Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Logan can't hear

Logan brought a note home from school the other day and it said he failed their hearing screening and said we should take him to the Pediatrician. so, I called and made an appt for this past Monday.

Monday, I took him in and the nurse did some kind of test where she put a thing in his ear and it came back with a reading of "refer" meaning he needed to be referred to a specalist. She did the other ear and got the same thing!

The dr. came in and he did another test--this one checked for fluid in the ear. Apparently, he has a bunch of fluid in both his much so, that it is sucking the ear drums in. Neither ear drum can move..or vibrate. the test he did was just a flat line...where it's supposed to show a peak of some sort. He said that there is no sign of infection or anything like that...and basically that we need to wait it out.

So, we'll go back in 6 weeks for a re-check, if there is still fluid, we'll wait a few weeks and go back for another re-check, if at that time there is still fluid, we will have to think about surgery to release the fluid.

So, I don't know how much he can hear and can't hear. I think he DOES have a lot of "selective hearing"...but I guess he really can't hear some of what I am saying. So..I have to try to be nicer--because I do get easily annoyed with him sometimes.

I did send the teacher a note and she moved his desk from the 4th row, up to the front row. He has missed some of the oral portions of his tests and I am wondering if this "hearing loss" has something to do with it...rather than the "not paying attention" that I assumed he was doing.

Keep us in your thoughts...I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend stuff

Chelsea got in town late Thursday night, so we met for lunch on Friday. Friday night, I left the boys with mom and Kyle and I drove out to Wilmington (an hour) to go to the Haunted Hollow Bus Ride. We met Tammy, Larry and Chelsea there. As soon as we got started raining! BIG, FAT, COLD drops! I had a sweat shirt to put on, but Kyle was wearing a short sleeve polo..he was fuh-reezing! I felt so bad..I offered to share my sweatshirt..and he said he was fine. I offered to take my t-shirt off and give him that (while I wore the sweatshirt, of course) and he said he was fine. Luckily, the rain stopped shortly after that.

So, we went on this haunted's a great big school bus with the top cut off..and it was SOOO fun. Nice and throat was hurting at the end from all the screaming. fun stuff!

The kids were asleep when we got back, so they stayed at moms. The next morning, Kyle went to work and the kids and I went to eat breakfast with mom, Tammy, and Chelsea. Then they went shopping and the kids and I came home...I cleaned the bathroom and the living room.

Kyle was home about 3 and then we all got ready and headed to the bowling alley where we met Mom, Tony, Tammy, Larry, Shelbea, Chelsea, Dad and Lola. We had a party--celebrating my, Chelsea's and Tony's b-day.

We had 2 for the kids--with the bumpers and one without for the adults. We could only have 6 people on a I ended up bowling on the bumpers side with the kids. I trotted my little self up there and threw my ball...cause you know...with the bumpers help I was going to be AWESOME!. So, I threw the ball..lost my footing and FELL..HARD. I hurt my knee and hip and back....and pride!! :) My knee and hip are hurting really bad today..and keep trying to go out. Hopefully, they will be better tomorrow.

We all really enjoyed bowling though...I think it might become the party of choice for this clan!

Chelsea headed back to TX tonight. It was so good seeing her..I'll miss her a lot. Lindsay will be here in 2 weeks that'll help!

Working woman Blues

I'm not so sure I'm loving my job. Actually, I know I'm not. I hate to say that, because the money is good and it allows me to take my kids to school and pick them up in the afternoon...and spend all afternoon wth them...but the job itself??? UGH!

Out of all my ventures into the home based business world this is definitely my least favorite. But like I said..I DO hate to complain...many, many people would like to have my "problem". I just gotta buck and do it..and quit whining.

I am keeping my eyes and ears open for something else that might sound good..but I imagine I will just stay right where I know..because the money is good..and all that.

Finding Treasure

I love to go through old things. it's like a little treasure hunt! I can spend hours going through my moms hope chest--just looking at stuff I have seen 10 times before. So, when it's something I have never gone through...I am REALLY loving it.

When I was PG with Logan, we started clearing out Kyles grandmother's house to get it ready to sell. all the things in the basement were dusty and dirty..and because I was PG..I wasn't "allowed" to spend anytime looking through any of it. HMPH! We brought a desk, sewing machine in cabinet, and old console radio back from her house.

About 3 weeks ago, I went through the sewing machine cabinet and found a lot of odds and ends...a bazillion buttons...and a set of silver cufflinks!! They are so pretty too! I think I might have to go buy a mens shirt so I can wear them!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Living in a TV dreamworld

My mom has one of those groovy new big screen, plasma, tv's. The picture on it is awesome and I am jealous!

However...when I get one...I want a bigger one than she has. Hers is 42" and our tv is like 56" even though her picture is better...I like a BIGGER picture better. So...I want a BIG, GOOD picture. LOL Also, when we get one (notice how I say WHEN..and not IF!!??!) I want to hang it on the wall..she has hers sitting on a plasma stand. which is ok...I'm just thinking of all the floor room I could save by having my tv on the wall.

Then, I want to get one for the bedroom and hang it on the ceiling so I don't have to move my head to see the tv. Neck pain is the pits!


Please excuse my post titled "Am I OK?" from yesterday. It was quite a rant and was intended for my diet blog.


I'll post a nice, normal entry on this blog later today. :-)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Missing "my girls"

Every summer (except last year) for the last 4 years I have gotten together with several of my friends and their families for a vacation. The first 2 years we went to Cedar Point, then Niagara falls for yr 3 and Pigeon Forge, TN for year 4. We had so much family stuff during the day and at night we would put the kids to bed, crack out the beer and wine coolers and have SO much fun just talking and laughing..and having a marshmallow fight or two! LOL

We didn't do it this year since several of us were having money issues and gosh, I missed it SO much. I feel kinda cheated almost. I have decided we absolutely, positively MUST get together next summer...even if it means pitching tents in my backyard...we have to see other next summer. It would be a "sin" to not do it 2 years in a row!


Remember my post about quoizel lighting last month? Well, it's driving me crazy..I wake up in the middle of the night spelling q u o i z e l!! Isn't that nuts??! It takes me back to the days when Logan was little and I would wake up in the night singing those darn Wiggles songs!! UGH!

I think the only way to make the insanity stop is to go purchase a new dining room and kitchen light. You know I'm right! ;-)

Seriously..I need to do something about those lights...especially the dining room. It doesn't even work a lot of the time. Kyle said he isn't sure if the problem is the switch or the light itself. I's the light and let's buy a new one! Of have to have money to buy a new light! HMPH!

Just stay there...

So, mom's husband moved to FL. Since being there, he and my mom have been talking some. He had decided to move back to Ohio because all of his medical care/records etc were here. Well, apparently that has all changed in the last week or so.

Al is living with his son, a week or so ago the son's wife took the kids and left. They are now talking divorce and he is saying that if they are going to get divorced he wants Al to stay with him. He is also going to try to get transferred to another location for his job. So, Al is now staying there and he and his son are looking at Wilmington NC real estate!

Whatever. I am glad he isn't coming back..just one more thing my mother does NOT need in her life. He has some major faults and huge issues.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Train up a child....

A good Pillow

say cheese!

Logan is wanting a digital camera so bad...he has wanted one for at least 2 years now. I think I may get him one this Christmas. I'll have to look around and see what is available and what is best for him. Of course I don't want to spend a ton on something that will be mostly used to take pictures of his own butt! But I want something that is easy for him to handle and something that can stand up to a little abuse.

I have owned 3 digital cameras in my life--all different brands..and I can't say that I am commited to one brand...they were all 3 great cameras. Of course, I'm not really a technological as long as it's point and click..and works...I'm good to go!

So...I'll keep a look out and see what I can find. I may get a new wrist strap for my old one and just give him that...we'll see.

If I had a bunch of money...

I would turn my basement in to a liveable area. I'd make a room for storage, a room for the laundry, a small bedroom and a theater room...and a small bathroom. I used to want another living room down there..for the kids to hang out I am digging the theater room idea.

What started the whole idea was the cool home theater furniture I have seen. I LOVE it. I can't see me putting it in my main living area though!

Kyles aunt and uncle are building their dream home in TN and they are going to have a theater room. I am jealous--and can't wait to visit!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Logan had his check up last week and Dylan had his today.

I was going to post their stats..but now I can't remember. hmph! I know Logan is over 4 ft tall and Dylan is under. LOL She said Logan will be somewhere between 5'10" and 6'1". She didn't give me that info about Dylan. Logan just had a big growth spurt..and she said he isn't too skinny...that he is gaining weight and his BMI is fine. Dylan however hasn't gained much weight in the last 1/2 pound is all! He has grown about 2 inches. she wants us to keep an eye on that..although she wasn't overly concerned. Hopefully, it will resolve itself and we won't have to mess with any kind of nutritional supplements to keep him healthy.

Dylan got 4 booster shots and screamed his little head off. They gave him a sticker that said "I pitched a fit". LOL Bless his little heart...before they brought they shots in, he was begging, "Please don't give me a booster shot..PLEASE!" I would have gladly taken them for him if I could have. :( little punkin'! He did get a sucker, 2 more stickers and McDonalds afterwards. No more shots for awhile, thank god!

Dylan needs to see an opthamologist..he was having trouble reading a line on the test...not sure if it was uncooperativeness or actual trouble seeing..but we'll get him checked just to be sure.

all in all, both of my boys are strong and healthy and just perfect.

Kyles truck

Did I ever post and say that Kyle got a new truck.?? Well, new to him.
We were looking about the time I got my work bonus..since that's when we had money. He ended up getting a '91 Jimmy with only 56,000 miles on it. We paid $1,000 less that we "budgeted" and then spent another $400 getting some work done on it--tune up, brakes, etc etc. Not too bad.

Originally, he wanted a pick up truck, but he carries around about $500 worth of tools in his car everyday. So, we would have had to get a locking truck toolbox which would have been more $$. Plus, pick up trucks are REALLY expensive for some reason. Seems like everyone we found that sounded decent had about a million miles on it. So, we lucked out with this Jimmy I think--for the time being anyway. It's a cute little truck and just "looks" like and square. ROFL

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Money Money

For the first time in awhile...our money situation seems to be a little better. I don't have that constant feeling of worry. I am keeping the "emergency" credit card paid off and I just paid off another credit card and I can see how I can get some more paid off very soon. It feels good. We are still SO in debt--having an unemployed husband for 2 years will do that--but I feel like we are on the other least I hope we are.

I signed up to pay our mtg every 2 doing that, we will have it paid off 7 years sooner and save something like $19,000!!! WOW! I should really think about investing in some kind of budgeting software to make sure that I can keep this feeling of "whew" that I have now. I tend to spend what I have...and if I have a real budget...that should help me spend it wisely. I hope one day..some day to be debt free..aside from the mortgage..and maybe a SMALL car payment. as it stands we don't owe anything on either of our cars and that is really, really nice. Those 2008 Grand Caravans look SO nice though--HOWEVER, I remember what it was like having a new van with a new van payment...and it wasn't pretty. LOL So, I'll enjoy my paid off Bonneville for awhile longer!

Bye, Sis!

Tammy is getting ready to move into her new house. It should be all done in the next few days and then they will be gone. I don't imagine I will see her again until wait, Chelsea is coming at the end of the month so we will get together then! I'm really just kidding of course..I imagine I will see her more often than once a month...I guess. I know that I won't be driving the hour drive to see her much!! Oh well.

Her house sounds like it will be nice..but small. I was a little sad that she didn't ask me to help pick out paint, carpet, fixtures, etc. Probably for the best, I'm sure I would have talked her into spending more than she should (always easier to spend someone elses money) and gotten one of those cool bathroom sinks. You know the kind that look like a bowl sitting on top of a cabinet?? She does want me to help with decrating--she says that will be more fun than picking out the other stuff. hmph! We'll see...

Football Season

At times I wish I was in to football...but most of the time I m so glad we are not a sport-loving, football watching family. I hate that some peoples lives seem to be dictated by when a game is on. My dad said that he couldn't go to my nieces soccer game a couple weeks ago because the Bengals were playing! Now, I didn't go either..because I am lazy and like to do other things with my weekends..but at least it wasn't over a football game! LOL

I remember being in TN one year and meeting Rita and Alan for dinner and they were late meeting us for dinner because of Tennessee football and then when they did get there...he kept watching it on the tv in the restaurant! BOYS!

I think my big issue is that I totally do NOT understand football..not at all. I try to watch the superbowl and ask questions...but it just doesn't make sense to me. Oh well. Maybe one of my boys will play and I will learn then???

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Always Something

Since Dylan was sick a couple weeks ago he has been sounding kind of congested and his "nose stuff" is all thick and blecky and irritating the inside of his nostril causing it to bleed. it's pretty gross. Wed. night he woke up coughing and holding his throat and then yesterday morning he woke up with small pimple like things all around his nose and mouth. He didn't have a fever or anything and said he felt fine so I took him to school and made him an appt for that afternoon.

I picked Dylan up and on the way to the dr my "low tire pressure" light came on. No of the tires has a slow leak, I made a mental note to stop and get air after the appt.

Got to the appt. 10 mins late--cause that's how I arrive for EVERYTHING. *sigh* Got right in and Dylan was diagnosed with some kind of strep infection and impetigo. Is it contagious? of course it is! Good mommy for sending the kid to school with all the other little darlings all day! *sigh* So, she writes a prescription for an antibiotic, says he can return to school on Friday. (good..because that's picture day--nice time to have sores on your face, huh?)and sends us on our way.

We get to the car, I call my mom to tell her that I just got done and can pick up Logan..she doesn't need to worry about it. As I am pulling out of the parking lot, I notice the car feels a little weird....I ignore it..when i start going faster..I hear a weird sound and the car is definitely vibrating. I pull over and my tire is FLAT! Not the tire with the slow leak...the other rear tire. Lovely. Call mom back and tell her to get Logan. Call Kyle and complain to him. Drive to a gas station..out some air in..can hear an audible "hissssssss" as the air is leaking right back out. Call Kyle some more. Call the oil change place next door..ask them where I should go...luckily there is a tire place right down the hill. I get Dylan back in the car..tell him to stay put because I am putting air in the tire and we are going FAST to the tire place. Get the air on down the hill...and ask to get my tire repaired. sure. 35 mins. no problem.

So, they take my car...Dylan and I sit and wait. I notice a sign that says they now have internet access in the waiting room, and I REALLY wish I had my laptop with me so I could do something constructive while I wait. As it turns out...Dylan and I had a nice time looking at magazines that was pretty constructive. :)

So..back to the car. I call Kyle and tell him where I am. He tells me to get the other (slow leak) tire fixed as well. Fine. 10 minutes later. They can fix the slow leak tire, but the new flat tire has damage to the sidewall...I need a new tire. lovely. 30 minutes and $150 later I am on my way home with my pretty new tire. Thank God I had my "emergency" credit card with me...and it wasn't all "emergencied" out. LOL

I have to take Logan to the Ped for his 6 yr check up today...hopefully, it's much less eventful!