Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas DAY Festivities and Loot Report

Christmas morning Kyle and I were both awake before the kids--which NEVER happens. LOL I had been having a hard time sleeping for the last few nights and was awake again all night that about the time 6:30 rolled around I whispered to Kyle that I couldn't sleep and I thought if I couldn't sleep he shouldn't sleep either. He didn't agree, but he did stay awake and rub my neck and back to try to help me relax. About the time I was ready to drift off...we had 2 little boys jump on the bed! So..we all got up to check out what Santa left.

In the Stockings:
Me: B& BW manicure in a minute, hand lotion and moisture socks
Kyle: flashlight, lighters, shower gel, laffy taffy
Boys: candy, underwater submarine thingies, tooth tunes

From Santa the boys received:
a folding moon chair (each)
flashlight (each)
Sonic & Mario olympics wii game (L)
attack of the toy bots wii game (D)
Slushie maker (D)
frog aquarium (L)

From us:
mini helicopter (each)
mini train (each)
connect 4
guess who
bath tub boat
crayloa drawing thingies (each)
clip on light for bed (each)
ice age for wii
meet the robinsons for wii
Shrek 3
ant farm
shrek 3 activity book

Me from K:
make-up mirror
2 post secret books
big brain academy for wii

K from me:
The Godfather for wii

Later that morning mom and Tony came down for breakfast. I made a yummy breakfast pizza and monkey bread. I think we might have started a new tradition! Mom brought more gifts down..and I had about 6 small gifts for her...I wanted this christmas to be extra special for her since she and her husband are separated this year and she didn't have any gifts to open Christmas morning. She was thrilled by everything I got I was really happy that I succeded.

From mom:
chia pet (each)
play-doh (each)

make up mirror
another necklace--white gold chain with love knot--so pretty!
B&BW lotion and powder that I have been wanting since last Christmas!
small wallet
Philosophy Gingerbread Man bath salt/scrub

lots of Socks (she always gets him socks and underwear--he's always glad when Christmas rools around because he knows he is getting new. LOL)
lots of Underwear
clock radio

From the in-laws:

race car track (for both--from BIL & SIL)
jam pack jam game (D--from BIL & SIL)
Transformers Risk (L--from BIL & SIL)
Nintendo DS game (L--from SIL & BIL)
Spiderman lego play set (D--from SIL & BIL)
2 Case collector knives (L from MIL & FIL)
4 sheets of coins for collection (D from MIL & FIL)
Kyles parents get each of the grandkids a collector item for Christmas..Logans is knives, dylans is coins, my niece gets carousel horse things and my nephew gets some kind of helicopters

$50 check from his mom

Longaberger Christmas Basket

Then that evening we went to Kyles aunts for Christmas Dinner and had a really yummy dinner and she gave me a bottle of vanilla B&BW lotion. We then played a few games and came home.

It was a really really good day and once again we feel so so blessed.