Thursday, November 30, 2006

Christmas Lights

In years past our street hasn't been a big one to put up lights and chrismtas decorations. This year something has happened and almost everyone has some type of lights up. So..I am going to clean off my front porch and get some kind of lights/decorations up this weekend. I'm so excited...Kyle is not. LOL We're also going to put the tree up this weekend. I can't WAIT!!

Meet new people/Make new friends

One of the bad things about not being in high school anymore (yeah, for like 13 years now!! GOD..I'm OLD!!) is I don't have access to all the people that I could get to do stuff with me. There are a lot of things/activites that I would like to be involved in but don't wanna go it alone, ya know?

Lifeknot's Google Gadget makes it so easy to Meet new friends with the same interests. It's really kinda fun to play with and check out profiles of people that live in your area and also want a "playmate". Check it out...make a new friend.

Alayna Jane

My very good friend Rita had her baby girl last night. Miss Alayna Jane was born around 11 pm at 31 weeks. She weighed 2 lbs 3 oz and was born screaming (like a little bird). Mommy and Baby are doing well...please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Transformation of Antonio

This video of Ted from PayPerPost cracks me right up!! I keep doing my own impression of AnTONIo when no one else is around. LOL If I wasn't so afraid of the germs that are probably lurking on my shower doors...I might try a catfeesh transformation myself!! I showed this video to Kyle...he was less amused, oh well. Check it out and see what you think....

I love the part where he talks about previous transformations..."a jar and a corn cob" LOL

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pizza Night

Work was hellacious today. I am tired. We have no food and I NEED to go to the grocery..but guess what? SO NOT gonna happen. I am declaring it "pizza night". I'll do the grocery shopping in the morning after I drop off Logan.

That's All! :)

Monday, November 27, 2006

Momma needs a brand new Camera

Where is MY Camera, Ted? *sob* *sob* I'm working my fingers to the bone, not only supporting my family but making money on the side to be YOUR Postie...I ask you, WHERE is MY Camera (and printer)???

My current digital camera was purchased 8 maybe 9 years ago for $1,000...yeah, we were cool and newly married and had lots of interesting things to take pictures of *wink wink*. We were gonna be digital photography buffs!! This was life before kids...we had money to gadgets to buy...Fun was to be had and we were having it darn it!!! We lovingly toted it around (the camera..not the fun!!) in a rubbermaid box, nestled atop a hand towel with 4 extra sets of batteries and a memory card. (Ok, so we were cool enough for the $1,000 digital camera but not cool enough for a camera bag. because, that's the way we roll!!)

It was a great captured pictures of family and friends, our first apartment and house, my first BIG pregnant belly, the birth of that baby, that babys first b-day, my second BIG pregnant belly...that baby's birth---you get the idea. And while that camera is a good one, it is time for it to move on. It's big and clunky and the rubbermaid "case" HA! has been cast aside to make room for other things we need for these little creatures we call our children.

It now has a broken rubbery thingie next to the eye thingie you look through...there are exposed wires there..I could get shocked in the cheek!! (can you get shocked by things run on battery power?) It needs to be put to's done it's job, it's put up the good's time for it to move on to the big camera land in the sky.

~~This post was brought to you by HP.

Home again

We are home again. We had a wonderful time at the in-laws. I worked M-W and the days DRAGGED...I took a 4 day weekend and the time FLEW, go figure!! Highlights of the week were having a YUMMY dinner prepared and waiting for me everynight after work..good yummy comfort food too!! MMMM and going out with Kyles cousins to a Mexican restaurant on Saturday night...we had SO much fun..I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time!! LOL We were supposed to come home SAturday so I would have a day to grocery shop, etc before starting school and work again, but we ended up staying until yesterday...BIG mistake. Now, I have to grocery shop tonight when I get off work. UGH!!! Oh..and I left all the christmas presents I bought on Friday down huh? *rolleyes*

The Reason for the Season

I love this time of year...first Thanksgiving and then Christmas. It's this time of year that I think the most about what I am thankful for and reflect on my relationship with God. I haven't belonged to a church in quite awhile and ache to belong to one again. I know that so many of us feel a little "lost" regarding the church sometimes. If you are Catholic, or interested in the Catholic faith, you may find the Catholic Show of interest to you. It is a podcast so you can load it on your ipod and listen at your leisure. In this wonderful time of Year, let us ALL remember that HE is the reason for the Season.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Stupid Car

We're at the inlaws, got here about 7:30 Sunday night. It was a huge to-do just getting out of town. We finally got all packed and the car loaded and headed out..we got about 10 miles away and the car started acting weird and K was scared to drive it for fear we would blow the engine or soemthing. SO...back home we came...stopped and moms and asked if we could borrow our car...she said that was fine (she is SO good to us), so we unloaded and reloaded the car, got the kids back in and were FINALLY on our way. WHEW! SO now, I am stressed about the car and how much it is going to cost to fix it...right at Christmas-time. really sucks. I know I know..I should be counting my blessings blah blah blah. For now..I wanna be a baby brat face. ;-)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

No Nails

Darn it!! I wonder why I never listen to myself? I KNEW that I should have made a nail appt, but I thought I could stop by the nail place..put my name in and go run another errand and come back. WRONG! My nail girl, Tee, wasn't there today! They said she was out sick...she was sick LAST Saturday too...I wonder if she is PG?? LOL So, I have to go to TN with ugly nails...and they are SO ugly since I pulled off my fake nails and removed my nail polish. UGH!!!

Credit Cards R Us

A couple years ago we had cut up all of our credit cards and had NONE. Then Kyle got approved for one and we had just that one. I have been wanting to build my credit score up, so I applied for a couple and got those. Sometimes, credit cards get a bad rap because irresponsibilty can get you in a bad place with them. (Which is why ours were cut up a couple years ago!) But honestly, Credit Cards have really helped us out of binds more often than not. In hindsight, I wish I had shopped around a little for the BEST credit card for us. I had no idea that there were sites that helped with that kind of thing. No matter what your credit or what you are looking for in your Credit can find them there.

Friday, November 17, 2006


So glad today is Friday. Byt the ned of the week, I am so tired and so ready to not work for a couple days. I have a busy weekend planned though since we are heading to the in-laws on Sunday. We'll be there for a week and I will work from there M-W I am off on Thursday and took the day off on I can shop!! woohoo. My goal is to get Kyles family finished...that way I don't have to ship their gifts to them. Not sure if I am going to have a "black Friday" shopping partner though, and not sure I wanna go alone. I'm still trying to get Kyle to agree to go with me, he's no fun to take shopping though...better than nothing I guess. ROFL

Cornucopia of Info...and little gossip

So we all know I am addicted to PayPerPost right? and we all know that my favorite form of info, etc. is through forums/message boards right? Well, the forums at PayPerPost are no exception to that. When I first joined PPP and needed help getting my blog approved for posting and wasn't sure what to do...where did I find help? PPP forums. When I needed to know what PR3 was, where did I find the answer? PPP forums!! When I was bored and just wanted to surf some meaningless conversation..where did I become un-bored?? That's right!!! The PPP FORUMS!!! Because of my knowledge of the forums, when my friend, Jenelle joined PPP and had questions I was able to say, "I don't know..check out the PPP forums, I'm SURE you'll find your answer there!!" Guess what?? She did..and she DID!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006


I'm thinking about getting a perm. Just to add a little curl and more body to my hair. I always wear my hair up in a twist with the ends out and if I had a perm it would look nicer I think. Of course I don't have the money to get a perm right it doesn't really matter. LOL Wonder why hair stuff has to be so darn expensive??

His Collection...

Several years ago, Kyle's sister lived in England..her husband is in the Air Force and they were stationed there. The nice thing about having family or friends stationed somewhere overseas is the cool gifts they buy you while they are there. LOL She bought Kyle a couple swords and that started his "collection". Of course those are the only two he it's not much of a collection, but he is quite proud of it. He wants to hang them over the bed, but I'm too scared they will fall off and hit me in the head in the middle of the night. LOL On occasion, he has mentioned that he would like to add another sword to his collection and I have toyed with the idea of trying to find one for him. I'm not exactly sure what he wants or what would go with his collection, or if I should try to find something like what he already has..or get something completely different. I believe what he has now is a martial arts type sword, I think the pirate cutlasses look really cool. I'll have to do some more research before making a decision..guys are SO hard to shop for!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Here a cough, there a cough.....

Dylan is home from school today. Kyle and I both have colds and Dylan has developed a gross sounding cough. He went to the dr. on MOnday for a re-check and the ear infection is FINALLY gone..she said there was still a little fluid..but the infection was gone...and she wants to see him in a month. While they were there, K asked her to listen to his chest (Dylans..not Kyles. LOL) she did and she said he sounded wheezy, they did the pulse ox and it was 98. They gave him a breathing treatment, did the pulse ox again and it was 96!! She said that is something that CAN happen and that it was normal. ok..whatever. LOL So..we have had 2 Coughy McCoughersons using the nebulizer this week. fun fun!!

What's for Dinner??

I don't know if you're like me...but I'm usually trying to figure out what we can have for dinner. If I'm not making "menus" so I can do my grocery shopping, I have my head stuck in the fridge/freezer trying to figure out what I can make so I DON'T have to go to the grocery. It's not an easy job and I am forver asking Kyle for his help...which is NO help. His typical answer is, "make something easy..whatever's easy is fine with me" *roll eyes*

What I NEED is something like BigOven Recipe Software - 160,000 Recipes to take the guess work out of dinner. I could enter in a few ingredients I have on hand...the software does it's magic and Voila! a recipe!! And more often than not..that recipe is going to be completely different than whatever idea I had brewing in my head for the food on hand!

You can try the software out for free...go ahead..give it a around with the website (that leftover wizard is FUN!), and check out the message boards. You really can't go wrong with this!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Unexpected bills

Never make the mistake of thinking you are going to have "extra" money. I thought that I would have a quite a bit of money from this months check to do christmas shopping...then I got my car insurance bill and water bill....2 bills that happen every 3months...and I forgot about. Darn it!! So, some of my shopping is going to have to be done about 2 weeks before christmas when I get my next check. Humbug!!!

How do I love thee......?

I am SOOOO in love with PayPerPost!! WHY you ask?!?! Because I get paid to simply do a little blog advertising. It's easy and fun! I don't post about anything I don't want to. It's all completely up to me..I am the master of my domain!! HA! This week my PayPerPost income has started rolling in..little by by day. It's awesome. It's such a thrill to see my paypal account increase everyday..and it has been SO easy..and here's the thing...It will CONTINUE to increase as long as I continue to delve into the world of blog advertising. It doesn't get much easier than that!!

Seriously, Kyle hasn't worked in almost 2 years and yes I am blessed to have gotten a job that I can do from home and allows us to survive. PayPerPost is making it so we can do a little more than "just" survive. I am able to make my family a little bit happier all because of PayPerPost and dammit! that feels GOOD!!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

It's over!

OMG..that was the worst experience of my life!!

They gave me a dose of darvocet and then a dose of versed, I got drowsy and they did the endoscopy, the only thing I remember about that is them talking about my pretty wedding ring and I tried to talk and they told me not to talk that only they could talk to me. and then I remember doing some major gagging when they pulled it out.

The colonoscopy was AWFUL..I felt every second of it and they gave me 2 more doses of versed because I was in so much pain, there were 2 nurses presing on my stomach and then they were having me turn this way and that way and I was crying and I was trying SO hard to no be a baby, they were so nice and telling me how good I was doing...I even tried deep with labor...I swear this pain was worse than was AWFUL. They ended up calling the anesthesiologist in and giving me gen. anesthesia...then I was out and don't remember anything until I was back in recovery where I opened my eyes and thankfully saw my wonderful husband and immediately started crying.

Come to find out..I have a very loopy colon with lots of curves and that was the reason for all the pushing and pain...lucky me. She wrote on the report that I need to have another one in 5 years WITH gen. anesthesia. thank god.

Everything looked good, she said. They took some samples and sent them to the lab and she gave me a prescription to help with some pain and stuff I have been having. She feels like everything will come back from the lab fine.

When we left we stopped and picked up chinese for dinner..I don't think anything has ever tasted so good.

I am SO glad it's done now.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Lover of Dolls, Designer of Many

I'm such a girly girl and love all things girly. I wish I had a girl just for the purely selfish reason of dressing her up and putting cute bows on her head and frilly socks on her feet!! LOL I get a little of the dress up need out of my system by playing around with Dress Up Games and Dollmakers. Once they are made you can use them as avatars in chats, forums, etc. It's so fun to do and can be so addictive. So many options, so little time.

I wish I was one of those graphic designer type people that could make my own dolls just by drawing them with some type of groovy graphics program. But, I'm not so the Dress Up Games and Dollmakers that take all the work out for you and let you just play ROCK.

Procedure day

Todays the day. The prep wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Once I got past the nauseous feeling, I was ok. Didn't even end up with a sore bum. All good things. I will be SOOO glad to come home and eat. The plan is to pick up chinese food on the way home. I am so excited. LOL I hope my throat isn't sore and I am able to enjoy it. I'll update once I get home this evening.

Tablet PC for the boys??

I wish I had it in me to stand in line for 24 hours to get one of the cheap tablet PCs circuit city or Best Buy will have on Black Friday. I would love to get one for the kids. They love to play on mine..but I love to play on mine and don't really want to share!! LOL They do have a computer in their playroom but will never go in there to play it. I think they like being out here where we are. I guess we could move it out here, but it's a big older computer and so cumbersone and takes a lot of, they wanna turn the volume up and then we can't hear the tv. If I got them their own tablet PC they could stick some headphones in it. Hmmm. Of course I don't want to make a bad decision in purchasing one, should I decide to do so, so I have been checking out Tablet PC Reviews and the forum there. I'm not sure which way I will go in the decision but I do like being informed about what I may or may not buy.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Clear Liquid Diet

I'm having a colonoscopy and a upper endoscopy tomorrow and therefore, am on a clear liquid diet today. it sucks. I had a popscicle for was depressing. LOL I am NOT looking forward to all the laxative stuff I have to drink tonight and all the time I will be spending in the bathroom. I hear the preperation is the worst part hopefully I can get through that and will be a-ok.

June Wedding

When my dad took me and my aunt to dinner for our birthdays the other night, my aunt told me that my cousin, Brandy is engaged and is knee deep in wedding stuff. She is getting married June 15 and my aunt told us to save the date that she was expecting to see us there. I asked where she was getting married and she said Atlanta. I would really like to go and told my dad and Lola that maybe I would ride with them...then my dad said maybe they would take the motorcycle down. Gee thanks! LOL My mother in law lives about 3 hours from Atlanta so feasibly Kyle and I and the kids could head down to see her and I could go to the wedding. It's on a Friday night...maybe I could get Cindy to let me crash there once the wedding is over. I don't know it's something to think about.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I have been obsessed with lately, I was last Christmas shopping season too. Since money is so tight here and we have 22 people (not including ourselves or our kids) to shop for, I need the best deals I can find. So far I have gotten a great deal on a gift for my BIl, my niece, and Kyle. so, I visit the site non stop hoping for a great price on something.

The other day someone posted about a rugs, so I went and purchased FOUR 3'x5' rugs for my kitchen..I was SO excited..they were red and white..perfect for my cherry kitchen!! I got the confirmation e-mail telling me they were discontinued and I would not be receiving them!! I was SOOOO bummed.

Last Sunday someone posted that their K-Mart had an evenflo triumph convertible car seat on clearance for $24!! This was orig priced at $119!! I ran down to my K-mart and was thrilled to see 5 on the shelf. The sticker on them said $96, but when scanned rang up for $24! I immediately got one for Rita. I know she needs one because when the new baby comes Avery will need to move to a big boy seat so the new baby girl can have his. I called and told her and she is thrilled. I'm thrilled I got such a great deal and can help them out. Yay, slickdeals!!

Churn--a new meaning

You know when you get mad at your cable, telephone, etc company and threaten to leave and go with a different company if they don't do XYZ? I learned this week that the term for that is Churn. Now, I don't know if the threat is the churn, or the leaving and going somewhere else is the churn. Regardless, it's an interesting term, huh?

My story about my own Churn is when my DSL modem went out and the phone company was going to charge me an arm and a leg for a new one! I was SOOO angry. We had our phone, internet, and satellite service through the company..we had been a customer for 7 years and the LEAST they could do is replace the modem darn it!! I called the customer service dept and they were no help. Just gave me the run around about their policy blah blah blah. So, I called the actual DSL problem dept and was able to talk to a really nice lady who not only replaced our modem, but replaced it with a wireless one so we could use it for our laptop as well!! I was thrilled. I didn't even have to be a B*, I just stated my case and she agreed and was willing go above and beyond to keep me as a customer.

I remember several years ago when long distance companies would offer you $$ to switch to their carrier and I knew some people that would switch every couple of months for the money...I think that kind of Churn is just plain wrong. That's the kind of stuff that makes companies not want to work with you and ends up causing problems for everyone. If you are happy with your company, just be happy, on the same note if your company is making you wanna pull your hair out you should by all means talk to someone and give them a chance to make it right.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Coughy McCougherson

Logan has a cold and it has made his asthma flair up big time. Kyle took him to the dr today and his pulse/ox level was 96 when he got there. They immediately gave him a dose of steroids and a breathing treatment. Pulse/ox after was 100. So, they sent him home with a steroid scrip and a new face mask for his nebulizer. Last winter we switched from the nebulizer to an inhaler with a we are thinking that maybe he wasn't getting enough medicine with the back to the nebulizer. She told us we could give him benadryl to help him sleep at night..hopefully he will sleep better tonight than he did last night!!

Once a Sniper....

With Christmas coming up and all the shopping that goes along with it. I have started looking around on Ebay. I have to make it off limits to myself every once in awhile because I buy too much. LOL But, permission has now been granted to do the Ebaying thing once again. One of the things I hate about Ebay is having to watch the auctions you want to win so close. Most people tend to wait until the last second to bid, myself included. LOL So, I have become quite the sniper!! I love it. It is so easy and I don't have to constantly watch the clock and the auction and then be so mad at myself when I forget. (talk about MADDENING!! LOL) Plus, I got to try it out for free for 15 days. My way to Ebay has been changed forever!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Another Birthday Dinner

My dad took me to dinner Sunday night for my birthday. We took my aunt too..since we share a birthday..I'm also named after her. we had a really nice time and the food was wonderful. It was nice to get out and spend some time with my dad and his wife and my aunt...something I don't do enough of. I was actually gone so long Kyle called to make sure I was ok. LOL He kept telling me it was "fine" that I was still gone..he was just worried. I guess he wanted to check on me without making me feel like he was CHECKING UP on me. ROFL

Keep this in a safe place

I've been meaning to buy a fire proof safe or lock box for awhile now...for all of our important papers, etc. Then I decided maybe I should just get a safe deposit box at the bank. But you know how I hate to leave the house and anything that can be done online SHOULD be done online?? Well, wonders never cease...I found an Online Safe Deposit Box!! Can you believe that?? It doesn't get much more convenient than that, huh? Users of this feature get a small save deposit box to use FREE for a year, after that you can upgrade to a bigger, permanent box for like $3/month! Definitely worth checking and trying out.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Nail Break

I pulled off all my nails. They needed to be filled in and I had broken one and didn't have time to go and get them done, so I decided to pull them all off and give my nails some time to breathe and then I would get another set. The nail lady had told me that the next time I came, I needed to start over with new tips anyway as these were starting to lift. She didn't put the original set on and I guess the guy that did did a sucky job. Everytime I go for a fill she will look at them and say, "I put these on for you?" she is shocked she would so such an awful job. I'm actually kind of excited to have her put them on and start fresh. It's kinda nice having them off..I can type easier and quieter. LOL I'm sure I'll be ready for them again in a couple weeks.

Banks..who needs 'em??

A few months ago I came across a post on a message board about peer to peer lending. I thought the concept was really neat and definitely a cool option for someone looking into online loans. The way it works is that you "join" a network of people...and these people are either in the network to borrow money or to invest/lend it. Basically it just cuts out the need for a bank and the huge profit they make from your need. The whole process is really simple and definitely worth checking out. It's like borrowing from a friend without worrying about hurting your friendship...the terms are all laid out and no one gets hurt. You gotta love that....

Saturday, November 04, 2006

It was a good one!!

Last night was SO nice. We went to moms and had cake (my favorite cake that she HATES to make and ONLY makes for my birthday) and opened my gifts. The kids got me 2 pair of slipper socks, a calendar, and the game I can play with them. LOL Mom, Tony, and my step-father got me 3 sweaters and a long sleeved t-shirt. I'm so excited I really needed them.

We left the kids there and went to eat, we had no idea where we wanted to go and drove around the mall area trying to decide..there were a couple new restaraunts we have never been to so we were thinking maybe we would try one of those. We decided not to go to Logan's Roadhouse because Logan REALLY wants to eat there LOL, and we started to go to Cadillac Jacks walked inside and decided it was too "sports bar" for what we were in the mood for, then we went to Longhorn (even though we had been there before) and the wait was 60-70 mins!! No thanks! So then we went to The Fox and the Hound, and I am SOOO glad we did. it was really really good. I ended up having 3 drinks. I NEVER drink that much. I started with a really strong apple martini and ended up with 2 touchdown teas. Yummy I tell ya. then I came home and CRASHED! LOL

It was a really good birthday!! :)

Wanna Race?

I have to admit I'm not a HUGE Drag Racing Fan...not like my dad and friend, Rick anyway. Rick actually used to have a mustang that he raced at the local speedway on weekends. This post is for my readers who are like my dad and Rick..the drag racing enthusiasts..the ones that love to watch Drag Racing and seeing a video of Drag Racing Clips will stop them in their tracks....and for Speed Tv, since they are paying me to post it!! *big grin*

If that piques your interest....there is an all day marathon of PINKS followed by a premiere of PINKS All Out on Speedtv on Nov 23rd.

**This Post sponsored by**

Friday, November 03, 2006

It's my Birthday!!

I'm 32 today. Thirty-Two...wasn't it just yesterday I was depressed about turning 30 and let Kyle dye my hair?? LOL Time fies, the kids are growing up and I am getting old. *sigh* No, really..I don't mind it too much. We'll discuss that again in 8 years when I hit 40..k??

So, I am working all day and then going to moms for cake and gifts. Then Kyle and I are leaving the kids with her while we go to dinner. Yes, we are having cake before dinner! LOL Kyle is taking the kids shopping after school...I'm interested to see what they pick out.

My big gift (from me and Kyle) is going to be a Creative Zen Vision W media player..when we can find one at a good price. Which is hopefully before we take our trip to TN in 2 weeks!

Who's goin' to the Chapel??

So, remember this post?? You know, telling you all about the PayPerPost Wedding in Vegas?? Well, the 3 finalists have been chosen and the voting is on!! You can read all about the 3 finalists at and vote for your favorite couple. I voted this morning and it was a really hard decision. Doesn't EVERYONE deserve a paid for wedding in Vegas PayPerPost style?!?! I think so!! The stories are all very charming and sweet and does NOT make the decision easy. In the end I voted for Mike and Corrin, instead of doing eeny meeny minie moe, I let my heartstrings be pulled by the super cute dachshund (that got snipped with PPP money, by the way! LOL) and the fiance' that looks a little like David Arquette. *wink*
Which couple will get your vote?!? ends November 8 at midnight.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ear Issues all around

Dylan went for his ear infection check up yesterday and his ear is still infected so he got another shot. He was NOT happy about that! Thank God Kyle took him. He has to go back on Monday for another re-check and shot, IF it's not better. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be. Bless his heart.

When Logan went to bed last night he said his ear hurt so I gave him tylenol and sent him to bed. 3 hours later he was awake and crying because it was hurting so bad. We gave him so Ibuprofen and put numbing drops in and he eventually went back to sleep. He woke up this morning feeling fine, I am hoping it was "just" and ear ache rather than an infection.

Vegas Wedding--PayPerPost Style!

Going to Vegas and we're gonna get maaaarrrriieed... Never been married before, WANNA get married?? PayPerPost is looking for a couple posties to go to Vegas for a payperpost wedding. The opportunity comes with some great know aside from the wedded bliss and all!!

To announce this newest adventure in the land of PayPerPost, Brit, Veronique, and the new girl (karen??) got dressed in "wedding finery" and made a video. Tell me this isn't the funnest (most fun?) job ever!! LOL

I, for one and am so excited about seeing how this wedding pans out. Of course it will be recorded so we can all watch it and share the happy couples joyous event. I wish I wasn't married so I could do it! LOL I'm sure my husband will be thrilled to read this.

Spread the word...someone is getting married in Vegas...PayPerPost style!!! woohoo!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Chelsea & Lindsay

My twin nieces turned 14 today. I just got off the phone with them and neither one sounds like they had a wonderful day..which makes me sad. At THAT age getting older is fun.

Chelsea broke my heart, she was crying so hard because about 3 weeks ago she got an early b-day present, a puppy she named Stella. apparently stella has been sick the last couple days and pottied on the carpet. My sister and her husband are freaks about that kind of stuff (well HE is, my sister plays along like she is the cleanest person in the world *rolleyes*) so, they made Chelsea give the dog back to whoever she got it from...ON her birthday. She was so heartbroken. My sister makes me so mad. I swear she has no sense sometimes. If you make a commitment to an take the good with the bad..and if the dog is sick it's not her fault and carpet DOES come clean.

They are supposed to come for Christmas and Lindsay is talking about going to Alabama with her dad, I hope all the girls don't decide to go with him instead of coming with their mom. I am really looking forward to seeing them.

Fat Confessions

PayPerPost is continuing with their "confessional series". Today's episode is Ted...he talks about being the fat kid and gaining some weight recently. Personally, I think he looks fine..but, a big desk can hide a multitude of sins so to speak. Ha!

I understand too well the "fat thing"..losing weight is hard...really hard and it's NO fun. I have considered the idea of going to the gym...I was thinking of joining the Y, to do it as a family thing..but really I have no time to do that. I bought exercise videos and did them at home during the summer when I was dieting and that worked kinda well, but I resented my computer/me time being "wasted" on exercise. How's that for warped thinking?? LOL Isn't someone supposed to be inventing a miracle pill?? Come ON already!!!!