Friday, August 31, 2007

Winning the Lotto

Have you heard about the ONE person that one the powerball last week. He won over 300 MILLION dollars!! Can you even imagine? WOW!! I was imagining how I would use that kind of money and how nice it would be to take care of my mom--pay off ALL her bills, my dad--buy him some Arizona luxury real estate,(just because it he went on a trip out there and LOVED it...not because I want to get rid of him), my siblings, all my friends. I was imagining certain friends and being able to call them up and ask them--what do you need to be out of debt--then sending them a check. GOSH! wouldn't that feel awesome!!

Of course, to win the lotto..I would have to play it..and I don't. I have a friend that recently got a full time job and her "treat" every day is playing the pick 3 straight and boxed. Not sure if she has one anything yet...but I might have to start doing something similar! I really like scratch-offs...maybe I will do that instead!! ;-)

Vegas--my way

Kyles cousins are trying to get him to go with them to Vegas the first weekend in October. Of course, K is saying no. Even if we had the money for him to go, he is afraid to fly. AND..he "promised" me that we would go to Vegas for our 10th anniversary--which isn't happening..and NO way is he going to Vegas without me!! The cousins insisted I could go too..but really, hanging out with them is not my idea of a good time! I like them and all...but I have heard their stories from previous vegas trips and their idea of a good time and MY idea of a good time are two completely different things!!

Plus, I don't trust their hotel decision making abilities. I want to stay someplace that I have heard of, like Caesars Palace or something. I'm in the mood to watch Oceans 11 or 12 or 13 since I haven't seen it yet. Anyway....

I am pretty sure the closest I am going to get to a casino any time soon is the riverboat casino in Indiana. LOL

Making up the difference

Being "poor", I have learned pretty well how to make up the difference in the money that comes in and the money we need to go out. We make enough to pay the bills and have a teeny tiny bit after that. Of course that doesn't cover, gas, entertainment, clothes, etc etc. It really sucks sometimes. But a few things I do really help make up the money we lack.

I do things like sponsored blog posts, take surveys, sell things on e-bay or cheapcycle and even participate in market research occasionally. It doesn't make enough to live on...but definitely helps a lot. There are times that I couldn't have even put gas in the car if it wasn't for these extras. And I am so thankful that they are available to anyone.

Now that Kyle is working and there is more $ coming in, this extra money can go for more "fun" things and I love that! Of course my job is ending who knows how long that will last. Better spend it fast before I have to use it on something "necessary". LOL

Alternative Vehicle

I think I should buy a golf cart. The gas prices are crazy and driving me there FAST! I have been using my moms car since school started, because we only have one car and K has to use it for work. Her car is a Ford Crown Vic. It uses a lot of gas. She filled it up last week and I need to fill it up again today. The only places I have gone all week is to and from school. It's beyond me how fast gas can be used up when I am not even driving that far!!

When my mom lived in Florida, they lived in a retirement village and everyone drove golf carts. It was great fun riding around there. They could even drive their carts to the local Wal-Mart if they wanted!! They would come home, plug the cart into the wall to charge it...and that's it. How nice would that be? Of course I have not idea how expensive golf cart parts are, if it should break down. But it couldn't be more expensive than CAR parts..right??

Yes, I think I will buy a golf cart. It'll only take me 2 hours to pick Logan up from school. LOL

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekend re-cap

Friday night, as soon as Kyle got home from work, we went out and mowed the lawn and weed-eated. The plan was to do it Saturday morning, but K figured that since he was already hot, tired and sweaty, he might as well do it then. It was 100 degrees! So...being the nice wife I am, went out and really didn't take long and I knew I would be glad it was done on Saturday morning. After that we showered, fed the kids, put them to bed, we ate dinner and then we went to bed.

Saturday morning, K got up with the kids and I got to sleep in until 9:30. It was Heaven! While I slept, both boys had baths and Kyle made them omelets! When I got up, he made me a yummy omelet! After that we started de-cluttering the living room. It was really really bad and was making me twitch (as Cindy says). After that, we moved to the play room and cleared out a BUNCH of non-played with toys and got it organized. Then, we ordered pizza and watched Arthur and the Invisibles. It was a really cute movie and pizza was nummy!

This morning, Kyle slept in and I made pancakes for the kids. I spelled their names in pancakes. I was so proud of me...I almost took a pic! LOL After Kyle got up, we talked for awhile while the kids played outside. Then Kyle took his RC car to an empty lot down the road to break it in. Dylan went with him...but they quickly returned when Dylan touched the engine and burnt his little baby fingers. :-( so, K brought him home and I dealt with him while K went back to finish with his car. I think it took a good hour before D quit crying and saying, "ouch ouch ouch ouch". Not that I blame him...burns hurt SOOOOOOO bad!! Once K got back, we all got ready and went to BW3's for lunch/dinner. It was SO good and cheap! After that we came home and I made a grocery list and went shopping. Came home, unloaded all the groceries and looked at my receipt. Then I realized I didn't scan my kroger plus card! So, I took my receipt and went back to get it scanned and get the difference credited back to my card! Then I bought the few items I forgot and spent the same amount of money! LOL When I came out of the store, my mom and brother pulled in, so I stopped and talked to them for a few minutes. Now, I am home...the kids and the hubby are in bed...and I need to do some work.

Whew. Thank God next weekend is a 3 day weekend!!

Friday, August 24, 2007


Isn't it strange what things people get addicted to? Drugs and food are of course obvious. But did you know they get addicted to things like nasal spray and lip balm?

Our pastors wife was so addicted to Afrin it wasn't even funny. She was always whipping that bottle out of her purse and shoving it up her nose!! Kinda sad really because it IS an addiction...and probaby one without any support group or anything like you would find in drug rehab. Of course I don't know that you NEED a support group to "come off" nasal spray or kip balm. Or course it's not me thought so who knows. I have my own addictions to deal with. *sigh*

Pack your bags!!

I am so surprised at what cute luggage there is out there. Used to be that when you flew somewhere there were a bazillion black suitcases....ours included. Except ours is more blackish green..but still!

When we were on our trip to TX I saw so many cute suticases...bright pink, red, tan with african animals, even polka dots!! I would love to have some cute--or even just non-black luggage! I looked around a little today. I don't really know much about I am going on looks alone. I do hear that travelpro is really good luggage...I'll ahve to look and see what they have in the way of "cute"! LOL

Our luggage was a christmas gift from my in-laws and I loved it then. You beat the heck out of carrying our clothes in garbage bags when we went somewhere. LOL But now I am needing something much cuter...girly even! darn it!!

Breathing Easy

I need to get out and see my grandma and aunt soon. They live together..neither one of them are doing fanatastic...they both have medical condition and they are both on oxygen. At least my grandma doesn't aunt goes outside every 15 minutes to have 2 puffs of a cigarette!

Anyway, we were there a couple weeks ago, but my grandma was sleeping so we didn't wake her up. Mom said she called today to talk and said that she wanted us to visit..and that she was upset that we didn't wake her up when we were there. But she's 85, doesn't feel well, and I am going to wake her up?!? I don't think so!

So, I will probably try to get out there this weekend or next and spend some time visiting with her. She can tell me all about the portable oxygen concentrator she just bought, we'll play domino's, and I'll listen to her jokes and stories about the "olden days". It'll be fun!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Too much HGTV

I have been spending so much time watching HGTV. I got hooked earlier in the summer when we were making all the updates in our house. Now, I just watch because I really enjoy it.

One of my favorites is a show that shows people looking for a new shows three houses they are interested in and then they pick a house. I love trying to figure out which house they are going to pick.

I have noticed a trend though...I almost ALWAYS pick the most expensive house! You know, the awesome house with the great view, lots of space and outdoor kitchen that is at the VERY top of their price range! Very fun to pretend I have their money and need to pick a great house!! It's only a LITTLE depressing that I really don't! ;-)

IB what?

Isn't it weird h0w we get used to using initials for things and then can hardly wrap our head around a different word for the same initial? Or...maybe that's just me.

I suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), so of course I hear IB and I am immediately thinking "Irritable Bowel". So, imagine my confusion/surprise when my friend was doing and internet search for IBM memory! In my head I was thinking...Irritable Bowel Management....Irritable Bowel Month. But then the memory part didn't make sense. Finally I just asked. Guess what she was looking for?!?!

IBM memory!! You know..IBM the computer company!!!

ROFL I crack myself up!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Grade

Logan is a first grader today. I took him to school this morning and I think he was a little scared...even though it's the same school, same friends, etc. Bless his heart. He looked very cute and grown up in his new uniform and new shoes, sporting his new camo messenger bag!

I am waiting to hear back from Dylan's pre-school as to when he can should be any day now. He is chomping at the bit to go. Good thing I decided to find him a new pre-school to go to since the one he went to last year didn't have enough kids to open this year!!

I'll post pics of mr. L later!! :)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Irrational Fear??

I have a really big fear of masks. They freak me out like you wouldn't believe. I'm not talking about the hard plastic ones in kids costumes, I am talking about the pliable latex-y ones that go over your whole head and are just FREAKY!

Kyle used to have a Ronald Reagan mask that scared me to death! He would occasionally put it on to get a nice big scream out of me. I finally made him cut it up and throw it in the trash--no throwing it away was NOT enough!

When we were helping Tammy move in to her house, Logan found a mask in a box with some of her stuff. He put it on and came to find me. I was in the van looking under the seat and thought I heard Tammy whispering to I looked up and turned around to find her...and screamed bloody murder. Much to the enjoyment of Logan! LOL

So, yes I have a fear of masks...last year Dylan was a cat and wanted to look at animal masks to complete his costume and I refused to let him.

You KNOW that as these darling boys of mine get older and know just how scared I am..they are going to be scaring me ALL.THE.TIME. bratty little boys!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ink MeMe

This is fun.

Cindy tagged me for a tattoo meme. I thought I'd play because I rarely play, when I do get picked for meme's because...let's face it..I'm a lazy blogger!!

So..I'll play this time.

I have one tattoo, it is a ladybug (I just typed "butterfly"! ha) on my right foot close to my toes. It's middle spot is a heart. I love it! My mom says it looks like a "cherry bomb"???

I'd like to get a couple more--a wedding ring and something to do with my kids...but I don't know what, or where!
I don't know who to tag. I can't think of anyone that I know reads my blog and has a tattoo besides Cindy. LOL I'll tag Renee...she can blog about her hubby's tats and anyone else that read and has a tat...please play and let me know!! :)


My crock-pot has been cooking way too hot and fast lately. The other day, I put in stew beef (to make beef tips and noodles) and they were done in about 2 hours! In an attempt to keep them warm I turned them off for awhile and then turned them back on. They ended up over cooked and a little dry. Kyle said they were fine..but I was about choking to get them down my throat! LOL

So, I saw a great deal on crock-pots the other day and got a new oval one with a warm setting (very excited about that) and a free little dipper crock pot-so cute!

They were having SUCH great deals and it was everything I could do to not order a new cookware set while I was at it! But I was strong and didn't spend the money. I'll just carry on with my scratched up cookware I got before I was married!! I have such a rough life don't I?!?

Friday, August 17, 2007

Bend without Breaking

The closer the 10th anniversary gets..the more I think about what I want for a gift! LOL My mom has offered to stay with the kids for a weekend so we can go away, ALONE and I am really excited about that. However..I also want a GIFt..gimme,gimme,gimme!!;) Of course I am looking at the typical diamond rings but don't really know if that's what I want.

The traditional gift is aluminum/tin because "The pliability of tin and aluminum is a symbol of how a successful marriage needs to be flexible and durable and how it can be bent without being broken." I LOVE that..and it almost makes me teary when I read it. I told Kyle that and that he would need to think of a clever gift for me to go along with that theme. He said he would get me a can of coke! *rolleyes*

So, I don't know. I would really like for us to get matching "wedding band" tattoos...he's balking at that idea. He's a chicken! LOL Of course I need to figure out something to get him as well. Good thing I still have 4 months to think about it, huh?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Trash night

The trash men come tomorrow, that means that I need to walk around the house and gather any and all trash, bag it all up and leave it at the door for Kyle to take out in the morning. Yes, I am fully capable of taking it out myself, HOWEVER there are scary wild animal creatures that live in the space between our privacy fence and the neighbors privacy fence and NO WAY am I going to go out there and risk surprising one!

So, anyway...the trash is calling my name and here I sit. I have done just about everything I CAN do on this computer because I don't feel like gathering the trash.

I'm getting tired though, I'm making a lot more typos than usually do and my eyes are really trying to close. I guess I will go do my "chore" and get my behind to bed!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Better than nothin'

We stopped by Tammy's the other day and she told us that they are moving out to where Larry's mom lives--which is about 45 mins from us and that I could quit checking out real estate listings in the area. I hate it and am pretty upset. Not upset, I guess..just disaapointed. While they will still be closer than they were when they lived in TX--it's still pretty far.

No more calls saying, "I wanna stop by" don't "stop by" a house that is an hour out of your way! LOL They claim they will see us all the time since they will still be working here and Shelbea's soccer team is here. But how often do you think they are going to want to hang around here after work when they have an hour drive to get home you know?

But. it IS closer than TX and if I want to spend time with her I can hop in my car and be there in less than an hour..and if I want to meet her for lunch I can be at her work in 20 minutes. It'll be ok....and I'll be hapy for them, whether I like it or not! ;)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

busy weekend's been so long since K and I have worked at the same time, that I forgot how full the weekends are with trying to get so much done. Let me think...after we got married I quit my job, he worked third, my brother moved in with us and I did some babysitting as well. He lived with us for a a little over a year and then after he moved I was "just" a housewife..soon to become pg with Logan. So, for most of our married life (9 1/2 years) there has only been 1 of us working full time! The person that wasn't working did all the household stuff. No wonder I am feeling overwhelmed by my job, the kids AND the house! I think since I am working from home...while caring for the kids..and trying to keep up with the's MUCH harder than going AWAY for work..and no one being home all know?

Anyway, it's been a trying week. Amelia has started staying with us again during the week since she can't be trusted at home by herself. She doesn't help with the kids..but she has helped me keep my sanity with the housework. Very nice having someone around, who can unload a dishwasher, run a vaccum, pick up toys, and clean a bathroom!

So, what was this post about...busy weekend that's right! This morning we got up and Kyle unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, ran to the bank. Kyle weed-eated (ate?) the yard and I mowed. We showered, ate lunch, watched Psych, I paid bills and left to take the kids bike-riding. After that we went to the river and did some wading/playing in the water. Came home, showered again, ordered Logan some uniform shorts and shoes for school, Laid out a pork roast to thaw for dinner tomorrow, ran to Taco Bell and Mickey D's for dinner, got the kids in bed and am now watching The Devil Wears Prada.

Tomorrow, we are going school supply shopping, clothes shopping for all my boys (K included), and grocery shopping. Then we can come home, eat dinner, go to bed and start the work week all over again! *sigh*

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Soccer IS enjoyable!

Shelbea had her first tournament this weekend. We went to one game yesterday that was so boring, neither Kyle or the boys wanted to go back today! LOL

Mom and I went today and it was SUCH a GOOD game! Very enjoyable--lots of cheering, goal making, etc. Shelbeas team WON! we were very proud! The next tournament is Labor Day weekend...I might have to make me a "I'm Shelbea's Aunt" t-shirt! ;) So, we had fun..AND I got some sun on my face--nothing like a little "color" to make a girl feel purty!! :-)

Kyles first day of work was Friday, he said he thinks he will like it. Tomorrow he has to be there at 7 and work 10 hours. bleckety, bleck, bleck!!! Better him than me! HA! Of that we are both working I guess I have to start doing some housework again...and if he works more hours than me..I'll have to do even MORE! UGH! It had been so long since I loaded and ran the diswaher, that last week when I did...I almost forgot how to turn it on! Seriously!! gonna miss that!

We have a tour at Dylans new school tomorrow. excited about that! I hope I like it and like the program there--'cause frankly, if I don't..I don't know where in the heck he is going to go! LOL