Wednesday, July 25, 2007


work is driving me insane. INSANE!

You know at the end of August my job is ending. So, there is a new customer service manager, new reps etc. They all work in the new office and I feel like a "lowly" home worker...completely out of the loop and not knowing what is going on. I can't get answers to problems, and I am jsut kind of fed up.

Oh Well, It'll all be over in a few weeks.

I have been sending out my resume like a mad woman. Tweaked it a little and specifically asked the programmer what intranet software we use so that I can make it sound like I "know" something! LOL I think I have a new job or two lined that's exciting. I'll blog more on that later.

Speaking of intranet software, if you are in the market for something like that..for your may want to click the link and check this particular company out. They offer a 30 Day free trial of their software. (Contact them to get it setup) and it offers lots of perks like - integration to backend systems - group scheduling - business email solution. o In-Depth Personalization o Enhanced Communication - Among managers and employees.

All of these are things my company could be using right now! Supposedly..things will be getting better..oh goody...just in time for me to leave!