Friday, August 17, 2007

Bend without Breaking

The closer the 10th anniversary gets..the more I think about what I want for a gift! LOL My mom has offered to stay with the kids for a weekend so we can go away, ALONE and I am really excited about that. However..I also want a GIFt..gimme,gimme,gimme!!;) Of course I am looking at the typical diamond rings but don't really know if that's what I want.

The traditional gift is aluminum/tin because "The pliability of tin and aluminum is a symbol of how a successful marriage needs to be flexible and durable and how it can be bent without being broken." I LOVE that..and it almost makes me teary when I read it. I told Kyle that and that he would need to think of a clever gift for me to go along with that theme. He said he would get me a can of coke! *rolleyes*

So, I don't know. I would really like for us to get matching "wedding band" tattoos...he's balking at that idea. He's a chicken! LOL Of course I need to figure out something to get him as well. Good thing I still have 4 months to think about it, huh?