Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring has Sprung?

Dare I say it? I think Spring MIGHT finally be here!! The temps the last few days have been very mild and I *think* I saw a fly the other day. Someone told me once that is how you know spring is finally here...when you see a fly. LOL

I went out and about with mom and Saturday and Kyle and the boys cleaned up the front yard, driveway and front porch. It looks SO nice. Makes me want to buy a new tree for the front yard and flowers for next to the driveway. Kyle tried to clean out the gutters but the "stuff" in them was FROZEN! LOL Guess the temps haven't been mild enough, huh?

I guess the next job is to work on the backyard, get the deck cleaned off, the yard cleaned up, etc etc. The kids have played on the swing set a few always seems new to them after winter and then they get tired of it. Wonder why it works that way with kids and swing sets? Guess it's that way with anything though, huh?

I'll be glad once the weather stays warmer and the rain stops and the kids can play outside more. I love when they are out there using their little imaginations!

Friday, March 21, 2008

New Blog Template

I have been wanting to change things for awhile, but hadn't been able to find a cherry template that I liked. Found this one today and decided to try it out. Of course, I lost all my sidebar stuff...since I technologically challenged and was unsure of how to keep it. so, I'll have to add all that back in at some point as I get time.

I DID save my old HTML code, so if someone out there knows how I can add my sidebar stuff back in, I would be thrilled and welcome the help!! :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

1 week

So, I've had this "bug" for a week now. I guess I do feel better, but I woke up with my ear all clogged and hurty. I need to be on an antibiotic, I'm sure. Of course, my dr. office is closed today, so I will have to wait until tomorrow. Hopefully, my ear drum doesn't explode before then!

Dylan is on the mend, temp and ear pain are all but gone, he now has the big D so he is still home. Logan wanted to stay home today, but I reminded him that today was his LAST day for the next week!! He was ok to go then! LOL

Kyle goes back to work tomorrow. He's still not 100% but I suppose he will survive. No idea on what the x-rays know, since the dr. office is closed today.

My mom seems to be a tinge better. She is chomping at the bit to get back to work. I told her to just leave it alone until Monday and by then she will be feeling better and can get back to work then. I hope she IS better by then.

My sister called yesterday and made a comment about how we are ALWAYS sick and she is so glad they THEY aren't sick, blah blah blah. It kind of made me feel bad. We aren't ALWAYS sick..this year has just been a bad year for us, we have all gotten sick and it seems the sicknesses have just lingered. But I know lots and lots of people that have been sick this I don't think we are abnormal or unhealthy or anything. She always has a way of making me feel "less than". bah!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I like to say that my taste in music is "eclectic". That I like all kinds of music, country, pop, rock, oldies, gospel. You get the idea. But, one kind of music I don't rap or hip hop. Well, to be fair, let me say this...I have never listened to it long enough to have a good opinion on whether I like it or not HOWEVER, the times I HAVE heard Rap, I don't have a desire to listen to it very long. so..maybe it IS safe to say I don't like it. LOL

I did happen to come across an interesting site about rap artists...if you are into that kind of thing. It looks pretty well put together with some good info. Just something you might want to check out.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So, I am still sick. *cough* *hack* *cough* *hack*

Kyle is sick, he has been running a 100 degree fever and coughing up a storm, He went to the dr. today and she wants him to have a chest x-ray. He feels so miserable that he didn't go today, but he will go tomorrow. She also took him off work for the rest of the week.

Dylan is sick with a 102 temp and has a cough and an ear infection. This is the 1st infection he has had since getting his tubes last year, so that's good! But he is miserable right now. Poor baby!!

My mom has pneumonia! She is MISERABLE! I took her some dinner tonight and picked up her meds from the pharmacy. I am hoping once she gets the meds in her she will feel least a little bit.

So...the sickies conitnue. I hope we are all better soon...and I hope this is the LAST of the sicknesses we have to endure for awhile!!


Moms kitchen should be started in the next week or so. She is really excited...and I am too. It's nice to spend someone else's money! LOL I have been spending a lot of time looking at a lot of pictures of different kitchens online. She is wanting to find some kind of tile or something to make a backsplash with. I told her that tiling a backsplash is a little more involved than we probably want to get into. I am trying to talk her into putting up a copper backsplash with those pressed "tins". I think that would look really neat, but she is unsure. We'll see.

Next week will be better.....

I am still sick, which means I didn't go to my water aerobics class yesterday and probably won't go tomorrow. Kinda hard to exercise when you can't breathe without coughing up a lung, ya know?

I feel like a big slug though..I've been doing nothing but laying on the couch and going to the bathroom. I did venture out to take the kid to and from school yesterday--so that's good. I also had to go out today to take the other kid to the dr. I was miserable though. Bleck!

The time keeps passing and before I know it, it will be September and I will be annoyed that I haven't lost any weight. *sigh* I need some weight equipment in my basement, so I could go down and lift a pound or two and feel less slug like.

Next week will be better, Next week will be better...I just gotta keep saying that...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Water Aerobics

I went last week and signed up for Water Aerobics at the rec center. Classes start Monday and are every Monday and Wednesday for 45 mins. I am excited to start! I took them back in the late summer and really enjoyed it. I went in the evenings then and missed quite a few classes due to Kyles work schedule. So, this time, I signed up for morning classes when everyone is at work and school!!

Now, I just need to get my eating/diet in order and maybe I can lose some weight!!!

Credit Cards for the "Bad"

I know from experience that once your credit score goes down, it is hard to get it back to a good rating. I made some stupid mistakes when I was a teenager and ended up with a lot of debt I couldn't pay. It was a scary and yucky time in my life and I really really regret it. BUT, live and learn, right?

One of the ways I have built my credit back up is to get a credit card, charge a little bit on it, pay more than the minimum payment every month and pay it off. Once it is paid off, I charge a little more.

Of course, if someone has bad credit it's hard to find a company that will offer you a credit card. Fortunately, there are websites out there that list companies that offer bad credit credit cards. It makes it easy to find a company that will work for you and get you back on the road to a great credit score.

On the Mend

I think I am feeling better. The coughing is definitely better, but when I DO cough...WOW! my ribs hurt SOOO bad!! My nose is all congested now and I am very tired. don't get me wrong..I still feel pretty puny, but I feel better than I did. So..I think I am getting better.

Logan was home yesterday with a 101.7 fever, but he woke up this morning fever hopefully he will stay well. He lost a tooth in the middle of the night. He was pretty excited about that. LOL

Dylan was up coughing in the middle of the was VERY barky sounding, but now that daylight is here...he is fine. hmmm.

Kyle is still in bed. I'm a tinge peeved...just because I'm a baby and I am sick and I think HE should be up dealing with the kids and doing dishes while I sleep. BUT, he HAS been working all week..and he didn't sleep a lot last night..he was up and down a lot. So, I'll be nice and let him keep sleeping. Especially since the children are being very well behaved and I am not having to DO anything for them. LOL


Seems like all I hear or read about lately are all the homes in foreclosure. Kyle and I were talking about it last night and I am SO thankful that when we bought our house, and again when we refinanced after he lost his job, that we didn't go with an adjustable rate. It's nice to know exactly what we will be paying month to month and year to year. I DO feel bad for the people that got "roped into" thinking that was the way to go and are now faced with the possibility of losing their homes. I can't even imagine! Very scary!

When my mom bought her house, she actually took out two Mortgages. I had never heard of that before, but apparently it is common since I have seen t a few times on different shows on HGTV. Anyway, one of those lines is an adjustable rate and she is REALLY hoping she can get the 2 refinanced into 1 at a fixed rate very soon. I hope so too!!

Tricia Trivia Tips

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Tricia!

  1. A female ferret will die if it goes into heat and cannot find Tricia.
  2. Tricia is actually a fruit, not a vegetable.
  3. All shrimp are born as Tricia, but gradually mature into females.
  4. South Australia was the first place to allow Tricia to stand for parliament!
  5. Bananas don't grow on trees - they grow on Tricia.
  6. Lightning strikes Tricia over seven times every hour!
  7. Tricia is only six percent water!
  8. Only one child in twenty will be born on the day predicted by Tricia!
  9. Tricia is actually a mammal, not a fish.
  10. Half a cup of Tricia contains only seventeen calories.
I am interested in - do tell me about

Friday, March 14, 2008


I am so sick. I am fighting a fever, cough, achiness, headache and chest pain. I'm miserable. I went to the dr. yesterday, he said it might be or might not be the flu...he wasn't sure. But he ended up giving me tamiflu, cough syrup and cortizone. I don't seem to be coughing as much far, so that is it was driving me CRAZY! My head is pounding and I am TIRED though.

now, Logan has a fever and cough, so he is home today, Dylan stayed home as well, just because I didn't feel like taking him. I did tell both boys that today is going to be a REST day. So, we'll see how that goes. Right now they are watching a movie on Disney and being wonderful. Hopefully, it will last all day!!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Spring FORWARD!!

Don't forget to set your clocks UP one hour tonight!!! Wonder if that means my kids or kid--Logan is at grandma's tonight--will be up at 6?? Hopefully, not. I guess if they get up at the same time though, they would get up at 8 correct? 'Cause 8 will "really" be 7?? hmm.

Tax money

With our tax rebate check we are planning on getting a new HDTV. Yes, once again spending money intead of paying off our debt, but what are you gonna do? When you are poor and work hard and can't afford the luxuries in life that you so badly want..when you DO get some money, you tend to feel "rich" for a few minutes and indulge in those luxuries.

With our tax return we are taking a vacation and with the rebate, we are buying a tv. Kyle is on cloud nine. He isn't too excited about the WDW vacation..just because he doesn't "get" Disney, (he's never been just give him time!). But he is excited about the new tv. Lots of talk about which one, what kind, where, when, HDMI cables, blue ray DVD players. Just all kinds of nonsense! LOL It's kinda cute--he is totally a toy/gadget/technology geek!

Working for the things you want

My mother is in buying mode. She bought a new ring last week and had someone out for an estimate for new kitchen cabinets and countertops, which she is getting. She is so excited. She said that what is the sense in working if she can't have the things she wants...can't argue with that. LOL In fact, I can't really say much since I am spending what I am on a Disney vacation instead of paying my credit card debt!!

All her excitment though, is rubbing off on me and making me want to do stuff to my house. Something small like refinishing the basement or buying brand new living room furniture, that's all!! LOL

BUT..I have a Disney trip I am paying for and lots of credit card debt, so the remodeling and furniture buying will have to wait for awhile!!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Blizzard Warning!!

That's what we are in the middle of right now. good times!!

I am SO thankful that I don't live in one of those places that ALWAYS gets LOTS of snow. I think I would surely die. Let me tell you about my day...

*Take the kids to school...snow is just starting to fall.
*Go to the grocery..spend MAYBE 30 mins buying storm know, donuts, cinnamon rolls, cheetos, brownies, etc
*find the car covered in snow, unload all the groceries into the trunk while the blowing snow blows INTO the trunk..and all the bags of groceries and in my collar and down my back.
*get inside the car and realize I can't see out the windows--I don't have an ice scraper and am not wearing gloves. I grab a pop bottle and get out to scrape the windows.
*drive home on horrible slick roads, consider crying, worry about wetting my pants if I have wreck because I have to pee SOOO bad.
*get home and unload the groceries--again dealing with the blowing snow
*eat breakfast (leftover sub from subway) and work for a few minutes. Keep checking school closings to make sure either kid isn't getting out early due to the weather.
*leave to go get Logan, can barely get up the hill to his school it's so icy, the tire pressure light comes on. great.
*Logan gets in car, we leave parking lot, ice has accumulated on my windshield wipers so I stick my hand out the window to grab the wiper and hopefully flick some of the ice off. almost rip my fingernails out of my fingers.Turn the wipers on full blast and watch some of the ice fly.
*head to Dylan's school, stop to get gas and check tire pressure. get out of the car and step in a snow bank..stupid me is wearing clogs with NO socks...snow is COLD! walk around the car unscrewing each little cap and testing each tire. they all look fine to me. get back in the car. drive over to get gas, berate myself for not filling up yeserday for the low price of $3.09 a gallon since today I will pay $3.29!!!!!!!!!! Get out and start pumping the gas, the snow is blowing INTO my ear canal. Pull my sweatshirt up and over half of my head, Look to see how much gas I have pumped (surely it is full by now) not even a GALLON! it is pumping SOOOOOOOOOO slow..then I see the note on the pump "pumps extremely slow", UGH! stop pumping with less than a gallon of gas.'s too cold for that crap! Stop before I can get out of the parking lot to remove all the ice from the stupid windshield wipers!
*Drive to dylans school..the roads are worse,the parking lot is worser! Go in, get Dylan, go back outside, yell at both kids to GET IN THE CAR!!!
*head home,sit in traffic forever, the road I need to turn on to is closed due to an accident. At this point logan freaks, because apparently, he IS going to DIE because he is HUNGRY!
*Do a U-turn and go back the way I came. head home another way, sit in more traffic. listen to kids fight and cry. Watch Logan try to get out of the backseat...because you know, wandering around on the side of the road in snow crying, is better than sitting in the car.
*Finally get through traffic and slip and slide my way home.
*Walk in the house and get my jammies on, consider shoveling driveway and walk..decide "no way".
*fix the kids food and send them to their room to eat it and watch tv and leave me alone.
*drink a big glass of wine.

Virtually Anywhere

I am so attached to my laptop and Internet access that sometimes the thought of having to do without those 2 things is more than I can bear! Seriously. In a perfect world, I would shut the laptop and spend more time being a good wife and mother...but the world's not perfect and neither am I. So, I get enjoyment from countless hours on the Internet just doing nothing. It's a heck of a lot cheaper and safer and tame than a lot of things I COULD be know OTHER than being a good wife and mother!! *wink*

I have considered (breifly) purchasing an air card so I can be on-line virtually ANYWHERE, but honestly, I rarely leave my house and when I do, it's to take the kids to school or go grocery need for Internet surfing while trying to do those 2 things, huh? I did find out though that there is such a thing as a mobile router. It allows several people to be on ther Internet at once using one air card. How cool! So, if a bunch of my friends and I were to go, oh, say camping, we could pitch in for the air card and the mobile router and then hang out in the great outdoors while surfing the web. Doesn't get much better than that, does it???

Road Trip

I guess mom and I are going to go away for the weekend in early April. Originally, the plan was to head to GA for a wedding, but then we decided that driving 10 hours there and back and only having 1 day there was not our idea of a good time! LOL BUT, we were liking the idea of getting away and spending time together, so we decided that we will just go somewhere around here to keep the cost down and the driving amount low! Especially with gas prices!! JEESH!!

I wish we could swing the cost of a plane ticket, if so I would be looking for a hotel in Vegas to check into instead of something in Dresden, Ohio! But oh well...regardless of where we end up I'm sure we'll have a good time!

Tammy was going to come but has now said she can' doesn't really make sense as to why she can't...maybe she just doesn't WANT to!! hmmmm! Oh well....

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Rabbit, Rabbit!!!

I'm SO excited--I remembered and it's only 9 pm. LOL I usually remember 2 days later when I read Laura's blog.

My tooth is hurting and I am SO scared about going to the dentist. I would seriously rather deliver 80 11 lb babies than go to the dentist once. I hate hate hate hate the dentist. Stupid teeth that aren't cavity resistant. HMPH!

Jack was up in the middle of the night whining and unable to jump up on the bed. He is having a lot of pain in his hip, I guess. He is walking fine, but can't jump up on the furniture and if you touch it, he yelps! poor baby. I am hoping it will work itself out, but if not...I'll have to get him to the vet this week.

Today was very low key, we cooked breakfast...ate it for breakfast and lunch, washed dishes, cleaned up the living room, watched tv, visited with my mom when she stopped over and visited with my dad when he came over to bring me a surprise!! Now, we are watching a little more tv and then heading to bed. I think we are all (us, mom, Tony, and Tammy's family) going to breakfast in the morning. should be a good time. maybe! LOL