Saturday, April 19, 2008

Then there was light...

Someone around here is always leaving lights on in some room or included. Sometimes I look around and think, good GRIEF! what are we?? afraid of the dark??

I was at Kyles work a couple weeks ago and walked into the bathroom, and they have those motion sensor lights installed in there. I started thinking that that might not be such a bad idea in this house. Lights just go on and off as you walk through the house, no need to reach for a switch. That might just be a lazy girls dream!

Summer Clothes

I went and got the kids summer clothes the other day. I got quite a few things at Old Navy and then went to JC Penney the next day and saw some SUPER cute things I HAD to buy more.

My intention was to go through all the clothes, keep the ones I loved and take back the ones that were just so-so. Once I started going through them all I decided I really liked them all. I had a nice mix of casual stuff with the funny t-shirts Logan likes so much and more dressy looking stuff that I like so much! So..I decided to put away the cuter things for the Disney trip. Once September comes, I will be SO glad I did that, I bet!!

Golf Fanatics

Kyles aunt and uncle are moving to TN next year. I think I have talked about it before..they are in the process of building their dream house and then when she retires next year they will move.

They have lived in the house they are in for over 30 years. Needless to say, it is filled with lots of stuff. Stuff they are trying to weed through and keep only what is absolutely necessary, things they love, etc. We were there last week and walked through the garage. They have done a great job at cleaning it out, but oh my stars, I knew they were into golf, but I couldn't believe how many golf bags, golf balls, golf shoes, etc there was. I told them it would be a great place to open a pro-shop!! LOL

New Bedding

A few years ago when my grandma gave me her bedroom suite, my mom gave me her comforter set. It was black and gold and taupe and gorgeous. So, I painted our walls black and taupe and put a pretty border between the 2 colors. I LOVE it.

Fast forward about a year and the gorgeous comforter set became threadbare in spots and not so pretty. So we switched to a quilt we had around the house and that was that.

Lately I have been missing the "matchy match" that my room was and find myself looking around on-line for comforter sets I haven't found anything I love yet...good thing since I can't afford a new set, huh?

Early B-day & Father's Day

Kyle had an exciting day today.

He has been hinting around that he wants/needs these tools for work, that he has to keep asking to borrow certain things, his drill battery is not keeping a charge, etc. He wanted this particular kit that came with 4 different tools. Since they were having a sale today we went to look.

They were on sale for $499 with $60 off, but if he spent $500 (on participating tools)he would get $100 off. So, the plan was to buy something else "small" so we could get the $100 off. While checking out the tools though, I noticed that the 6 pc set was on sale for $549. With the $100 off it would be $449--only $10 more than the original price we were going to pay for the 4 pc set!!! Needless to say, we bought the 6 pc set. He was excited and I was excited for him. No, it wasn't as thrilling as visiting the electronics department and buying a new TV..but that's ok. I told him this is his birthday AND Father's Day present--he readily agreed. LOL

He loved coming home and taking it all out of the box, charging it up, scaring the dog with the drill....good times!!

OH! I also got a ceiling fan for the bedroom which he put up when we got home. I can't wait to go to bed tonight! LOL Our bedroom gets SOOOO hot. Last summer we bought a window a/c just for our bedroom so I could sleep without swelling up from the heat! We're hoping to use that a little less this summer with the ceiling fan in full swing!

So, I guess it was an exciting day for me too!!

Conversations with Mom

You know, I have always thought I have good skin. In my teenage years I rarely broke out...except for one very annoying pimple that seemed to come up in the same EXACT spot EVERY month! As I have aged, my skin has still been good to me...aside from a couple very small expression lines, 1 pretty big frown line--between my brows and an age spot. But really..I think my skin has fared well.


I'm in the car with my mom and she says, "I bet when you get older you will have a lot of wrinkles." I say, "you do? why?" She says, "oh, just because".

Guess who is researching top wrinkle creams now?

Hard for me to believe that my skin that has been SO good to me will one day revolt and leave me a wrinkly mess! Time will tell, I suppose!

Thanksgiving in April

Since Kyle and I got married and his parents moved to TN, every Thanksgiving we spend down there with them. My mom really misses making Thanksgiving dinner and is always saying how she wishes we would stay home one Thanksgiving, etc etc.

Well, a couple weeks ago she got the idea to have an early Thanksgiving. So, next weekend we will be having our first Thanksgiving in April. Tammy and her family will be there along with Dad and his. It should be really nice and I am looking forward to is mom. She has her menu all planned and has doled out who needs to bring what. I am bringing Sweet Potato Casserole and Deviled Eggs and plates. I think this is a great idea and don't know why we never thought of it sooner...I am thinking it will become a yearly tradition.

Just to make things a little more interesting..Logan got a birthday party invitation for that same Saturday morning...than Dylan got one for another kid at the SAME place on the SAME day. The parties actually overlap each other. LOL I am guessing I will make the eggs the day before and the casserole that morning and then just have to pop it in the oven for a bit when we get home.

Gas Prices

Good grief! Payday was Thursday so Kyle and I both filled up our cars. He spent $60 and I spent $50! That's crazy!! I sure do miss when gas was $2/gallon...wonder if we will ever see that again?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Change of Career

Several years ago I attended a school to train for my job as a ticket agent with a well known airline. It was a fun and stressful 30 days. There were also a flight attendant school there and I would watch them at lunch and during our breaks and wish I was one of them.

When the opportunity arose a couple years later, I interviewed to be a flight attendant, I didn't make it through the first stage of interviews though. I know now it was meant to be, but at the time, it made me really sad. It was a group interview and during it we had to play a "game" where we would throw a ball to someone and say a letter and they had to say the first thing that came to their mind. Somebody through me the ball and gave me the letter Q...Q!! The only thing I could think of was "queer" and I did NOT want to say "QUEER" in my interview!! So, I hesitated..a LONG time and finally came up with Queen. I guess they figured I might not be able to think on my feet and save my passengers in an emergency.

I learned the other day that my moms nail tech was changing careers and was leaving in the next week to start her new job as a flight attendant. I felt a little pang of jealousy. Not that I would want to do it now, but I wish I would have had the opportunity to experience a job that I think would be exciting!

Work Wear

I always assumed that people in law enforcement got their clothing/uniforms etc from the place where they work--their specific station or county/city. But I came across this site today for 5.11 gear and apparently, if you are a cop (or just like their gear) you can purchase it from there. that I think about it, I guess it is entirely possible that the cities/counties/stations purchase things from places such as this and then distribute to their employees...and I was correct in my original thinking. yes, I bet that's it!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Signs of Spring

I have been meaning to write this post for a few days now, but just haven't taken the time. Now, the day I finally sit down to do it, it is dreary and gray and chilly--I even had to turn on my heat!'s supposed to snow flurry later..and again tomorrow. Hard to believe it was 70 yesterday! but..this is supposed to be a blog entry on the signs of spring..not Ohio's crazy weather! LOL

The grass is SO green and pretty. I notice it everywhere I go. Must be all that rain. I think we will definitely need to mow this week.

I must be REALLY ready for Spring this year, because usually I don't notice the trees budding. Just one day I will be out and think WOW! the trees have leaves--when did that happen? LOL This year, I keep watching the trees...waiting for those first little buds...the first little leaves. So far, I only see leaves on the little trees, bushes, etc. I can see the buds on the big trees but no leaves yet. I'm sure their debut is right around the corner and I can't wait!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I pretend that I want to find an exercise I like. The truth is, I don't.

I tried Pilates one time and hurt my back so bad, I could hardly sit down for days. The only reason I tried it, was because I knew I could sit down while doing it and not break a sweat.

IF....IF...IF I DO exercise I usually do my walk away the pounds videos. They are ok. It's over pretty quick so I don't mind too much!

Even though I am very unfit and overweight I am pretty limber. I like that about me. I love that I can lift my foot over my head and people think that is amazing. LOL

I recently received a copy of Yoga: Gentle Practice. I decided this was something right up my alley. Something that I might be half-way good at...since I am already limber and something that might be a little relaxing too. No, it won't give me a heart pumping workout...but it will strengthen me, lengthen me...and hopefully help me get a little lean!!

So..I'm not very trying this yoga dvd out the first time was a little awkward, but the video was very explanatory, complete with a Yoga Pose Guide section and I was able to pick it up fairly easy.

The video has 6 different "routines" with different difficulty levels and length. Basically, you can choose the difficulty and the length of time you want to spend and the DVD will give you exactly what you want! You can't be that!

I'm glad I got this yoga dvd and enjoyed it so much!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Age Spot

I am 33 and have my first age spot. Sad, huh? I have the grey hair..why NOT the age spots?? *sigh* I have been using a dermabrasion kit...kinda hoping it would lighten it a little but I don't think it has helped much. I might have to look into some kind of skin lightening product. Of course, I probably won't do that unless a new one pops up. This one is over on the side of my face close to my it's not REALLY, I'll deal...for promises if one decides to show up on the tip of my nose though! ;)

Baggage, Luggage, Suitcases....oh my!

I saw a really good sale on luggage today. Well, it looked like a good deal at first glance. 7 pieces for $77! Well...when I looked better I saw 3 pieces..probably 4 that I wouldn't even use. I was tempted though!

We got the luggage we have now the year after we were married. So..we have it for 9's been used a lot too...and something got on one of the zippers and kinda corroded it, so it's hard to zip sometimes. (remember when suitcases had those buckle latchy thingies??) It would be nice to have new luggage for our nice vacation. hmmm...I'll have to see how the vacation fund is when it gets closer. I could maybe sacrifice $100 for some new luggage!!

Oh the pain....

oh the achiness!! I have no idea what is going on with my body but it is really achey and hurty lately. If it's not my back, it's my neck, if it's not my neck, it's my heels, if it's not my heels it's my arms. And they just is SO weird. The ONLY thing I can figure out is that gaining back 10 pounds has had an adverse effect on my body as a whole OR the arthritis in my back is moving to other parts of my body. Regardless of what it is...I know that getting the 10 pounds back off and losing more beyond that will make me feel much better.

Seriously...this pain sucks and I am dreading going to bed because I lay in pain and wake up all through the night in pain. I wonder of one of those adjustable beds would help? Not that I have to money for a new bed...especially since I just bought a new couch!!! hmmm..hopefully the couch will be super comfy!!

Flying Cheap

I'm starting to get nervous about the ability to find cheap flights for our trip to Disney in September. I am kinda kicking myself for not purchasing them about a month ago when they were kinda cheap. I check daily..sometimes several times a day..and am keeping my fingers crossed. If we can't get the flight cheap enough..we'll have to drive...which totally stinks! Not only will we have to be in the car for at least 16 will seriously cut into our Disney time!! :(

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

New Furniture....Again!

You might remember this post from last year. I got new to me funriture and was oh so excited! Less than a year later...I am so oh so not thrilled with it! Evidently we are super hard on furniture or something. LOL I mean, I KNOW we are. We don't have a family room, so this furniture is the furniture that is used ALL the time. Add to that, 2 VERY *ahem* active little boys, a hyper dog and a cat...and who am I kidding..Kyle and I aren't "little" people...the furniture in this house takes a beating. Really, it's not AWFUL I BIG complaint is that the fabric has become so threadbare in spots that the stuffing is coming through and the piping stuff around the cushions has all broken and is poking's just very worn looking and bleck!

SO..a furniture store here in town is offering interest free financing for 50 months! So, we went and looked, found something we loved..totally not something we expected to like (LOL) and bought it! Our payment will be about $30/month....and NO interest...can't beat that! ;-)

The new furniture will be delivered April 8. This weekend I am going to list this furniture on FreeCycle, hopefully someone will quickly come get it and then we are going to take up the area rug that has been down for almost 6 years!! scrub the floor underneath and go get a new rug from Lowes...get it all laid out and then be furniture-less until Tuesday!

I'll take pics when it gets here. (My mom hates it!!) I went yesterday and brought a pillow home so I can match the new rug to it and I love it even more now. YAY!!