Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Interesting Children

Interesting--a nice way to say strange.

My children are SO interesting! I find it very interesting that they each like 1 food that that makes a meal with another food. For example:

Tonights dinner: Chicken Stroganoff--Logan can't get enough of the chicken, Dylan can't get enough of the noodles. The idea/suggestion of putting those 2 items together (one on top of the other) as the stroganoff is MEANT to be eaten, is quickly dismissed by both boys.

PB&J: Logan loves peanut butter (nothing else, thanks) on his sandwich. Dylan loves jelly (again, nothing else, thanks) on his sandwich. The idea of putting those 2 things together?? nuh-unh--they're not having it!

Hot dogs: Logan will only eat his off the bun. Dylan will eat is either way, but has discovered the yumminess of a bun!

Logan drinks choc. milk. Dylan won't have ANY milk.

Dylan loves apple juice. Logan? water please! That's another thing...Dylan will not willingly drink water!

They just recently began eating spaghetti with out a fight.

And they don't dip anything..not ketchup, no ranch. NOTHING.

Interesting, I tell ya....INTERESTING!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

53 lbs in 53 days??

53 days 'til Disney, wonder if I can lose 1 pound a day? This is what I asked my mom this evening. She said no. HMPH! If she said I could, I know it would happen..cause mommies know everything, right??

So the subject of weight loss got her on the subject of diet aid commercials. She was trying to recall one in particular but was unable to remember the specifics, so I brought up my favorite one about Slimquick. I can't remember exactly how it goes but it talks about the vast difference in men vs. women weight loss. It's SO not fair. I SO wouldn't want to be a guy..but the weight loss thing would be a nice fringe benefit.

So, anyway mom said she had read some Slimquick reviews and that it wasn't that great anyway. Not that I was going to try it.....

House stuff

Nothing like spending the weekend doing house stuff and sweating your hiney off!!

I started the day off nice and I went shopping for new furniture for her. When I got home, Kyle was drenched in sweat removing our 30+ yr old whole house fan. After a quick lunch he went up to the attic to knock the fan out while I stood below to help "catch" it and drop it to the floor!! I was for sure my toes were gonna get cut off. But alas, all my toes are fine! I did get black grease all over my new shirt. :( (I washed it with dishwashing liquid and it came out, though!)

Then we headed out to buy us new whole house fan and mom a new screen door and outside light. We came home and spent the remainder of the evening installing said screen door..and it's still not done! The light did get installed though.

Kyle is standing on a ladder right now installing the new fan. I am sitting here, on the computer, resting. I DO ask him occasionally if he needs my help. He says no so far. he does have Logan standing buy to hand him various tools, etc. I KNEW there was a reason birthing boys was a good idea!

In a few minutes I am going to order pizza, it's 9 and no one has had dinner..and I'm not cooking!

Hopefully, the fan gets up tonight and we can go down and finish moms screen door tomorrow.

Good times!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I am so so so so so lazy. I really wish I wasn't, but I am. I did manage to get off my hiney and go out and blow off the driveway and sidewalk (the were covered with mowed grass) and water my fast dying flowers. you know, because I am lazy and don't water them on a regular they begin to shrivel and then I feel guilty and water them. *sigh*

The plan for this evening is to make dinner and get all my coupons clipped so I can do my "the grocery game" shopping tomorrow. I should have gone to the grocery today since I am out of food to pack for K's lunch. I think I will "let" him get fast food tomorrow. Such a nice wife, huh?

I keep meaning to exercise...even borrowed a "stability ball workour for dummies" video from the library.'s still in it's case. Bless Logan's heart, I told him I was going to WiiFit this afternoon so he set out the board for me...and here I sit. I told him I wasn't going to do it since he is watching Atlantis...truth is..I just don't wanna.

Oh well...tomorrow is another day!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I sat next to THE MOST ANNOYING lady last night at Kindergarten parent info night. She told me repeatedly how smart her child is, how advanced she is, how beautiful she is, how talented she is, how gifted she is, and on and on and on. she wants to get her involved in modeling and acting and instrument playing..and on and on and on. While I DO know that people love their children and think they are so special, it was a little overboard and annoying..and made me feel like Dylan is a big loser. LOL *wink*

I was thinking about talk a lot lady last night and thinking that she should get wonder girl involved in some kind of a network thing like Gonnabe. Just knowing what my nieces have gone through in modeling/acting it is not an easy field to "break" into and having an "in" like Gonnabe can be very beneficial. GonnaBe is not an agency but more of a network of information for people trying get into the industry. You can post your resume and headshots too.

Maybe if I see Ms. Talks a lot during the school year I will share my fount of knowledge.


I discovered this really cool thing today. It's paying for an on-line purchase with your bank account but does not require giving out your bank account info or using your debit card. I really like that this is a way to pay cash for a purchase made on-line without any of the security risks that sharing your bank account info or debit card number can have.

I have been SO lucky that I haven't ever had anything bad happen as a result of sharing my info through on-line vendors (knock on wood) but I really like this option, especially since we have ceased using ANY credit cards! Our new motto is "pay cash or do without" which sucks...but it is much healthier for us financially..since we are evidently too immature for credit cards..but that's a whole 'nother post!

So anyway, I went to Tiger Direct to buy screen cleaner that I could use on our computer and tv screens. I put the item in my cart and upon check out clicked on eBillme for my payment method. After inputting my name, address and all that good stuff, my order was complete. I then went to my online banking account, entered the info for eBillme and made a payment to them. Easy Peasy. I am actually very surprised at just how easy it was!!

So, if safe on-line transactions are a concern for you..give it a try!!


Got the letter yesterday that both boys were approved for the Ohio EdChoice Scholarship! (which pays for their tuition to private school) I am SO excited! I kinda figured Logan would be since priority goes to returning students, but was worried that since this was Dylan's first year he wouldn't be. But...worry no more!!

Unfortunately, the Scholarship does not cover the cost of books, so we need to scrape that together (at the tune of $620!!). But, I'll not complain much since school is paid for! YAY!!!

I also have to work on budgeting for uniforms and school supplies. It would have been smart to budget for it months ago, but you know..there's nothing like procrastination!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

1 mile

In preparation for my Disney trip and the gobs of walking I will be doing, I have scoped out quite a few walking trails and decided to walk every day. Today I went to a local park and walked around the pond. It's 1/2 mile around and I did it twice so..1 mile for me. It also took me 25mins. I was so discouraged when I looked it up online and relaized that is a "slow pace". hmmph. Kyle was laughing at me because I was so upset by it. apparently he thinks I did pretty good for my first day of walking. Hopefully I get faster and can go further in the days to come...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Chores and Such

Friday the phone guy and Dish network guy are coming. We are switching our services from Cable back to the phone company. I need to save money and that is one way to cut back on some stuff without giving it up.

So, before Friday the house has to be clean..including the bedrooms. BLECK. my bedrooms are never clean. I sent the boys and Amelia in to do the boys room today, tomorrow I will make them tackle the play room--THAT should be fun!

I have to deal with my bedroom all alone..since no one understands the mess like I do. ugh. clothes to hang and papers to sort and clutter to declutter. Times like this I wonder why I am such a slob.

HOPEFULLY, we can get it clean..and leave it clean. My mom scrubbed my kitchen spic-n-span while we were in TN this weekend and I have done SOOO well at keeping it that way. yay me!

I am busy working out a chore and reward system for the kids. I am just trying to get it all figured out. I hope to get it all sorted out and fixed by this weekend so we can start next week fresh with a clean house and better attitudes.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


1 more day until swimming lessons.

1 week until Lindsay arrives.

2 weeks until Logan gets tubes.

6 weeks until schools starts.

8 1/2 weeks until Labor Day.

10 1/2 weeks until Disney World.

4 1/2 months until Thanksgiving.

5 1/2 months until Christmas.

Time FLIES. sometimes, just SOMEtimes I would like to yell "STOP!!" and have everything just stop for a few minutes. Sometimes I feel like I am always in a stage of "hurry up". Sometimes I just need to sit and wait and live and BE. Just sometimes.