Saturday, September 19, 2009

Way too long!!

Can't believe how long it has been since I blogged! Well, actually I can believe it! I've just been lazy and "not feeling it". But, I woke up this morning and am feeling it for some reason so here I go.

I guess a catch-up is in order. although my life isn't that there won't be much to catch up on. Let's see....

Kyle--is still working for the same company but moved to another property south of town. He likes the job but doesn't love the people he works with. He should be getting a raise any day now so that will help, I'm sure!

Logan--He is in 3rd grade now and has a new love for swimming. he starts level 4 swimming lessons today. Level 4 is the last level before joining the sim team. he is excited to join the team and his goal is to be in the olympics. ;-)

Dylan--is now in 1st grade and enjoys school. He is doing well..I was a little worried about him but he is doing so well. makes me proud. He is also in swimming lessons..he starts level 3. Swimming doesn't come as easy for him as it does Logan..but he also wants to join the swim'll be awhile before that happens I'm sure.

Me--same same same. I'm the mommy and the wife. Taking care of the kids and the house and the hubby..and still working from home. It's not a "perfect" life but it is a good one..and I love it!! :-)

The newest thing in all our lives is that Tony is going to live in a group home on Nov. 1. Mom will be moving in with us while she awaits getting approved for SSD. Her health is declining and she just isn't able to care for Tony anymore. She has done it for 38 years..I think she is entitled to a break! She is having a hard time but I know she knows it is for the best. The home he is moving to is 3 mins from our house and is very nice. I think he will be happy there--well as happy as Tony can be. We are doing some changes around here to make room for mom...Kyle and I will be moving down the basement--we will have a bedroom and a "living room" and bathroom, The boys will be moving to the master bedroom--kyle is building them loft beds so they will have plenty of space for playing, mom is moving in to the 2 smaller bedrooms. She will have a bedroom and an office/sitting room. So we will all have seperate areas as well as common areas. It will take some adapting..but I think it will work out well.

that's about it....