Saturday, April 30, 2005


I am taking a break from cleaning. The guy that is tearing down our screened in porch and replacing it with a new cover and rails, is coming at 12 ish for us to sign the contract. I still need to run the vaccuum. Oh, I guess I should get dressed too! LOL

Once he leaves, I will head down to moms and put another coat on the ceiling and I coat on the one wall (the red wall). Kyle is going to moms at 3 ish I guess to help load boxes on a truck and bring them over....I'll help bring them in the house when they get back.

At some point I need to run and get some groceries since we have NOTHING to kids keep saying they are hungry...I keep offering them toast but they already had that this morning so they are refusing. I figure they must not be THAT hungry then! LOL

Tonight my friend Teresa is throwing a going away party for our other..well, HER friend, jennifer. She is moving to minnesota tomorrow. So, I need to head over there and at least make an appearance. I am trying to get Kyle to go with me and we will take the kids. He isn't thrilled with the idea of going...but we'll see. I know the kids would like to go but I don't feel like taking them both by myself.

I have had a migraine for the last few days. I take meds, it goes away, the meds wear off, it comes back. I have been miserable. But, I think it is gone for good now. YAY!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Take Posession Day

At 12 pm my mom will take posession of her new home. It is SO exciting! She is picking me up at 10:30 to go and get (more freaking) boxes and then we will come back and check out her new "PAD" ;-) Tomorrow the painter was supposed to come (I'll get to that in a minute), then Saturday her new furniture is being delivered, and her actual move-in day is Monday. I am so so excited!!

so, about the painter. she hired this guy to paint about a month ago. He is a guy that we used to attend church with. He came and measured and quoted her a price, she hired him and set up the paint date as the 29th. he called yesterday and said that he isn't finished with his current job so they will need to set up a new time for him to come...and that it will have to be AFTEr next week!! the whole purpose of him coming on the 29th was so he could paint before the new furniture arrived. SO, we are going to buy the paint today and will do it ourselves. that sounds like SO much fun!! HA!

too much of a "good" thing!

A few months ago, I bought some stuff that you spray on your furnace filter to make your house smell good. So, we did, and it did....a little TOO much! It smelled SOOO strong. So, the smell finally went away and all was well. Yesterday, Kyle was in the basement doing laundry...he was "babysitting" a load of pillows so in his boredom he saw the furnace spray stuff and decided to spray it in the vent...not the filter..just one of the vents in the basement...OMG! it smells SOOOO strong. It has been 12 hours since he did it and it is still making me cough! BLECK!!

Monday, April 25, 2005

I WON!!!

I used Blingo and searched for something this morning and won a movie ticket! I am SO excited! I never win anything. Cindy,the girl I signed up under, also won a ticket...all because of ME!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY ME!! LOL

Here's the link if you'd like to sign up and try to win too!! :)

Saturday, April 23, 2005


The girl on the right (with her hair up) is my niece, Ashley.  this picture was taken at a commercial she was shooting.  I am so proud of her and can't wait to see it!! :)
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My "summer bag"

My mom called the other night and showed me a purse that was on QVC and said if I wanted it she would buy it for me.  the color I wanted was sold out so I didn't get that particular one. BUT, soon they showed "todays special value" and I fell in love with it and picked the coral color. Mom called and ordered it for me and also got me the matching wallet!!  I can't wait until it gets here!!
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rainy days

It is raining this morning, it was raining yesterday morning too. It STORMED last night and they are forecasting snow over the weekend if it gets cold enough! Ohio weather is nuts! Last week I had on my air because it was in the 80's. I think I have a cold brewing....which is probably due to the stupid weather!

We have a man coming over at 11 this morning to give us an estimate on tearing down our screened in porch and installing a new porch cover and rails. We got 2 estimates last week and the difference in price between the 2 places was more than $2000!! Can you imagine?? So, we will get this estimate and make our decision and hopefully get the work done in the next few weeks!!

We watched The Clearing yesterday and Spanglish last night. We enjoyed them both. it's been awhile since I have seen a truly awful movie...well, closer pretty much sucked! LOL

I need to get to the grocery today there is nothing in the house that my kids will eat...and we finished off the bread last night. so, I HAVE to much as I dread has to be done! YUCK!

We have another movie to watch (Sideways) and the first episode of 24 season 2. So, I imagine we will get those watched today/tonight. Right now we are getting movies from netflix and blockbuster because when I canceled the blockbuster membership, they gave us a month free. So, I am getting the kids movies with the Blockbuster account..they should be getting Tom and Jerry's best chases today. They will be so excited when it finally gets here!!

I should work on some laundry today and clean out a closet. I have been saying I am going to clean out a closet or two for at least a week now and I still haven't done it. Something tells me I am not going to get it done today either!! LOL

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Give a girl hair clippers....

and she thinks she is a bona fide hair stylist!! LOL I cut Logan's hair the other night and my brothers hair yesterday morning. I think I will try to do Dylans's going to be a chore since he is mr. wiggleworm...maybe if I sit him in front of "polie round" he will sit still for a bit! Anyway my $16.99 haircutting set has paid for itself at least twice! :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Expires 5 years from date of purchase...

What does that mean to you? If you buy something TODAY and it says that it expires five years from date of purchase...when would you think that expired?? I would think April 20, 2010. I have asked a couple people that same question and they agree with either we are all idiots or Best Buy is!! Here's the story:

4-15-00 We purchased a refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher from best buy. We purchased the extended service plan on the stove and fridge. I knew they were getting ready to expire so I called for service on both. (the ice maker has issues and the freezer door won't close right and the stove temp is off and the burner has a hot spot). I called for service on the the 15th knowing the plans expired that day. I was told by the technician that the plan had already expired on 4-14. We ended up having a big argument about it...I talked to a Supervisor and he was unable to do anything. I just kept getting the same pat answer..."I'm sorry, it is expired". I wanted to scream! finally, he said he would give my name and number to someone higher up than him and they would get back with me. Evidently anyone higher than a supervisor doesn't get on the phone. FINE. so, I gave him my info. Before I hung up I asked him to check and see how many service requests I had made on the fridge. (the service plan has a "no lemon" policy so after 3 service requests are made, you are eligible to get your apliance replaced). He looked it up and said I had made 4 requests. Then he asked me a bunch of questions about the fridge...model # etc. I gave the info to him and he put me on hold. he came back several moments later and told me that their records show that I purchased the fridge on 5/18/00 so my service plan was in fact still valid. Now, I have the receipt and it says 4/15......he said he checked with their receipt dept and they have it listed as being sold 5/18. SO, I didn't argue with him and set up the stove and fridge for service! LOL I called back yesterday and asked how I go about filing for the "no lemon" she took the info and said someone from the lemon dept will call me back in 3-5 days. I am interested to see what will come of that.

In the last few months I have had to deal with best Buy and their stupid service plans a few times and I have come to the realization that I will probably never buy anything there again.


I took the rest of the week off work and am just going to do stuff around here. I need to clean out closets and get summer clothes organized so I can see what the boys have and what they need, etc. My closet is a catch all of everything so I need to go through that is AWFUL! I need to fold some laundry and put all the folded laundry away. I am so bad about that!

My moms sugar has been SO high lately so she went to Urgent Care last night to get it checked and they ended up sending her to the ER because they did an EKG and it was abnormal. Some to find out she has been having "silent heart attacks". They wanted her to stay the night for observation but she told them she wanted to go home because she has no insurance. They called her cardiologist and agreed to let her go home as long as she rests, calls the cardiologist for an appointment today, and goes back to the ER right away if she has any chest pain. So, she is home now resting comfortably. I had to go pick up tony and bring him here to stay last night since we didn;t know when mom would be home. Her closing on the house is Thursday and then she moves the following week.

I have been getting estimates on getting my porch awning fixed. A guy is coming today and then another guy is coming on Saturday and then I will have to decide what we want to do. I already got the ins check to fix it...but I want to go the cheapest way possible! LOL

SO, the plan for today is to meet with the porch guy at 10, take tony home, go to Kmart to return a shirt, go to the grocery, fold and put away laundry, and clean out a closet or two!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Why is it.....

that my kids can be glued to the tv while I am on the computer, but the second I get up and walk VERY quietly into the bathroom they have to jump and follow me. Like what I am doing in the bathroom is even remotely more interesting than whatever they are watching!!! I usually wait as long as I possibly can to go potty because I know they will follow me and then the few minutes of quiet I had while they were entranced with the tv will be GONE!

Right now, for example, they were watching Charlie and Lola, I tip toed to the bathroom and very quietly pushed the door to. I hear little feet running down the hallway to my bedroom (the search for mom is on!) then I see the door move a little and then a cute little boy face peeks in and says, "GOTCHA!!". which is cute and all..which is why I keep him! ;) So, now the "seal" is broken and Logan is pressing buttons on the VCR and Dylan is making batman jump off my knee and "fly". So much for having 20 mins of peace. ahhhhh, the joys of motherhood!! :)


It is 9:30 am. I have been awake for an hour and a half and I have already had to send Logan to his room. He is driving me a little nuts this morning and I am looking forward to leaving the house. UGH!

I am going back to my moms today for more packing. WOOHOO! she finally got some boxes so we can actually pack stuff. Up to this point, we have just been cleaning out closets and drawers.

We watched "Raising Helen" last night. I really enjoyed it and cried and cried.

Wow! this is a hugely boring entry. Maybe I can think of something exciting later. LOL

Monday, April 11, 2005

Cutting hair

Kyle decided the other night about midnight that he wanted me to cut his hair. I have NEVER cut hair before...never even attempted it. Well, I take that time I cut my own bangs and it took me like an hour to do it!! LOL So, he said that if I didn't cut it, he was just gonna shave it all off!! SO, I decided to do it...or at least try. I used a beard trimmer and kitchen scissors..and I had no comb! LOL So, I did it, and I didn't think it looked half bad. Then I saw it in the daylight and it was a little scary. SO, I went over it again yesterday afternoon. At this point we decided that we really needed to get the proper tools. so, I headed to Meijer and got a haircutting system with clippers and combs and scissors and clips...the whole nine yards! Having the proper tools makes a HUGE difference..HUGE! It was MUCH easier. It looks pretty good. It is WAY shorter than I like it but it's better than a shaved head. LOL He has now decided he is never getting another haircut from the barber..only from me! HA! For someone who was just going to shave his head, he sure got pretty picky about how it looked and a couple stray hairs that I had to turn my head sideways and squint to see!! LOL We had a lot of fun figuring it all out. I am looking forward to the next time. (sssshhhhh, don't tell him!! ;-) )

migraines suck

I am fighting a stupid migraine this morning. I am so tired of having them. They have really reduced in frequency in the last few months, so I AM thankful for that. but I really wish I didn't have them at all! They seem to be affected by my cycle...seems like I get one right around when I ovulate and then again when AF visits. I go tomorrow morning for my annual pap (oh goody) so, maybe I will mention that to her.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Eating me out of house and home

good grief!! My kids must be going thtrough a growth spurt or something. they are eating non-stop. the other day they ate an entire box of mini pancakes!! they usually aren't big eaters at all so, this is throwing me for a loop. and if you dare say that they JUST ate and they need to wait a little bit they FREAK out and act like they are STARVING. This morning Dylan has eaten 3 chicken nuggets, 1/2 a piece of pizza, and 2 pieces of french toast...and he's only been awake for 1 1/2 hours. LOL Logan hasn't wanted anything to eat yet, so maybe he is on the other side of his huge appetite peak.

Gonna HAVE to lose some weight

I gross me out. I am so very fat...and it is really gross. I can't even fit into my summer clothes from last year. It is really depressing. The plan is to start some kind of diet next week. I can't decide what I want to far as which "plan" to follow, but I really need to figure it out!

Helping mom move

I went yesterday and helped mom clean out closets and drawers to get ready for her move. We are all done except for her pantry. I guess we will do that next week. She needs to get some boxes so we can start packing the stuff. Hopefully, she will have those next week and we can get a lot more done. Moving day is the 28th so we have about 3 weeks to go. I am so excited for it to get here!!!

Court update

So, I went to court on Tuesday. I was SCARED TO DEATH! LOL I got up and plead guilty and then she asked if there was anything she needed to know. I explained the whole thing to her and she waived the cost of the ticket and I only had to pay court costs! Woohoo! Here's the stupid part. the ticket was $90...guess how much court costs were???? $70!!! Can you believe THAT!?!? Had I known that, I probably would have just paid the ticket and saved me the aggravation, stress, and gas money. LOL Oh well, it's the principle of the matter I suppose. ;-)

Moe is Home!!!

My moms cat is home!! she is so excited! The neighbor said that it had been sleeping in her garage for the past few nights. Mom is convinced they were going to keep him and then felt guilty.Who knows. the important thing is that they did the RIGHT thing and brought him HOME! Mom is just beside herself she is SOOO happy. He is sick though..he was throwing up in the bathtub when I was there yesterday. You gotta love a cat that is smart enough to get in the tub to throw up..mine just does it right on the carpet! YUCK!

Friday, April 01, 2005


I was supposed to be in court this morning at 8 for my ticket. I didn't set my alarm because my kids are ALWAYS up around 7. So, this morning I woke up in bed with Kyle and the boys and the dog, I stretched and got a HORRID charlie horse in my leg. It was SOOO bad. I couldn't get out of bed because I was "trapped" in the middle. LOL Finally, K jumped up so I could get out and stand on my leg to get the pain to I was doing that, he looked at the clock, pointed to it and said, "OH SWEETIE". I about died when I saw that it was 7:52!! I immediately called the courthouse and was told I could reschedule for tuesday morning. thank god!! I am really hoping that I can get the ticket amount reduced...I really can't afford $90.

Poor Mom

My mom just recently got a new cat. He is just gorgeous and was VERY expensive. Mom called last night and told me that "MOE" had gotten out and she couldn't find him anywhere. she looked for seeral hours last night and went out several times through the night to call him. I talked to her this morning and he was still no where to be found. she is heartbroken. I have to go over that way this afternoon so I think I will cruise around the neighborhood and look for him.