Monday, January 28, 2008

Six Words

My Aunt Robin sent me some info about "The Six Word Diet". I think I am going to give it a try. I can't seem to get geared back up for WW for some reason....and I need to feel excited about something..and God help me..this actually sounds kinda exciting--as exciting as dieting can be. LOL I figure if I hate it..maybe it will kick my ass back over to the WW way of life...we'll see.

So...what are the six words you ask?

So, by doing are taking in about 1200 calories a day,..and eating all day. Which boosts your metabolism. I have always heard that you should eat several times a day..I have just never done it..I go long periods of time without eating and then eat when I am STARVING. Even with WW I saved the majority of my points for dinner. My friend Teresa lost a lot of weight a few years ago and she said that the weight didn't budge until she started eating small portions of food and ate ALL day. I never tried it though..because I like LARGE portions of food. LOL But, I think I am going to give this a go and see what happens.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Something White

Dylan had a "homework" art project he had to do last week. They are studying snow and ice, so the project was to make a white on white collage by gluing white things on a piece of white card stock.

So, we went all around the house looking for white things. As we collected them they all looked was amazing how many of the things were off white or kinda grey when compared to the true white white of the card stock. I had gone down to the basement and opened a box that has our wedding flowers in it and found a piece of white tulle. When I got it upstairs and next to the other white stuff it was SO gray and dingy looking. I couldn't believe it. Kyle said, "well it IS 10 years old" which is true. I guess. kinda makes me feel old and a little dingy. LOL

So, the collage ended up with: cotton balls, q tip, jewelry box, some screws and nuts/bolt things, a battleship piece and some plumbing thingies. It looked pretty good and he was proud of it.

Guess she was right..

Well, Logan seems to be much better. Maybe the NP knew what she was talking about after all. Imagine that!

Kyle is now feeling crappy...all congested in his chest and just bleck. I tried to get him to stay home today and rest since it is COLD here. He refused, said he had to much to do at work. I told him that he has sick days for a reason..he said he knows, but he really needed to go. And I guess he did..he isn't deathly ill...I just worry about him being in and out of the cold all day. A few years ago he had a very resistant strain of pneumonia and was so so so so so so sick..and it scares me that something like that will happen again. Hopefully, he'll feel better soon. If he can make it through tomorrow, he will have the weekend to relax and that should help a lot.

Hopefully, I don't get it. My month of sickness in November/December was enough to last me for a LONG time.

Monday, January 14, 2008

update on L

Well, we saw the nurse practitioner lady and she said that Logan is very clear..his lungs sound clear, his ears are clear, she said he looks kinda viral. She thinks the coughing and stuff is from sinus drainage. I don't think she is right. but whatever. She gave us some meds...and told me to go ahead and do breathing treatments every 4 to 6 hours just to keep him open. I gave him the first dose of medicine. He is SOOOO miserable..he can hardly breathe without coughing. I just don't understand asthma apparently. When I take him to the dr because he has a cold that won't let up---they say it's asthman...when I think he is having an asthma attack they say it's not. UGH. So...I guess the best thing to do is keep doing what I have been doing and treat everything as asthma. LOL

Hopefully, she is right and he will be ok and doesn't need a steroid.


Logan is in the midst of an asthma flare this morning and is miserable.I gave him 2 breathing treatments last night and another one this morning and he seems worse rather than better...actually much worse. So, we are off to the dr. at 9:15 hopefully they will get him a steroid and he will feel much better soon. poor guy. :(

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Breathing Room I think when the breathing room around here gets a little better...I need to look into some budgeting software to help keep us on track. I am not good with budgeting our money and I really really need to be. It seems very overwhelming to me and I know it doesn't have to be that way. I just need to least intimidating software out there..and a different mindset. I know that we have to do something. Living with this worry and yucky feeling in my tummy all the time is no fun. We have to start thinking about our future too..we won't always be THIS young! ;-) At some point I know we would like to retire and enjoy our golden years. At the rate we are going now...we'll be working until the day we die. That would stink!

Leaky Trunk

UGH! Our trunk leaks. It makes me nuts. It's better than what it was, but it still kinda leaks. Kyle tightened the screws that hold the spoiler on and then he used some kind of clear latex caulk-y stuff and that really seemed to help. The other day I opened it and a big stream of water poured into the trunk. UGH! Do you have any idea what a pain that is? It is much much better than it was I don't want to complain TOO much. ha! I was wondering if all car spoilers cause this problem, but then I remembered that I used to have a Paseo with a spoiler and it never leaked. So, maybe it's just this car...all I know is that I wish it would seal itself or something.

Mindless Surfing

Kyle and I took the kids to Indianapolis this weekend. We had a wonderful time and it was nice just relaxing and enjoying being a family. We took the laptop but I only checked my e-mail once and that was after the kids were in bed.

When we got home tonight...that computer was the first place I headed though. I feel out of sorts when I am away from my usual mindless surfing for a few days. I have "rounds" I make on several different websites and I do it while I am watching tv. It's kinda mindless and gives me something else to do while we watch tv so I don't feel like I am "just" sitting and watching tv. I makes no sense..mindlessly cruising the 'net looking at random things like real estate ads, surely isn't "constructive"...and yet it makes me feel better. go figure.

Catching up..

Seems I've gotten a wee bit behind in my blog posting. Not sure why...sometimes I just get too lazy to type. I think that's what happened this time too.

Not much to post about...maybe that's why the lack of posts and the lazy thing isn't true? Nah!

Everyone is back to school and work and the normalcy of our lives has resumed. My work week has been increased from 4 hours/week to 9 hours/week and I am happy about that. Because, of course...that means my paychecks will be doubled. woohoo! If I can get about 3 more hours/week, my pay will cover the mortgage payment. Then I will be happy. I'll work 12 hours a week and the mortgage will be taken care of..not too shabby. Then Kyl's check can go for all the other stuff...and maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to breathe a little easier!

Speaking of Kyles check...his supervisor (also my Brother in law) asked him to write down the new things he has learned since working there, how long it takes him to do various jobs, etc and he is going to try to get him a raise!! Not sure how much of a raise...but every little bit helps that breathing know?

Kyle got his W2 the other day..Now I am antsy to get mine. I want to get them filed so we can get our return. I haven't decided what the plan is for spending the return. I WANT (and fully intended to) spend it on a Disney Trip--we wouldn't be taking the trip until after August (when K has vaca time). But..I am thinking that I should get some debt paid off and make that breathing even easier. BUT...I'm afraid if I do that..we won't save for the Disney trip and end up not going and I really really want to take the boys before they are too old to appreciate the magic of it. so...hmmm...I just don't know. I may be able to pay a couple things off and pay for the hotel stay and tickets for disney...then I would just need to save for transportation and food. Really, I guess I just need to see how much the refund is going to be and go from there.

This is getting long and I have some more posting I need to do I guess I will end this here for now...