Thursday, December 06, 2007

Snow Day!!

We had our first official Snow Day of the year yesterday. Well, Dylan's school stayed open, but since Logan's was closed...and I'm horribly ill, we all stayed home. It would have been much quieter and restful for me if he had gone though. Oh well. They had a blast playing out in the snow...and I got a few moments of quiet then. I had to MAKE them come in..and they were FROZEN. They both came in asking for hot baths! LOL

Logan's school was on a 2 hour delay this morning, so I took Dylan at the normal time and Logan and I did a little grocery shopping before I took him to school.

Now, I am watching the view and drinking a coke hoping my head quits hurting. Then, I am going to go work for awhile. ugh!

My house is in shambles. since I have been sick nothing is getting done. Amelia was here the other day so I had her unload and reload my dishwasher which was very nice. It hasn't been done since then it's pretty scary in there. Hopefully, tomorrow I will be feeling much better and can get the house in order before the weekend.