Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gift Thinking

Once again, I am having a hard time thinking of a gift for Kyle. I usually figure out a few things...but it takes me awhile to get there. I was going to get him some tools that he needs...but my sister got his name in our gift exchange and she got a few of them. I do know that he wants an LED flashlight and a safety utility knife so I imagine I will get those...I just need one really "wow" gift and I don't think a flashlight or knife is going to get it. LOL

Decisions are the worst!!


Have you seen that "tag" jewelry that is popular now. I've only seen it in silver and the words look stamped or embossed into the silver. Kinda like dog tags but way cuter. LOL

I think I would like a piece of it. something really cute with the boys names on it.

While looking at all this and doing a lot of searching on the internet, I came across these other tags with various sports emblems etc.

I got one for Shelbea right away since she is the queen of soccer..I knew this would be right up her alley. Something cute to add to her christmas present. I wasn't sure what color to get...but eventually decided on red. Since they just moved and I don't know the name of her new team..I just put her name and a soccer ball on it. I think it came out really cute...what do you think?I think she'll be tickled. :-)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Time Out

I have never taken a "time out" from my kids because I thought I might beat them. .....until today.

Logan and I had a BAD afternoon and after repeated mis-behaving and his little mouth running..I had had enough!! I'm not proud to say that I yelled--loud enough to make my throat hurt. (nice, huh?)

I then walked away and locked myself in the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and had a nice good cry and prayed. After a few minutes I felt SO much better.

I'm still not happy with him..but I no longer want to pinch his little head off!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Money Woes

Ergh! I'm pretty sure that I posted an entry about us having some extra $. I have no idea what I was thinking. We have no $. I can barely keep our heads above water here.

We have to go out of town this week for T-giving. Logan's b-day is 12/16, Christmas is 12/25, our 10th anniversary is 12/27. And there just isn't enough $ to cover everything I want to do...barely enough to cover the bills.

I got on-line this morning to check my balance and about had heart failure. I had done some christmas shopping on-line and totally forgot about my insurance payment that was being withdrawn today. *sigh*

So, once again, I'll have to break out the emergency credit card and use that for groceries and our gas, etc for this trip. I guess I can transfer a little bit of money between our two checking accounts. Actually, I guess I won't even bother. I just checked the other's not worth messing with. LOL

I really need to get some more hours at work...4 hours/week just isn't cutting it. Although I LOVE my free time. I wish I didn't have to work at all...EVER! LOL

Spelling Bee

Today was the 1st-3rd grade Spelling Bee. Logan was representing his class. We went over every word on the list last night and again on the way to school this morning so the hard words would be fresh in his mind. some of the ones he had a little trouble on were:

He only made it to the 2nd round. Guess what word he missed???


Poor thing. He got the I and O turned around. I was still SO proud though...just winning the classroom Bee is pretty darn impressive, I think!

He can go to the regional Bee in January if he wants compete against other 1st graders from other schools in the area. He said he wants to do we'll see.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I was taking a bath the other day and realized how much I love my vanity. It's a shame my bathroom isn't larger so that everyone that comes in can get the full effect of it. And that you have to be laying in the bathtub just to see how neat it really is.

It's one of those bathroom vanities where the sink bowl is cut out from the cabinet underneath it. Have you see those? If I had the money, I would have put in one of those cabinets with the sink sitting on top..looks like a bowl sitting on top of a cabinet. Those are SO cool!

Anyway..if my bathroom was bigger you could see how neat the vanity is. Maybe I could knock out the wall between the bathroom and the kids room and extend the bathroom about 3 feet.....just so I can show off my vanity. That's not "vanity"...right???

Friday, November 09, 2007

Dog Bite

My poor baby Dylan!

He was playing outside with the neighbor boy. I went out to check on him and he was happily playing, I called him..he came right away and said he was being good and wanted to play a little longer. I told him a LITTLE longer, but that he had to stay in the FRONT yard. He said Ok and off he went.

10 mins later I went out to call him in and he was nowhere to be seen. so I started walking down the street and yelling his name. Then I heard him crying. He was down the street, next door to my moms house, playing in the back yard. They have 2 semi-large dogs and one of them bit Dylan right on his butt!!

He came out from the back crying his little head off and I looked at his butt and there was blood! scared the crap outta me. The dog owner said that the dog didn't bite him that MAYBE he scratched him. I didn't have time to argue with Mr. owner of biting dog. So I picked Dylan up and carried his screaming self home.

When we got hom and I removed his clothes it was very obviously a bit mark with one "puncture" mark. I called Kyle and he was on his way I just put Dylan across my lap and held a cloth on his bottom..which seemed to help with the pain. :( Once K got home he looked at it and then headed down to make sure the dog has had it shots, etc (it has). Then I called the on-call nurse and he said we should go to Urgent Care to make sure the puncture wound was cleaned out really well.

So, we took him and were there for about 4 hours!!! They cleaned it and bandaged it and gave us a prescription for antibiotics. He was really hurting last night but seems to be ok now. Last night he couldn't even sit down, but now he is sitting fine---I'm surprised as it is quite bruised.

I'm so glad it wasn't worse than it was and it was on his hiney and not his face!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Logan update

Before I get to the update part I just want to tell this....

The other day Logan had a program at his school...after the "big" program we went back to his classroom for a "small" program. I was sitting on the front row in the first seat, a man and his wife sat next to me. Logan was in the first row of desks closest to us. When it was time for them to stand up and sing, all the kids were behind their desks, Logan was next to his. I whispered to logan to move behind his desk. He briefly looked at me and then looked away..and didn't move, so again I told him to move--in a louder whisper. He looked at me and looked at his desk and said "what?" and then looked away. So I leaned forward and touched his arm and told him again to move behind his desk...he still looked confused and didn't move so I just decided to leave him alone. So..the man next to me, leans up and pokes Logan in the arm and says (loudly), "she's telling you to get behind your desk--is there something wrong with your ears?!?!" to which Logan replied. "OH! Geez!" and then moved. I was so annoyed with that man. I can understand him maybe saying something to try to "help"..but I thought the ear comment was uncalled for. My mom and Kyle said I should have said something to him..but I didn't really want to get into it with a stranger in the middle of the first grade classroom! LOL

Now for the update--

yesterday morning logan was saying that his ear was hurting. He mentions that I didn't think much of it. So, later I took him into the bathroom to get his hair combed and looked at his ear and the entire inside of his ear and a big area on the outside and the side of his face was covered with a nasty crust...from fluid leaking out and drying. BLECK! So I cleaned it all up and out a little. He said that it didn't hurt anymore. so I took him to school. He said it was fine after school and there didn't appear to be anymore drainage, but I made him a dr. appt anyway. So, he has a RAGING ear infection in that ear. The Dr. said that even though some of the fluid drained doesn't mean his ear would be fine once the infection clears. *sigh*

I think I am going to call and get his re-check appt with a different dr. in the practice. This guy is new and I don't know that I like him a lot. Just seems weird to me to let the fluid sit in there!

Cindy--I asked about a decongestant and the dr. told me that some studies have been done that show that may actually prolong the time the fluid is in the ear. I said..I think I will get another opinion.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Thinking about...

..getting a Sam's Club Membership. Just can't decide if it would really save us money or not. My Dad belongs and he tends to buy pop, water and bread from there. I think that's it. LOL I don't want to spend money on a membership if the only deals I am going to get are on those things.

A couple of years ago I went with a friend to get some supplies for a vacation we were taking and I seem to remember the HUGE pork tenderloin we bought being very reasonable. And someone else told me that they get pet supplies from there and save a lot of money.

I guess the best thing to do is go with dad one day and do some comparison shopping, huh?

TV filled evenings

Since Kyle started working again we have gotten so behind on our weekly shows. We record everything on the DVR and then watch the shows together on the weekends. We can usually fit in one show a night...two if nothing else is going on and Kyle gets off work at 5 instead of 6.

This last weekend was my birthday, so we decided to watch a movie as something "special" rather than the tv shows like usual. So, we are a little more behind now. I spent this morning watching 2 episodes of Desperate Housewives. I think we will get Las Vegas watched tonight and maybe Bionic Woman.

It's only a little sad that the excitement in my life is what shows I am going to watch that evening, right???

Searching Queen

I like the fact that I can search the Internet and find anything I need. I like that some people ask me to search for things for them sometimes. It loses it's novelty really fast though, when the same people ask for you to search for things for them over and over and over. People that have computers and on-line access..people that are certainly capabale and even computer savvy.

In the last week I have searched for airline info, GPS systems, make-up, purses and Luminox watches...all for other people!

Maybe I will start charging for my services..then I wouldn't have to keep the job I hate..and could stop looking for another one. Ya think?

Friday, November 02, 2007

Dylan can't see

I took Dylan to the pediatric opthalmologist today...the Ped had referred us when he didn't pass his test in their office. He is near-sighted and needs glasses. The dr. wants him to wear the glasses all the time for now..and he'll see him again in 2-3 months.

I hate that he has to wear glasses...just because I know how much of a pain dealing with glasses can matter the fact that he is a very active 5 year old with a very active 6 yr old brother. I just wonder how many times these glasses will get broken??? I do know that he is going to look SUPER cute though!!