Monday, December 31, 2007

Year in Review...kinda.

I saw a cute idea on cindy's blog; Here is first sentence from the first post of each month in 2007.

January: Logan woke me up this morning and immediately said "it's 2007! I turn 7 in 2007!!"

February: I filed our taxes on Friday and am already making big plans for it.

March: It was actually kind of warm today...I think it got up to around 50.


May: I am so glad it is Saturday.

June: My oldest baby graduated from Kindergarten on Thursday night!!

July: We spent our weekend at Tammy's cleaning and ripping up carpet.

August: Shelbea had her first tournament this weekend.

September: I'm sure I have talked about it before...but in case I haven't, My dream is to live in a house on a lake someday.

October: Since Dylan was sick a couple weeks ago he has been sounding kind of congested and his "nose stuff" is all thick and blecky and irritating the inside of his nostril causing it to bleed.

November: I took Dylan to the pediatric opthalmologist today...the Ped had referred us when he didn't pass his test in their office.

December: Saw this over on Renee's Myspace and had to post it!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas DAY Festivities and Loot Report

Christmas morning Kyle and I were both awake before the kids--which NEVER happens. LOL I had been having a hard time sleeping for the last few nights and was awake again all night that about the time 6:30 rolled around I whispered to Kyle that I couldn't sleep and I thought if I couldn't sleep he shouldn't sleep either. He didn't agree, but he did stay awake and rub my neck and back to try to help me relax. About the time I was ready to drift off...we had 2 little boys jump on the bed! So..we all got up to check out what Santa left.

In the Stockings:
Me: B& BW manicure in a minute, hand lotion and moisture socks
Kyle: flashlight, lighters, shower gel, laffy taffy
Boys: candy, underwater submarine thingies, tooth tunes

From Santa the boys received:
a folding moon chair (each)
flashlight (each)
Sonic & Mario olympics wii game (L)
attack of the toy bots wii game (D)
Slushie maker (D)
frog aquarium (L)

From us:
mini helicopter (each)
mini train (each)
connect 4
guess who
bath tub boat
crayloa drawing thingies (each)
clip on light for bed (each)
ice age for wii
meet the robinsons for wii
Shrek 3
ant farm
shrek 3 activity book

Me from K:
make-up mirror
2 post secret books
big brain academy for wii

K from me:
The Godfather for wii

Later that morning mom and Tony came down for breakfast. I made a yummy breakfast pizza and monkey bread. I think we might have started a new tradition! Mom brought more gifts down..and I had about 6 small gifts for her...I wanted this christmas to be extra special for her since she and her husband are separated this year and she didn't have any gifts to open Christmas morning. She was thrilled by everything I got I was really happy that I succeded.

From mom:
chia pet (each)
play-doh (each)

make up mirror
another necklace--white gold chain with love knot--so pretty!
B&BW lotion and powder that I have been wanting since last Christmas!
small wallet
Philosophy Gingerbread Man bath salt/scrub

lots of Socks (she always gets him socks and underwear--he's always glad when Christmas rools around because he knows he is getting new. LOL)
lots of Underwear
clock radio

From the in-laws:

race car track (for both--from BIL & SIL)
jam pack jam game (D--from BIL & SIL)
Transformers Risk (L--from BIL & SIL)
Nintendo DS game (L--from SIL & BIL)
Spiderman lego play set (D--from SIL & BIL)
2 Case collector knives (L from MIL & FIL)
4 sheets of coins for collection (D from MIL & FIL)
Kyles parents get each of the grandkids a collector item for Christmas..Logans is knives, dylans is coins, my niece gets carousel horse things and my nephew gets some kind of helicopters

$50 check from his mom

Longaberger Christmas Basket

Then that evening we went to Kyles aunts for Christmas Dinner and had a really yummy dinner and she gave me a bottle of vanilla B&BW lotion. We then played a few games and came home.

It was a really really good day and once again we feel so so blessed.

Christmas Eve Festivities & Loot report

I just realized I never posted about our Christmas!!

Earlier in the day, we watched The Nativity Story with the kids. We really enjoyed it. The kids got kinda bored in parts, but I think it was really good for them to see and for us to put so much focus on the reason for Christmas for awhile.

That night my sister and her family, my dad and his family, and my mom and brother came to our house for food and gift exchange. We chose to pick names this year for the adults and then everyone bought for the kids. It was very nice. Although, I missed the extra gifts to open...I'm a sucker for a gift! LOL

I had everyone bring an appetizer and or dessert. We ended up with: cocktail weenies, cocktail smokies, smokies wrapped in bacon and brown sugar, homemade salsa, shrimp cocktail and cheese ball for the "main" course. Then we had a lemon dessert, chocolate dessert, fudge, and a chocolate fountain with marshmallows, bananas, apples, oreos, nutter butters and pretzels to dip in it. It was very yummy!

My mom got my name in the gift exchange and she got me a set of Philosophy bubble bath/shower gel--3 large bottles in the scents of hot chocolate, spiced apple cider, and vanilla wafer. I've already used the chocolate and K has used the apple cider. they smell so good..I'm almost tempted to taaste 'em! LOL She also got me (and my sister) a really pretty "daughter" necklace.

My BIL got Kyle and he got him some various tools he needs for work, (they work together)

The kids ended up with 2 remote control motorcycles (1 each), a set of guns that shoot those little foamy things, a e-pet pet (like Webkinz), Logan got a Nintendo DS, a game, and a case for it. Dylan got a V-Smile, a game and case for it. They also each got a disposable camera---can't WAIT to see the pics from those! LOL

After everyone left we got the kids all jammied and set out cookies and milk for Santa (I bought a special plate and mug this year just for that purpose--I was so excited to use it!), and read a Nativity/Manger story (can't remember the name, but it was REALLY cute) and 'Twas the night Before Christmas.

It was so nice, because everyone was gone, the house was cleaned up and the kids were in bed, all by 9:30! So, Kyle and I relaxed...and kept checking Santas progress... until the kids were asleep...filled the stockings and headed to bed.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy TENTH Anniversary to US!!

10 years ago today....on a snowy, cold Saturday, in Gatlinburg, TN, I married my very best (guy) friend, my high school sweetheart, the guy that I had to kiss first or he never would have kissed me, the person that can make me laugh like no one else and makes me feel like the only woman in the world. I have always felt blessed just to be his friend...and the fact that I am lucky enough to be his wife is beyond amazing to me.

I can honestly say that after 10 years of marriage (and 16 years as a couple) I am as in love with him as I was all those years ago....if not more so. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't hug and kiss and cuddle and laugh and tease and joke and just ENJOY one another. He makes me feel like a better person than I am and he absolutely, totally completes me.

He is absolutely not perfect...but he is SO perfect for me. And while there are some things about him that make me bonkers...I would never change him.

These have been 10 absolutely wonderful years..and I am so excited to see what the next 10....20...30....hold! It's been an amazing ride and I am SO in it for the long haul!!

I love you, totally rock my world!!!


Thursday, December 20, 2007


Al of the Christmas Shopping is officially done! I am so glad. I wrapped a handful of gifts yesterday, but didn't get far since my boys are a little annoying. They think they are helping....but my patience lasts for only so long. So..I closed up shop and decided I would do more another day.

The BEST place to sleep

Every year this is the cats favorite sleeping spot. I wish I could curl up there!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Shopping

How are you on your christmas shopping? I think I am about done. As usual, I have done a large bit of it on-line so now I am just waiting for everything to be delivered. I do still need to get Kyle one more thing, my mom one more thing, the kids one more thing, Kyles work gift exchange gift, my brothers gift, the in-laws gift and Dylan's teacher's gifts. Then I need to wrap it all.

I've actually had a pretty easy time of what to get and didn't have to hard of a time coming up with good ideas. Unlike my friend whose husband, made a list and wrote HDMI switches on it. She had no idea what that even was...and neither did I. We had to do an internet search and we still aren't sure why he needs that. Oh well. She says she's not buying anything she doesn't understand..I don't blame her. LOL

Nasal Spray

When I was so super sick with my sinus issues my mother kept encouraging me to sniff salt water up my nose. I refused, because I was afraid I might drown. I told her I would just get some nasal spray if I felt the need to sniff stuff up my nose--which I never did. She is anti nasal spray because apparently it is addictive. who knew? I asked her if she knew people that actually had to go to drug rehab because of nasal spray. She doesn't think I am funny.

Over my Head

I've noticed that sometimes...depending on the group of people I am with...the conversations seem to be over my head. Not that I am a stupid person..they just talk about stuff that I am not familiar with and don't really care to be familiar with. Recently at dinner with a few of my cousins, some of the guys were talking about phase 1 environmental testing or something to that effect. I have no idea what it is...except that it has to do with some kind of construction or something..I think. I feigned interest for awhile and then luckily someone else got my attention with another topic. You don't think my lack of interest in topics I know nothing about makes me a boring person, do you? nah!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to My #1 Son!!

Today is Logan's 7th birthday. I can't believe that it has been 7 years since this amazing, funny, (frustrating) little boy came into my life. He has filled my life and made me so so happy. I am so proud Nd so blessed to be his mom.

I got up this morning and scrubbed my floors and vaccumed to prepare for the "family party". Kyle went to pick up the cake and a gift for Logan and came home with a beautiful wreath for my front door and new rug for the bathroom. I was so excited!! :)

I opted to not do food for the clan since I am hosting Christmas Eve and can't afford to feed everyone we just had cake and ice cream. It was a very yummy spongebob cake and we had a nice time. Everyone stayed a couple hours and then they left. We spent the rest of the evening playing checkers and Life with the kids.

At 11:00 last night Logan got up and told us that Kyle forgot his birthday spanking. Kyle was glad to rectify the situation. LOL

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The sickies have descended upon my house and refuse to leave. I am so aggravated.

I have had some kind of sinus thing and cough for over a month now. It came to a head last week and I was SOOOOO sick, I went to the dr and got antibiotics and am feeling much better..but still have a cough that is lingering and making me insane since everytime I cough hard, I wet my pants, (which my gyno tells me is from birthing 2 large babies--lucky me!) *rolleyes*

Dylan threw up for several hours the Wed before Thanksgiving.

Logan threw up for several hours the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Saturday, Dylan's eyes were pink and gooky--pink eye in both eyes as diagnosed by the urgent care dr on Sunday.

Sunday night, Logan woke up and threw up all over his bed (and between the bed and wall--which was REAL fun to try to clean up at midnight with the other id fast asleep in the top bunk!)

Dylan has been home from school all week with the pink eye thing. Today he woke up with a stomach ache and a yucky cough.

Logan has been up all night with diarrhea.

This week is Logan's last week of school before Christmas Break. All I want is a couple days of no children here so I can get some stuff done in the house. I'm really thinking it's not going to happen.

My fingers AND toes are crossed that they both go to school tomorrow..and friday!!!

UPDATE: Dylan just threw up all over the living room floor. Lord, help me!

Stupid Weather

Last week it snowed...not once but twice, which resulted in one snow day and 2 two hour delay days.

Yesterday it got up to 66 degrees!!

Today the high is supposed to be 38.

Tell me that's not stupid!!!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Elfs (Elve's) R Us!!

For your viewing pleasure!! :-)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Snow Day!!

We had our first official Snow Day of the year yesterday. Well, Dylan's school stayed open, but since Logan's was closed...and I'm horribly ill, we all stayed home. It would have been much quieter and restful for me if he had gone though. Oh well. They had a blast playing out in the snow...and I got a few moments of quiet then. I had to MAKE them come in..and they were FROZEN. They both came in asking for hot baths! LOL

Logan's school was on a 2 hour delay this morning, so I took Dylan at the normal time and Logan and I did a little grocery shopping before I took him to school.

Now, I am watching the view and drinking a coke hoping my head quits hurting. Then, I am going to go work for awhile. ugh!

My house is in shambles. since I have been sick nothing is getting done. Amelia was here the other day so I had her unload and reload my dishwasher which was very nice. It hasn't been done since then it's pretty scary in there. Hopefully, tomorrow I will be feeling much better and can get the house in order before the weekend.

Monday, December 03, 2007

The tree is up!

I think this is the earliest I have had it up in about 5 years!

We moved furniture around and got it all put up and decorated yesterday. It would have been a lot more fun if I wasn't completely miserable with a sinus infection and some kind of chest cold thing.

The house is actually still in shambles as I lost my motivation quite quickly..and if mama ain't one's motivated. LOL

I went to the dr. this morning and she gave me a RX for soon as I feel better I'll get the rest of the house decorated and the mess cleaned up.

Regardless..I LOVE having the tree up. It's SOOOO pretty!

Bless Dylan's heart...we put the tree up and then ran to the grocery..when we came back Dylan said, "has Santa been here yet??" LOL It's gonna be a LONNNNG 22 days!

Cute clothes

I wish I was into a sport or something...even a job that required me to wear a cute outfit or uniform. "Work at Home Mom" just doesn't require anything more than comfy jammies, jeans and tee/sweatshirts. whoo!

I saw the cutest Adidas golfshirt the other day and decided I should play golf just so I could buy it and wear it. Of course, I need the cute little golfers body to go with it...and the money for the---um, what are the fee's called??? green fees...tee fees??? Oh you know what I mean! LOL I know it's expensive to golf...heck it's expensive to mini golf! ROFL


Kyle's 90 day probationary period was over on Nov. 3. When that period ended he became eligible for health benefits as well as insurance benefits. This thrills me to no end. He hasn't had life insurance since his other job ended almost 3 years ago!

When I became a grown up and moved out on my own..I took over paying for the life insurance my mom had on me..but Kyle had none. I had gotten some term life insurance quotes and they were so expensive since he is a smoker. With this new job, he is eligible for the insurance regardless of being a smoker. BIG relief for me. It's nice knowing that if (God forbid) something happens to him..we will be ok.


Amelia is back home. She had moved to a boarding school/facility type place that has experience in dealing with her "issues". We were all feeling very positive about this place and encouraged that this would finally be the way to get her the help she needs to go on and grow up and be a good adult.

Apparently, this was not meant to Amelia had a "new issue" rear it's ugly head and she was forced to leave. It's been very very hard on her parents as they are at a loss as to what to do for her. In some ways, I think this might be easier if she was a drug addict and needed to be in a drug treatment facility. And I certainly don't mean that drug addiction is an easy thing to overcome. I just mean that I think there would be more options out there for them..more help..if that was her "issue".

Keep them in your thoughts and prayers...I know they appreciate it.

Exercise Aids

I have been toying with the idea of maybe getting a piece or two of fitness equipment. I wonder if it would make me exercise more....or become a "glorified clothes hanger"??

I have lost 27 lbs and I want to keep it up. My eating has been not horrid..but not great either. I have found though, that if you exercise gives you a little more leeway in your caloric intake.

I just wonder if I would be more likely to work on an elliptical (or something) than I am to put in a workout video and do that?

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Merry Toss-mas

Saw this over on Renee's Myspace and had to post it!