Thursday, October 04, 2007

Always Something

Since Dylan was sick a couple weeks ago he has been sounding kind of congested and his "nose stuff" is all thick and blecky and irritating the inside of his nostril causing it to bleed. it's pretty gross. Wed. night he woke up coughing and holding his throat and then yesterday morning he woke up with small pimple like things all around his nose and mouth. He didn't have a fever or anything and said he felt fine so I took him to school and made him an appt for that afternoon.

I picked Dylan up and on the way to the dr my "low tire pressure" light came on. No of the tires has a slow leak, I made a mental note to stop and get air after the appt.

Got to the appt. 10 mins late--cause that's how I arrive for EVERYTHING. *sigh* Got right in and Dylan was diagnosed with some kind of strep infection and impetigo. Is it contagious? of course it is! Good mommy for sending the kid to school with all the other little darlings all day! *sigh* So, she writes a prescription for an antibiotic, says he can return to school on Friday. (good..because that's picture day--nice time to have sores on your face, huh?)and sends us on our way.

We get to the car, I call my mom to tell her that I just got done and can pick up Logan..she doesn't need to worry about it. As I am pulling out of the parking lot, I notice the car feels a little weird....I ignore it..when i start going faster..I hear a weird sound and the car is definitely vibrating. I pull over and my tire is FLAT! Not the tire with the slow leak...the other rear tire. Lovely. Call mom back and tell her to get Logan. Call Kyle and complain to him. Drive to a gas station..out some air in..can hear an audible "hissssssss" as the air is leaking right back out. Call Kyle some more. Call the oil change place next door..ask them where I should go...luckily there is a tire place right down the hill. I get Dylan back in the car..tell him to stay put because I am putting air in the tire and we are going FAST to the tire place. Get the air on down the hill...and ask to get my tire repaired. sure. 35 mins. no problem.

So, they take my car...Dylan and I sit and wait. I notice a sign that says they now have internet access in the waiting room, and I REALLY wish I had my laptop with me so I could do something constructive while I wait. As it turns out...Dylan and I had a nice time looking at magazines that was pretty constructive. :)

So..back to the car. I call Kyle and tell him where I am. He tells me to get the other (slow leak) tire fixed as well. Fine. 10 minutes later. They can fix the slow leak tire, but the new flat tire has damage to the sidewall...I need a new tire. lovely. 30 minutes and $150 later I am on my way home with my pretty new tire. Thank God I had my "emergency" credit card with me...and it wasn't all "emergencied" out. LOL

I have to take Logan to the Ped for his 6 yr check up today...hopefully, it's much less eventful!


Chic Girl said...

Days like that are always so draining on us Mommies!

Cindy said...

Oh good grief...what a freakin' day! Sorry, toots!

Jen said...

Wow! Well look at the bright side, maybe you have all your bad days for the next month in one concentrated dose!
Hope you have a GREAT week!!