Sunday, August 05, 2007

Soccer IS enjoyable!

Shelbea had her first tournament this weekend. We went to one game yesterday that was so boring, neither Kyle or the boys wanted to go back today! LOL

Mom and I went today and it was SUCH a GOOD game! Very enjoyable--lots of cheering, goal making, etc. Shelbeas team WON! we were very proud! The next tournament is Labor Day weekend...I might have to make me a "I'm Shelbea's Aunt" t-shirt! ;) So, we had fun..AND I got some sun on my face--nothing like a little "color" to make a girl feel purty!! :-)

Kyles first day of work was Friday, he said he thinks he will like it. Tomorrow he has to be there at 7 and work 10 hours. bleckety, bleck, bleck!!! Better him than me! HA! Of that we are both working I guess I have to start doing some housework again...and if he works more hours than me..I'll have to do even MORE! UGH! It had been so long since I loaded and ran the diswaher, that last week when I did...I almost forgot how to turn it on! Seriously!! gonna miss that!

We have a tour at Dylans new school tomorrow. excited about that! I hope I like it and like the program there--'cause frankly, if I don't..I don't know where in the heck he is going to go! LOL


Cindy said...

So he got the job?!? Excellent! I'm SO happy for you guys!

Glad you enjoyed the soccer game...enjoy them now before it gets freezing outside, or rainy. Then it's not so fun, lol!