tammy and Shelbea will be here Friday with mattresses to sleep on and their clothes. Tammy will start her new job on Monday..and Larry and his brother, Rob will be here next week with the rest of the furnishings. I guess Shelbea will be hanging out with us while Tammy works, until school starts. My kids will love that...Kyle not so much, I imagine!

We had Dylan's b-day party last Tuesday night...Tammy, Larry, and Shelbea were here, as well as Dad, Lola, Amelia, mom and Tony. We ordered pizza and had cake and ice cream. It was really a nice time and Dylan enjoyed it.

Wednesday night, I couldn't leave work fast enough..I was so excited to have the next few days OFF! Mom and I went for pedicures and I got the cutest flower on my big toes. CUTE!!

On Thursday...Dylan's actual b-day, we headed down to GA for my cousins wedding. Dylan and I went with dad, Lola, and Amelia. Amelia stayed in our hotel room and it was actually a nice time. The wedding was beautiful and it was very nice seeing my family that I haven't seen in several years. I was close enough to Cindy, that she came and picked Dylan and I up and took us to her house for a few hours for a nice visit. It was so good to see her and I am glad we squeezed in a visit...I told her that it would just be stupid to be in GA and NOT see each other! LOL We headed home on Sunday and I had Monday was so nice not having to work...I'm glad I thought to take it off.

Monday, we took the kids to Clifton Gorge to walk the nature trail and then to Youngs Dairy for lunch and to feed the goats. When we got home, we walked down to moms house and Kyle cleaned out her gutters. BLECK!

Tuesday was back to work for much as I hated to go. Tuesday night we went to Tony's work for the final American Idol night. He placed 3rd and as a going to the American Idol concert when it comes to Colombus in August. Afterwards, we went to Friendlys for ice cream. My kids were NUTSO and I couldn't WAIT to get them home and in bed. I felt like I had run a marathon after dealing with them. They can be SUCH PAINS sometimes!!

Ok..I think that gets me caught I can feel like less of a slacker. Of course I have pics I need to post..and I'll get to it at some point. Hopefully, sooner rather than later!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Birthday to Dylan!!

My baby is FIVE today!! I cannot BELIEVE that 5 years have passed since I birthed that big 11 lb. 1 oz 23" long baby boy! I remember it like it was yesterday.

He is my imaginative child...full of dreams and stories and all kinds of interesting things to say. He makes me laugh and drives me CRAZY. If he thinks he is in trouble, he is quick to run and hide and usually won't come out unless we start "the count". He loves apple juice and fruit snacks and the only ice cream he will eat is cookies and cream. He calls "sleep"--"fweep" and says "tartar sauce" when he is angry. He loves Johnny Cash and "ring of fire". When he dances, he does "the robot"!! He is cute as a button and has the sweetest dimple. He makes my heart swell with pride. He is my "peanut" and I love him SO much!!

Happy Birthday, ROCK!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mother's Day Video

yeah, just in time for Father's Day!! :-)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Interesting turn of events...

It's a big long story, but my sister might be moving home. I am very excited and am hoping everything works out. The only bad thing is that 3 of my nieces live with their dad in TX and of course will be staying there. So, she will be "leaving" them. However, they are teenagers and they have all left her numerous times...of course going into detail would get me right in the middle of the big long story...and I'm not in the mood. LOL

So, it is what it is..and she may be moving home. They will be here Monday so Shelbea can try out for the soccer team on tuesday night..she is quite the "soccer star" and a lot of wether they move now or next spring has a lot to do with these try outs..since she has already been accepted for a select team there in TX. So, they'll be here to do that...Tammy is going to try to get some interviews scheduled and look at some houses..maybe even contact a realtor or two. It'll be interesting to see how it all works out. They'll be here for Dylan's b-day that will be nice!! :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Money Control

I was with Amelia the other night and offered to buy her a coke and she said that she had her own money. I asked where she got it and she said that she sold some clothes at Plato's Closet. I asked her if she was supposed to use the money she made, to buy new clothes. She said, yes and then proceded to buy her own coke. LOL

From experience I know that she's not the best with money. You give her $10 "just in case" and she is determined to spend that $10!!

Since she IS 16 and really needs to learn some responsibility at some point, I think Dad and Lola should think about getting her one of those Visa Buxx cards. It's a debit card that they can deposit money even has like a chore system, if they want to give her money based on a certain chore she completes. They can view where she is using the card (which is also a plus in knowing if she has been where she said she has been)and they can suspend the card if need be. Totally lets them be in control while hopefully teaching her a little responsibility! win win, I say.

Happiness is...

being really tired and crampy and yucky and being able to walk into your bathroom, and "draw" a nice hot bath and get in said bath and soak your troubles away...all while reading a book. As an added bonus, the kids are in bed, so there are no little creatures banging on the door. ahhhhh, BLISS I tell you!!

I LOVE my bathtub! How did we survive without one for 7 years?!?!?

Drug Rehab

I know I have visited this subject before, but since it is near and dear to my heart, I'm bringing it up again. I hope that maybe someone will see one of these posts and it will make a difference in their life.

I came across this site for a drug treatment center in Battle Creek, Michigan. It looks so nice--it reminds of the facility that Sandra Bullock was in in that movie 28 days.

I love what the little "blurb" on their home page says:

"....we definitely know all about addiction, because we were once addicted..... we deeply care about addicts, because someone made the effort to care about us." Doesn't that just speak volumes? I think so!

The price of

I went to the grocery today, a 12 pk of coke was $4.19 and a 12 pk of Pepsi was $4.50. I refused to buy either. That's outrageous.

Gas, however, is down to $2.75 a gallon--so that's a plus!

My dress for the wedding got here. It's very pretty and it's a little clingy on my fat roll, though. ohwell.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

in one week..

I will be getting ready to head down to GA for my cousins wedding. The thought of it makes me tired..could be just that I am REALLY tired right now and I will be more excited next week.

I wish I had dieted, I could have lost 15 pounds easily if I had started weeks ago when I first thought about it. hmmph. Now I feel fat and ugly and bleck. Seriously...why isn't there a miracle pill for weightloss yet?? I have friends that swear Hoodia is that miracle. At this point though..I would need a miracle slim down straight from God.

Oh well...I'm sure I'll feel better about myself in the next few days. *sigh*

I did order a dress frome Ebay..I hope to heaven it fits..and I look half way ok in it!

Gift Search

So, this weekend is Father's Day. I'm trying to think of a neat gift for Kyle. For Mother's Day he took the kids out and bought me a new red can opener...which is what I asked for. LOL Now, I want a red toaster--so I think that he should get that for Father's Day. What? you know that what I want, He wants..cause he loves me so much!! :-)

I got a coupon in my e-mail today for one of his favorite restaurants..dinner free for dads this maybe we will go there. We went to Red Lobster for Mother's he is due a gift AND a dinner.

Really, I would like to buy him a really neat, guy-y gift, but have SUCH a hard time with that. I was looking at hamilton watches today and thought that would be something really nice he would like. But I REALLY want a red toaster........

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Really, please!!

I wonder why my children...especially my youngest child think that if I say "no" they can say please and I will change my mind. I RARELY change my mind and yet they just keep on and on and on. Dylan is about to make me insane with the "please, please, please, REALLY please".

Speaking of Dylan and the things he says to annoy me...He'll ask if he can have something and I'll say just a minute or in a few minutes and then he will say, ok, how about now..or now...or now...or now. UGH! I swear, his cuteness is his only saving grace!!

We are going to a graduation party today, it's outside and there will be games and stuff. I am looking forward to the kids playing with their cousins and leaving me alone for a few minutes!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Queen of the Search

So, in my quest for a new job, I came across a job for Internet research. It's not enough hours and doesn't pay enough, so I didn't bother applying, but I would have been good at it! I am the QUEEN of Internet searching and Kyle is always amazed at what I can find and how fast I can find it! yay me!

One of my friends owns a home in CA but lives here. She was saying that she wanted to refinance that mortgage but wasn't sure what the best route was since she doesn't actually live there, etc. So, I worked my searching magic and did a search on California mortgage refinance and found a slew of options for her. She was impressed...and the legend continues..... ;)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Off with the cherries!

I am getting my kitchen painted this week. For seven years it has been white with hand stamped red cherries and the saying, "Life is just a bowl of cherries" stenciled above the sink. This week...the cherries and the saying will be no more in my kitchen.

I am feeling a little more, hmmm... "elegant" with my new kitchen floor. So I am painting (and I mean the painter is painting) the backsplashes and the door red, and the rest of the walls a yellow. I am still keeping "cherries" the'll just be more dressed up and, "whimsical"??

I'm excited to see the changes--and a little nervous. Picking paint colors really really scares my undecisive self!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

So Scary I Gotta Watch it Anyway

Do you like scary movies and books? I do! I don't but I do...if that makes sense. They scare the ever livin' bejeebies out of me, but I can't not watch, or read as it were. It's a sickness!

This topic, why? because I just watched the trailer for this 1408 Movie, it's the new Stephen King movie and I SO want to see it! Just watching the trailer made me *GASP* least twice! LOL

I grew up with Stephen King books in my life and Kyle has always been a big Stephen King fan as well, it's actually his "fault" I ever started reading Stephen books or seeing the movies. Before we were ever married, we watched "IT" together. and to this day we will sometimes say, "they all float down here, Richie!" LOL One of the first Christmas books my mom got Kyle was the Stephen King book, Bag of Bones, then I read it...since then he reads the books first and then I read them..I guess I figure if he read it and didn't get scared to death, it must be ok for me too!

So, back to this 1408 Movie, I am so excited to see it. We don't go to the movie theater much..but we might have to make a date out of this and go. Besides being a Stephen King fan and going to see it for that...John Cusack is in it and I LOVE LOVE LOVE him, (he is SO on my "list" *wink wink*)!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

House Blog updated

I just wanted to let my faithful (few) *wink* readers know that my house blog has been updated. Go see the newest changes..and comment if ya want!! I'm LOVING my house!!! It's ALMOST done!! :)

Star Light, Star Bright

One of my most favorite memories of dating Kyle is the nights we spent star gazing and meteor watching. We would leave late at night and drive out to the "country" and lay down and look at the sky. We would hold hands and talk. It was SO nice and one of the things I "miss" about being young and care-free. We can't just up and do that now..cause you know..we have these little creatures we call kids. LOL

However..our little darlings are getting older now and can start leaving them alone. JUST KIDDING!! LOL They are getting older and are showing interest in the night I think before long we could take them on a midnight excursion or two to star gaze.

We used to have a cool telescope and then K let his friends borrow it and somehow we never got it back. I am toying with the idea of getting another one, but want to make sure I buy a good one.

I have been looking online for good info on how to buy a telescope. In doing that, I found this cool thing called a Meade My Sky Personal Video Planetarium. It's an interactive, hand-held, point-shoot-and-identify multimedia guide--so not only can we look at the pretty stars...we can actually KNOW what we are looking at...and LEARN something! Imagine AND educational!!

Job Hunt

so, I've already sent out about 4 or 5 resumes and inquired about a couple more jobs. I found a job I want K to apply for and e-mailed him the info. you have to apply in person, or I would have applied for it for him. yeah, I'm controlling like that. ;)

I would really like to have something in line when this job ends so that I don't have to use my "bonus" to live on.

I'm thinking things will be ok. of course I am 3 months I imagine I won't be less than optomistic until at least the end of July. LOL

Life goes on...


A couple of years ago I worked for 1800flowers and one night I took an order from this really nice and funny lady that was buying a HUGE arrangement for her best friend. The best friend had just had a baby and my customer was SO excited!

Anyway, in the course of our conversation, she said that you could dial 1800..whatever for whatever you were looking for and MOST of the got what you needed. How true is that?

VERY true. I can think of 5 places off the top of my head that you can dial 1800 "whatever" and get what you need. The newst one I learned of was for a drug rehab place. Guess what their number is??

You guessed it!! 1800NODRUGS Cool huh??

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Lindsay Lou

I talked to Tammy tonight for over 30 mins tonight and she was telling me about her girls and we got to talking about Lindsay. She was telling me how CUTE she is. She said she is like that really cute girl in high school that you "hate". LOL

Then we started talking about her pageant coming up in July and how she is getting ready for that. I went last year and had such a good time. I would love to go again this year. She got 1st runner up then and I would be surprised if she doesn't win it this year!

Anyway, speaking of the pageant she was telling me that Traci--Lindsay's "ex" step-mom made her the cutest business cards to pass out to the friends she makes while she is there. I thought that was such a cute idea..I guess they have her picture on them and everything. Some people are so creative...I would have never thought to do that!!

Too Lazy to Have a Clean Face!

I have never washed my face at night, before I go to bed. I am beginning to think that in my old age. I really need to. BUT...

I am SOOOO lazy. I mean really..the thought of standing at the bathroom sink and washing my face--water splashing, etc, Is just annoying and sounds like a PITA. I think I am going to get some of those pre-moistened face cloths..then I could do it in bed! See?? LAZY!!

So, I am spending a lot of my surfing time looking at face care products. There are SO many options and choices. Of course all the normal ones everyone has heard of and some I have NEVER heard of like, skinceuticals. It looks so nice and I think I might have to try them out. I read some reviews and it sounds like an awesome line.

I'm excited to take better care of my face....IF I can find the pre-moistened things!! :-)

All good things must come to an end

On Tuesday I was notified that due to some changes in the business, my job would be ending at the end of August. Unless I want to move to NJ. I really like my job..and I am the one supporting our family right now. I seriously considered moving..until I saw the cost of rent in NJ. LOL

I was absolutely devestated. I understand why the changes are being made, but I am still heartbroken. It took a few hours to really *hit* and then I sat down and sobbed.

I've had 4 days for it to soak in now..and I *think* I am ok. I am starting to look for a job and thinking about other things I might like to do. I would love to get into some kind of school position that would allow me to be off when the kids are. I checked at Logans school and they have 2 positions that would equal part time if I did them both. The pay--$6.85 an hour. I don't think I can do that unless K could find something that pays a whole lot more. But--I have time to look.

I am trying to remember when God closes a door, He always opens a window. I think that's how the saying goes, right?? LOL

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Pomp and Circumstance

My oldest baby graduated from Kindergarten on Thursday night!! I was so proud and he looked so handsome in his cap and gown. I only cried a little! :-)

He graduated with "honors" and was on the Principal's List every quarter--I assumed ALL kindergarteners got on the list..but not so!! Yay logan!!

He has learned SO much this year and has made us all very very proud.

We went out for ice cream afterwards with mom and tony and dad, Lola and Amelia, we had a nice time and I was glad they could all be there.

The inlaws sent $75 gift card to Best Buy (which he promptly spent on a new Wii game). Kyle and I are getting him a new bike once my check gets here. And mom gave him 2000 wii points to buy some wii games. he made out like a bandit!