Saturday, June 18, 2005

False Positive

So, I guess the test was a false positive. How weird. never gotten one of those before, but I took 2 more tests and both were negative. I'm a tinge disappointed. Logically, I'm not...I mean we have NO money and our house is small and I'm not even sure I could fit 3 car seats in the back seat. LOL heart is a little sad...the thought of being PG again and having another tiny baby...and it being a COMPLETE surprise...a little miracle...was an idea that I was liking. :) Kyle says he isn't disappointed at ALL. Men are stupid!! ;) LOL So, I wish my period would just start so I can get it over with. I'm sure it will show up at the MOST inconvenient time!

We took all the aluminum from the porch we tore down to the recycling place and got $142. I was pleased. We also moved our old entertainment center to moms house since we now have a big screen tv. I hope to get 2 audio towers a bridge for it soon. I don't think I ever said that we got a big screen tv. Long story short....someone on the computer desperately needed money so she sold it to us for $400. It was too good of a deal to pass I SCRAPED the money together and went for it. We LOVE it and I love that I made my husband happy...he has wanted one for FOREVER. So, now we have one and I can watch tv without glasses. yay!

I'm going to go buy a new mailbox today. fun huh??!

Thats about it here!! :)

Friday, June 17, 2005

LONG time, NO post!!'s almost been a month since I posted. That's just plain nuts, man!!

New Stuff: We are leaving on Tuesday and driving to TN, we will spend the night there and then drive to Tampa the next day to my SIL's house. We will pick up our new car (!!!) and make the return trip on Sunday....staying at my MIL's a day or two. It will be a L-O-N-G trip but we will get to swim at the inlaws and hopefully hit the beach with the kids while we are in Tampa. AND when it's all said and done I will be driving a 2000 Bonneville. WOOHOO!!!

SO, between now and then, I need to get Logan new shoes, get me a bathing suit, clean my house and finish painting the trim on the house. I think mom and I are going shopping today...I'm looking forward to that.

I haven't had a visit from AF in over 2 months. I took a PG test. I got a faint positive. I can't even grasp that it is a true positive since Kyle had the big V almost 2 1/2 years ago. I'm not even sure what to do at this point. I'm concerned because if I AM pg...I should be about 9 weeks...which would mean I SHOULD get a dark positive. BUT, I suppose I could have gotten PG later than that...which could make me like 4 or 5 weeks. *sigh* I also have been taking my migraine pills which scares me...I mean if I AM pg...I certainly don't want to harm the baby in anyway. I was going to call Molly (the midwife) today to get in for an appt. but I think I might wait. Maybe I will get another PG test today and take it with FMU tomorrow and go from there. good grief. Oh, let me just say...that even though we don't "want" any more babies and we took steps to avoid that, if I am PG this baby will be loved and wanted and being PG again would be a joy. :)

I better kids are fighting over a large piece of styrofoam. Kids are strange!! LOL