Thursday, April 27, 2006

My heart outside of my chest....

There is a saying about becoming a mother is having your heart walk around outside of your chest. (or something like that) and it is SO true.

Last night I took Logan to t-ball.

when we get to t-ball we are always a couple minutes late and the first time we were, I said.."just go tell the coach that you are late and ask where he wants you" and Logan kept saying "just say, I'm late coach?" just real nervous and unsure of himself and what to do. So, everytime since then he always asks me a few times what to say. and then off he runs with his little skinny legs and his arms crossed..with his ball mitt hanging off his left hand...looking all unsure and a tad shy. and it absolutely breaks my heart.

and then we got seperated for like 10 seconds at Blockbuster. I wasn't where he left he thought I left him. :( I rounded the corner and saw him standing on his little baby tippy toes looking for me and I said "here I am" and he turned around and had BIG tears in his eyes and said, "I didn't know where you were!" I hugged him and told him it was ok..that I was right there and that I would NEVER EVER leave him without telling him first. When we got to the car, he again told me how scared he was. Just makes me wanna sit and bawl.

I don't want him to ever hurt or be scared, lonely, shy, unsure, embarassed. I guess because I hate those feelings and I don't want that for him. Of course, that is unreasonable..those feelings are life...we all experience them.

Being a mommy is so hard sometimes.....I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING though..not ONE thing.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

mo' money!!

So, I am becoming hooked on this "complete offers, make money" thing. I have now signed up for Treasure Trooper and made $45 with very little effort. My MaviShare earnings to date are $178.60. I am so excited. I was able to go to Wal-Mart, the dollar store, the grocery store, and to the gas station yesterday to get my errands done (oh..and we got pizza for dinner 2 nights ago) and not spend one penny of the money in our checking just can't beat that. Especially when you are BROKE and every purchase is a major ordeal trying to make it all work..and have money left over for *extra stuff*. I am just thrilled!! :)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

slight change of easter plans....

The weather here is crappified, so we are skipping the egg hunt at the park and I will do our own egg hunt in the backyard tomorrow. Which will probably be better anyway. ;-)

So, I need to go get easter basket and easter egg hunt stuff. We'll color eggs this evening.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Flu & Easter

Kyle and Logan are getting over the flu. Or at least I GUESS it was the flu. Fevers and coughing. Logan is much better...aside from the cough and K is hanigng in. He is still running a fever but refuses to take Ibuprofen for he deserves to be miserable. LOL

Logan missed the easter egg hunt at his school yesterday since he was sick. I felt so bad about it...of course he didn't know they had he wasn't upset. LOL I am going to take him and Dylan to a huge egg hunt on Saturday at one of our local parks.

We were supposed to have dinner at moms tomorrow night for Easter, but she called and cancelled because they aren't feeling that hot at her house. We are going to Kyles aunts house on Sunday for it will be a pretty quiet, uneventful easter weekend. I still need to get the easter basket stuff and all that.

Still haven't found a church, so, we aren't going to church this weekend....but I did rent Passion of the Christ and a couple kids easter movies. I told K that if we aren't going to church this weekend we at least need to be reminded of what this weekend is all about. and no...I'm not letting my kids watch Passion..just incase you were wondering. ;)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Money Maker

I am SOO excited. I just had $62 deposited in my paypal account for about an hours worth of "work"!! woohoo!!

You know how you can sign up for "free" trial offers of things like, netflix, aol, etc? Well, I was on a WAHM board today and saw a post about this site that pays you to sign up for these offers. So, I went and checked it out, it looked easy enough and from what the moms said on the is legit and they had all gotten their money no problems. So, I registered and started signing up for things. I picked the ones that pay instantly and require no money up-front. I signed up for 7 offers and made $62!!! While I was signing up I made a list of the things I signed up for, how long the trial was, the number to call to cancel the trial, etc. I went back tonight and transferred my $62 into my paypal account...just to see if it would work! and true to their word...I had $62 in my paypal account lickety split!!

They have a referral program but you don't HAVE to have referrals. You can withdraw money and have it deposited in your paypal once you have $10 in your account. It's really very cool and if I didn't see it in my paypal account myself...I wouldn't believe it.

Check it out!! :) MaviShare

Thursday, April 06, 2006


I have hair down past my waist..well past it. I can't decide whether to leave it long, or get it cut. I wear it up ALL the time..I NEVER wear it down..NEVER..well every once in awhile I braid it..woohoo! It is kind of a is REALLY thick and is hard to keep the knots combed out. I'd like to get it cut shoulder lengthish...and get a perm. I like having my hair permed because when I wear it looks better. I still plan to wear it up. I don't know why I hesitate...I had hair down to my knees before and cut it DOES grow back. LOL If I get it cut I will definitely donate to Locks of love. I think I am just feeling "bleck" and looking for a change. who knows.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Random Shtuff....

Took Logan's splint off today. It looks swollen and he still can't move it without it hurting. I guess I will take him to the PED tomorrow and have her look at it. He needs a bath BIG time...he hasn't had one since Tuesday...just washing off. BLECK!!

Kyle has been painting my moms basement and is supposed to go today to finish up the one room. I think I am going to "make" him stay home..he can finish it tomorrow. I am in a "needing Kyle" place today. ;)

He (Kyle) went to his cousins house last night to "hang out" with the guys. They built a bonfire and drank a couple beers. We don't see people very much anymore since we are the EPITOME of the term "homebody". So, over the course of conversation last night, K learned that 5 couples that are all around our age that we are "friends" with have all gotten divorced in the last year!! I was shocked and pretty sad......and so thankful that our marriage is strong and that we have never even been close to that place. It's pretty scary. you know when your friends get married and start having kids and you get together for picnics and kids b-day parties and concerts, etc. You kind of just always assume that everyone will be together forever. And our friendships have drifted apart...and I guess that just happens with marriages too. just sad. :(

****sidenote: my kids have the POINTIEST, digging in-est, elbows EVER!!!*****

I went to old this morning and put one of every color of flip flops available (in my big foot size (11)) in my shopping cart. It felt good!! Can't beat "retail therapy" without the expense. LOL I am going to go to the store later this week and do some shopping in person. flip flops for K and I and spring/summer clothes for big L. Dylan gets Logans summer clothes from last year. I am betting this is the last year that is going to be an option since they can really share clothes now.

The mice are all up and about and eating mice food and drinking from the water bottle. they are so cute. We need to figure out who's a boy and who's a girl so we can get them separated..PRONTO. and now that the family is growing up...I think it's time to separate the dad before he gets the mom PG again...if she isn't already. I didn't feel right about moving him when the babies were so small...didn't want to break up their family ya know??? LOL

Watched the kids choice awards last night...found it vaguely interesting/amusing. In watching the show and seeing "Drake and Josh" win and award, I was reminded of my niece, Ashley being in a commercial with Josh Peck. Since we have never seen the commercial on tv I went searching for it online....and FOUND it! I was so excited!! Watch it Ashley is the tall blonde..she's on the right. speaking of her, she "made" JV cheerleading last night. yay, ash!!

I guess that's all the randomness from me today. I want to blog about Logan's school..but I think I will put that in it's own entry.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

A boy and his arm

Logan fell at school the other day and did something to his arm. It was very painful and he was freaking out. So, I went to get him and took him to an Urgent Care center since the dr's office was on a lunch break. The UC took one xray and then wanted him to turn his arm over...Logan started crying because it hurt so bad. they then told me that I needed to take him to childrens hospital so he could be sedated for the x-rays they needed. *eyeroll* I was SO I left and took him to the hospital where I was told they NEVER sedate for x-rays. (Lesson learned...when the kids get hurt just take them to Children's and be done with it) So, he got a groovy scooby doo sling and a big set of xrays..he thought it was totally cool to see the pictures of his bones. :-)

When the resident came in, she examined him and said the x-rays looked breaks. But it was evident that he was in a considerable amount of pain and could hardly bend his arm etc. So, she went back to look at the x-rays again and to get the radiologists report. Let me back up a little to say that when we first got there they dosed him up with some Motrin. When the resident came back (who was a really cute girl and super sweet) Logan could move his arm a little more, bent it without much problem and *appeared* to be better. She called it a "miracle", told us to keep the sling on as needed, and sent us on our way. At that "mommy senses" tingled. ;) I just KNEW that he wasn't all of the sudden better. Once she saw that he could move his arm better..she didn't even examine him was like "ok, you're better, you can go". She had left and said the nurse would bring in the discharge papers. The more I sat there and thought about it, the more I didn't feel right about leaving. I figured that the motrin had kicked in and that was allowing him to move a little better with less pain. so, I got up and took off his sling and had him move his arm some more and he cried and cried when he moved it certain ways. So, I went out to the nurses station and asked for the dr. to return. She did and was annoyed....saying that it WAS better because he could move it now and it was *probably* a sprain and that is why she said to use the sling as needed. So, at this point..I'm feeling like an over protective mom...or one of those moms you see on a Lifetime movie that WANTS her kid to be sick or injured. So, while she's telling me how "ok" he is...the attending comes in and examines him and holds Logans elbow with one hand and turns his wrist back and forth with the other. Logan FLIPPED OUT! He was in SOOOO much pain. Bless his heart. The resident went into "defense mode" and said "He wasn't doing that before...he was moving it fine!!" the attending ignored her and said it was obvious he was in considerable pain and that since there was no sign of an evident break, he thought it was severely sprained and wanted him to wear a splint for 3 days to keep it immobile and give it a chance to heal. Thank God for him.

So, we came home with a "splint" which is really like a cast on the underside of his arm and elbow wrapped with an ace bandage. he has to wear it non-stop for 3 days and if it doesn't feel better he needs to be seen again. Today is the 3rd day but I think we are going to keep it on one more day...just because it's the weekend and if we take it off and he is in pain it'll be Monday before we can get into the PED. Yes, we could take him back to the ER..but I would prefer to just see the PED if we can help it.

Overall he seems to be doing ok. Most of his complaining happens in the middle of the night. he is tired of carrying around his heavy arm though. LOL