Friday, August 31, 2007

Alternative Vehicle

I think I should buy a golf cart. The gas prices are crazy and driving me there FAST! I have been using my moms car since school started, because we only have one car and K has to use it for work. Her car is a Ford Crown Vic. It uses a lot of gas. She filled it up last week and I need to fill it up again today. The only places I have gone all week is to and from school. It's beyond me how fast gas can be used up when I am not even driving that far!!

When my mom lived in Florida, they lived in a retirement village and everyone drove golf carts. It was great fun riding around there. They could even drive their carts to the local Wal-Mart if they wanted!! They would come home, plug the cart into the wall to charge it...and that's it. How nice would that be? Of course I have not idea how expensive golf cart parts are, if it should break down. But it couldn't be more expensive than CAR parts..right??

Yes, I think I will buy a golf cart. It'll only take me 2 hours to pick Logan up from school. LOL


Jen said...

Now I don't know how the zoning situation is in your part of the country, but you could probably do just as well with a horse and a nice Amish buggy. The gas bill vs. the "grass" bill... Hmmm.