Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nice Saturday

We had a cook-out at a local park yesterday. Figured it would be the last one of the season. It was a really nice day and we found a site with 3 picnic tables right together...nestled under some nice big trees for shade! I have decided though, that cookouts/picnics are a LOT of work and those trips from the house to the car, and then the car to the picnic site, then the site to the car, and finally the car back to the house. whew! I was exhausted when we got home! Hopefully..all that work burned off some of the million calories I KNOW I consumed!

Mom was having a hard was a bad back day for her and she banged her knee, not once, not twice, but 3 was swollen towards the end of the day. Of course she has knee problems anyway...but the banging it on things just aggravated it. She left before the rest of us and I told her to do a google search for osteoarthritis relief. I figure maybe she can find something to help her back AND knee. And when she does, I wanna use it too. My back has some serious issues!

So, we went to be at 10 last 11:30 the phone rang. At first I ignored it. Then, they called right back--or course 2 calls right in a row after 11 means somebody is hurt or dead right?? apparently not...this call was about an Xbox I have for sale. Can you imagine?!?! I asked him if he wanted to come and get it right then. You know..I figured maybe he was in desperate need of an x-box playing session or something. He said...oh's too late. Well DUH, dinkus--why are you calling my house so late??? UGH! He did come this morning though and pick it up. I'm glad it's gone. Now I have a plethora of games to get rid of. I might just take them to gamestop or something.....

So far it's a lazy sunday...not for long though..I have a mountain of laundry and work to do. Logan has homework out the wazoo from missing 2 days last week. Good times...GOOD times.