Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Logan update

Before I get to the update part I just want to tell this....

The other day Logan had a program at his school...after the "big" program we went back to his classroom for a "small" program. I was sitting on the front row in the first seat, a man and his wife sat next to me. Logan was in the first row of desks closest to us. When it was time for them to stand up and sing, all the kids were behind their desks, Logan was next to his. I whispered to logan to move behind his desk. He briefly looked at me and then looked away..and didn't move, so again I told him to move--in a louder whisper. He looked at me and looked at his desk and said "what?" and then looked away. So I leaned forward and touched his arm and told him again to move behind his desk...he still looked confused and didn't move so I just decided to leave him alone. So..the man next to me, leans up and pokes Logan in the arm and says (loudly), "she's telling you to get behind your desk--is there something wrong with your ears?!?!" to which Logan replied. "OH! Geez!" and then moved. I was so annoyed with that man. I can understand him maybe saying something to try to "help"..but I thought the ear comment was uncalled for. My mom and Kyle said I should have said something to him..but I didn't really want to get into it with a stranger in the middle of the first grade classroom! LOL

Now for the update--

yesterday morning logan was saying that his ear was hurting. He mentions that I didn't think much of it. So, later I took him into the bathroom to get his hair combed and looked at his ear and the entire inside of his ear and a big area on the outside and the side of his face was covered with a nasty crust...from fluid leaking out and drying. BLECK! So I cleaned it all up and out a little. He said that it didn't hurt anymore. so I took him to school. He said it was fine after school and there didn't appear to be anymore drainage, but I made him a dr. appt anyway. So, he has a RAGING ear infection in that ear. The Dr. said that even though some of the fluid drained doesn't mean his ear would be fine once the infection clears. *sigh*

I think I am going to call and get his re-check appt with a different dr. in the practice. This guy is new and I don't know that I like him a lot. Just seems weird to me to let the fluid sit in there!

Cindy--I asked about a decongestant and the dr. told me that some studies have been done that show that may actually prolong the time the fluid is in the ear. I said..I think I will get another opinion.


Robin said...

umm don't you mean like your auntie said?

Tricia said...

Yes, that IS what I mean!!!! :-)

Rachel said...

Poor little Logan....and I would have smacked that guy! Verbally anyway! "Actually, Sir, he is having some trouble with his hearing right now so why don't you keep your insensitive comments to yourself?!"