Thursday, July 26, 2007

Confessions of a desk slob!

I really need to get my desk clean. One of the things I am looking forward to, about work ending, is being able to throw a BUNCH of the papers on my desk...AWAY! It's crazy in there.

Yesterday, I unplugged the wireless router to reset it, the plug got pushed off the desk and I had to crawl under the desk to look for it. There are so many plugs down actually took a few minutes to find it...then when I did..I couldn't get it up to the desk without it falling back down! I had to IM Kyle and have him send Logan in, so I could feed the wire up the back of the desk and Logan could pull it from the top! Of course in the process, he knocked about 3 stacks of paper off the desk. Not a big deal really since there is NO rhyme or reason to the madnness in there!

I also need a new computer chair. The one I am using now is SHOT. We got it from the apartments we moved from seven years ago. The upholstery was scratched all to hell--from a cat apparently..but it worked well...and who cared if it was ugly--not me!! Well, something has happened to it and now it leans sideways and the back is SO far back..if I want rest my back against it..I just about have to lay down! yesterday, the little hydraulic lift thing in it...that let me sit at a good height...quit working. One small "whoosh" and I was about a foot from the floor. So,'s time! LOL

Alright..Im wasting time..I have to head to a couple counties away to do some courthouse research..I guess I haven't posted about that yet, huh? Oh well...I'll fill ya'll in later...gotta get!!