Sunday, May 18, 2008

Skin Deep

I feel so "lucky", I guess, that I have always had pretty good skin. Even in the raging hormone teenage years, my skin has always been pretty clear, no major zits or breakouts. Sure, I had the occasional pimple but nothing that required any kind of acne treatment per se. Actually, I still get the occasional pimple but luckily nothing major.

My main skin complaint right now, is the nice frown line I have between my brows. It has gotten SO deep and it really bothers me. I think I might need a shot or two of botox. *wink*

Outside Light

With the weather finally warming up, I am starting to think about my outside living space. I think I am going to move the wicker furniture from the back deck to the front covered porch. It is a conversation set and truth be's too hot out back with no shade for anyone to sit and it mostly just gets rained on. LOL I think if I move it up front I could go out there and read and watch the kids ride their bikes etc. I think I will work on that this week. When I have money (HA!) I would like to get another set for the back porch--a dining set. But that probably won't be until next year.

I was watching HGTV yesterday and they had some of the neatest outdoor lighting on the show I was watching. I might need to invest in some cute flickering candle lanterns or something.


After months and months of playing "wait and see" and putting Logan on antibiotics (even though he never had an infection), and failing 3 hearing tests, he finally saw the surgeon today and is getting tubes.

Thank God. It has been a long drawn out process and I blame me since I didn't have him seen by the dr. I like best in the practice. Clearly the 2 other dr's we saw, suck!

Unfortunately, he can't get in for surgery until July 21!! I really hate that. Oh least school will be out in a couple weeks and then it won't matter as much.

Reading for Fun

Kyle and I are big readers. One of us is always reading something. I was getting worried..well not worried I guess but kinda sad that Logan didn't seem to have the same love for books and reading that we do. He reads very well and is an advanced reading class at school, but doesn't just sit and read books like I did at that age.

I think I finally got him hooked on a series though. The Magic Treehouse books, he really likes. He can read an entire book in a few hours and insists on reading them in order. Up to this point I have only been getting out 1 or 2 at the library at a time. I think I am going to have to up it to quite a few more!!

Broken Laptop

I am so annoyed.

My laptop screen has broken. The hinges on it froze up and then broke when I tried to close it. First one side...and then a few months later..the other side. Upon researching it on-line, apparently, this is a problem with this particular laptop. UGH! So, here I sit with the screen propped up trying to not type too hard, 'cause if I do..the screen closes on my hands!! good times!!!

My mom is looking to get a new work at home job and in order to do this particular job she needs a processor upgrade and a system memory upgrade. I told her she might as well just buy a new computer. I've been trying to talk her into a laptop for a long time now..maybe she will finally bite. I'll definitely keep her from getting this brand though.

Shoes shoes SHOES!!

I have been on a quest to find some comfy shoes for Disney World. I really don't want to wear tennis shoes as I can never find any that are comfortable and they make my feet hot and don't allow for the swelling that inevitably happens in the heat.

So far, I have gotten a pair of Nike flip flops, a pair of croc flip flops, a pair of teva flip flops
and a pair of crocs sandals--non flip flop. :lol So, far I think the non-flip flops are going to be the winner. The crocs flip-flops heel bed is really cushioned which I LOVE BUT it makes my foot push forward and the thing between my toes hurt. Might be because my foot is narrow so the strap over my foot doesn't fit my foot snugly. They might work once my feet swell. LOL

I have gotten really good deals on all the I don't feel TOO bad about my quest for the perfect shoe. I think there is one more pair of crocs I want to try and then I will leave well enough alone!!

Friday, May 09, 2008


Long time no post, huh?

It's been so long I don't even know where to start an update. LOL

Hmmm....let's see.

We just got back from TN where's Kyle mom is not doing too well. While there we found out she has kidney damage and they are in the process of finding out what is causing that and what they can do to stop any further damage. We have heard nothing about the tests they have done thus far. Some of them had to be sent to CA and I imagine we won't really know until those come back. Please keep her in your prayers.

After months of wait and see and antibiotic treatment Logan was finally referred to an audiologist where he failed their hearing test and then referred us to a head and neck suregeon. The problem is mega fluid in his ears and it just needs to be drained. While the Ped saw him last time she noticed that he has a bi-something uvula. She said it was heart shaped and that sometimes that can cause issues with fluid in the ears etc. He goes in on WED to see the surgeon. From the research I have done on-line, there is nothing they do for that bi-whatever uvula. I just want him to get tubes so he can hear again. I feel very sorry for him. :(

I am going in for a physical on Friday..just because I don't feel well a lot of the time and sometimes my body aches for no reason at all...and I'm tired, etc etc. Figured it would be good to get some things checked out.

We are celebrating Shelbeas birthday tomorrow night with a cook out at moms house. She will be 11 on the 14th.

No plans for Mothers Day..I really just wanna hang out at home and maybe order take out for dinner. I am also going to pre-order Wii Fit for my gift. I'll make it easy on Kyle this year. LOL I am going to take my mom out to lunch on MOnday to celebrate with her. She is going to Brunch on Sunday with my brother and sister and I am being just doesn't sound like fun to me...I am SUCH a home body sometimes!

Kyles birthday is Thursday, I'll make him a yummy dinner and grab an ice cream cake. He already got his gift (new tools) a couple weeks ago. I might get him something "small" from the kids.

Alright..I guess that's all I have. Not much of an update..more like a preview of the week to come. oh well.