Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend stuff

Chelsea got in town late Thursday night, so we met for lunch on Friday. Friday night, I left the boys with mom and Kyle and I drove out to Wilmington (an hour) to go to the Haunted Hollow Bus Ride. We met Tammy, Larry and Chelsea there. As soon as we got started raining! BIG, FAT, COLD drops! I had a sweat shirt to put on, but Kyle was wearing a short sleeve polo..he was fuh-reezing! I felt so bad..I offered to share my sweatshirt..and he said he was fine. I offered to take my t-shirt off and give him that (while I wore the sweatshirt, of course) and he said he was fine. Luckily, the rain stopped shortly after that.

So, we went on this haunted's a great big school bus with the top cut off..and it was SOOO fun. Nice and throat was hurting at the end from all the screaming. fun stuff!

The kids were asleep when we got back, so they stayed at moms. The next morning, Kyle went to work and the kids and I went to eat breakfast with mom, Tammy, and Chelsea. Then they went shopping and the kids and I came home...I cleaned the bathroom and the living room.

Kyle was home about 3 and then we all got ready and headed to the bowling alley where we met Mom, Tony, Tammy, Larry, Shelbea, Chelsea, Dad and Lola. We had a party--celebrating my, Chelsea's and Tony's b-day.

We had 2 for the kids--with the bumpers and one without for the adults. We could only have 6 people on a I ended up bowling on the bumpers side with the kids. I trotted my little self up there and threw my ball...cause you know...with the bumpers help I was going to be AWESOME!. So, I threw the ball..lost my footing and FELL..HARD. I hurt my knee and hip and back....and pride!! :) My knee and hip are hurting really bad today..and keep trying to go out. Hopefully, they will be better tomorrow.

We all really enjoyed bowling though...I think it might become the party of choice for this clan!

Chelsea headed back to TX tonight. It was so good seeing her..I'll miss her a lot. Lindsay will be here in 2 weeks that'll help!