Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Command Center

Our house is small. I think it is 1,056 square feet..that doesn't count the basement..but the basement isn't finished it doesn't really count ...unless you wanna live down there with the spiders and washer and dryer.

So..the house is small and I am increasingly annoyed over the lack of space. I blame the non-organized-ness on this fact. I look around and think of all the things we could do, IF. It's a pretty stupid way to look at things, I admit it! I am starting to get past it..and make things work, small or not. Boy! could I make LESS sense?!?!

A few years ago I was talking to my friend Teresa and telling her that I thought it was impossible to be organized in a small house. That I had no room for cute shelves and units to put things in. I told her I wanted to have a house like her house and a garage like hers. She had set up a shoe area in her garage..a place for shoes to be taken off and put away before even coming into the house! SO much better than my (then) pile of shoes under the endtable next to the front door! She said that I may not have what she had..but I had to figure out something that could work for me. Yeah. easy for HER to say, right?!?!

So...I thought and considered and thought some more and then it came to me. I would put an over the door shoe holder on the inside of the hall closet door! I did..and it works and I love it. and yes, I realize that I could just not be lazy and take my shoes to my room and put them away. should know by now...I AM lazy.

Last week, I had a bit of a melt down over the state of my house. The clutter was overwhelming..the kids had tons of make-up school work and home work laying all over the table. I had mail and papers to be filed laying all over the place and it was really really making me crazy. So, saturday I cleaned and purged and organized and felt much better. Then I had Kyle help me make a "command center". LOVE IT!

I wanted a place to hang a calendar--a place where we could all look at it and know what was going on with who on any given day. A place that I could look to see what is going on in case I lose my personal calendar. AGAIN! And I needed to figure out a system for the boys papers, etc.

This is what I came up with.

Now..I knew I wanted to do this..but AGAIN with the issue of WHERE. So I had a brainstorm This "command center" is on the other side of the door to the basement. So, it can be shut and no one sees it..and when we need it..we simply open the door. It's not inconvenient because we have to walk right past it to get from the living room to the bathroom and all the bedrooms.

The calendar is there, a basket with markers, 3 hanging file trays. One for Logan, one for Dylan and one for Misc. I labeled the boys trays with their names so there is no confusion. I really really love it! who knew something so simple could make me so happy!! I bet you're wondering how something so simple could take such a long blog entry, huh?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Shopping Bags

I finally did it. I bought re-usable shopping bags. I never have to use a plastic bag from the grocery store again. I never have to get home...lift up the plastic bag and have it bust leaving the contents all over my trunk!! Yay me!!

We got our tax return deposited yesterday so I was feeling a little rich! I took mom to lunch at Olive Garden and then went to office depot to get some supplies for my new "command center" (more on that later). They had their shopping bags on sale for 99 cents a I bought 5. Later, I went to Kroger and they had theirs on sale for 5 for $4! So..I bought 5 more. The bagger put my groceries in the bags and I LOVE them.

I actually remembered to put them back in the trunk after I put the groceries away! Now..if I can just remember to take them INTO the store with me next time I go...I'll be golden!! Also...Kroger will take 3 cents off my bill for each bag I bring in. woot!

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Power of the Paddle

My kids are out of control. There, I said it.

They don't listen, they talk back, they are disrespectful and it takes me yelling and threatening to get them to half way obey. It has gone on WAY too long. I have tried reasoning with them, explaining to them, counting, threatening, yelling, ignoring, spanking, time outs. Nothing seems to really work. It's like they don't care.

Now, keep in mind that they are not like this with Kyle. Just me. He doesn't even have to spank or count. just raise his voice a little and they are quick to obey. oh..the power of a deep voice!

Awhile ago K suggested a paddle. That the spankings don't matter because it doesn't really effect them. I hated to do that. Spankings get SUCH a bad rap...although I was spanked as a child and turned out ok..and there is a HUGE difference in a spanking and a beating..and they are NOT the same..but I digress. So..I have been trying hard to not resort to that.

So..anyway. We were at my moms the other day. The kids were running around and playing..just being kids. then the playing turned to play fighting..and then real fighting. They were screaming and just acting like little idiots. I told Logan to NOT TOUCH Dylan again..and told Dylan DO NOT go where Logan is. Easy right? apparently not. before long...they were back together fighting. I seperated them and said, "the next kid that disobeys is getting spanked--with a spatula (first thing I could think of that was "paddle-like"). Logan said "oooooh...a spatula" in a little sing song voice and did this little motion with his hand as if to say..yeah, I'm SO scared. So..I got up, walked in the kitchen and got a wooden spoon. He ran. (note to all little kids out there...when your mom has had enough and gets a spoon to spank you with...DON'T run!!) I finally got him and swatted him twice on the bottom..not hard but enough to get his attention. He looked shocked and cried and carried on and tried to run away...again. I made him sit there with me and calm down. Once he was calm I told him to put his shoes on and get in the car. He did. We came home and I hugged him before we walked in the house. He came inside and did everything I asked. he was respectful, obedient and just lovely for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Which in turn made me more calm and relaxed and a better mommy. I am usually so aggravated and annoyed and just waiting for bedtime. With him being SO much more pleasant..I enjoyed him more...enjoyed talking with him more..helping him with homework more.

I explained to both boys that I was DONE. The disobedience, back-talk, etc is over. From now on, they listen..or they get spanked. period.

Now..I just need to be consistent. I don't WANT to spank breaks my heart. But I KNOW I need control of them..before long it will be too late and I really really really don't want to raise little hellion teenagers.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I didn't get to blog at all last week because I was dealing with a very sick Dylan. He was diagnosed with Rotavirus and ended up being admitted to the hospital for dehydration. It was pretty awful and so sad seeing him so sick. He did bounce back quick though and is now 100%.

Luckily, Kyle and I have both avoided the nastiness. I washed my hands until they cracked and bled and sprayed everything the kids touched with lysol or clorox. So far so good! I did end up with a sinus-y thing..but I would take that over throwing up and diarrhea ANY day!!

So..the boys are back to school today. Today is the first day in 2 weeks that I haven't had at least 1 kid home with me. It feels very good...definitely a break that I have really needed.

Hopefully, this bout of sickness is the last one of the winter...I can't WAIT for spring!!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

Well, this week is not going to be very exciting. We are leaving this week to head to TN. So..I have a LOT of work to get I can take the days laundry, packing, etc to do. so dinners are going to be easy peasy..and leftover-y!

Monday--Chili (leftover from last night)

Tuesday--Sloppy Joes and potato chips

Wednesday--Dinner out--fast food probably

Thursday--out of town

Friday--out of town

Saturday--out of town

Sunday--coming home...probably more fast food!!

Told you it wasn't exciting. ah well. It is what it is!! :) You can view more exciting menus here.