Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Money Money

For the first time in awhile...our money situation seems to be a little better. I don't have that constant feeling of worry. I am keeping the "emergency" credit card paid off and I just paid off another credit card and I can see how I can get some more paid off very soon. It feels good. We are still SO in debt--having an unemployed husband for 2 years will do that--but I feel like we are on the other least I hope we are.

I signed up to pay our mtg every 2 doing that, we will have it paid off 7 years sooner and save something like $19,000!!! WOW! I should really think about investing in some kind of budgeting software to make sure that I can keep this feeling of "whew" that I have now. I tend to spend what I have...and if I have a real budget...that should help me spend it wisely. I hope one day..some day to be debt free..aside from the mortgage..and maybe a SMALL car payment. as it stands we don't owe anything on either of our cars and that is really, really nice. Those 2008 Grand Caravans look SO nice though--HOWEVER, I remember what it was like having a new van with a new van payment...and it wasn't pretty. LOL So, I'll enjoy my paid off Bonneville for awhile longer!