Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Job for Kyle....

Larry, that's my Brother-in-law, Tammy's husband, is the maintenance supervisor at a very large apartment complex here in town. He called last week and said that he was getting ready to fire one of the maintenance guys and told Kyle that if was interested, he could "get him on". So, Kyle of course told him he was definitely interested.

The next day, Larry called and told him to go online and fill out an application and take the on-line test. So, Kyle did. The next day, he received a contigency offer of employment--he has to pass a background and drug test. Fast, huh? (Sure beats the heck out of having to interview with 6 people sitting at conference tables asking him a hundred different questions!!) He signed the offer right away, faxed it back in and went saturday morning to take his drug test. As soon as everything comes back ok, my husband will no longer have the role of stay at home dad!!

It's really very exciting and has been a LONG time coming. We are looking forward to having some "breathing room" know, money-wise. The only "bad thing" is that we had planned to go on vacation for about a week in mid-september. Now, we won't be able to do that. :( But, really, thats good too--that will save us money fo'sho'!! We are thinking of just taking a weekend trip to Indiana or something.


We (mom, Tammy and I) just spent the weekend in TX with my nieces. Lindsay as in the Miss Texas Teen pageant...and WON!! We were so excited and SO, SO glad to be there!!

I love my nieces so much and really, really miss them. We had a wonderful time and spent a lot of time laughing. They really just crack me up. Since my maturity level is around, oh, 16 years old...I find them very entertaining. My mom, (who is 60) not so much, LOL. She got tired of all the loudness and laughing after a while.

We did all have fun talking about girl stuff. Clothes and boys and sex. They are WAY too young to be thinking about HAVING sex...but we had some very informative discussions about safe sex in a fun way and I was so glad they feel like they can talk openly about that stuff with me. I have always had that with my mom and sister--and am glad they have it too. My mother was even a willing participant in some of our conversations--and actually gave some very funny input about sexy lingerie--which brought up something to do with a crotchless panty "wear-er" that mom knew...which brought peals of laughter and "GRANDMA!!!' from the girls! ROFL it was really, really fun.

Good to have girl time when I am surrounded by boys. Even Shelbea is a tom-boy. I swear, I can't win. I can't wait to see "my girls" again!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Confessions of a desk slob!

I really need to get my desk clean. One of the things I am looking forward to, about work ending, is being able to throw a BUNCH of the papers on my desk...AWAY! It's crazy in there.

Yesterday, I unplugged the wireless router to reset it, the plug got pushed off the desk and I had to crawl under the desk to look for it. There are so many plugs down actually took a few minutes to find it...then when I did..I couldn't get it up to the desk without it falling back down! I had to IM Kyle and have him send Logan in, so I could feed the wire up the back of the desk and Logan could pull it from the top! Of course in the process, he knocked about 3 stacks of paper off the desk. Not a big deal really since there is NO rhyme or reason to the madnness in there!

I also need a new computer chair. The one I am using now is SHOT. We got it from the apartments we moved from seven years ago. The upholstery was scratched all to hell--from a cat apparently..but it worked well...and who cared if it was ugly--not me!! Well, something has happened to it and now it leans sideways and the back is SO far back..if I want rest my back against it..I just about have to lay down! yesterday, the little hydraulic lift thing in it...that let me sit at a good height...quit working. One small "whoosh" and I was about a foot from the floor. So,'s time! LOL

Alright..Im wasting time..I have to head to a couple counties away to do some courthouse research..I guess I haven't posted about that yet, huh? Oh well...I'll fill ya'll in later...gotta get!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


work is driving me insane. INSANE!

You know at the end of August my job is ending. So, there is a new customer service manager, new reps etc. They all work in the new office and I feel like a "lowly" home worker...completely out of the loop and not knowing what is going on. I can't get answers to problems, and I am jsut kind of fed up.

Oh Well, It'll all be over in a few weeks.

I have been sending out my resume like a mad woman. Tweaked it a little and specifically asked the programmer what intranet software we use so that I can make it sound like I "know" something! LOL I think I have a new job or two lined that's exciting. I'll blog more on that later.

Speaking of intranet software, if you are in the market for something like that..for your may want to click the link and check this particular company out. They offer a 30 Day free trial of their software. (Contact them to get it setup) and it offers lots of perks like - integration to backend systems - group scheduling - business email solution. o In-Depth Personalization o Enhanced Communication - Among managers and employees.

All of these are things my company could be using right now! Supposedly..things will be getting better..oh goody...just in time for me to leave!

Sunday, July 22, 2007


We taught Jack something cool today! He's SUCH a little PAIN IN THE REAR dog...but he does do some pretty cool "tricks" and he learns quick. too bad...he is as annoying as he is.

anyway. he has always known "Go get your ball"...but today he learned, "go get your toy"..and that it's not the same as "ball". AND...he learned to put a magazine in his mouth, take it from Kyle and bring it to me...and vice versa! It was SOOO cool!

We tried to teach him to do the same thing with the remote...but he refused. Dumb dog!!

good weekend!!

Tammy dropped Shelbea off at about 10 yesterday morning. At noon, we (shelbea and I) went with my mom shopping and to lunch. She bought me some new outfits to take to TX (thank God, because the stuff I wear on a daily basis is pretty, "bleck!"), We then went to Max and Erma's for lunch, to Lowes to pick up a grill for mom, and to Payless to look for shoes--no luck there!:(

Mom dropped Shelbea and I at home and we waited for Tammy to pick her up. Kyle had taken the boys to the park to do some hiking,so when Tam came I asked her to take me down to the park. She did, and I met up with the boys and we did some walking, lots of bridge climbing and just enjoying nature. It's SO pretty here this weekend...the sky is BLUE, the temp is GREAT, and there is an awesome breeze!! Can't beat it!! Anyway, we came home for a couple hours and then the boys and I dropped K off at his cousins for some "guy time"...the make a fire in the fire pit and sit around and drink and talk and laugh. It's really annoying..but K deserves some "time off" every once in a while! ;) Mom came down at midnight and sat here (while the kids slept), while I went to pick K's drunk behind up. We came home and ate leftover pizza and watched Psych.

Today...we went to a different park to do MORE hiking. We met up with our friend Rick and his daughter, Merah and we walked and walked and walked...I literally thought I was going to die! I was trying SO hard to not be the "fat, out of shape, whiner" that I WANTED to be!! LOL the only thing that "saved" me was knowing that I was getting really good exercise and that my pores were getting nice and cleaned out--from all that sweating..and that my metabolism was going to be high for several anything I ate tonight would be like a "freebie" own littleMiracle burn of calories...I had yet to consume. But that's what kept me going!! I know, it's sad isn't it?!?

It does make me realize how much I DO NEED to exercise on a regular basis and lose some weight--so I won't always be that fat, out of shape, whiner!!

We saw a couple of really turtles at the that was pretty worthwile of the walk too!! :-)

Now, we are beat and just hanging out. The kids are all showered and jammied and eating dessert and then heading to bed. I think I am going to go grab Taco Bell for K and I for dinner and then I am going to take a LONG bath...cause you starts tomorrow! BLECK!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cover the windows

I have 4 windows in my bedroom. I think 4 windows is a little excessive and covering them all is expensive. I currently have a shade on one (it came with the house) and blinds on the other 3. I can't decide if I want to switch to Roman Shades though. I was at Odd Lots the other day and they had roman shades that would fit the windows in there for $20/each. That price is great, but times it by 4 and it's expensive! Of course switching the one shade to a set of blinds would be the most cost that's probably what I will end up doing.

Trucker Girl

A couple weeks ago Tammy and I traded cars so Kyle could take all of the carpet we ripped up to the dump. Tammy's husband has a truck and the carpet was in the bed. Anyway, I had to go to the bank so I drove it..and oh my gosh, I am in love with trucks now! I really want one. Actually, I don't know if it is the truck I am in love with per se, or the fact that when you are in a truck you are sitting high I could get the same feel from an SUV or Van. I miss my van. :(

I told mom that I would like a truck, I think. and she asked where I would put my groceries..I told her in the bed of the truck. she said...they'll fly out when you drive home. I explained to her that I would simply get one of those tonneau cover things. She said, ohhhhhh..but I'm pretty sure she didn't know what I was talking about. LOL

I want one of those big loud know the kind that you can HEAR idling when you are sitting at a light? I think I have been in a testosterone filled house for too long!

Life is Short

Mom and I went to lunch and out shopping today and while we were at lunch we were discussing my sisters MIL and the fact that since her husband has died she quit working. Mom asked why she quit and I explained to her that she no longer NEEDS to work..with his pension and her SS starting in 2 months and all the money they have in IRA's etc and his life insurance. She's pretty set and doesn't want to work in a factory anymore...who can blame her..she's old.

Mom said she hoped that I would learn from that and start thinking about retirement so when I am her age I can be "set". That conversation led to "HA! I can barely afford to live..much less save!" But I know she is right. Something else we need is life insurance. I have it..but K doesn't...he had it with his job...but since he no longer has that..... Maybe I will check into Globe Insurance or something like that. I know that if he dies I'd like to have money to bury him...can't keep him in my freezer or bury him in the backyard!

Quest for the perfect vaca

So, the search continues. Seems like I spend a LOT of my free time looking for a place to vacation. As soon as I think I have found the perfect place, I check the price and my jaw drops to the ground.

I wish we could afford Disney this fall instead of next fall and just go ahead and book a nice Orlando rental home and be done with it. But, we can't do it this year...I'm HOPING (fingers crossed) that we can go with our tax refund next year.

Anyway, I thought I found a great place on Norris....with a pontoon..but it's one lot away from the lake and Kyle would like to be right ON the lake. So the search continues....

Monday, July 16, 2007

Better Late than never..

We finally got my kids their special gifts this weekend. Dylan's was his b-day present and Logans was his K graduation present. I was supposed to buy them last month and then money got we had to wait until this month. (have I said that getting paid once a month SUCKS?!?)

Anyway, they both got new bikes. Dylans came with training wheels but Logan was confident that he could learn to ride a 2-wheeler. Needless to say, he has been frustrated and crying a lot the last couple days. We put Dylans training wheels up to the highest point so they are just barely touching the ground and both boys are taking turns riding it. I'm hoping that once Logan gets use to the feel of pedaling..balancing etc, he'll get the hang of riding his bike. If he would just be patient and not get SO upset!! The child has serious frustration issues...which is why, at 6, he still can't tie his shoes. *rolleyes*

I'll post pics soon!! They're pretty cute in those dorky helmets...thank God I didn't have to wear one when I was a kid!! ;)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A look here, A look there

From time to time when I get bored, I think of "something" and start looking for it on the Internet (did you know Internet is supposed to be capitalized?? that surprises me for some reason). This evenings boredom..while watching a movie..resulted in a look for furniture. There is some really pretty furniture out there. I found Century furniture and I really like it. I'm thinking when my ship comes in I might have to try a piece out...step up a little from my Craigslist furniture purchases of late. ;-)

From browsing furniture I went to browsing homes, cars, boats and ended up at places to vacation. ahhhh, it's fun living in Internet (capital I) fantasy land!!

the way they roll....

In the summer, we let the kids go to bed and watch tv, movies etc..until they fall asleep. The problem is, is that they won't stay in bed...we like them to stay in bed..because that is our alone time. So, we are constantly telling them to get back in's annoying! So, last night..Kyle told them if they got up one more time, the TV was going off.

So, here comes Dylan. Kyle says a few things to him about staying in bed.etc etc etc. and says that this is the last time he is going to be told. if we see him again..he is turning the tv OFF!. Dylan says:

"Well, if you turn it off, we will just turn it back on again, because that is the way me and Logan, roll!!"

Kyle told him to never talk to daddy like that again or he was getting spanked...and told him to get in bed NOW. Dylan ran to his bedroom and Kyle and I laughed our rears off!

I swear..the only thing that saves the child is his cuteness!! LOL


I took a half day off work yesterday and went to see Ratatouille with my mom, brother, 2 nieces, and my boys. It was a really cute movie. I don't think I am ever taking my kids to the full price movie again though. It's so expensive, I just about needed to take out a payday loan to pay for it!! Then, Logan ended up climbing on the chairs in front of us...I had to repeatedly tell him to sit down, Dylan kept asking to go was very annoying.

I'm toying with the idea of taking them to the drive in this weekend....but I'm not sure if I want to deal with their nonsense in a car. The drive-in is definitely cheaper...It'll be $15 for all of us...and we can see two movies! I don't know...we'll see.

Monday, July 09, 2007

1 mile

My mom has been begging me to walk with her. I really hate walking..unless it has a know like to get me from point a to point b. And even then, it's not the greatest...we went to the flea market yesterday and I told Kyle I wish I could de-tach my feet and give them a rest!

So, I told mom I would rather walk in my house with my trusty walk away the pounds videos. So, she finally came down this morning and we did it. 1 mile in under 20 minutes. I hate to exercise, but always feel proud of myself once it's done.

Now, I am going to go eat a donut.

Happy Birthday....

to my daddy!! He is 64 today.

TV with words

Since our kids have been babies...that made a lot of noise...and have never stopped....we always watch TV with the closed captioning on. It drives people nuts when they come over to watch a movie or are just here and the tv is on. But really, we can hardly watch tv without it now. I really, really like to be able to see what people are saying...just in case I can't hear it for some reason. I also read recently that it is good for kids to watch TV that way as well. So, hey..I am making my kids smarter!! LOL

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Moving Day

Larry came with the moving truck yesterday, so we headed over to their house about 1 and helped unload the track and unpack a few boxes. There were a few other people there it wasn't too bad. It's still moving though...YUCK!! But at least it is done now..and hopefully, we won't have to do that again for awhile!

Dad came over to help and Tammy and I were talking about the only t-shirts he wears are harley davidson tees from different cities. Tammy said she is going to get him one from TX when we are down there later this month, for his Christmas gift! What a great gift! I was bummed I didn't think of it. I guess I will get him some motorcycle sunglasses
or something. who knows? Christmas is like what??? 5 1/2 months away?!? LOL

So, anyway we hung around Tammy's for awhile and waited for Chelsea to get there. It was SO good to see her. We left shortly after that though as we were exhausted!

Mom came by later and asked me to go with her to pick up some clothes she was buying from some lady on Craigslist. Mom has lost over 40 pounds...and is in desperate need of clothes that FIT! on the way home we stopped by Tammy's..just cause we could. LOL

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Weird Dreams

I have always had vivid dreams...strange dreams. They usually make no sense what-so-ever, but I share them with Kyle and anyone that will listen anyway! :)

I always try to figure out if they mean something...they don't..but I try. Wouldn't that be cool to have dreams that mean something? My mom told me that dreaming of death means "birth"...I have never had a dream about someone dying that I haven't wondered if I was PG--no matter that K had the big V almost 5 years ago! LOL

So, last night I dreamed I was in some kind of addiction treatment center and I had lost a BUNCH of weight and when I got on the scale, I weighed the same (no, I'm not telling how much)and I was SO annoyed because my clothes were falling off, but the number on the scale was the same. stupid scale. Then I was on a boat with some kids that wanted to watch Wallace and Gromit and my BIL who was wearing a shirt with a picture of my friend Jenelle on it. In the picture she had on jeans that were ripped at the knees and a bandana around one leg. Wonder what that means??

Monday, July 02, 2007

Chel-a-see visit!!

Seems almost all my blog entries lately have something to do with my sister and this one is no exception!

Chelsea is coming to visit! She (and her 2 sisters) live in TX still, with their dad. She and my sister have had their differences lately and she hasn't been a very nice daughter. So, she called Tammy the other day and told her how much she misses her and how she wants to see her, and apologized for being so mean, etc etc. Tammy said she was SO sweet and it was SO nice to hear from her.

Anyway, Chelsea asked if she could ride out here with Larry at the end of this week when he brings the moving truck and stay for a couple weeks. Tammy told her that was fine. So Chelsea hung up with her...and immediately called her back and said that her dad said it was fine and that she called work and took time off, BUT that her dad wouldn't let her come unless Tammy could show him the receipt for the plane ticket FIRST! *rolleyes* So, Tammy was trying to figure all that out since you know, she is in the middle of a move and just started a new job and Chelsea is supposed to come at the end of this week..etc, etc. Long story short (ha!) My mom purchased Chelsea's ticket tonight and she is coming to stay for 12 days! YAY! I think I will take a couple half days off while she is here so we can do some fun stuff.

One Hair

I think I have seen too many crime scene/police shows! I was at the bank today..waiting in line at the drive through, and started looking at my grown out bangs. One of the hairs was weird looking so I yanked it out. When I looked at the single hair I saw that it had that little root part on it. You know, the part that they use to get your DNA? After I got done inspecting it, I let it fly out the window. Then I had this thought of "what if"...what if there was a murder right there in the bank line and the crime scene investigators came out and found MY hair?!? I could be convicted of a crime I had nothing to do with!

By the time it was my turn at the window, I had the whole scenario played out in my head, the interrogation, the hearing, the jail babies growing up with NO mommy. Thank God, I got to the window when I did...who knows what would have happened to me in jail!!!

and the work goes on

We spent our weekend at Tammy's cleaning and ripping up carpet. It was hard exhausting work. Ripping up the carpet was a good idea though since the carpet has been there since 1961!! Needless to say, it was GROSS and stunk. BLECK! So, we ripped that up and cleaned the pretty wood floors and polished them...MUCH better and SMELLS better!!

Tammy dropped off Shelbea this morning..we are watching her while Tammy works during the day. She (tammy) was so tired..I asked her if she is excited to start her new job and she said no. She is tired and her body aches from working so hard in the house. She is going into this job (manager for an apartment complex) completely alone..there is no current manager..she left a month ago, and the assitant managers last day was this past friday! So, she gets to go in and figure out their computer system, payroll software,the community itself, etc etc. I'm sure it will be an exhausting day.

In other news, I am thrilled that this week has a holiday in the middle of it. work 2 days, off one day, work 2 days, off 2 days. EVERY week should be like this!!