Sunday, June 25, 2006

LAZY, lazy weekend!!

We have had THE. LAZIEST. WEEKEND. EVER! LOL I picked up season 4 of 24 at the library this past week so we have been watching it off and on all weekend. We watch a little, feed the kids, watch a little more, talk to kids, watch a little more, feed the kids again, watch a little with the kids. You get the idea. It's been so nice....the house is trashed, but it's still been nice. :)

We leave for vacation in a couple weeks. We are heading to the inlaws for a few days and then to meet up with some of my very good girlfriends and their families. these are the same friends we have vacationed with for the last 3 years (this will be year number 4!) We always have SO much fun and I am really looking forward to being with them again.

In the meantime...I'm working and Amelia is here 3 days a week (MWF). We had a garage sale last weekend and will have it again next weekend and I'm selling stuff on ebay...all to make money for vacation. I have to do this every year since we never have money...but it works. LOL

Dylan turned FOUR on the 21st. I can't belive my BABY is FOUR! He'll be in pre-school this year and Logan will be in Kindergarten. my babies are almost grown! WAH! LOL For Dylans b-day we went to the free family movie in the morning and then met my mom and her husband and my dad and his wife and amelia at chick-fil-a. the kids played and we ate and had cake and dylan got a couple gifts. It was so nice and I threw the idea together the night before. LOL

Mice. Our stupid mice are on their FOURTH litter of babies!!! Can you believe that?!?! I am so annoyed. I think we are going to get rid of ALL of them. I'd rather have another dog than these mice that we can;t figure out the sexes of and that make babies non stop. the fourth litter was born yesterday and while I find the whole baby thing VERY cute and amazing and LOVE to watch them..I am really tired of the baby mouse thing. but the babies are will endure this litter until they are weaned and then they are OUTTA HEAH! ;-)

I've had a 9 lb weight loss. I would LOVE to lose 9 more before our vaca but I know thats not gonna happen..wishful thinking. really..i'm just proud that I have been sticking to it...AND exercising to boot! yay me!!

I think that gets me caught up...for now.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Not a bad week

After we got through last with Amelia hasn't been too bad. The getting up early sucked and having her LIE to me one day was bad. But all in all..she has been ok. Dad & Lola get home we are in the final stretch of her stay.

I started dieting on Monday..I'm doing WW...and I have done SO well. I am really, really proud of me. In addition to eating really well, I have done some form of exercise everyday since tuesday. Today..I did a few stretches and planned to take the day off. we ended up going on a spur of the moment "Treasure Hunt" , taking a 2 1/2 mile hike in the process! We were BEAT and I am just a tinge burnt..but I look healthy. We had fun!

Kyle and I hardly know what to do with ourselves since the tv season is over. We're going to be burning up the postal service with movies going back and forth to Netflix. Recently we have seen Fun with Dick & Jane and Flightplan. tomorrow night we'll be watching A History of Violence. Sunday night we MIGHT take the kids to see Cars at the drive-in.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


UGH. In the morning, I have to be up by 6:30 to get Amelia up for school. We have to leave here no later than 7:10. YIKES! Since I will already be up and out..I am going to go ahead and do my grocery shopping. fun fun. BLECK. I am REALLY dreading it!!

Tomorrow also starts day one of my diet....again. 5 weeks until my Gatlinburg trip, 7 weeks until my TX trip. I dug out my exercise videos and made a grocery list full of healthy foods. In 5 weeks, I BETTER be a little lighter and a little more toned!! I actually "bench pressed" Logan tonight!! He is right at 50 pounds..maybe a little less. I did 10 reps and my arms were shaking. I was SO impressed with myself! LOL

After the grocery shopping..I am going to come home and make a bunch of phone calls. Logan's school, the board of education, ins co., dr, pediatrician, consignment shop, dentist, eye dr.

After all the calls are made, I am going to work on more garage sale stuff. I got the front closet all cleaned out and the kids toys cleaned out and brought a load of stuff up from the basement..everything has been cleaned, tagged, priced, sorted and stacked nicely in the front closet waiting for Thursday--SALE DAY!! So, I'll work on more of that until I have to go to work at 2. After work...I think I'll sit on my rear and do nothing for the rest of the evening.

Tuesday morning, it will all start again at 6:30.

Yeah..this is gonna be a FUUUUNNNN week!!! LOL

Friday, June 02, 2006


Happy Friday! It's raining here. Rained all night. I was at the grocery when it started..had to go out to my car and load the groceries in a DOWNPOUR..had to wade through a flooded parking lot to get to my car. Had to drive through flooded streets to get home...good times, I tell ya!!

I am feeling emotionally better today, thank god. I hate when I feel like I did yesterday. We watched Fun with Dick and Jane last night. It was really good. We both enjoyed it.

My dad and step-mom are bringing their daughter (Amelia) over tonight. She will be staying with us until next sunday. Dad and Lola are taking a vacation and heading west....I am so jealous. I hope they have a wonderful time. amelia is an um....*difficult* child. She has some issues and makes us a little nuts while she is here. So, it should be an interesting 10 days. My plan is to keep her busy with helping me get stuff ready for a garage sale I am having next weekend. I am weeding through lots and lots and lots of STUFF and selling everything. All the money I make will go towards our trip to TN in July and my trip to TX at the end of July. hopefully, I make lots and lots of money!!!

I got some WONDERFUL news from a WONDERFUL friend of mine. I am absolutely thrilled for her. Congrats, my friend!!! xoxo

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Ever have one of those days where you are just aggravated/annoyed/on edge/pissed off for no apparent reason. that's how I am today and it's not even 10 am yet. My poor husband and kids. I bet they can't wait for me to go to work. Hopefully, working for 4 hours will help my attitude. shyeah!