Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Light me up!

We got a new dining room table and chairs yesterday. I bought it from someone on Craigslist and it is so nice! I'm thrilled. We haven't had a table and chairs for a couple years now since the kids had a kids sized table they preferred to sit at and my house is small--I sold the set to give us some room. Now that they are older I am craving "family dinners" and a place for L to do his homework. So, now we have it. YAY!

Now I hate the light in the dining room. It's a fluorescent light and kinda ugly. I would love to get a pretty pendant light in there. Speaking of lights, I need to get a new one for the kitchen too. I was looking at lighting the other day and came across something called quoizel lighting. It's SO pretty. It will be awhile before I can afford to get anything new though. Since we HAVE light in's just not a priority you know? It's not like the light is broken and we have to eat in the dark. hmmmmm...maybe I could "fix" that!! ;-)


Laura said...

That is too funny!!
I bought a table off CL last week too!
I love it! It's so big and we can have family dinners again with EVERYBODY at the same table.
I don't know who Craig is, but he's my hero!

Jen said...

OK, that was actually not Laura, it was Jen in MD but I had signed in on Laura's blog... oh my, long story.