Friday, November 09, 2007

Dog Bite

My poor baby Dylan!

He was playing outside with the neighbor boy. I went out to check on him and he was happily playing, I called him..he came right away and said he was being good and wanted to play a little longer. I told him a LITTLE longer, but that he had to stay in the FRONT yard. He said Ok and off he went.

10 mins later I went out to call him in and he was nowhere to be seen. so I started walking down the street and yelling his name. Then I heard him crying. He was down the street, next door to my moms house, playing in the back yard. They have 2 semi-large dogs and one of them bit Dylan right on his butt!!

He came out from the back crying his little head off and I looked at his butt and there was blood! scared the crap outta me. The dog owner said that the dog didn't bite him that MAYBE he scratched him. I didn't have time to argue with Mr. owner of biting dog. So I picked Dylan up and carried his screaming self home.

When we got hom and I removed his clothes it was very obviously a bit mark with one "puncture" mark. I called Kyle and he was on his way I just put Dylan across my lap and held a cloth on his bottom..which seemed to help with the pain. :( Once K got home he looked at it and then headed down to make sure the dog has had it shots, etc (it has). Then I called the on-call nurse and he said we should go to Urgent Care to make sure the puncture wound was cleaned out really well.

So, we took him and were there for about 4 hours!!! They cleaned it and bandaged it and gave us a prescription for antibiotics. He was really hurting last night but seems to be ok now. Last night he couldn't even sit down, but now he is sitting fine---I'm surprised as it is quite bruised.

I'm so glad it wasn't worse than it was and it was on his hiney and not his face!!


Cindy said...

Poor Dylan!!! That had to hurt SO bad!!! I hope you don't have any trouble with the dog's owners.

I'm glad it wasn't his face, either...but owwwwwww! Poor dude!

sue said...

Poor little man!! Hope he is feeling better and heals fast!

Jen said...

Poor Kid! That is so scary! I'm glad you have a friendly little dog, so that Dylan knows there are good dogs too.
I'm so sorry that had to happen to him. I hope the dog isn't allowed to run, he could do that again, the next kid might not be so lucky!