Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Eve Festivities & Loot report

I just realized I never posted about our Christmas!!

Earlier in the day, we watched The Nativity Story with the kids. We really enjoyed it. The kids got kinda bored in parts, but I think it was really good for them to see and for us to put so much focus on the reason for Christmas for awhile.

That night my sister and her family, my dad and his family, and my mom and brother came to our house for food and gift exchange. We chose to pick names this year for the adults and then everyone bought for the kids. It was very nice. Although, I missed the extra gifts to open...I'm a sucker for a gift! LOL

I had everyone bring an appetizer and or dessert. We ended up with: cocktail weenies, cocktail smokies, smokies wrapped in bacon and brown sugar, homemade salsa, shrimp cocktail and cheese ball for the "main" course. Then we had a lemon dessert, chocolate dessert, fudge, and a chocolate fountain with marshmallows, bananas, apples, oreos, nutter butters and pretzels to dip in it. It was very yummy!

My mom got my name in the gift exchange and she got me a set of Philosophy bubble bath/shower gel--3 large bottles in the scents of hot chocolate, spiced apple cider, and vanilla wafer. I've already used the chocolate and K has used the apple cider. they smell so good..I'm almost tempted to taaste 'em! LOL She also got me (and my sister) a really pretty "daughter" necklace.

My BIL got Kyle and he got him some various tools he needs for work, (they work together)

The kids ended up with 2 remote control motorcycles (1 each), a set of guns that shoot those little foamy things, a e-pet pet (like Webkinz), Logan got a Nintendo DS, a game, and a case for it. Dylan got a V-Smile, a game and case for it. They also each got a disposable camera---can't WAIT to see the pics from those! LOL

After everyone left we got the kids all jammied and set out cookies and milk for Santa (I bought a special plate and mug this year just for that purpose--I was so excited to use it!), and read a Nativity/Manger story (can't remember the name, but it was REALLY cute) and 'Twas the night Before Christmas.

It was so nice, because everyone was gone, the house was cleaned up and the kids were in bed, all by 9:30! So, Kyle and I relaxed...and kept checking Santas progress... until the kids were asleep...filled the stockings and headed to bed.