Friday, February 29, 2008

That was fast!

This week went incredibly fast. I can't believe it is Friday already, but am THRILLED that it is. I love the weekends..I love my honey being home and I love not HAVING to go anywhere!

The kids had a 2 hour delay one day this week, but I'll take that any day over the TWO snow days they had last week (plus a holiday!!). I really like my/our routine and when they are home (and it's not planned) it annoys me. LOL

Dylan got his glasses back yesterday. he had chewed off the ear piece a few weeks ago and it took me FOREVER to take them in to be repaired. I decided in the process that I will NEVER go back to that optical place again...they treated me (and him) awful over not taking better care of his glasses. I was like..OK..we GET IT! I understand what they are saying but I am a 33 yr old woman..not a little kid and I DON'T deserve to be talked down to. UGH!

Nothing much going on here. same ol', same ol'. Mom and I are going to breakfast, to see my grandma and shopping (I think she is going to buy me the griddler!!) on Sunday. I am looking forward to it. I like our girlie days together. :)

I think Logan is staying the night with mom tonight..and Dylan will stay with her tomorrow night. They sure do love her..and love being there. Makes her feel good. It's nice to get the break and allow K and I to have alone time...or to have one on one time with the kid that is home. So, it works out well. :)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Magic Pills

Speaking of my weight and needing to lose it. I heard about this diet pill (Orovo) the other day. yes, another one..and of course this one works better than all the other ones on the planet. I have to admit whenever I hear this stuff it piques my interest for a few minutes and then I chicken out and won't try it. In my heart of hearts...and in my brain (!) I know there is no easy way to lose takes hard work and determination, eating right and exercise. yet, I can't help but wish someone would make a magic pill!

Wine Drinker wannabe

I have tried to be a wine drinker, but honestly don't know what I like. I'm too cheap to buy several different kinds and try to figure it out. I mean, what if I buy something and I hate it..who the heck is gonna drink it? I guess I could have wine tasting parties or something. I could join one of those wine clubs and then invite a bunch of friends over and we could try them all out...and the ones I hate, I could send home with my friends. Always playing the part of the gracious hostess!!

Mother-Daughter(s) Trip

I was thinking the other day about how nice it would be to go on a vacation with my mom and maybe my sister. To just get away, the 2 or 3 of us, no kids, not bothers. Just us. I was thinking it might be nice to go to the beach--even though it's not beach weather--in one of the Carolina's. We went to Myrtle Beach one time and really enjoyed it...we both LOVE the ocean..just the sound of the ocean is so wonderful! So, I was just about to start toying around with the idea of checking out some Hilton Head rentals or something and mom calls.

Apparently, a family friend is getting married the first weekend in April and mom wants to go. Just us girls. I think we are going to do it. It will be rushed, but should be fun....I hope!!

Weight-y Issues

Valentine's Day turned into Valentine's 2 weeks....concerning my eating and splurging. I know I have gained about 5 pounds at least. BLECK! I plan to get back in gear this coming week...pretty sure I said that last weekend too..but this time I MEAN it! I DO!! I DO!! I have to lose some weight before the big Disney trip in September!! :-)

I wish I could get an elliptical, set it up in front of my TV and elliptical my fat away!!!'s not in the I'll have to stick with my exercise videos and good ol' fashioned floor exercises.

Tax Return

Our Tax return was deposited yesterday. I'm So excited. Now, I get to figure out how much to splurge with, how much to apply to the disney vacation and how much to apply to bills! YAY! LOL

I already went on an Avon shopping spree last night and bought some skin care products I have been wanting to try but couldn't afford. That was fun. :) I WANT to buy the Cuisinart Griddler...but not sure if I am going to do it or's pretty expensive..although it has gotten RAVE reviews from my friends that have it....and it WOULD make making grilled cheese sandwiches easier...hmmm...what's a girl to do? I keep looking hoping to find it cheap somewhere but every place is selling it for the same price. Maybe I should hold out until I find a GREAT deal...

I can't decide if I should pay half of the Disney trip or just pay it all so I don't have to worry with it. My mom says I should pay it all since we will still have to pay for airfare and Sea World tickets in the coming months. I'm sure she is right, but I'll ask K his opinion.

I know that it is SOOO nice having money in my checking account. I didn't realize all the little things I want but don't buy because we never have extra facial soap, body lotion...just stupid stuff..but stuff I think.."oh I don't need that". So..yesterday I went to the store and bought face soap, lotion, some nice body wash..and didn't think about price. It was nice and I felt "rich" for a few minutes. LOL

I'm going out to lunch with mom and Tammy this afternoon...looking forward to that too!

What's In, What's Out?

In watching HGTV (always) I am learning a lot about what is "out" and what is "in". I'm actually kind of surprised by what they say is "outdated". Things that I think look fine. Apparently, some things in my home are a little outdated. LOL

I don't get how wood--real wood--kitchen cabinets are outdated. That just makes no sense to me. Especially if they have no knobs or anything. I mean they are just WOOD. How is that outdated? oh who knows. I'm not getting knew cabinets anytime soon I know that. I MIGHT paint them someday in the future. maybe.

I think when I re-did the bathroom that I got it right though and that everything is "in". Even the bathroom lights. Apparently, I would have been wrong if I had gone with one of those bars with just the big round bulbs on it. Who knew?

Does a colon NEED cleansed?

On the message board I post on the topic of colon cleansing came up. I have to wonder if a colon is something that really needs to be cleansed. I am a firm believer in our bodies taking care of themselves and really don't like to mess with that.

I know that there are colon cleansers out there that claim that your colon has pockets in it that waste gets stuck in and it festers there for years and causes all kinds of sicknesses and problems. I just don't believe it. I think it is a bunch of hooey. Well...for ME anyway. I mean to each his own of course...but you won't catch me cleaning much...colon included.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Basement Clean-up!

Kyle and I went down and finished cleaning the basement today.

I went through all the boxes, bins, etc and threw away everything I no longer wanted. all of the things I want to keep or want to sell in a garage sale were put back in the bins and moved to the other side of the basement. Once spring hits...I'll go back through and sort out keep & garage sale items.

When it was all said and done we filled 3 industrial/contractor size garbage bags FULL, plus a number of boxes and other big odds and ends. When we did the first portion of this 2 weeks ago, we loaded K's truck up with trash! I'm sure it will be full again tomorrow when we load it back up!

So, after all that was done, we swept and mopped and now the kids have a BIG area to play in. The goal was to give them a place to drive their RC cars, set up their train track, maybe even ride bikes or rollerskate. (I don't think there is enough room to bike ride, but K does).

Now that it is all done, I want to finish it and make it a real living area. LOL But for least it's clean and the kids have a place to run wild.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Relaxation at it's Best!

One of my favorite reasons for getting a pedicure is because of the awesome Massage Chairs they have for you to sit in while getting one.

Not only do you get to have your feet soaked in hot, bubbly, smell good water, then have said feet, scrubbed, rubbed, massaged and your tootsies painted--but you get to sit in a chair that touches and massages all the important spots on your back and if all THAT doesn't relax you...I don't know what will!!

Well, you know other than a "real" massage by a real massage therapist. only MAYBE though! I'm thinking maybe I should buy one...a massage chair, not a massage therapist! LOL

Monday, February 11, 2008


I try not to get into politics on my blog because there are a few blogs that I REALLY enjoy but can no longer read because I can't "stomach" the way they feel about things politically...and so I would rather NOT know all the details of why you like "your" candidate or why you DON'T like "mine". So...I am going to TRY to keep my thoughts and views to myself. HOWEVER, I did find this "candidate matcher" thing and wanted to share case you like to take these things like I do. :-)

SO true!!

Saw this on Jen's blog and it is too cute to not share it!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


I was telling my kids the other day that we have LOTS of vacations to take and LOTS of years to do it in and LOTS of places to go. So, we started naming all the places we have been and could go in the future. It was really fun. LOL So, a couple days later someone asked me if I knew where they could get info on Branson rentals! I was like...ooh! there's a place to add to the list!! LOL I don't know much about of course I had to tell them "no", but I hear it's a fun place to go!

Fat Fingers

I'm sure I have mentioned it before, but I had my wedding rings cut off a couple years ago. My fingers just got so fat that I couldn't get them off and once I realized I couldn't get them really freaked me out! So, I went to the jeweler and had them cut off. I then called QVC and ordered a Diamonique set with a nice big fake diamond. I LOVE the set and will miss them when I lose so much weight that I can no longer wear them! I think I will have to get my wedding band upgraded to a band with diamonds or something to make up for the loss of shine when I switch back to the "real" one. LOL I'm still trying to talk K into wedding ring tattoos, but so far it's a no go. He's a party pooper!

Another week down...

Lost 3 more lbs on my 2nd week of the 6wd. I am thrilled at the progress I am making. hopefully, I can keep at the 3 lbs a week pace. Not sure if I will since weight loss ALWAYS seems to slow, unfortunately. But, regardless I will be a smaller Tricia when we head to Disney in Sept and that is what matters. I am already dreaming of a being able to wear a couple super cute sun dress without the fear of them looking like maternity clothes. LOL I think the last time I wore a sun dress I was 10!!!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Disney Decisions

I think I am going to make myself nuts before we go on this vacation. I have been reading and re-reading, searching, looking, reading some more and I can hardly STOP thinking about it. UGH.

Looks like we will be staying a Value Resort and that is the most economical option and unfortunately, that is a MAJOR concern for us. However, it has gotten some not so great reviews...which makes me wonder if we will be happy there or not. Most of the complaints have been about the noise level of neighboring room, the buses are crowded and the bed is hard. Really I think I can deal with any of those issues...even if it means having to carry along my own foam mattress!

Really, I'm sure it will be fine. Sometimes too much info is not a good thing...and for every bad review I probably read 2 or 3 good ones. So..I'm sure it will all work out and we'll have some extra money to do spend in something else!

skiier skiing on skis???

I would love to be a skiier--is that right? skiier? hmmm..nope, I don't think so. How about this..."one who skis". yes, I would love to be one who skis. But I'm not..Actually, I don't do anything physical--aside from the occasional house cleaning and schlepping the laundry up and down the stairs. Yes, I know...lots of dangerous living going on here!

Anyway..back to me and skiing. skiing? good grief ski is a weird word! and ski-ing...I would love to travel to vermont and put on some super cute volcom clothing and head down the closest mountain...the cold mountain air making my cheeks flushed, eyes bright, lips wind burnt a beautiful red and dark hair flowing around my super cute fleece lined ski hat, while I ski down the mountain coming to a perfect stop at the bottom. Yes, that would be the life....aside from the exercise part of it.

HGTV watcher

I watch way way way too much HGTV. Well, I don't think I do..but Kyle and Logan do. *rolleyes* I just LOVE seeing what other people do to their houses and how it all comes together. I can't afford to do anything super cool with I live vicariously through my HGTV family. That way...when my ship comes in, I'll be all ready with what I want to do to the house..and buy for the house! See...always prepared..a Boy Scout I should be. That or Yoda.

One thing I definitely lusted over when I saw them were those foot of bed tv lifts. How cool would it be to have your tv LIFT OUT of the foot of your bed??? SOOOO Cool!! See..that's TOTALLY something I need!!

Six word diet update

My first week..well not week really I guess...6 days, went well. I have lost 4 lbs and am really enjoying it. I did "cheat" one night last week at Taco bell and last night at Longhorn. Both well worth it! :)

I hope this week goes as well. We are in the early planning stages of planning a vacation to Disney World for the fall. By my calculations, I have about 33 weeks to lose a lot of weight. Hopefully, I can pull it off and go to Disney a lighter, better ME!! :)

I have definitely eaten more veggies in the last few days than I have in probably 6 months! LOL It makes me feel like I am being so healthy..and makes me proud! go me!

Goal for this week. Drink more water and exercise at least once...I have to start out small. LOL