Sunday, April 29, 2007

Be Prepared

While looking around for all things NC related yesterday I somehow got to a site that sells disaster kits. I spent quite a bit of time checking them out. What a good idea!! If a disaster ever hit us..we would be SOOO SOL because we aren't prepared for anything..ever. Much less a life threathening emergency.

Kyle's brother and his wife moved to LA this year, I am thinking one of these kits might be a good gift for them.

But would be a great gift for everyone I know. I mean who CAN'T use a first aid kit?!?

That reminds me...

ooh..when I made that post earlier about going to disney instead of staying here for the house renovations it reminded me of something stupid! Lucky you..I'm gonna share it!!

We have these um..."friends"..they're not really FRIENDS, per se, but we know them and see them at some of our other friends parties, etc. ANYWAY, they are a little strange. and not strange like ha ha strange..but strange strange.

ANYWAY...(you notice I do that a lot?!? annoying huh?) They were telling us how they were going on a Kissimmee Vacation this summer. I asked if they were going to Disney and she got all hush hush and whispered that they MAY check out Epcot but that they were not going to Disney world. She then said that was why she called it a Kissimmee vacation..and not a Disney Vacation. If they were going to Disney, she would have called it that.

How annoying and weird is that? See...that's why they aren't our friends!!!

Real Estate Agent Wannabe...

We have some good friends that are moving to North Carolina. We don't have many friends that live in the same town we do so we are pretty sad about it. Well, I'm sad..Kyle is indifferent..or so he claims.

When people move, I become a little obsessed with the place they are going and I like to be nosy and check things out and offer them suggestions on places to live etc.

After I spent an hour yesterday looking at Cary NC Real Estate listings, Kyle made me quit. He seemed to think I should be doing things like folding laundry, making dinner, paying attention to the kids. Geesh! Priorities, ya know?!?

Potty in a Bucket

I'm worried about the work that is going to be done on the bathroom. He said we would be without a bathroom..any type of bathroom for 2 days at least!! TWO DAYS!

At least the boys are boys and they can wee-wee in the backyard if need be. Kyle says he'll set me up a bucket in the basement. *rolleyes* I am so NOT peeing in a bucket.

Luckily my mom lives 4 doors down and I can go there. what a total pain and inconvenience though. I'm thinking maybe we should just go get a cheap hotel.

If I had money I would reserve us a nice Disney vacation home and go away for a week to visit Mickey and come home to a brand new house! That would be fun!! Next time we'll do it that way!!

Papa needs a brand new tool

I went and picked up 3 shelves from a lady that was selling them on Craigslist. One is 8 ft, one is 9 ft, and one is 3 1/2 ft. I am so excited to get them up and get my Longaberger baskets on them!

Kyle was looking at the one shelf and saying that it didn't look that hard to make and he could make me some more if I needed them. I told him that I thought I was probably good on shelves for's gonna look like a shelf store in here as it is!! ;-)

He then said that he thought he could make one of the decorative signs I like so much and even an address plaque if I wanted it! He must be feeling crafty---that or he wants to buy some wood and a new tool.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Closet Treasures

My closet is an absolute nightmare. I can't find anything in it.

Luckily..all the stuff that's in there I don't really NEED so I don't HAVE to find it. You know, until I wake up at 3 am and KNOW that's where my yearbook from senior year is and need to get it RIGHT THEN. *rolleyes*

I was trying to find my knitting stuff the other day and actually came across a padded envelope that had never been opened. I opened it and it was a bottle of Hoodia! I was hoping for some cool jewelry or money or something. But you know..a weight loss supplement is good too. IF I was in that frame of mind right now...which I'm not.

Hmmm...wonder what time Dairy Queen closes tonight?!?

Excess Coinage

I think I posted about selling our old car, right? And I used that money to buy the new furniture, remember??

When we cleaned it out there was a TON of coinage in the cup holder. So now I have all this change sitting here in a dish towel. 'cause we had to wash was SO dirty--and like sticky. BLECK.'s sitting in the dishtowel while I figure out a good place to start a loose change spot. We keep a little plastic box thing in the car for loose change, but it's full. I'm thinking we need an in-home change holder.

I have fantasies of filling a big something up and then taking it all to the coin sorter at the bank and finding out it totals $10,000 and going on a kick ass vacation!! Yeah, I dream BIG!

Speaking of.....

Oh! speaking of finishing touches...I can't figure out what I want to do with the windows. Right now I have denim tab top panels in the living room..and they are ok. But I have been thinking of changing to blinds or some kind of shade. I put roman shades in the boys room and really love mom has those on her windows as well..and I really really like them.

The front window is really big so I would have to do something different for that window. so many decisions..and so much money! LOL

Finishing Touches

So, we are getting all this stuff done on our house and I am spending WAY too much time looking online for stuff to buy. You know, stuff to complete the "look"--shower curtain and towel racks for the bathroom, pictures and towels for the kitchen, an address plaque for the get the idea!

I'm trying really hard to not go overboard...but it is SOOOO fun to look!!

Playing Make Believe

My friends cousin lives in Vegas..she and her boyfriend own some kind of car dealership thing. I guess they make REALLY good money. So she and I were talking about how we should move out there and work for them so we can make a lot of money too! LOL

As part of this whole discussion, we went on-line to check out Las Vegas Real Estate and pick out our houses, check out the schools, the shopping, etc.

What? you know you have done that, too!!!

STOP the Peeing!!

I have about had it with Jack. I am SO sick of him peeing on the tv. He is housetrained but every few days he pees on the speaker cover thing at the bottom of the tv. We clean it. He leaves it alone and then he does it again. It's about to drive me over the edge.

When I went to get some pet supplies, I found this stuff that is supposed to smell bad to dogs and make them not wet. so I sprayed that on it and that didn't phase him. UGH.

My thinking before, was that since he didn't do it in front of me I couldn't punish him for it. Now I have changed that thinking. So, the other day I came out to the living room and saw the tell-tale spot on the screen thing. I yelled for him..he jaunted over. I showed the spot to him and told him NO! NO! NO! and then took him outside and told him he goes potty OUTSIDE! It's been a few days..and no repeat performance. we'll see...

Fill 'er up!

I can't believe gas prices are getting so high again. It's almost $3.00 a's about to kill me!

You know I only get paid once a month and when that happens I fill up the tank. We don't drive the car much..well we drive it a lot..we just don't drive far. Anyway, by the end of the month the tank is empty and I find myself putting in a few dollars here and there trying to wait until my check comes again so I can just bite the bullet and fill it up again. Which, K says is stupid...well he says it's "broad as it is long". whatever.

I hate those waiting days. I wish I had a transfer tank or something so I could fill both tanks up when I am feeling rich and then not think about it again until the next paycheck. Maybe, then it wouldn't "hurt" so much.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Home Makeover

We signed the paperwork today to start the repair work/renovations on our house! I am SO excited! I can't wait until the work actually starts.

The tentative date for the job to be done is June 18. I really don't think it will be done by then..but we'll see.

I plan to take lots of before, during, and after you can join the excitement! *grin*

Here's the list of things being done:

New Siding
New Shutters
New Roof
New Attic Gable vents/fans
New Gutters and Downspouts
New Back Deck
New Back Door and Storm door
New window screens
New electrical outlets in front and back

New Bathroom floor, tub/shower, sink, exhaust fan. walls painted
New Kitchen sink, faucet, floor. walls painted
New Hot Water Heater
New baseboards/door trim in master bedroom
New door and knobs in middle bedroom
Basement water proofed
New glass block windows in basement
Hardwired Smoke Detectors through-out

Can't wait, can't wait!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday, Sunday....

We ALL ended up going to get Logan's shoes..then we went to lunch at Bob Evans and then to Lowe's.

Actually, K dropped me at the door..I ran into K-mart and got the boys each a pair of sandals and Logan a pair of dress shoes. I buy Thom McAn sandals every year..they are leather and cheap and I know they will fit--so it keeps me from dragging the little darlings in to try on shoes.

Byt the time I got up to the check out I decided I hated the dress shoes. The soles were very "luggy"..and I hate that. I bought them anyway and had K drive by Payless as well. They had some there that I liked, but couldn't decide if I liked them, I bought them and decided I would take one pair back. They were having a BOGO 1/2 off sale so I tried to find another pair..even a pair for me and didn't see anything. I was bummed. So, I get up to the check-out and they shoes rang up for $6.00! I was so excited..they were marked $19.99!! Of course the more expensive ones are going back!! :-)

We then went to Bob Evans and had a yummy lunch/early dinner. The children were wonderfully behaved. It was very nice.

On to Lowe's where we were on a quest for door stops, wood screws, house painting samples and to look at some stuff for the remodeling/renovations that are getting ready to be done on our house. Of course the kids were NUTS there..hiding between boxes, crawling under stuff, trying to climb ladders, etc etc. They were SOOOO nasty dirty after we got out of there. Bleck. So..since they couldn't listen..we came straight home instead of stopping for ice cream as planned. I was SO annoyed. I wanted ice cream, darn it! Spastic little kids..gotta ruin all MY fun!

So..we came home and Logan did his homework and they both took showers. They both ate again and now they are in bed. I think Kyle and I are going to watch Babel.


I need to go shopping for shoes for Logan today. He has graduation pictures on Tuesday and his shoes will show and he doesn't have any dress shoes. SO...I'l be on the quest for those today. I have no desire to head is pounding, but, go I I'll deal. I hope it is a quick process. bleh.

The Process of my thoughts

I thought process is so odd sometimes. I start by thinking about one thing and end up thinking about something totally unrelated--but can totally go back and explain my thought process if need be. LOL

During one of these thought processes yesterday I remembered my MIL saying something to my mom after I had Logan. It was something to effect of "the nice thing about having a daughter is that you KNOW the grandkids are yours..with a daughter in law you can never be sure". Isn't that amazing?!!? I guess I should have had a paternity test to prove Kyle is their dad. *rolleyes*

I'm amazed I even still talk to her. LOL

Weird how a memory from 6 years ago can bring up all the same feelings you felt about something when it first happened, huh?

New Furniture--an update


the girl came today to pick up my old home furntiure. (I sold it for $75). As soon as it was gone I vaccumed and mopped the hard wood floors and cleaned the baseboards, walls, windows and window frames. then we moved in the new furniture.

After a couple "arguments" and LOTS of rearranging..we finally have it set in a way we can both stand. It's not perfect, but it will do.

Unfortunately, the couch is so uncomfortable..I think we hate it. It's like the seat isn't long from the back to the front. I am a tall girl with big ol' long legs and I just don't feel right when sitting on it. I am hoping that it is ust going to take some time to get used to it. You know..the old furniture alrady had our "divets" in it...just felt right. We just need to make new "divets"!

Saturday, April 21, 2007


I wonder why it is that some people drink and have a hangover the next morning and other people never do?

I have never had a hang over..but I have never been drunk. I drink a couple drinks and then I am done...and I do that about, hmmm once a year..MAYBE twice. I have NO desire to have a hang over I know that. Bleck. morning sickness was bad enough. LOL

I have a friend, and I use the term loosely, who ALWAYS seems to have a hang over. the girl must go out drinking every night of her life. I swear, everytime I see her she asks me if I know of any good hangover cures. I don't. except for abstaining! That's a GOOD one, huh? LOL

Computer issues

I really really like it when things work they way they are supposed to when they are supposed to. Especially my computers.

My computer is how I work, communicate with my friends, BLOG, shop, play games. it's pretty much my life. Yes, it's's just the way it is though.

I am BLESSED to own a desktop and 2 laptops. My oldest lap-top seems to be on the blink. I just KNOW it's trying to die on me. It keeps making a loud whirring noise that I am pretty sure is probably the hard drive going out. I am so annoyed. I mean it was a just a couple months ago I as searching on-line for info about a computer memory upgrade, which we did, and now the darn thing is going to stop working?!?! UGH!!

Once again...

I'm feeling the need to diet.

Yes, I know..I talk about it..I follow through for a few weeks and then I quit. I know..I KNOW!

It's just so hard. I really like to eat too. The desperation of wanting to lose weight..has me considering taking diet pills and looking into the lap band surgery. Things I know I won't do...but I can't say they don't creep into my mind on occasion...usually on the days I feel fatter than usual.

Mom has been cutting sugar out of her diet since whe was in the hospital in early march and she has lost some weight and looks really good. I'm proud of her and want it for me. I'm heading that way...just not there yet. *sigh*

Charlotte's Web

When I got off work last night I ran to BK to get us dinner and we watched Charlotte's Web while we ate. The boys LOVE when we do that and last night was no exception.

I think we all liked the movie..there were a couple parts where the kids got restless but over all it kept their attention. I thought it was wonderful!!

When Charlotte was dying I said, "Isn't that sad? Doesn't that make you want to cry??".

Logan said "no"

Dylan said, "it makes me want to kill a spider"!!! He's my sensitive child. yeah.


I was looking around my house today and realized we don't have ANY clocks that aren't digital. If the electricity goes out we are SO SOL!

Kyle's brother bought us a clock for Christmas several years ago, it was a wall clock. It's still sitting in the box in the closet. I considered regifting it to him for a wedding gift, but Kyle wouldn't let me.

Anyway...I was thinking that I have the perfect spot for a grandfather clock. However, Kyle says he hates grandfather clocks. He says the "bong-bong-bong-bong" drives him nuts. I told him that I think you can turn that feature off. He then went into a 10 minute "yeah, but...." speech. so, I think it is safe to assume we won't be having one in the perfect spot anytime soon.

Maybe I can get a totem pole instead.

My Nieces

I am SO unhappy with them. So unhappy with the choices they have made and how they have hurt their mother. It makes me ashamed of them and just want to shake sense into them. They've hurt my sister and that hurts me. I hope and pray that as they grow older they come to realize:

The mistakes they've made and that they make things right.

That one of the most important things in life is family..all family.

That Pretty is as Pretty does.

That "things" are just "things".

That beauty is a HELL of a lot more than being thin and wearing the latest fashions.

I love them so much..I just don't like them much right now. :(

Friday, April 20, 2007


I haven't made a blog entry in 13 days! That's nuts. I was doing so much better too.

You know WHY I haven't?!? aside from the fact that I spend my life being lazy and tired when I'm not working, of course.

My nails were too long to type without a million mistakes! LOL seriously! they had gotten SO long and I would always hit the wrong keys so I tried to type as little as possible since I type all day at work and the stupid backspace button was giving my middle finger a workout!

Needless to say I got my nails done one night this week. so I am a typing fool again.

I believe I learned the term "retro-blogging" from my friend Jennifer--who retro-blogged about her spur of the moment vacation to CA (from TN) with 5 kids, 5 in-laws, a baby and her hubby..most of them in one van!

So..I'll do a little retro-blogging myself. Of course I don't know what has happened in the last 13 days that is worth blogging about..I'll think of something though..I don't like big blog gaps!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sooo mad!!

~~copied from message board~~

Since school started Logan buys his lunch some days and packs others...on days he packs he buys milk to drink. I send in one check for this every month. In all this time it has never been a problem. never. NOW, in April it suddenly is.

He has a seperate teacher for the afternoon--the program is really a half day program but the kids that stay full day get extracurricular stuff like computers, spanish, etc. So..the afternoon teacher... I don't really like anyway. But what she did yesterday really burned me up.

This morning Logan said that she wouldn't give him any milk yesterday! I asked why and he said she said he needed to bring his own drink from home. and he told her no he doesn't he gets milk..and she said need to bring your own drink. So, he didn't have ANYTHING to drink with his lunch of PB sandwich, chips, and oreos! He said, "I don't get anything to drink until lunch anyway and then she didn't let me have my milk and I was SO thirsty!!" It broke my heart and of course I cried over it. Just to think about him being thirsty and an adult---his TEACHER not getting him something, just kills me!

So, I told him I would call the school and he would get milk today--he was so worried and said she wouldn't let him. I assured him that he would have milk. So I took him to school and came home and called the office and pretty much threw a fit--in a sweet way of course. she said she would call me back.

She called back (boy is this getting long!) and said that Mrs. T said that Logan doesn't bring money for milk ever and she has just been giving it to him. and the office lady told her that I send a check every month..and Mrs. T said she didn't realize that. She was just letting him have any extra milk she has leftover from the other kids when and IF she has it. Ok. WHATEVER! So...ALLLLLL this time..she has just been giving him milk "free" (or so she thought) and never sent a note home to say milk is .40??? and REGARDLESS...he's mean to tell let a child go without because he doesn't have money? There is something wrong with that. He should have been given something to drink. even a cup of water.

I am just sooo mad about it. and it is beyond me why she would think that is acceptable or right. He's a "baby"! I feel like going to the school and pulling her hair out. she also told him he needed shoes with velcro (because she didn't want to tie them) and to wear his jacket that zips (because she didn't want to help button the other one) at various times throughout the year. I am SO glad the year is almost over!! the office lady said she couldn't understand why Mrs. T would do that and that I was exactly right..whether he paid or not he should have been given something to drink and any problems with $ should have been directed to me. She assured me it would never happen again and that she was going to have a talk with her. It better not ever happen again.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

New Furniture!!

~~copy and pasted from my message board~~ to me!

When Dylan was a newborn I decided I hated my furniture. Sofa Express was having a no payments, no interest for 18 months sale. So, we took a family trip and picked out a new sectional.

almost 5 years later..we hate it. It hasn't held up well at all, it stains super easy, the back cushions have small holes in the seams that allow pieces of green stuffing to work it's way out and we are just sick of it. Of course we have no $ for furniture so I have just tried to ignore my hate for this furniture.

Last week, we sold our old car that has been sitting in our driveway for almost 2 years for a whopping $300. The plan was to spend that money on a new bathroom sink and paint for the house. Well.....

I was reading Craigslist last night and saw and ad for Furniture for sale and fell in love with the picture. the ad said it was in good kids, no pets, just a single guy. $150. I called him, threw on some clothes and ran over to see it!

It's a Lane brand sleeper sofa and love and white thin stripes. I LOVE it. You know, my living room is done all in red, white, and blue americana theme stuff. These are going to fit in PERFECTLY!!!

The furniture needs cleaned and has a couple areas on the piping around the cushions that are threadbare, but it is very sturdy and sits very nice..not broken down at all...and it's $150! I called K from there to tell him about the "bad" spots and make sure I was making the right decision (my mom went with I didn't go to a strange mans house alone ) and I told him it was definitely better than what we have now..he said, "I could crap in the floor and it would better than what we have right now!" I thought that was funny. So..I gave the guy my $, got a receipt, and said I would be back this week with a truck. He ended up giving my mom a Papaya tree and a coffee plant. (he's moving out of state)

anyway...I'm just super I wanted to share.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Weekend

I had the day off on Friday. The warehouse at work was customer service was closed as well. Well, actually they worked 10-2 but I was asked if I wanted the day off and I did!!

I took Logan to school and then came home and Kyle and I snuggled in bed for awhile while Dylan watched tv, played on the computer, and occasionally came into the bedroom to look for some creature that was evidently hiding under our bed!

We went to pick Logan up at 11 (he had a half day--they were supposed to be off, but that was one of their make up days since they missed so much for snow this year). We then went to Chick-fil-A and had lunch! It was so exciting..they just opened one closer to our house. Yay!

It was pretty cold and snowy so we just stayed home all weekend. I ended up with a lovely migraine and Kyle had a horrible cold. We didn't even color eggs...thankfully my kids never even asked about it--it made me feel less guilty.

They loved their Easter baskets and were nicely spoiled..I bought way too much candy though...that of course I am eating. oink oink

We watched Jesus of Nazareth with the kids...which made me feel less guilty about not going to church.

It definitely was the most uneventful Easter we have ever had. Next year can only be better!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Here a Memory, There a Memory

Isn't it weird how seeing a simple object, hearing a sound, or even smelling a smell can bring a memory rushing to the front of your mind?

I was flipping through a jewelry catalog the other day and a really pretty celtic cross caught my I stopped and looked at it a little closer. Further down the page was a pretty claddagh ring. And out of no where I remember these people that I used to babysit for..he (the dad) wore a claddagh wedding band, which I always thought was so neat.

I haven't thought of them in so long...I guess the little boy, who was almost 2 when they moved away, is about 12 now. WOW. I can't believe how time flies.


Oh my dear word! Logan says "HUH?!" about a bazillion times a day. No Joke. I think I am going to go get his hearing checked. He has never had a lot of problems with his ears or ear infections..but the boy obviously can't hear. OR he is just in some kind of stuid "huh" saying habit. If he does have a hearing problem...I don't want to keep getting annoyed with him..because I DO get annoyed, so I need to go get it checked out.

Smooth & Silky Summer

As much as I talk about wanting it to be Spring/Summer and warm, the one thing I hate about it, it is all the shaving I have to do. You know, in winter when you wear long can go a few days between shaves and no one is the wiser..except for your significant other who probably doesn't enjoy the bristley feel of your legs. Not so in the spring and gotta shave every couple of days and keep everything all smooth and pretty.

I was with Cindy last weekend (I don't think I blogged about that..I'll have to go insert a post down there and tell you all about it) and we went swimming..before I could get into my suit I had to shower and shave. What a PAIN. I couldn't just go up to my knee..NO..I had to shave all the way up..and I have long legs and fat thighs. Not a quick and easy task!

So, I shaved and got all hairless and now I have some of those stupid ingrown hairs and bumps you get..especially around the bikini (can you still call it that when you would NEVER get into a bkini??) line. It's such a pain..and something I have to look forward to ALL summer. Yay me.

I used to have some stuff called Tend Skin that really helped with ingrown hairs and stupid razor burn. I'll have to get some more. I wish I could get that hair removal laser treatment and just be done with it. Stupid hair.

It's Spring?!?!

I just got home from buying the Easter Basket stuff (the bunny gave me $ and a list) and it is SOOO cold! it's snow flurrying, and FARRREEEEZING!! Totally NOT easter egg hunt weather. Stupid Ohio weather. Maybe we will do it IN the house. hmmmm.

I can't believe it was close to 80 last week and I was wearing flip flops and capri pants. Seems like there is never a happy medium's either COLD or HOT.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Ummm..NO..No We Don't!!!

I love my job--I do not love annoying customers that don't listen. Not even customer's really, because the people I am talking about annoy me way before they order. A conversation goes like this:

Me: We accept Visa and Mastercard for payment.

Them: Oh, you don't take Discover?

Me: No, Visa and Mastercard only?

Them: Could I send in a money order or check?

Me: No, we ONLY take Visa and Mastercard.

Them: Do you take check by phone?

Me: NO! We ONLY take Visa and Mastercard--that's IT!

Them: Oh, ok...well nevermind then.

Oh my gosh...try doing that at least 10 times a day!! People just don't listen..I don't know if they think if they ask it will magically become an option or what?!? UGH!

Seriously though, I think offering electronic check processing would be a really good would certainly boost our sales. There has been talk of adding that and a couple other payment options at some point. Of course then, I won't get to have those fun payment method conversations!

Sweet Sixteen

My niece, Ashley's birthday was Wed. It's her sweet 16! I was there when she was born--and can't believe it's been 16 years!!

She is having a big party this weekend--the theme is "hollywood" and they are going all out. red carpet, banquet hall, slide shows, DJ the works. I wish I could be there...but it's Easter weekend for one thing...and I didn't have the $ for an airline ticket. So, here I sit upset that I am missing it--oh well.

I talked to Tammy (my sister) the other night and she was telling me all about the decorations and the center pieces. It sounds like it's going to be so nice. anyway, she made me laugh because she was talking about how many people are going to be there..and then she said the banquet hall people asked her how many of their folding tables did she need to rent. She told them 9 because thats how many centerpieces she has. LOL Hopefully, all the guests will fit at 9 tables!

I made her promise to take lots of pictures...I'll be sure to share them when she sends them to me. :)

In other Ashley news, she has decided she wants to graduate a year early and pursue her modeling career in New York or California. Tammy is freaked about that idea. We'll have to see how all that unfolds.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Win a Dyson

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my Dyson! It is the best vaccum cleaner EVER! We had a contractor over this morning to look at the work we need done so he could submit a bid and he saw the Dyson and was so excited. Apparently he won one on e-bay and can't wait to get it! LOL

I was browsing a blog tonight and saw a link to win the new Dyson slim! so, of course I boogied on over there and signed right up! You can too!! Hurry over and sign up...the contest ends Wed April 4 at 1 pm EST!!