Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Kyle and I celebrated our 9th Anniversary on the 27th. Well, we didn't really celebrate...we said "Happy Anniversary" and hugged and kissed, I fell asleep on the couch about 10 and Kyle played Sims until 3 am. LOL So, tonight we are going out to celebrate. We are going to see We Are Marshall and then going to dinner at Olive Garden. I got a gift card to Olive Garden for Christmas and won a movie ticket on Blingo. so we're having a REALLY cheap date!! I'm so excited!!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Loving HP along with PPP

PayPerPost and the Postie Patrol is at it again..this time with the help of HP! What could be MORE FUN than going on a scavenger hunt in the COLD, in Chicago, with Ted, and Britt (I think that was her) and the dude from HP?? NOTHING, that's what!! The prize was a complete HP camera Digital Photo Printing package (camera, memory card, printer, etc) and $1,000!! THAT ROCKS!! Look see...

Robyn was such a GREAT sport don't ya think?? You gotta love a girl that would write "I heart HP" on her forehead. LOL I was kinda thinking she would use eyeliner or something..but nope I think she did it with magic marker. wonder if it has washed off yet?!? LOL Looks like she got a lot of help from "strangers" that kind of stuff is nice to see...renews your hope in mankind...for all the creeps out there, there are a lot of really nice people too.

I hope I get Postie Patrol-ed and I hope HP comes along for the ride..come on, you KNOW they want to check out the Air Force Museum!! *grin*

~This post was brought to you by HP.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Santa Claus is coming to town....

It's finally here..Christmas Eve. My babies are nestled all snug in their beds and I am waiting on Kyle to get home from Kmart (a late night battery and kool aid run). I am fighting sleep BIG time..I am SO tired. I have been going non- stop since 8:30 this morning cleaning and cooking!

Dad and him family and mom and tony came to eat and exchange gifts. We had a really nice time and I got lots and lots of compliments on the food. We got some great gifts...I'll list them tomorrow in my "loot report".

We need to bring the Santa gifts up from the basement and straighten the house a little and head to bed. K just got I guess I better go..OH! I have to fill the stockings too.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Move-In

I'm so excited. I just saw episode 3 of the PPP reality show, RockStartUp!! In this episode they are moving in to their new offices. They look so nice and I wish I could visit in chance of me getting past that fancy shmancy fingerprint reader though!! Here..check it out for yourself so you know what I'm talking about!

Pretty cool, huh? I definitely think they should have hired a cleaning company to come in and clean up after the construction/painter people left. I mean who wants to clean AND move all their stuff in?!? LOL Speaking of the construction people..what was up with the guy using the chair?? Dude...get a ladder!! good grief!!

Did you see the size of some of the monitors there?? YOWZA! That's what I need...and one of those $700 chairs!!

Freaky little kids

OH MY GOSH! My kids are making me nuts!! Logan has been awake for 20 minutes and I'm seriously ready to run away! thank god I have grocery shopping to do today!! I better go make them some breakfast..maybe that will occupy the little freaks for a few minutes.'s gonna be a looooonnnnggg day!! What was I saying about time slowing down?? LOL

Blog Awareness

One of my favorite places to go for PayPerPost news is to the PPP blog. I don't check it daily and wish I would, whenever I have a question about something new on the site or something one of my PPP friends has on their blog...I wonder about it for a bit and then think, "OH! I haven't read the blog in a few days!" and I hop on over there and low and behold...the question I had or thing I was wondering about is right there. I wish I would stay more on top of it, because it is the best source for updates, PPP news and videos. I'm just forgetful and occasionally forget it's even there. You know, I'm all into ME and making MY money, and am so focused on all the open opportunities that the blog tends to fade in comparison I suppose. Which is unfortunate since I tend to get so much info from the blog. So, from here on out...I'm gonna be a dedicated PPP blog reader.

Slow down

Christmas is almost here and now I just want everything to SLOW down. I LOVE Christmas..LOVE IT..and there is so much preperation with the shopping and decorating and wrapping and baking and then it gets here and it's over before you know it. I have to be very careful or I get really really depressed after Christmas. I'm trying to think of things to be excited about after Christmas to help with that. My anniversary is the 27th (9 years), so that's kinda exciting...not that we have any money to do anything after Christmas. LOL and then there's new years...which means another day off work. woohoo!!

The plan for today is to finish candy making, go to the grocery to get more food for our christmas eve party, clean the house, finish wrapping gifts. (I swore to myself I would not wait to wrap everything on christmas eve like I usually do!)

Friday, December 22, 2006

Winner #1

PPP has been having a "contest" to give away several HP cameras and printers. I posted about it a few weeks ago I believe. I was wondering when payperpost was going to start announcing winners...and when I would be notified!! *wink wink* I was cruising around youtube checking out the PPP videos there, which by the way..I didn't realize how many PPP videos there were on youtube. It was such a nice surprise to scan through them and see my little PPP to see Brit "all hemmed up" and everything!! LOL ANYWAY...back to the subject at hand, (remember I was wondering when the winners of the cameras would be announced) I saw THIS:

So, winner #1 has been selected! Congratulations Anna Maria!!

Just as a side cute is Veronique??

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Stupid Name

I hate this Elf name.... Everyone else has these really cute elf names on their blogs and mine is so stupid. And I think it's a boy elf. Why would the elf namer thingy think that "Tricia" is a boy?? Stupid elf namer. I wanted to be something like "Sexy Peppermint Sucker" *wink.

Your Elf Name Is...

Fuzzy Sticky Fingers

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Tones that RING the Phones

One of the things I love about my cell phone is having a different ring tone and avatar for each person in my address book. It gives me a little thrill when I hear my phone "ring" a tune I haven't heard for awhile! I came across a site that lets you build ringtones with matching avatars. You can Check it out here. It's pretty neat AND it's FREE for the first 60 days, so you can really try it out before commiting...gotta love that.

~this post sponsored by U-DOO

Monday, December 18, 2006

The celebration

On SAturday we met my parents and their spouses and my brother at Logan's Roadhouse for dinner. We ate and Logan opened presents. It was really yummy and we had a good time. We left there and headed into the zoo at the mall. It was NUTS. We had to wait in ine at Build a Bear for Logan to make his was crazy. We finally got Kody the Koala made, dressed, named and paid for and got out of there. I was SO glad! I honestly didn't think it would be that busy...I thought people might be there buying gifts and gift cards..but not making bears..I mean, who takes their kid to make a bear a week before christmas (aside from the birthday kids LOL)? They are having a promotion right now that when you spend $35 you can purchase a $10 gift card for $5. So, we got that..I had intended to keep it for future use..maybe Dylan's b-day. Then I remembered I still needed a gift for one of my nieces, so I am giving it to her for christmas.

Later on that day I started feeling guilty that Logan didn't have a cake or candles, so I went to Kroger and bought a cake so he could blow out candles and have a piece of b-day cake. I don't think it mattered to him in the slightest..but it took care of my mommy guilt!!

He took brownies to school for his celebration at school today.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sponsored Posts

Well, Well, Well, wonders never cease. It seems that PPP's good "friend" Mike has finally given PPP and the posties some good publicity. While he doesn't come out and say he thinks PPP is a good idea or apologize for his negativity. He does say that PayPerPost has finally done something right. I guess his whole "issue" with PPP has something to do with the fact that Posties are paid to partake in blog advertising. for some reason that irks him to no end and he is glad that on Monday, all posties will be required to disclose that the paid posts they post...are paid posts and if not disclosed in the post itself, the blog needs to have a disclosure statment. (Which I took care of a few weeks ago).

~This post sponsored by PayPerPost~

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Happy Birthday to Logan!

Happy Birthday to my Little Boy! You're not so little're getting so grown up and I am amazed at how fast time has flown. You have brought me more joy than you will ever know. You can make me laugh, cry, and yell in frustration in a 15 minute span of time, but I love you more than life itself and wouldn't change one thing about you. (Welllll...maybe that screamy, jump up and down, fit throwing thing you do sometimes!! ;)) You are definitely a gift from God and I am so so lucky and BLESSED to be your mom. Happy Birthday my baby...I love you!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Oh Tannenbaum!

The tree got here monday, we put it up and then started decorating it. We decided that our new 6.5 ft tree is not going to be able to use the same garland, etc that we used on the 4 ft. tree. So we stopped. and yesterday it sat empty. This morning I ran to Kmart and bought some new garland and ribbon to put on it and we decorated tonight. it's GORGEOUS! I LOVE it. I am actually sitting in the dark right now, typing by the light of the christmas tree. I need to take pictures and share. i HOPE I can get the boysies to cooperate and take a NICE picture in front of the tree. I'm not holding my breath though.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Make TODAY YOUR Sign-Up Day!

I know I talk about PayPerPost all the time...but I just can't help it!! To date, I have been paid $258 and have $138 headed my way. Not too bad for making 53 posts in 2 months!! I am so excited because they have launched a new affiliate program. In this new program I will be paid $15 for each person that signs up under me to become a PayPerPost member and starts blogging. If you haven't signed up...please click on my link and start making all that blog money TODAY!! You'll be so glad you did and wish you had started sooner...PROMISE!! :) I'm adding my link in my sidebar so it will always be there.
Feel free to ask me any questions!!

The tree is coming, the tree is coming!

I'm so excited!! Our christmas tree will be delivered tomorrow!! YAY! of course I have to work all that sucks. But we'll put it up as soon as I get off work. We'll have to work fast so the boys can help before going to we'll have to do dinner too. Maybe we should put it up tomorrow and decorate it Tuesday night. Working sucks. LOL

I am going to try to take a day off while the kids are off school so we can make cookies and candy...weekends are just too short with all the other stuff I have to take care of.

The gift of Space

I have almost all my christmas shopping done with the exception of gifts for my boys. I am at a standstill waiting for my paycheck. So, in the meantime..I am surfing the 'net looking for ideas, making wishlists, etc etc so I'll be ready once my check gets here (tomorrow I hope).

One of the things I am looking at is, telescopes. My boys LOVE anything to do with space (and volcanos--but that's another post LOL). They love looking at the stars and the moon...and noticing when the moon is full, etc. I know they would love to see everything a little closer and I'm thinking a telescope might be a really good and educational gift for them. I have fond memories of my dads telescope when I was about Logan's age. We would go out and look through it and then come back in and get the encyclopedias out and try to get info on what we were seeing.

If you are looking for something along the same lines...even binoculars,etc. you might want to check out they have so much there AND shipping is FREE on orders over $29.95!! I LOVE to find free shipping deals!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

I'll be Home for Christmas...

We have made the decision to not meet Tammy in TN for Christmas. We really wanted to, but the truth of the matter is, we don't have the money to fix the car AND do matter how much the car fix is...we just don't have the money. AND, I would need to take 2 days off work and with one of the part time girls taking a trip at that time, it's just not going to work. I am very sad, as I really wanted to go. But, oh well. I need to finish their shopping and get it shipped this week. Oh Joy!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Monopoly--Love Style

Kyle and I are celebrating our 9th anniversary in 20 days. I have the hardest time coming up with cute, clever, romantic gifts that are not too cheesy or supid. LOL I used to get Kyle something engraved every year. It started with zippo lighters and one year was a watch. One year I even got a picture of the sky in Gatlinburg on the night we were married (it's still in the box behind the TV--it was a neat idea though. LOL) Scouring the internet tonight I came across the Lovopoly Website - the perfect personalized gift. It's such a neat idea. It's a monopoly board that you can personalize with your own photos and places that are important to you (or the person you are personalizing it for).

I am going to make a list of places we went and things we did while dating and get some pictures together. This is going to be the cutest anniversary present EVER!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Busy Busy busy

Work has been so busy the last 2 days. We had a record breaking sales day yesterday and I am curious if today wasn't close. I answered e-mail non stop from 10 am - 6 pm and answered the phones periodically during that time. usually on tuesdays I don't have much phone time because there is always someone else working with me....NOT the case today. As soon as I would start answering an e-mail, the phone would ring. I didn't eat lunch or anything. Hopefully, tomorrow is a tinge slower...just so I can catch my breath and eat lunch at my desk!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Coupons--a girls best friend

Continuing with my obsession of never leaving my house and doing as much as I can at home, in my jammies, I do almost all of my shopping online. I buy almost everything, except groceries, online. Christmas gifts and even the Christmas Tree, no exception.
When I shop at a particular store online, I browse, add items to my cart and immediately open a new window so I can start scouting for online coupons. Just this weekend I bought some bras and was able to get a GREAT deal by using a Lane Bryant coupon on top of their buy one get one free offer. 4 bras for $50 shipped...can't beat that!!!

Christmas Plans

My sister told us that they can no longer come here for Christmas. They are going to nashville/memphis ish area that weekend to meet her hubbys parents. I had hoped we could go and see them as well, but with the stupid car problems I am not sure that is going to happen. It makes me sad, but you can only do what you have the money to do, you know...and we HAVE to have a it's not like I can blow that off. Stupid Car. It's still up in the air as to what we will do..we need to get the car taken in and diagnosed...I am crossing my fingers that it will be an "easy" fix and maybe we can still go.

People that make me shake my head

It is beyond me why people have a problem with PayPerPost. What I choose to blog about should be up to me. If I choose to have "commercials", if you will, on my blog that should be fine...what's it to the nay-sayers anyway? The content of my blog has NO effect on them.

The reason I am posting about this again, is because there is this guy, Mike,who is badmouthing PayPerPost (again, from what I understand) and the newly launched He even goes so far as to call PPP ethically challenged and to say he can't wait for the episode where Ted goes to jail. nice. mature. Can you SEE why I a shaking my head at this guy?

I am guessing he never learned "if you have nothing nice to say keep your mouth shut" and I am guessing the reason behind his anger is nothing more than a text book case of jealousy. I know people like him...they can't stand the fact that they weren't smart enough to think up something so brilliant/wonderful/fantastic and it irks them to NO end. So, bad mouth they will...and I'll just keep shaking my head (and raking in the money!!).

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Lights of Christmas

We got our porch all decorated for Christmas today. It is SOOO pretty. I LOVE it!! It was cold and took a lot of work, but the end result is so nice. AND..we got the porch cleaned off and things thrown away, given away etc. It was looking pretty junky out there. (leftover yard sale stuff) I can't wait until my new tree gets here and we can decorate the inside!! yippee!!

A company after my own heart!

Once again, I am going to post about PayPerPost. I am SO excited because something new has launched and I am in HEAVEN. 2 of my LOVES have come together in one nice little package and made me so Happy!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Reality all started with Survivor several years ago and the love has never died. The folks at PPP have launched their very own Reality Show, RockStartup. You can check it out for yourself at

I just got done watching the first 2 episodes and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had a little trouble hearing everything Ted was saying...but that's alright..he's fun to look at. *grin* I'm excited to learn about everyone behind the scenes and get a little glimpse into their lives...yeah, I'm nosy that way. I hope we get to see in someones medicine cabinet or under their bathroom sink...I ALWAYS look in those place if I use someone's potty. (all my friends that are reading this are appalled. LOL)

The episodes are shot entirely as HD content and PPP is currently shopping their show to tv networks. I HOPE someone picks it up so I can watch the episodes on my BIG screen TV instead of on my laptop. LOL

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Wing zone

We have this awesome restaurant here called Wing Zone, they have REALLY yummy wings, fries and burgers. (other things too but I haven't tried them). The best part is..they DELIVER! woohoo...gotta love staying home in your jammies and having food brought to the door. That's what K an I are having for dinner tonight...the babies had hot dogs and french they are all nestled in their beddy byes and K and I are gonna chow down on wings and fries and watch some tv..maybe even a movie. I love saturday nights!! :)

Accounting: the easy way out

When a person works from home as an "independent contractor" like I do, you are considered a "small business" for tax purposes, insurance, etc. Having my small business and keeping up with the accounting side of it all is a royal pain in the rear. Mostly because I am lazy. Plus, I don't even balance my own checkbook or anything. I know, I know...that's AWFUL. My mom is in the same boat as I am since she is considered a "small business" since she gets paid to care for my mentally handicapped brother. I asked her for some advice on dealing with the ins and outs of small business accounting and she told me the best thing to do is to find an accountant and let them deal with the whole mess. Sounds like a plan to me!! So, to the internet I went! After doing some research online I found they have a great site and offer some really great services at great prices (great as in wonderful..not as in BIG! LOL) If you are in the "small business" business...thi is a great site for all your accounting needs.

Nerve Problem

I have something weird going on with a nerve or something in my back. it started yesterday...anytime I would bend over it would feel like there was a hot poker sticking me in the heel and now today it hurts all down my leg..tingles in spots and burns in others. It's very uncomfortable...I'm thinking a visit to the dr is defintely in my future.

It's worth HOW much??

I am such a nosy person..I always want to know what peoples houses are worth. C' know you do it too!! LOL It's just amazing how much house value varies from state to state and even city to city, neighborhood to neighborhood!

I'm not just nosy about other people's houses..I'm nosy about mine too. I want to know how much I could get for it if I decide to sell it fast and head for the hills. LOL Or if I wanted to do something more responsible like refinance or take out a home equity loan..because you know, sometimes heading for the hills isn't an option! ;)

Ordered the Tree

So, I went ahead and ordered the half christmas tree I wanted today. On a whim, I decided to try the "friends & family" coupon code that was supposed to be valid tomorrow only. It ended up being valid and took 20% off the tree. So, I got it for $89 including tax and shipping...not too bad considering the original price was $129.99!! I hope it doesn't take too long to get here!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Aliens ALIVE!!

Have you seen these things? My kids would absolutely LOVE to get these in their stockings..and I'm seriously considering it. Check out the video...

See??? Cool, huh?

Yes, I am the mom of 2 litle boys that think things like Alien Adoption World Collectors Kits are fun...and one big boy too!! :) I can just see them on Christmas morning...everything stopping so we can all "birth" a couple of aliens.

It's actually kind of weirding me out because I have been reading this series of books about a guy that grows "people" in test tubes. I don't know that I could with one of these test tube aliens in my house. LOL Wonder if Jack and the Cat would be interested in it at all...Can you iamgine the terror my kids would have if the aliens they birthed got eaten by one of the animals?!?! ROFL

I'm really a little curious about them I am guessing I am going to end actually purchasing these just so I can check them out in person.

Half Christmas Tree

Have you ever heard of a half christmas tree? I never had until the other night when my mom told me she saw one. The front is very full and the back is flat so it can be up against a wall. Definitely something I need in this house....there just isn't enough rooom to have a tree...well, there is..but we have big furniture and blah blah blah. LOL So, I decided I needed one...found one at JC Penney and Kyle said we should be responsible and make do with the tree we have, and buy this one after christmas when it is on sale. HMPH! I told my mom he said that and she said, "doesn't he understand that's not the way we do things?!?" ROFL I know JCP is having a sale on Sunday..and I SHOULD be able to get 20% off...and MAYBE with that...he would give the thumbs up. hmmmm. He told me last night I cold go ahead and order it...but I know that he is right about the money thing...I just want a pretty tree and the crappy tree we have is...BLECK and I dread putting it up. But I told the kids we would put a tree up this weekend..and if I order'll be at least a week before we get it. decisions, decisions.....

Change of Decor?

I think that I might be getting bored with the decor in my home. It's pretty, I guess and I have a lot of american flag type stuff and baskets. I love it..and it took me a long time to get it this way...but I think I might be getting antsy to make some changes. LOL yes, isn't it JUST LIKE a woman to take forever to get things perfect and then she decides she needs a change?? LOL Good thing I'm only feeling that way about my house decor and not my life or husband!! *wink*

In looking around online, dreaming, playing, pretending...I have seen some wrought iron wall decor that I really like. I like the substantialness (is that even a word) of it...the way it almost looks like it belongs in a castle or something equally romantic. I love the window boxes too...for the outside of the house of course. I had considered getting wrought iron window boxes a year or so ago and then decided that the aluminum siding wouldn't offer enough support...besides the fact that wrought iron doesn't necessarily GO with aluminum siding. LOL It's definitely on my list of things to consider when we get our siding replaced.

Maybe I'll buy a sconce or candle holder of some sort for now and see how I feel about adding it to my decor.