Saturday, December 31, 2005

almost 2006

In 4 hours and 10 mins...2005 will be over. wow. I wonder how long it wil take me to get used to writing 06 on my checks. LOL

This year...I hope Kyle gets a job, I hope my job stays permanent. I want to be a better mom, a more playful mom. I want to be a better wife. I want to have sex more...well, no I don't..but I want to WANT to have sex more!! LOL I'd like to lose weight....blah blah blah. I want to find a church and get involved in it. I want to pick up a "hobby" and stick with it....and make time for it on a weekly basis. ok..that's enough for 2006. ;-)

Kyle and I are hanging out at home tonight (like we NEVER do THAT!) we're gonna eat snacks, watch the ball drop, maybe watch a movie, toast with some champagne, etc. It's a good life.

Here's to hoping that 2006 is "our year". 2005 has been downright sucky...things HAVE to be better this year...they just HAVE to. K had told me to not get champagne at the store...we don't really like it and we are trying to not spend any money we don't have to. As I wlked past it at the grocery...I had to pick up a bottle. this would be the 1st year since we have been married that we wouldn't toast with champagne at midnight. I was worried it would bring "bad luck". You know...because our life is so overflowing with "good luck"! LOLOL So...I got it...and we'll toast and the tradition continues.....

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

December 27, 2005

8 years ago today, I married my best friend. Before I ever THOUGHT about him in any other way he was my very very good friend. We spent hours on the phone and were wonderful friends.

When I was 16 (almost 17) and he was 16..I saw the "light" and we began dating. We held hands in the car on the way home from a church conference in Indiana..and it all began. This picture is taken 1 month later at my 17th b-day party.

A few months later, he broke my heart and we didn't speak for about a year!! Time heals all...and the year we graduated...we became friends again. Shortly after graduation we began dating again..on again and off again until 1995...when we stayed "on". this picture is the summer of 95 in TN.

In February of 1997 (after a 2 week break up and me cutting off my long hair to spite him ) we became engaged and moved in together. In November we traveled to Gatlinburg to get our marriage license so we could be married the next month. this picture is us at the marriage license place.

On December 27, 1997 at 2:30 pm we were married. It was a beautiful ceremony and the BEST decision I ever made...I would do it again and again.

Our first year of marriage was tough...Kyle had an accident and broke his collar bone which required surgery and months off work. We were BROKE, but in love. This picture is us at my moms wedding in August of that year...even though we were POOR we were happy. Whether "feast or famine" our love stays strong and we stay happy. I am so thankful for that!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Year in Review

Saw this over at Cindy's and enjoyed reading it so I decided to join the fun! :)

I started my blog in it's not a WHOLE year....LOL

February: I have had an online journal before.

March: We used to live in Knoxville when I was in 6th grade.

April: My mom just recently got a new cat.

May: My friend R has joint custody of his daughter M.

June:'s almost been a month since I posted.

July: We have been gone, for what seems like forever!

August: Once again I have let so much time pass between posts that I have to play "catch up".

September: I'm annoyed with the cable company since they refused to hire my husband to work for them.

October: I am SO thrilled and utterly excited!!

November: Today is my 31st B-day, I woke up with a yeast infection.

December: Bill collectors..... SUCK!

OK Cindy's was much better reading than mine!! ROFL

Friday, December 09, 2005

Counting my blessings....

I am sitting in a warm home, with food in my stomach, (and more in the kitchen). I have a car in my driveway that takes us where we need to go. I have a washer and dryer in my basement that lets me to stay home and do laundry instead of trudging to the landromat. I have clothes and a warm coat....gloves and a hat too! I have a big screen tv with cable and a DVR....I have 2 computers and internet access. I have a job. I have a husband that I love with all my heart...and he loves me back. And we have 2 beautiful, precious, healthy children. We ARE blessed.

Life is rough right now...but could be a bazillion times worse. I AM thankful for all we have. sometimes the good that is in my life gets clouded out by the little bit of Yuck.....I don't want the "yuck" to take over. I want to remember all that I have and always be thankful.

We have 6 inches of snow outside....Logan is home from school. We are going to decorate the tree and make cookies. Life is good.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Bill collectors.....

SUCK! I know they are just doing their job...but why they have to act like creeps in the process is beyond me!

Needless to say, I just had a call about my visa card. It is extrememly past due, but it can't be helped and when we are months behind on the mtg and have to pay phone, electric, etc....the stupid visa bill sadly takes a back burner. I just spoke with someone last week and explained our situation. So, I get another call today...I explain our situation again and tell her that we are trying to sell our car so we can pay our bills. She asks me to make a payment today. I told her again...that there is NO money to make a payment. She told me that this was going to look bad on my credit report (duh)...yes, I know that but what does she expect me to do? She expects me to make a payment on my bill. I thanked her for calling and told her there was nothing I could do today. she then said, "you need to accept responsibility and pay your bills". I thanked her and told her to have a good day....I wanted to rip her throat out.

I WANT to pay my bills with all my heart and soul. do people really believe that we like not having money and living in fear that our house will be foreclosed on? We are doing the best we possibly can at the moment.

I am not really sure what we have done "wrong" or why we have such bad "luck". I mean really....not to sound like a sob story...but it is one thing after another continuosly. We went to TN for thanksgiving and ended up having transmission problems that had to be fixed before we could come home. My MIL paid ($360), but it is another thing that is added to the bill of things we owe her for. the other day I went to put the kids in the car and the one seat belt doesn't work anymore. Stuff like that is almost enough to send me over the edge. It HAS to get better at some point....doesn't it???

Friday, November 18, 2005

Frustrated with Life

I am so upset. the job I was hoping to get and really thought I would get...I didn't get. I talked to someone from the company FIVE times and today...I got the "thanks but no thanks" letter. I am just so depressed. We have NO money. NONE. our mtg is 2 months past due and christmas is right around the corner and here we sit. broke. once again.

K and I both have applied and applied to places and sent resume upon resume...and we get little bites..our hopes soar and then they don't pan out. I don't know that I ca handle another let down.

We have put Kyles Jeep on the market hoping it will sell and SOON so we can pay the house payments.

I am just so sad....SO sad. I would like to sit and cry, but in reality that isn't going to help anything. My heart hurts and I am tired of worrying. I have prayed and prayed and prayed until I don't know what else to do. I am starting to doubt the power of prayer and I hate that. I don't want to do that. I wish I could just understand....of course His ways are not our ways...and I have to remember that.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my 31st B-day, I woke up with a yeast infection. Happy Birthday to me! LOL

Mom is making me dinner tonight. Salmon patties, fried potatoes, and iced tea was my request...I am sure she will have some kind of veggie too. She is also making my FAVORITE b-day cake..."Black Bottom Cake"--choc cake made with mayo, cream cheese, and choc chips. It is YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMY!!

We are 2 days away from leaving for vacation to VA and of course I have a zillion things to do. I hate that I am such a procrastinator.

I think I am going to run to Footlocker today. they have t-shirts, 5 for $20 can't beat that!!

Spent the day at the dr's office yesterday. Logan's thumb nail got ripped out..not bent back...but actually ripped out by the shopping cart wheel at Kroger. it is partially connected so we are being really careful with it so that the growth plate doesn't get damaged. It was really awful. he is ok, but it was an awful experience and I feel SO sorry for him..that HAS to hurt. Poor baby. I feel like such a bad mom. I shouldn;t have let him get under there. Live and learn I suppose.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

catching up...

So, we went on our trip and had a wonderful time. I rubbed ritas belly all weekend and we went shopping and got her cute maternity clothes and big maternity panties. LOL It was very fun and I had a nice break from my hubby and the boys! :)

My hours haven't increased at all at work and one of my jobs has the possibility of being "no more". I am trying not to stress about it. not until we get home from our vacation anyway. LOL

Tony's birthday was last week. We had dinner at moms..tacos and burritos. He had a batman cake and got quite a few gifts. We always have such a hard time buying him gifts because he is a man, but thinks like a child. He says he wants toys but really has no desire to play with them. My kids were THRILLED with his gifts though. LOL He also got clothes and shoes and new PJ's. so he did quite well for a 35th b-day.

My birthday is this week. Thursday. I'll be 31. THIRTY-ONE. I don't WANT to be 31. seems like having kids has made life speed up. I want everything to slow WAY and down. Mom is making me a birthday dinner and bought me a gift (yay) and we are leaving on Sat for that will be my gift from K. That's what happens when you have no money...things you would do anyway become your "gift". LOL

Having some issues with Logan. Basically, he is a big baby. LOL If he doesn't get his way, he cries and throws a fit and acts like a little brat. I have worked at his school a couple times and he acts so awful, I am embarrased. I was hoping that he acted worse when I was there, but his teacher told me that he acts just the same. oh goody. The kids don't really like him...probably because he acts like such a baby. I don't know what to do about it. I worry about next year when he is in Kindergarten at a new school with new "friends". We are working on letting him know he doesn't need to cry and whine over everything and he doesn't need to completely freak out. It is very frustrating. Yesterday he stole a little plastic frog from school. so he was sent to his room for 15 minutes and on Monday he has to take it back to his teacher and apologize. he told me that he steals because he doesn't have anything. which is just laughable it is SO absurd. He has lots and lots and lots of things. I told him if he steals again he won;t be getting any birthday presents (in December) because little boys that steal don't deserve gifts. I am pretty sure I SUCK at this parenting thing!

Monday is Halloween. Logan will be Batman and Dylan will be Robin. they are SO cute in their little costumes. LOL Logan has a Halloween party at school on Monday. they dress up in their costumes and have a parade around the neighborhood. I might have to drive up there and see that. :)

We carved pumpkins last night. they turned out SO good! I was really impressed with my drawing abilities and Kyles carving. One is a normal jack-o-lantern with triange eyes and nose and missing teeth, one has eyes that are flames, and Logan "designed" one with round eyes and eyelashes, a pac-man nose, and jagged mouth. LOL Logan drew his on paper and then I drew it on the pumpkin. I'll post pics later.

No big plans this weekend. I want to go through the kids toys and books and weed out the stuff no longer played with, etc. I want to run up to KMart and look for some t-shirts for K to wear around the house. everything he has has holes in it.

Amelia is going to boarding school tomorrow. I might run over there and tell her good-bye. Play the part of the nice "big sister".

I guess that gets me all caught up for now.

Until next time...........

Thursday, October 13, 2005

lots to do...don't wanna do it!!

We are heading to Tn tomorrow. Mom is going with us and K is going to drop off mom and I at my friend Ritas house and then he is going on down to my MIL's with the boys. Mom and I will stay with rita's mom and then we are going to go shopping and stuff on Saturday for BABY stuff!! I am so excited to see them and to pat her belly!! :) It will be a quick trip...we are coming back on Sunday afternoon.

SO...before tomorrow at noon I have to:
do laundry
clean the living room and kitchen
give all 3 boys ;) haircuts
bathe my children and myself (K can handle his own shower LOL)
work from 7-9 tonight
clip the kids toenails and fingernails
repaint my toenails
take Logan to school tomorrow morning
take Jack to the boarder
go to the grocery

and I don't want to do ANY of it. K is busy all day over at the "family house" hanging drywall and fixing holes in walls etc so it can be sold.'s all on me. goody for me!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

4 hours 45 mins

So....remember how I said that if I could get 40 hours a week with the IRS job, we would could survive? I got my schedule for next...guess how many hours they gave me? Yep...4 hours and 45 minutes. We SO can NOT live on THAT!! I am very very very stressed about money. This sucks.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

put me out of my misery

I'm sick!! waaaah!! I have an awful head cold complete with running/stuffy nose, watering eyes, pounding face, gums, and jaws, fever, and just plain miserableness. BLECK! Kyle is out right now buying me Puffs Plus (I have already gone through 2 rolls of TP and my nose is RAW) and OJ and is getting Chinese from my fave chinese place 25 mins away. Yay him!! :)

I worked for about an hour this morning and then canceled the rest of my shifts. I just feel to miserable to deal with work today.

Please feel sorry for me!!!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

He "had" a job....

K went for an interview last week. It was a marketing/promotional position for a tobacco company. No benefits but the money wasn't too bad. He was told that if he passed his background check he would be hired. He passed the check...the guy called him...asked him to come in and meet with him again and that he would have an offer letter for him. He also told him to be sure and bring his proof of car ins.

SO..K goes yesterday..(despite a 102) fever. he drives 30 mins to get there. Gets there and the guy tells him that they have decided they are going to put the "Dayton Market" on hold for awhile. UGH! K was annoyed to say the least. The guy said they had just decided that an hour before the scheduled meeting. how freaking frustrating.

SO, the plan for now is for me to work as much as I can for my IRS position. If I can get 40 hours a week doing that...we should be ok...for the most part.

Lee and his lady

I never updated on meeting "Lanie" Lee's girlfriend.

We only spent about 30 mins total with her. But she seemed to be very nice and sweet.

I didn't think that Lee really liked her since he said that she wasn't "good looking enough" for him. Insert HUGE eye roll here. Like HE is SO great or something! BLECK!! LOL and she isn't ugly by any stretch of the imagination. Lee is a freak.

anyway....they started making plans to move in together. Into my Inlaws basement (which is were Lee lives now). My MIL doesn't believe in living together before marriage. so, they were going to go to the JOP and get married. She just converted to Catholicism, so I was surprised she was willing to not have a church wedding. Plans have changed now though and she is moving to mississippi and lee is moving down there with her. I am guessing that since they won't be living with my MIL that the marriage is not going to happen now. But who knows?

of course...kyle knows nothing. I ask questions and he has NO idea because he WON'T ask questions. How weird is that?!? LOL

So..that's the Lee/Lanie update. I'll keep you all posted!! ;)

She's having a baby!!

I am SO thrilled and utterly excited!!

My very very very good friend, Rita is PG!! This is her 1st pregnancy and I am just so thrilled for her!! :)

I met her in 5th grade when we moved to Knoxville. We became the best of friends immediately and have remained that way for the last 20 (good LORD!) years!!

She has been married to alan, for about gosh...let's see...I was PG with Dylan and he is 3 I guess she has been married for 3 years. LOL Alan is about 10 years older than her and has children from a previous marriage. I think maybe they were getting a little concerned about not getting PG right away.

My mom and I were in TN a few weeks ago, visiting with R and her mom. R wasn't around and we were talking about her having a baby. R's mom said that she has been praying that R would get PG. She then said that she decided she was just going to believe that God was going to let R get PG before the end of the year. She then asked me an my mom to pray the same way. "God, we know you can do it...and we believe that you are going to make it so that R is PG before the end of the year". Of course, mom and I agreed. According to my research (LOL) R conceived that very weekend!! AMAZING!! :) (I knew they were having sex when she was supposed to be visiting with us!! LOL LOL)

SO...Miss Rita is gonna have a baby and we are just thrilled. I can't wait to go shopping with her and rub her belly. She is going to be a GREAT Mommy and her baby is so blessed. :)

Welcome to Mommy-hood my dear friend. your life is about to change in ways you never imagined and you will love, like you have never loved before. Enjoy your pregnancy...cherish every second of it...even the miserable stuff. You have been chosen to carry and raise this wonderful, precious gift from God. You are SO blessed. I love you!!

Saturday, September 24, 2005


Nice title, huh?

I have been in a blah mood lately and not willing to put forth the HUGE (ha ha) effort it takes to blog. How sad is that?

Kyle had 2 interviews this past week. He has decided he doesn't want the one, even if they offer it to him. And will probably go with the 2nd one. It is a promotional/marketing type job.

I have started training to work for the IRS and I am hating that. LOL Training just sucks. I wish they would just leave me alone and let me figure it out myself. I don't do well when I have to listen to others questons and having them stop the trainer every 2 mins. UGH. i was SO antsy the other night I thought I was going to go insane before she finally dismissed us. 1 more week and then we will be on our own, woohoo!! One of the reasons it is so frustrating is that I did this SAME job last tax I know most of it. Give me a refresher tell me whats changed and send me on my way! GEESH!

Kyles dad had surgery this past week. The place on his foot that was believed to be gangrenous is evidently not. He was moved back to UT hospital and they did a bypass on his leg with a "fake" vein to get blood flow down to the foot and hopefully speed healing. After surgery, he was having a lot of "A fib" episodes, his BP was very low, etc. So, they moved him to the ICU. he is doing better and is in a normal room now. He must be quite the fighter..he has surpised us several times now.

We are heading to VA in Novemeber with Renee. My MIL has a timeshare in williamsburg and can;t use it this year. So we are going and invited Renee and her family to join us. I am REALLY looking forward to it. I have never met Renee before and I have "known" her since before Logan was this trip is definitely a long time coming! :)

My plans this weekend consist of working for LiveOps, cleaning my house, and sitting on my rear. LOL I *think* I am going to church tomorrow night.

Speaking of church....I went to a new one last week, it was a nice service. i was VERY tired though and was fighting sleep BIG time. SO...... LOL

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sunday again

Sundays must be my blog days. I seem to post a lot on Sunday! LOL

Logan started school this week. I am thinking about starting his own blog with his school pics and what he did each day etc. something for the grandmas and aunts to check out!! :)

Been working a lot since we are so busy with RC calls. Kyle got hired as a temp employee so between the 2 of us we are working a lot.

We have been watching season 3 of 24 we have one more hour to go and we will be done. I LOVE 24. I can't wait to see season 4. It'll be awhile though..there are some movies we want to see and we need to watch season 2 of Nip/ all the fall shows will be starting again very soon. we are going to be busy tv watchers! :lol I need to start working on my knitting and crocheting again so i at least feel productive while I am watching all that tv!!

I got my school stuff all squared away so now I have until February 2 to order my exam. I need to get myself on a many hours a day for school and so many a day for work....and time for the kids...and time for all those tv shows. Oh..and time to clean the house I guess. Hmmm..I think I might need more than 24 hours in a day! LOL Really though..I have NOO idea how working moms do it.....and moms that work AND go to school?!? WOW! I just couldn't do it..but I am a pretty lazy person. LOL

Church was good last Sunday. I really enjoyed it. I'd like to go back when it is a "normal" service and not a special speaker there to see how it normally is. During the praise and worship they sang the same song for like 20 mins at least. It made me a little nuts!! lol I might go to a different church tonight. It's an Assemblies of God church I have been curious to attend. I just have to get my rear in gear and go.

Signed up for 2 secret shopper shops to do this week. We'll be eating out and "shopping" for an RV on Thursday. sounds fun to me!! LOL

Al is moving back in with mom. They have been working on some things and been "dating" and things are going well with Tony and him. I hope it works out. I guess what made her decide is that up until this point tony has been totally "anti-Al". He doesn't want him around, etc. So, mom said that she was praying about and told God that if he wanted her to work on her marriage and have Al back in, He was going to have to change tony's heart. The next day tony came home from work and said....out of the clear blue..."I guess Al can move back. When is he moving in?" LOL So...he hasn't moved in yet..they are taking it slow with him just being around more etc. Today tony is on a trip with the MRDD place and mom and Al are out and about to some loca festivals. which I think is really wonderful.

Mom and I were throwing around the idea of going to disney for our christmas present this year. last night. I'm not sure if it will happen or not but I would LOVE to go!! It all started because dylan announced that he needs to go to "Mickey Mouse world". LOL we'll see .

Ok. I am going to stop now because this is getting so long and all over the place. LOL

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Taking calls for the red cross. People are so generous and have such big hearts..everyone was affected by this tragedy. I have taken pledges for $5 up to $500 and every person says how they wish they could do more. If people aren't calling to donate they are wanting info on how to donate clothes or open their home to a refugee. People are so generous. I am so blessed to be a part of this.

Yesterday was Kyles famiy reunion. We had lots of yummy food and played games. My kids were good until almost time to go home when they insisted on leaving the yard, running down the block and not coming back when I called them. They were spanked and made to sit on the couch until we left. we just can NOT have them running off and not listening. ugh. but for the most part they were good.

Mom and I are going to a new church tonight. Tommy Tenney is there speaking. We "know" his dad, T.F. Tenney. so, we want to check out what the son is all about. Especially since he and his father share different religions. I have been wanting to visit this church anyway....

Thursday, September 01, 2005

"On Time God"

Now, I have this song in my head from my previous post. Just thought I would share. :)


and here's the lyrics:

He’s an on time God, yes He is
He’s an on time God, yes He is
Job said He may not come when you want Him
But He’ll be there right on time
I tell you, He’s an on time God, yes He is


You can ask the children of Israel
Trapped at the Red Sea
How that mean ole Pharaoh and his army
They had water all around them
They had Pharaoh on their tracks
But then out of no where
God stepped in and cut a highway just like that

Let me tell you, He’s an on time God, yes He is
He’s an on time God, yes He is
I know He may not come when you want Him
But He’ll be there right on time
I tell you, He’s an on time God, yes He is

Now you can ask Mary and Martha
Their brother Lazarus was sick in bed
They said Jesus please come heal him
But Jesus waited 'til he was dead
They said Lord I don’t understand it
Why you’ve waited 'til now to come
But Jesus said Lazarus come forth
And death let him go, He came walkin' out of the tomb

And don’t you know that, He’s an on time God, yes He is
He’s an on time God, yes He is
Well He may not come when you want Him
But He’ll be there right on time
He’s an on time God, yes He is

He’s an on time God, yes He is
He’s an on time God, yes He is
No He may not come when you want Him
But He’ll be there right on time
I tell you, He’s an on time God,
He’s an on time God,
He’s an on time God, Yes He is

one more "testimony"

when K lost his job in February I started working as much as I could and quit working on my Medical Transcription course. It was a 6 month program and I didn't finish it in the time alloted so I had to file for a 6 month extension. the extension was $350!! I have been so upset because my mom paid for the course and if I didn't get the extension it was like she wasted all that money. so, I have been stressing about what I could sell and what I could do to ge the money to pay for it. the other day Kyle received a check from his old employer. It will get all the bills caught up, the mortgage for October paid and pay for my extension. he is definitely an "on time God". My faith is growing as I am learning that His ways are not always our ways. Which of course, I knew that..but sometimes I just need a reminder of that I guess.

Being a Cheerful Giver

I get a monthly email from Lisa Whelchel (She used to be Blair on The Facts of Life.) I came across her website a few months ago and signed up for the newsletter. I really enjoy it. She seems to be such a great christian and reading the newsletters give me chills and make me want to be a better person. :) So, last month (or maybe the month before) she said something about the Lord wanting us to be "cheerful givers" so, I have really been working on that. When this horrible thing with hurricane Katrina happened I wanted to do something but with Kyle not working and no unemployment coming in we are more than broke! So, I was trying to figure out a way to be a "cheerful giver" and had decided to donate blood. In hindsight, I should have just decided on an amount to give and had faith that the Lord would take care of us. But I have faith issues sometimes. LOL As it turns out He had a plan for me anyway. the company that I work for has been hired to take calls for the Red Cross for the next 2 weeks...including the telethon they are having friday night. At the end of the "drive" we will be able to donate a portion (or all) of our pay to the Katrina victims. I am just SO excited about it. Not just that I am able to help in a way but that He made a way for me to be able to help when I didn't think there was a way. that He knew the desire of my heart was to be a "cheerful giver" so he made it so I can do just that. His love for me amazes me.

I am still going to donate blood. :)


things seem to happen so slow with the hospital and my FIL's care. When did they say he had gane grene? at least 3 days ago I think. Seems like they would want to get that taken care of before it got any worse. But I guess they have to weigh all their options.

The orthopedic surgeon came in and looked at his leg and said he didn;t think it looked that bad and wanted to to have the neurosurgeon look at it. So, the neurosurgeon came in and said there is nothing he can do for it that the blockage is severe and the surgery that he would need to do to TRY to get blood flowing back to his foot his major and he didn't even know if it would work. So, I am guessing that means they will be amputating. My MIL was tired when she talked to K last night so he didn't press her for a lot of information. He'll call her back today and find out what the plan is. so sad that it has come to this. :( Kyles thinking is that in the long run it might be better for him anyway to have his leg amputated. They don't believe he will ever walk again anyway and if he doesn't have a leg it is less work for his heart to have to do to try to get blood down there. I guess that kinda makes sense. It's very sad and I feel very bad for my FIL. I am worried about the surgery too.

We will head back down there for the surgery whenever they schedule it.

No Cable for us!

I'm annoyed with the cable company since they refused to hire my husband to work for them. SO, I signed up for dish network. LOL It will be installed Sept 13. We will be paying about the same amount of money with more channels, all of the movie channels, and 2 more digital cable boxes. We will be receiving 3 months free because we are switching to dish from cable. we will also recieve $100 worth of movie money from Fandango. Oh, and I signed up through our phone company so we will got $4 off a month. Can't beat deals like that. :) I'm excited. I hope it works out and we are happy with it.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Kyle spoke with his mom last night she said the dr came in to check on my FIL and looked at his foot/lower leg...this is the spot where the bone came through the flesh....and sniffed around it and said that it is "rotten". MIL says that it is black. They are bringing in an orthopedic surgeon for a consult today. K told his mom that it sounds like they are thinking about amputating it. She was surprised and went to talk to the nurse about it...and the nurse told her that yes, that was why the surgeon was being called in...and that they would be doing xrays today.

After icing him down for awhile they got his temp down to 100.3 and he started to become more lucid. No word from them yet today. K has an appt at 12:30 for a horrid ear infection and then he will call and check in with them when he gets home.

I'm thinking another trip to TN may be in our near future.

Monday, August 29, 2005

FIL news

Kyle just called to talk to his dad. He talked to him a lot yesterday and was fine. Today, he is not doing so well. they think he may have had another stroke. :( they took him off all his pain meds not sure what was causing the change in him...and he says he is in no pain, which is a concern because of the amount of pain he has been in. They did a CT Scan..but haven't heard the results yet. My MIL is having to hold him down because his body is jerking so hard and he is trying to pull out the IV's. Today is dialysis day, but I'm not sure if he had it or not. Kyle said MIL was in a hurry to get off the phone..which is understandable. He will call back later and see how he is.


We have watched the coverage on the hurricane for for 2 days now. it is now settling down and is now a category 1. the damage is amazing, devestating. My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

We didn't miss the call....

The call from the cable company must have been about my past due account and not about K's job offer. :( he received a letter the next day thanking him for his time but letting him know they have decided to hire other candidates..blah, blah, blah. So, I am seriously considering canceling my cable and going to directv or dish network. LOL

Kyle has one more lead that I am praying about and hoping it works out. I'm not getting my hopes up though....well, not too much anyway. ;)

I sent out a few more resumes for him. I have completely taken over his job search...which annoys my mom. It's not like he WON'T search and send out resumes...I just WANT to do it. LOL It must be a control thing or something...which is kinda surprising since I'm not normally a controlling person. hmmmm

I have been picking up some more work with my WAH goes on.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Being the "bigger" person

about 6 weeks ago we had a huge fight with our neighbor which involved our dog getting in his yard, him letting his 2 dobermans out to attack my dog in front of my kids and he and I yelling at each other for 5 mins!

So, since that time there is major tension between us whenever I walk outside and he is outside. He is a huge jerk, but I hate feeling that.

So, yesterday he was out trimming the bushes and I was putting the kids in the car, so I told him that I was sorry about what happened a few weeks ago and that I was sorry Jack got in his yard and that I yelled at him...but that I was scared that his dogs were going to hurt my dog in front of my kids. And that I hated the tension between us and that I thought we had gotten along pretty well for the last 5 years and I didn't want one stupid incident to mess that up. so, he said he wasn't upset with me (yeah right!) and then said he probably shouldn't have let his dogs out to attack jack. and then he told me he has been pissed a lot this last year...driking every night, etc and just being mad.

So, we made up and that makes me feel good about me.

Missed the call....or did we?

We left around 4:30 or so yesterday to take the boys fishing. (cute pics to follow ;)) at 5 pm (per the caller ID) the cable company called. However, I don't know if they were calling about Kyles job or the past due cable bill! HA! So, today we sit and wait. Kyle said that they probably took him off the list because he wasn't home. LOL wouldn't THAT suck?!

Kyle also got a call and had a phone interview with someone about a media research position. It sounds like it would be a great job too. So maybe he will hear back from that company too. Nice to have an inkling of hope that something will come through. :)

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sunday Ramblings

I hoped that Kyle would hear from the cable company on Friday telling him to come in for his drug test, etc. No such luck. darn! maybe tomorrow?!

the wedding was nice but H O T!! The church was really old...and beautiful...and had NO a/c! It was in the mid 90's and the ceremony lasted about an hour and a half! We then left there and headed to the reception which was held at an old home...a historical site...and again had no a/c..and we were outside in the sun for a LOT of it. We kept moving out table around the yard so we could be in the shade. We were all miserable...dresses sticking to legs and sweat running down our faces. BLECK! When the reception was finally over we changed clothes and headed to Dingbats to have dinner with my uncle and aunt and cousins...then we headed home.

I watched the 1st 2 harry Potter movies on the drive there and back. I loved them. I can't wait to see the 3rd.

Lee should be coming over today with Lanie so we can meet her. I need to get my house clean first though. *sigh*

I guess Kyle and I will watch a movie tonight. we have a couple from Netflix that we need to watch...including the first episode of the 3rd season of 24. woohoo!! We also have like 3 or 4 episodes of Six Feet Under to get caught up on.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The interview

Kyle just called on his way home from the interview. He was there for 2 hours and 15 minutes!! He had to watch a video, take a math test with geometry and algebra on an 85% He liked this question a lot ( ;) ) have a 5 foot ladder and a 4 foot wall how far out do you need to put the ladder so that the top of the ladder rests on the top of the wall? LOL then he had a test on maps...".here is the city, what is the quickest way to get from point a to point b?"...type stuff. then he had an interview where he was asked those stupid interview questions like, "Tell me about a time you felt most satisfied or unsatisfied at your job" and "Tell me about a time you helped to satisfy an unhappy customer." Bleck! I hate interview questions. then, he handed him a pen and told Kyle to sell it to Kyle told him about the pen and the guy asked how much it was and K said $4.99...the guy asked if he could give him a better price and K said..unfortunately not..the pen is $4.99.

So, K doesn;t feel he did well and said he will be amazed if he gets the job. I hope he is wrong. He was there with 2 other guys and one of the guys only got a 60 on his math I guess that takes that guy out of the running. ;) I'll keep you posted!

Interview day

We are finally home from TN. My FIL is doing much better and we had to be home today for Kyles interview with the cable company. the interview is at 3 and I will be glad when it is over. I am hoping he gets some kind of inkling of wether he will be hired or not. He really really needs this job so we are keeping everything crossed and really praying.

Lee (BIL) is coming in town tomorrow with his new "girlfriend", Lanie. We should meet her sometime this weekend. I am excited to meet her. They have never met in person before. He met her online in a Republican chat room and they have emailed and talked on the phone since. I wonder if she will be able to stand him in person. I know I hardly can. LOL He was trying to figure out how "fat" she is. She is 5'11" and wears a size 14. I told him that she ISN'T fat. then he asked what size I wear...a 12? HA!! I told him that she isn't bone thin but she probably has a little meat on her and looks really good. He said that she says she is huge. I told him that is just a girl being a girl and that she wants him to tell her how she is so NOT huge when he sees her! LOL

Mom and I are heading to PA with my uncle and cousins tomorrow for my other cousins wedding. We are driving up tomorrow, spending the night, going to the wedding and driving home saturday night. Talk about a whirlwind trip. I wasn't for sure that I was going until just the other day. I wonder if there is any chance that Renee could meet up with me Friday night. LOL I think its only a 4 hour drive for her....she should have no problem with that, huh? LOL

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

what next?

My sister called, she is having a biopsy tomorrow. I talked to her about a week ago and they had done an ultrasound and said she had endometriosis and would need a hysterectomy. At that point she had been bleeding for 72 days. she said she was going to hold off on the surgery until after christmas because of work, etc. So, she called today and said that her endometrial layer (of her uterus) is way too thick and want her to have a biopsy. she called me from Olive Garden where she was having a BIG lunch of lasagna and salad. Can we say "comfort food". LOL she should have the results in about 10 days. Please keep her in your prayers.

Catch UP

Once again I have let so much time pass between posts that I have to play "catch up". I wonder why I am so lazy and can't keep up with this. Every "issue" in my life is some result of my laziness. I think I need an anti-lazy pill or something.

So, we are in TN at the inlaws. my FIL fell off of their 18 foot deck onto the concrete below Monday night. He broke both of his femurs, his fibula, his hip, his heel, his wrist, and a vertebrae. He is a severe diabetic and is on dialysis 3 times a week so this trauma has really thrown his body for a loop. On Wednesday he suffered a stroke. and he has developed some heart problems and has been put on medication to keep that under control. He has a very high temp and is fighting an infection somewhere in his body. He is talking some but is unresponsive a lot. He has started eating. They moved him out of ICU last night. We are really just playing a waiting game so to speak. the consensus of the hospital staff is that they don't think he will make it out of the hospital (although they are surprised he has made it this far) he has good days and bad days and so we pray and wait. We plan to stay here for another week.

Kyle got a call from the cable company (finally) yesterday and had a pre-interview. they are calling him to set up a one on one interview next week. We are very excited and are keeping our fingers crossed that he gets hired. The pay isn't great but the benefits that's good. :)

I have gotten a few leads on some work from home stuff. the one job I was basically hired for but I am second guessing wether I should take it or not since it is a full time job. hmmm.

My aunt is doing somewhat better. They did end up giving her a tracheotomy to let her vocal chords heal. she was able to eat a little the other day. she remains in ICU until she no longer needs the breathing tube.

My grandma has moved to an assisted living place since my aunt is unable to care for her now. She is acting strange and has done a major regression in caring for herself, etc. My mom said she acts like an invalid now. :( It's very sad.

I guess that gets me caught up. I will try to do better, blah blah blah.......

Friday, July 22, 2005

Logan's non tooth

Just wanted to share a pic of Logan with his now missing tooth! LOL

Just Stuff

Logan lost his 1st tooth last night! It's one of the front upper ones (the left one to be exact). He looks SO cute. LOL It's really too early for him to be losing teeth..but he got hurt a few months ago and it has been kinda loose since then. He got $2 from the fairy and was SO excited. he's wearing his money in a cap on his head! LOL

My aunt is doing ok...they have unsedated her but she is still on the respirator. they tried to take her off yesterday, but her heart rate skyrocketed so they had to turn it back on. they are going to try again today. she is on heavy pain meds so she is still sleeping most of the time. she did open her eyes while we were there and we got to tell her happy birthday (she turned 63). She nodded her head "yes" when my mom said "this sure is a hell of a way to spend a birthday, huh?" She was very agitated and frustrated at not being able to talk to us and being in pain...I kept telling her to just relax and that it was ok. I stroked her forehead...and then the nurse sai.d that touching her stimulates her and makes her uncomfortable. so i stopped that. I thought I was helping though since she seemed to calm down some. oh well. So she eventually fell back to sleep and we left for fear of waking her again. I'll either go back today or tomorrow.

It's still so ungodly hot here. We might take the kids downtown to play in the fountain....IF I wanna hang out in the heat.

Kyle might be getting a job with the cable company. It's a sales position which he REALLY doesn't want...but the benefits are so good. He would like to have a technician job with them in the future. so maybe this is the place to start. hopefully, we will hear something definite soon.

Sunday, July 17, 2005


gosh it's hot. sitting in my a/c'd house it is HOT! If I sit real still and don't move, I am comfortable. otherwise I am burning up. SO...since I have had to get up umpteen times to deal with Logan, I am hot...and getting annoyed...because I am HOT! UGH.

My brother is here tonight because my mom had to go to my grandmas because my aunt, who usually stays with her is very ill and in the hospital. :( I am not real sure what is going on with her or if we are getting the whole story. all I DO know is that she has been very sick with throwing up and diarrhea for 2 days, tests showed a large mass on her intestine, they did exploratory surgery and removed part of her colon. They are keeping her heavily sedated tonight...I will probably go tomorrow to see her.

Kyle is out fishing with his cousins. I can't imagine WHY he wants to sit out in this nasty HOT weather!! ;) I hope he is having a good time. I worry about his "mental health" since he isn't working and has really no other contact than with me and the kids! so, hopefully, he will have a good time...he went about a month ago and really enjoyed it.

off to go find some oreos and milk.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

back to "normal"

We are home from Niagara and had a wonderful time. For the last 3 years, a few friends from an online message board and their families have met and vacation together. We always have a really good time. I wish more of our group would come...I am thinking that next year we might have more people there. The last 2 years we went to Cedar Point and this year was Niagara and I think next year is going to be Gatlinburg, TN. I have already started checking out places for us to stay...I'm just a little excited about it. LOL

so, anyway..we are home and settling into life again. well, not really since we have done nothing but sit on our asses for the last few days. LOL I am watching Amelia this week so she is keeping the kids pretty occupied...which is always a good thing! :)

I need to pay some bills today, call comfort inn to complain about the completely crappy room we stayed in on the way home from niagara, go to the store, find a pre-school for Logan, and I have to work from 4-6. I am guessing that all of that isn't going to get done. ;)

We are getting to the end of K's unemployment checks so someone is going to have to get a job. We have both been sending our resumes out...hopefully,one of us will have a job that will pays the bills SOON! He is going this week to find out if he qualifies to receive training for another type of job, paid for by the state. His "job coach" said she thought he we are keeping our fingers crossed that she is right.

I need to get Dylan potty trained. He is definitely capable of it...I've just been really lazy with him. If I can manage to get it achieved before school starts, I'll put him in pre-school too!!

Well, I am rambling so I guess I will post this and get on with my day!!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Be Right Back

Dylan HATES for anyone to say good-bye or bye-bye. He'll say, "Don't say bye-bye, say "be right back"!" I think that is really cute...I just had to "write" it down so I'd remember!! :)

Finally HOME!!

We have been gone, for what seems like forever! We left on June 21 to head down to tampa to get our new car. We planned to be back home within a week....that turned into 11 days!! So, we are home now..and are leaving in 3 days to head to Canada for a 5 day vacation there. I'm not even unpacking the suitcases..that would be dumb. :lol I need to get to the bank to deposit some money, pay some bills, get to the post office and to the grocery today. good times!!

SO, we have our new car and I am thrilled. It has more miles on it than we expected and we had to have $700 worth of repairs done to it before we could drive it home, but it is a great car and is SO nice to have something with some room. Putting 2 car seats in a Jeep was REALLY sucking!!

We got to take the kids to the beach while we were in FL...they LOVED it! Kyle and I got really burnt though and are still dealing with the pain from that. Kyle had the worst sunburn I have ever seen in my life! It was GROSS. he had HUGE>>>HUGE blisters on his 3 inches in diameter in puffed WAY could see them through his shirt. it was GROSS. Now that the blisters and skin is gone has 2 very large raw spots on his upper arms. It's really awful.

We stayed with my SIL at MacDill AFB...which was so nice. it is right on the bay and you can see the water from her front door. SO pretty! The night we arrived, K and I were out unloading the car at was all quiet and dark and then all of a sudden we heard a trumpet playing TAPS. It was SOOOO neat. I told Kyle it was one of the neast experiences of my life....he said that was sad! LOL so, the base plays taps at 10 and revelie at 5:30 am....needless to say, I never heard revelie! LOL

On the way home from Tampa, I sent Kyle and the boys on to my MIL's with my SIL and I met my friend Cindy who lives right outside Atlanta. It was SO nice to see her. I also got to meet her friend Leslie who was on her way to Tampa. LOL We had a very nice visit...I only wish it could have been longer.

So, I guess that gets me pretty caught up. No big plans this weekend just getting ready for the next trip. :)

Saturday, June 18, 2005

False Positive

So, I guess the test was a false positive. How weird. never gotten one of those before, but I took 2 more tests and both were negative. I'm a tinge disappointed. Logically, I'm not...I mean we have NO money and our house is small and I'm not even sure I could fit 3 car seats in the back seat. LOL heart is a little sad...the thought of being PG again and having another tiny baby...and it being a COMPLETE surprise...a little miracle...was an idea that I was liking. :) Kyle says he isn't disappointed at ALL. Men are stupid!! ;) LOL So, I wish my period would just start so I can get it over with. I'm sure it will show up at the MOST inconvenient time!

We took all the aluminum from the porch we tore down to the recycling place and got $142. I was pleased. We also moved our old entertainment center to moms house since we now have a big screen tv. I hope to get 2 audio towers a bridge for it soon. I don't think I ever said that we got a big screen tv. Long story short....someone on the computer desperately needed money so she sold it to us for $400. It was too good of a deal to pass I SCRAPED the money together and went for it. We LOVE it and I love that I made my husband happy...he has wanted one for FOREVER. So, now we have one and I can watch tv without glasses. yay!

I'm going to go buy a new mailbox today. fun huh??!

Thats about it here!! :)

Friday, June 17, 2005

LONG time, NO post!!'s almost been a month since I posted. That's just plain nuts, man!!

New Stuff: We are leaving on Tuesday and driving to TN, we will spend the night there and then drive to Tampa the next day to my SIL's house. We will pick up our new car (!!!) and make the return trip on Sunday....staying at my MIL's a day or two. It will be a L-O-N-G trip but we will get to swim at the inlaws and hopefully hit the beach with the kids while we are in Tampa. AND when it's all said and done I will be driving a 2000 Bonneville. WOOHOO!!!

SO, between now and then, I need to get Logan new shoes, get me a bathing suit, clean my house and finish painting the trim on the house. I think mom and I are going shopping today...I'm looking forward to that.

I haven't had a visit from AF in over 2 months. I took a PG test. I got a faint positive. I can't even grasp that it is a true positive since Kyle had the big V almost 2 1/2 years ago. I'm not even sure what to do at this point. I'm concerned because if I AM pg...I should be about 9 weeks...which would mean I SHOULD get a dark positive. BUT, I suppose I could have gotten PG later than that...which could make me like 4 or 5 weeks. *sigh* I also have been taking my migraine pills which scares me...I mean if I AM pg...I certainly don't want to harm the baby in anyway. I was going to call Molly (the midwife) today to get in for an appt. but I think I might wait. Maybe I will get another PG test today and take it with FMU tomorrow and go from there. good grief. Oh, let me just say...that even though we don't "want" any more babies and we took steps to avoid that, if I am PG this baby will be loved and wanted and being PG again would be a joy. :)

I better kids are fighting over a large piece of styrofoam. Kids are strange!! LOL

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Beyond my comprehension

We got a letter from the Union saying that K's company had just cause for his termination, therefore they are closing the grievance and won't be pursuing the complaint further. It is such BS. I can't understand HOW a company can have an employee call in and ask for Family Medical Leave, and upon finding he is not eligible for FML, not let him know...and just let him stay home until he accrues enough points that he is fired. HOW is that right? My brain can't even grasp how that is right, or "just". I am SO frustrated because I know K was wronged. I guess we will be getting a lawyer now. I don't even know who to contact or what to do. My stomach is in knots and I HATE this. HATE this.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

New car?!?

We have been through a car nightmare the last 2 years. we HAD a WONDERFUL 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan, fully loaded. I LOVED it. Then Kyle got ill and went on disability for 8 months and we had to get rid of it because we couldn't afford the payment. :( So, we had just the Jeep Wrangler. then, my MIL gave her car to my SIL and my SIL gave her car to us. It's a 1990 Dodge Shadow. It's small but 4 door and it was FREE!! Well, that car started overheating and giving us fits and now, won't run. So, we are back to using the stupid Jeep. (Have you ever tried to fit 2 car seats in the back of a Jeep?? NOT FUN!!) My MIL called last night and said that Kyles cousin has a Bonneville that the engine blew in. He replaced the engine and now wants to sell it. She said she is going to discuss it further with him and maybe buy it for us (we would pay her back later when our $ situation is a little better). I had NO idea what a Bonneville looked like so I looked it up and I LOVE it. It's a 2000 with leather interior. So now, I kinda have my hopes up that my Jeep days are over. :) Please keep your fingers crossed for me!!
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Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I weighed in tonight!! I lost 5.6 pounds!! I was SOOOOO excited!! This is MUCH easier than I had anticipated!! YAY!


I've been tagged by I guess I will play! *sigh* ;)

01. Total volume of music files on my computer? UM, on this computer NONE...on my other computer..I have No idea.

02. The last CD I bought was? Good Grief. I haven't bought a CD in a LONG time. We burned one not too long ago that had a huge variety of songs I like.

03. Song playing right now: No music, just West wing in the background.

04. Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me(in no particular order):
1) "Unanswered Prayers" Garth Brooks
2) "To Me" Kenny Rogers
3) "I have been blessed" Faith Hill
4) "When you say nothing at all"
5) "bridge over troubled water" Clay aiken

05. Which 5 people are you passing this baton to, and why?


Because they are the only people that I KNOW read my blog. LOL

Monday, May 16, 2005

Breast Cancer Walk

I have a wonderful friend that is doing something very selfless. She is walking (for the 3rd time) in a walk for Breast Cancer Research. If you would like to sponsor Cindy, you can do so here. thanks so much!! :)

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Happy Birthday Kyle!!

Today is my hubbys birthday! He is THIRTY! I was looking at all the gray in his hair today...he is getting old!! ;) Of course we won't talk about the fact that I am 6 months older than him and I have MUCH more gray hair. LOL

The kids and I gave him cards and a GPS, so we can take up the "sport" of GeoCaching. He really liked it! :) Aunt Sally sent the kids a letter and $20 in McDonalds GC's so they could take daddy there for a birthday party. SO, the kids are all gung-ho to go today and K just wants to be lazy at home. We MIGHT be able to hold the kiddies off until tomorrow!! :)

I am going to go pick up an ice cream cake later, Kyle doesn't like "real cake". he's an odd one.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

made it!

I actually made it through Day 1 of my diet. I stayed within my points and wasn'tcompletely miserable!! :) I have been crusing various WW message boards looking for some recipes. Kyle is doing this with me and he is pretty picky so I am wanting to keep his food interesting. OH! My mom brought Krispie Kreme donut holes for the kids last night and I didn't even eat one! YAY me!!

Kyles b-day is tomorrow so I need to run out and get him a gift today...for some reason I scheduled myself to work tomorrow afternoon. I think I will remove myself from that shift. Mom is going to watch the boys one day next week so I can take him to dinner and a movie.

Today is my niece, shelbea's b-day so I need to call her. She is 9 (I think LOL)

Thursday, May 12, 2005


Having my mom move closer is SO nice, but it sure is keeping me busy. I will be so glad when things at her house are done so I can quit helping with stuff!! ;)

Today, I have to work from 9:15 to 10 and then I guess I will go out and mow the stupid lawn. It looks like a jungle in my's so bad, I'm embarassed. LOL I was going to do it yesterday and then found out the temp today is supposed to be in the 60's...that sounds like MUCH better mowing weather than the 80 some degrees it was yesterday!! Kyle will be putting together my moms new tables and installing a phone line in her living room. We still need to get the trim in the living room painted and there are still quite a few boxes to be unpacked and put away. It will all end SOMEDAY!

I joined Weight Watchers tuesday night. I am actually starting the "diet" today. Yesterday we took the kids out to the dairy farm and I HAD to eat their yummy chicken salad and ice cream!! So, today is day 1. I am excited to get started and get this weight off.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

New and Improved Blog!!!

My very wonderful, beautiful, thoughtful, and SO nice friend, Renee added some new groovy stuff to my blog. I feel like I actually "belong" to the blog community now! Thanks Renee for making me fit in.....where were you in Jr. High?!? LOL


This is my kids' new favorite show!  They love it! 
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My husband turns 30 in 10 days. I wish I could figure out something really special to do for him. Everything I think of is so expensive. We will probably end up going to dinner and a movie and having the obligatory b-day sex afterwards. ;-)

Moved in

Mom is finally moved in. Meaning all of her belongings have been moved from one location to another. LOL she is still living ot of boxes and trying to get all of that figured out. It has been one hellacious move. We are all sore and tired and have vowed to never move again.

Sad Little Girl

My friend R has joint custody of his daughter M. He has her every other weekend and every other Wed & Thurs night. I take her to school on the mornings he has her. I don't think her home life (with her mom) is very happy....and this morning confirmed that for me. he dropped her off and she took off her backpack and then realized she didn't have her lunch. I immediately called R and he said he forgot it in the fridge and would get it to school before lunch. fine. I told M and she was SO freaked out by it, she asked a million questions and then proceded to bawl. I hugged her and reassured her and she cried and cried and cried. I called R so he could talk to her and she settled down and then continued to cry. She was worried about how she would get it, worried about what R's boss would say, and nothing I said helped to reassure her or calm her down. She was in such a tizzy that she said she was sick, and begged to go home. It was so sad....and just doesn't seem "normal" to me. Especially not for this little girl. I just felt really really sorry for her!! :( R did get her lunch here before we had to leave to go to school and she was fine. He said that she acts like this over anything she loses or forgets or misplaces. He said he has told her over and over that it is not a big deal....that ANYTHING she loses, he can replace. he is worried that maybe she gets in a lot of trouble at home when she loses or forgets something. Poor M. breaks my heart.

Saturday, April 30, 2005


I am taking a break from cleaning. The guy that is tearing down our screened in porch and replacing it with a new cover and rails, is coming at 12 ish for us to sign the contract. I still need to run the vaccuum. Oh, I guess I should get dressed too! LOL

Once he leaves, I will head down to moms and put another coat on the ceiling and I coat on the one wall (the red wall). Kyle is going to moms at 3 ish I guess to help load boxes on a truck and bring them over....I'll help bring them in the house when they get back.

At some point I need to run and get some groceries since we have NOTHING to kids keep saying they are hungry...I keep offering them toast but they already had that this morning so they are refusing. I figure they must not be THAT hungry then! LOL

Tonight my friend Teresa is throwing a going away party for our other..well, HER friend, jennifer. She is moving to minnesota tomorrow. So, I need to head over there and at least make an appearance. I am trying to get Kyle to go with me and we will take the kids. He isn't thrilled with the idea of going...but we'll see. I know the kids would like to go but I don't feel like taking them both by myself.

I have had a migraine for the last few days. I take meds, it goes away, the meds wear off, it comes back. I have been miserable. But, I think it is gone for good now. YAY!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Take Posession Day

At 12 pm my mom will take posession of her new home. It is SO exciting! She is picking me up at 10:30 to go and get (more freaking) boxes and then we will come back and check out her new "PAD" ;-) Tomorrow the painter was supposed to come (I'll get to that in a minute), then Saturday her new furniture is being delivered, and her actual move-in day is Monday. I am so so excited!!

so, about the painter. she hired this guy to paint about a month ago. He is a guy that we used to attend church with. He came and measured and quoted her a price, she hired him and set up the paint date as the 29th. he called yesterday and said that he isn't finished with his current job so they will need to set up a new time for him to come...and that it will have to be AFTEr next week!! the whole purpose of him coming on the 29th was so he could paint before the new furniture arrived. SO, we are going to buy the paint today and will do it ourselves. that sounds like SO much fun!! HA!

too much of a "good" thing!

A few months ago, I bought some stuff that you spray on your furnace filter to make your house smell good. So, we did, and it did....a little TOO much! It smelled SOOO strong. So, the smell finally went away and all was well. Yesterday, Kyle was in the basement doing laundry...he was "babysitting" a load of pillows so in his boredom he saw the furnace spray stuff and decided to spray it in the vent...not the filter..just one of the vents in the basement...OMG! it smells SOOOO strong. It has been 12 hours since he did it and it is still making me cough! BLECK!!

Monday, April 25, 2005

I WON!!!

I used Blingo and searched for something this morning and won a movie ticket! I am SO excited! I never win anything. Cindy,the girl I signed up under, also won a ticket...all because of ME!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY ME!! LOL

Here's the link if you'd like to sign up and try to win too!! :)

Saturday, April 23, 2005


The girl on the right (with her hair up) is my niece, Ashley.  this picture was taken at a commercial she was shooting.  I am so proud of her and can't wait to see it!! :)
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My "summer bag"

My mom called the other night and showed me a purse that was on QVC and said if I wanted it she would buy it for me.  the color I wanted was sold out so I didn't get that particular one. BUT, soon they showed "todays special value" and I fell in love with it and picked the coral color. Mom called and ordered it for me and also got me the matching wallet!!  I can't wait until it gets here!!
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rainy days

It is raining this morning, it was raining yesterday morning too. It STORMED last night and they are forecasting snow over the weekend if it gets cold enough! Ohio weather is nuts! Last week I had on my air because it was in the 80's. I think I have a cold brewing....which is probably due to the stupid weather!

We have a man coming over at 11 this morning to give us an estimate on tearing down our screened in porch and installing a new porch cover and rails. We got 2 estimates last week and the difference in price between the 2 places was more than $2000!! Can you imagine?? So, we will get this estimate and make our decision and hopefully get the work done in the next few weeks!!

We watched The Clearing yesterday and Spanglish last night. We enjoyed them both. it's been awhile since I have seen a truly awful movie...well, closer pretty much sucked! LOL

I need to get to the grocery today there is nothing in the house that my kids will eat...and we finished off the bread last night. so, I HAVE to much as I dread has to be done! YUCK!

We have another movie to watch (Sideways) and the first episode of 24 season 2. So, I imagine we will get those watched today/tonight. Right now we are getting movies from netflix and blockbuster because when I canceled the blockbuster membership, they gave us a month free. So, I am getting the kids movies with the Blockbuster account..they should be getting Tom and Jerry's best chases today. They will be so excited when it finally gets here!!

I should work on some laundry today and clean out a closet. I have been saying I am going to clean out a closet or two for at least a week now and I still haven't done it. Something tells me I am not going to get it done today either!! LOL

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Give a girl hair clippers....

and she thinks she is a bona fide hair stylist!! LOL I cut Logan's hair the other night and my brothers hair yesterday morning. I think I will try to do Dylans's going to be a chore since he is mr. wiggleworm...maybe if I sit him in front of "polie round" he will sit still for a bit! Anyway my $16.99 haircutting set has paid for itself at least twice! :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Expires 5 years from date of purchase...

What does that mean to you? If you buy something TODAY and it says that it expires five years from date of purchase...when would you think that expired?? I would think April 20, 2010. I have asked a couple people that same question and they agree with either we are all idiots or Best Buy is!! Here's the story:

4-15-00 We purchased a refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher from best buy. We purchased the extended service plan on the stove and fridge. I knew they were getting ready to expire so I called for service on both. (the ice maker has issues and the freezer door won't close right and the stove temp is off and the burner has a hot spot). I called for service on the the 15th knowing the plans expired that day. I was told by the technician that the plan had already expired on 4-14. We ended up having a big argument about it...I talked to a Supervisor and he was unable to do anything. I just kept getting the same pat answer..."I'm sorry, it is expired". I wanted to scream! finally, he said he would give my name and number to someone higher up than him and they would get back with me. Evidently anyone higher than a supervisor doesn't get on the phone. FINE. so, I gave him my info. Before I hung up I asked him to check and see how many service requests I had made on the fridge. (the service plan has a "no lemon" policy so after 3 service requests are made, you are eligible to get your apliance replaced). He looked it up and said I had made 4 requests. Then he asked me a bunch of questions about the fridge...model # etc. I gave the info to him and he put me on hold. he came back several moments later and told me that their records show that I purchased the fridge on 5/18/00 so my service plan was in fact still valid. Now, I have the receipt and it says 4/15......he said he checked with their receipt dept and they have it listed as being sold 5/18. SO, I didn't argue with him and set up the stove and fridge for service! LOL I called back yesterday and asked how I go about filing for the "no lemon" she took the info and said someone from the lemon dept will call me back in 3-5 days. I am interested to see what will come of that.

In the last few months I have had to deal with best Buy and their stupid service plans a few times and I have come to the realization that I will probably never buy anything there again.


I took the rest of the week off work and am just going to do stuff around here. I need to clean out closets and get summer clothes organized so I can see what the boys have and what they need, etc. My closet is a catch all of everything so I need to go through that is AWFUL! I need to fold some laundry and put all the folded laundry away. I am so bad about that!

My moms sugar has been SO high lately so she went to Urgent Care last night to get it checked and they ended up sending her to the ER because they did an EKG and it was abnormal. Some to find out she has been having "silent heart attacks". They wanted her to stay the night for observation but she told them she wanted to go home because she has no insurance. They called her cardiologist and agreed to let her go home as long as she rests, calls the cardiologist for an appointment today, and goes back to the ER right away if she has any chest pain. So, she is home now resting comfortably. I had to go pick up tony and bring him here to stay last night since we didn;t know when mom would be home. Her closing on the house is Thursday and then she moves the following week.

I have been getting estimates on getting my porch awning fixed. A guy is coming today and then another guy is coming on Saturday and then I will have to decide what we want to do. I already got the ins check to fix it...but I want to go the cheapest way possible! LOL

SO, the plan for today is to meet with the porch guy at 10, take tony home, go to Kmart to return a shirt, go to the grocery, fold and put away laundry, and clean out a closet or two!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Why is it.....

that my kids can be glued to the tv while I am on the computer, but the second I get up and walk VERY quietly into the bathroom they have to jump and follow me. Like what I am doing in the bathroom is even remotely more interesting than whatever they are watching!!! I usually wait as long as I possibly can to go potty because I know they will follow me and then the few minutes of quiet I had while they were entranced with the tv will be GONE!

Right now, for example, they were watching Charlie and Lola, I tip toed to the bathroom and very quietly pushed the door to. I hear little feet running down the hallway to my bedroom (the search for mom is on!) then I see the door move a little and then a cute little boy face peeks in and says, "GOTCHA!!". which is cute and all..which is why I keep him! ;) So, now the "seal" is broken and Logan is pressing buttons on the VCR and Dylan is making batman jump off my knee and "fly". So much for having 20 mins of peace. ahhhhh, the joys of motherhood!! :)


It is 9:30 am. I have been awake for an hour and a half and I have already had to send Logan to his room. He is driving me a little nuts this morning and I am looking forward to leaving the house. UGH!

I am going back to my moms today for more packing. WOOHOO! she finally got some boxes so we can actually pack stuff. Up to this point, we have just been cleaning out closets and drawers.

We watched "Raising Helen" last night. I really enjoyed it and cried and cried.

Wow! this is a hugely boring entry. Maybe I can think of something exciting later. LOL

Monday, April 11, 2005

Cutting hair

Kyle decided the other night about midnight that he wanted me to cut his hair. I have NEVER cut hair before...never even attempted it. Well, I take that time I cut my own bangs and it took me like an hour to do it!! LOL So, he said that if I didn't cut it, he was just gonna shave it all off!! SO, I decided to do it...or at least try. I used a beard trimmer and kitchen scissors..and I had no comb! LOL So, I did it, and I didn't think it looked half bad. Then I saw it in the daylight and it was a little scary. SO, I went over it again yesterday afternoon. At this point we decided that we really needed to get the proper tools. so, I headed to Meijer and got a haircutting system with clippers and combs and scissors and clips...the whole nine yards! Having the proper tools makes a HUGE difference..HUGE! It was MUCH easier. It looks pretty good. It is WAY shorter than I like it but it's better than a shaved head. LOL He has now decided he is never getting another haircut from the barber..only from me! HA! For someone who was just going to shave his head, he sure got pretty picky about how it looked and a couple stray hairs that I had to turn my head sideways and squint to see!! LOL We had a lot of fun figuring it all out. I am looking forward to the next time. (sssshhhhh, don't tell him!! ;-) )

migraines suck

I am fighting a stupid migraine this morning. I am so tired of having them. They have really reduced in frequency in the last few months, so I AM thankful for that. but I really wish I didn't have them at all! They seem to be affected by my cycle...seems like I get one right around when I ovulate and then again when AF visits. I go tomorrow morning for my annual pap (oh goody) so, maybe I will mention that to her.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Eating me out of house and home

good grief!! My kids must be going thtrough a growth spurt or something. they are eating non-stop. the other day they ate an entire box of mini pancakes!! they usually aren't big eaters at all so, this is throwing me for a loop. and if you dare say that they JUST ate and they need to wait a little bit they FREAK out and act like they are STARVING. This morning Dylan has eaten 3 chicken nuggets, 1/2 a piece of pizza, and 2 pieces of french toast...and he's only been awake for 1 1/2 hours. LOL Logan hasn't wanted anything to eat yet, so maybe he is on the other side of his huge appetite peak.

Gonna HAVE to lose some weight

I gross me out. I am so very fat...and it is really gross. I can't even fit into my summer clothes from last year. It is really depressing. The plan is to start some kind of diet next week. I can't decide what I want to far as which "plan" to follow, but I really need to figure it out!

Helping mom move

I went yesterday and helped mom clean out closets and drawers to get ready for her move. We are all done except for her pantry. I guess we will do that next week. She needs to get some boxes so we can start packing the stuff. Hopefully, she will have those next week and we can get a lot more done. Moving day is the 28th so we have about 3 weeks to go. I am so excited for it to get here!!!

Court update

So, I went to court on Tuesday. I was SCARED TO DEATH! LOL I got up and plead guilty and then she asked if there was anything she needed to know. I explained the whole thing to her and she waived the cost of the ticket and I only had to pay court costs! Woohoo! Here's the stupid part. the ticket was $90...guess how much court costs were???? $70!!! Can you believe THAT!?!? Had I known that, I probably would have just paid the ticket and saved me the aggravation, stress, and gas money. LOL Oh well, it's the principle of the matter I suppose. ;-)

Moe is Home!!!

My moms cat is home!! she is so excited! The neighbor said that it had been sleeping in her garage for the past few nights. Mom is convinced they were going to keep him and then felt guilty.Who knows. the important thing is that they did the RIGHT thing and brought him HOME! Mom is just beside herself she is SOOO happy. He is sick though..he was throwing up in the bathtub when I was there yesterday. You gotta love a cat that is smart enough to get in the tub to throw up..mine just does it right on the carpet! YUCK!

Friday, April 01, 2005


I was supposed to be in court this morning at 8 for my ticket. I didn't set my alarm because my kids are ALWAYS up around 7. So, this morning I woke up in bed with Kyle and the boys and the dog, I stretched and got a HORRID charlie horse in my leg. It was SOOO bad. I couldn't get out of bed because I was "trapped" in the middle. LOL Finally, K jumped up so I could get out and stand on my leg to get the pain to I was doing that, he looked at the clock, pointed to it and said, "OH SWEETIE". I about died when I saw that it was 7:52!! I immediately called the courthouse and was told I could reschedule for tuesday morning. thank god!! I am really hoping that I can get the ticket amount reduced...I really can't afford $90.

Poor Mom

My mom just recently got a new cat. He is just gorgeous and was VERY expensive. Mom called last night and told me that "MOE" had gotten out and she couldn't find him anywhere. she looked for seeral hours last night and went out several times through the night to call him. I talked to her this morning and he was still no where to be found. she is heartbroken. I have to go over that way this afternoon so I think I will cruise around the neighborhood and look for him.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Working from home

I have been working form home doing telephone and computer work for a few months now. Even though it is SO nice to be home, and I can work in my jammies, and as soon as work is over I am SUCKS! LOL I am thankful for the opportunity to work at home. I know a lot of people would love to do it and I have been very I won't whine anymore!! :-)

Really, if I have to work...which I do for now...well probably for always since my boys will start school soon and we will have tuition to pay for....I would much rather work from home. I have NO desire to go out into the world and work. I am quite content being in my home, with my things, with my babies just feet away! :)

In addition to working from home, I am also taking a Medical Transcription course (from home) so I can have a steady job with a good income at some point. I really need to get my rear in gear and work on my school work more so I can get DONE! It is a 6 month course, so I have until August to get it done without having to pay an extension fee.


WOW! this picture is HUGE! sorry about that. I was playing with pics and photobucket and discovered that I can send pics straight to my blog with photobucket. How cool is that? OK, I edited the picture. That other one was just WAY too big and scary!!

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Anyway, here is a pic of me in my new glasses. I love them...and I can SEE!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Soggy Saturday!!

YUCK! It has rained for days and the ground is soggy and muddy and gross. We were supposed to go to moms today to let the boys have an easter egg hunt, but I think we just have to skip it since it is so nasty out. Maybe we will do it inside.

I have to work today from 3-5 and then again from 7-1:30am! I don't know what i was thinking! I will be so tired for church tomorrow. I need to get the boys clothes all ready and figure out what the heck I am wearing. Mom bought the boys new (easter) clothes from Gap. They look SOOOO cute!!!

I need to go to the grocery at some point today. Of course, I have no car so I will have to wait until after we pick the car up. I need eggs so we can paint them today. I bought a spiderman egg kit. Logan will love that.


The tags on the Jeep expired LAST May. In order to get tags the car has to past an emission test. Kyle wasn't working last May so we didn't have the money to do it so we just didn't drive the Jeep and drove the Dodge instead. At some point this winter the Dodge started overheating and Kyle worked on it forever and couldn't fix it and we didn't have the money to get it fixed so, we parked it and started driving the Jeep. We got 30 day tags and drove it for a couple weeks and then the muffler did whatever a muffler does when you need a new one! So, we knew we would have to have that fixed before it would pass e-check. Again, money was an issue. We got our tax return and that was on the list of things to do. then K lost his job! :( SO, the muffler was put on the back burner so we could eat and pay bills. We have been driving on expired tags since Jan 1 of this year. Yesterday, I took the car to the muffler place to get the muffler replaced so I can do e-check and get tags. IN FRONT.....IN FRONT of the muffler place I got pulled over and got a ticket for expired tags!!! Can you believe THAT?!? I explained to the cop that I knew the tags were expired but I couldn't pass e-check until I got the muffler fixed and I was going RIGHT THEN to get the muffler fixed. He said that he understood but it was still illegal to drive the car. I said, well, I had to drive it to get it here...and he asked for my license! poophead. so he took my license and I sat in the car and cried. It is a $90 ticket. I know it was bound to happen sooner or later...and I kind of expected to get a ticket for it and was surprised it hadn't happened before now, but I think it happening right in front of the muffler place makes it harder to accept! LOL

Kyles unemployment was approved yesterday and I am so relieved. I was considering going to buy something "cheap" to wear to church on Easter, but now that I got that ticket, I can't justify spending the money on clothes. I get so frustrated. Everytime our money situation looks better and I think I can breathe a little, something else happens.

The muffler guy caled last night and said the catalytic (sp?) converter needs replaced as well as the muffler and exhaust pipe. $408! Mom was paying for it but only had $275. the guy is going to try to patch the catalytic thing and if that works, then the price will go down a lot. If he can't, he is going to replace it and mom said she will still pay for it. She is such a good mom and is so good to us. I really don't knwo what we would have done without her help in the last year. My fingers are crossed that the thing can be patched so it will be cheaper. It will be done today...hope I don't get a ticket when I drive it home!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I am so tired. I went to bed at 2:30ish and Logan got up at 6:30! I got him to go back to bed until 7 and then he was up again. YAWN! Kyle was supposed to get up with the kids today, but he didn't wake up and I felt bad about waking him, here I sit while he snoozes away. I think a nap is definitely in my plans today! :)

Moms house is being appraised today, so I have to walk down there at 10 with a check for the guy. Things are moving along smoothly and we are so excited. I went with her yesterday to pick out new living room furniture. She ended up with a black and cream striped couch and a loveseat rocker in a black and white toile. It is SOOO cool!! She is going to paint a few of her walls red and the others a very light gray and do the trim in cream. As we were finishing up her order on the furniture we remembered that the carpet in the new house is light blue!! LOL SO..she is now in the market for a large area rug!!

Looks like we are probably going to have to get a lawyer to fight this thing with Kyles work. I don't know if the union guy is an idiot or just doesn't want to mess with it, but trying to get this man to understand why Kyle was WRONGLY fired is like pulling teeth. Everyone else I tell the whole story to, "gets" that it was unfair and makes no sense. UGH!! It makes me so frustrated.

K was denied unemployment because they have no recored that he even worked last month. The co. never reported his earnings. SO, we have to get his attendance and payroll records from HT. K called last week and spoke to the HR woman and she said she would get it all together for him. He called to check on it yesterday, since it has been a week, and the woman is on vacation until the end of the month!! I am SOOO mad. It's like the people at that company have no decency what so ever. K is going to call and talk to the HR manager today to see if he can get the info from him. K is pretty sure that he won't get the stuff though. I told him that someone in payroll has access to all that info and it shouldn't be too hard to get. Of course this is the co that sucks, so we'll see. If K wouldn't get mad at me, I would call and talk to these people myself and I would go sit in their offices until I got what I wanted. Kyle is just too nice I think and sometimes, you just have to be bitchy to get things done right!!!

Dylan has been very sick with a fever for a few days. I finally took him to the ER the other day and he had an infection in each ear. they were pretty bad infections...he had to get 2 shots of antibiotics and the dr. prescribed tylenol with codeine for the pain. Even on drugs the child doesn't sleep through the night!! he is feeling much better today.

Well, Dylan just brought me a bag of chicken I guess I better go nuke some for him.

Monday, March 14, 2005

This and that...

I honestly don't know how people work, go to school, and take care of their families and house!! I have been working a lot and there is NO way I can do it all. Something has to "suffer". Right now it is my school work. Time with my husband and kids isn't for the time being school is being put on the backburner. Once work slows down in April, I will hit the books with a vengeance again.

I think we are all about well now. We had an awful bout with the flu, but I think the worst is over. We are still coughing here and there, but nothing major.

Mom is so excited to move and I am so excited for her to be here. She drives me completely insane sometimes, but she really is a great mom. she does so much for us and if it hadn't been for her this past year I don't know how we would have made it!

Stephanie isn't doing well at all. the pressure in her brain continues to increase and the dr's have told them it is only a matter of time...that there is nothing more they can do for her. :( that makes me so sad and is weighing heavy on my heart today. she is SO young and I keep thinking of her little boy that won't even remember her. :( It is just so so sad. Life is SO short and you just never know what tomorrow is going to bring...there are no guarantees.....

Friday, March 11, 2005

Gotta DO something....

I have done NOTHING in this house since we returned from our trip. NOTHING. the kitchen is full of dirty dishes, the living room is trashed, and the laundry is piled up. I have felt like crap so I have been LAZY. I haven't even been making dinner for Kyle and I. So, today I need to get the dishes done, do some laundry and get unpacked from our trip. Maybe I will even throw something in the crockpot for dinner! LOL ok, now I am tired. I better go nap! ;)

Mom's house

Here's a picture of moms house. I think it is so cute. It is the same layout as our house but cuter. LOL the basement is also finished and ours isn't.

Image hosted by

Thursday, March 10, 2005


My heart hurts so bad for one of our friends. Actually, she is the daughter of one of my moms good friends but I have known her her whole life.

Stephanie was on the way to her OB appt on Tuesday and lost control of her car and hit a tree and a pole. Power lines fell on her car which made her unable to be rescued for 45 mins! She was helicoptered to a local hospital where they immediately induced her and took the baby by c-section. He was a perfect little boy, weighing 8lbs 12 oz. He never showed any brain activity and had multiple seizures and lost kidney function. He died yesterday with his mommy never seeing him or holding him or even knowing he was here. There is some comfort in knowing that he felt no pain and that he is with Jesus. But my heart just breaks for his mommy and his family.:-(

Stephanie has a crushed femur, both of her clavicles are broken, and her liver is lacerated. Her brain is bleeding and has a lot of pressure on it. the pressure had subsided some but it is back up again today. I guess brain pressure goes from 0-8 and hers was 26??? Of course we are all praying and her parents think she is going to pull through and be ok...but she sure has a long road ahead of her if she does pull through.

Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.

She's moving

There is a house for sale 4 houses down from ours. My mom and I have been talking about her moving closer to us since she cares for my brother and she is getting older and has some medical problems...and often needs my help. So, I told her about this house and she went to look at it. She made them an offer, they counter-offered, and she accepted!! I am SO excited!! I am so glad my boys will have their grandma so close and won't even have to cross the street to go visit her!!!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

HOME...sick, but home

Kyle's brother was sick while we were in TN and by Sunday Kyle was sick and today the boys are sick and I am heading that way. They all have fevers and coughs and are miserable. They are all sleeping a lot so that is good I guess. I have a stupid cough, that makes me wet my pants if I cough too hard! which is such a NICE thing to experience!! *rolleyes*

I have to finish my test calls for one of my jobs tonight. I took 3 of them while I was in TN but I need 10 before I can actually get on the schedule. Hopefully, tonight will be busy and I can get them done quickly.

I got my layoff notice for one of my other jobs....I knew it was coming and am kind of relieved. the worry of when it was coming was stressing me out and now I can focus on something else and move on.

My OTHER job starts tomorrow night and I am kind of excited about that. It is just one night a week, but should be interesting.

My schoolwork has been lacking lately. I really need to set aside some time and get busy on that. I'd like to get through it quickly.

My mom is thinking about buying a house 5 houses up from mine, on the same side of the street. She is in the process of seeing if she can get financed for it. I am excited about the posibility but trying to not get my hopes up. It would be nice to have her closer as she is getting older and caring for my brother. there are lots of times that she needs help, but driving 20 mins to bring her a gallon of milk can be a pain. This will be MUCh more convenient...I'm really NOT selfish! ;)

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Shoping with mom....

Since we are leaving tomorrow to go to TN, I have to go get my boys something to wear to church. How sad is it that they don't have any "church clothes"?? I am hoping to find a church I like soon and start going. I think going to church is so important and I want to instill that in my boys. I have just failed miserably at that, thus far. :(

Anyway, mom is picking me up in a bit and we are going to get our nails done and head to the mall. I'm excited. I guess that means Kyle will be in charge of getting the laundry done for our trip!! ;)


We used to live in Knoxville when I was in 6th grade. We attended a church there that we loved. My mom has decided she wants to go visit some friends of ours that live there and go to church services on Sunday. SO, we are loading her van with me and Kyle and the kids and my mom and brother. We are dropping our dogs off at the kennel and heading out tomorrow morning!! I am pretty excited!

Kyles mom lives in Etowah, TN which is about 40 mins away from Knoxville. We are going to go to her house tomorrow and stay with her (maybe go to Gatlinburg on Sat) until Sunday, then head to church and stay in Knoxville on Sunday night and then head back home on Monday!

It should be fun if we don't all go insane from being together!! LOL

Monday, February 28, 2005

And so, it begins.....

I have had an online journal before. I kept it up with my pregnancy with Logan and then it kinda dwindled and then I started posting to it again about the time he was 6 months old and then, when I got PG with Dylan, I started another one! So, I had 2 journals to keep up with...which didn't go real well. LOL I am hoping I will be more dedicated to blogging. I really do enjoy going back and reading my thoughts. etc.

I only signed up for this blog because my friend Renee started one..and I had to become a member to leave a comment! Plus, she informed me that she is cool now since she has a blog LOL and since I AM on the eternal quest for coolness....I knew I had to have one too!!! ;)

...and so, it begins....