Thursday, October 11, 2007


Logan had his check up last week and Dylan had his today.

I was going to post their stats..but now I can't remember. hmph! I know Logan is over 4 ft tall and Dylan is under. LOL She said Logan will be somewhere between 5'10" and 6'1". She didn't give me that info about Dylan. Logan just had a big growth spurt..and she said he isn't too skinny...that he is gaining weight and his BMI is fine. Dylan however hasn't gained much weight in the last 1/2 pound is all! He has grown about 2 inches. she wants us to keep an eye on that..although she wasn't overly concerned. Hopefully, it will resolve itself and we won't have to mess with any kind of nutritional supplements to keep him healthy.

Dylan got 4 booster shots and screamed his little head off. They gave him a sticker that said "I pitched a fit". LOL Bless his little heart...before they brought they shots in, he was begging, "Please don't give me a booster shot..PLEASE!" I would have gladly taken them for him if I could have. :( little punkin'! He did get a sucker, 2 more stickers and McDonalds afterwards. No more shots for awhile, thank god!

Dylan needs to see an opthamologist..he was having trouble reading a line on the test...not sure if it was uncooperativeness or actual trouble seeing..but we'll get him checked just to be sure.

all in all, both of my boys are strong and healthy and just perfect.