Friday, August 31, 2007

Making up the difference

Being "poor", I have learned pretty well how to make up the difference in the money that comes in and the money we need to go out. We make enough to pay the bills and have a teeny tiny bit after that. Of course that doesn't cover, gas, entertainment, clothes, etc etc. It really sucks sometimes. But a few things I do really help make up the money we lack.

I do things like sponsored blog posts, take surveys, sell things on e-bay or cheapcycle and even participate in market research occasionally. It doesn't make enough to live on...but definitely helps a lot. There are times that I couldn't have even put gas in the car if it wasn't for these extras. And I am so thankful that they are available to anyone.

Now that Kyle is working and there is more $ coming in, this extra money can go for more "fun" things and I love that! Of course my job is ending who knows how long that will last. Better spend it fast before I have to use it on something "necessary". LOL


Jen said...

It's so interesting to read this tonight, because today at Mass we heard from a Mission priest from Jamaica. I was thinking about just what you said. We are so blest to have those opportunities to make up the extra. We may feel "Poor" sometimes, but compared to most of the rest of the world we HAVE won the lottery!

Tricia said...

very very true, Jen...very true!! I sometimes forget that in all my "wallowing"!!