Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The sickies have descended upon my house and refuse to leave. I am so aggravated.

I have had some kind of sinus thing and cough for over a month now. It came to a head last week and I was SOOOOO sick, I went to the dr and got antibiotics and am feeling much better..but still have a cough that is lingering and making me insane since everytime I cough hard, I wet my pants, (which my gyno tells me is from birthing 2 large babies--lucky me!) *rolleyes*

Dylan threw up for several hours the Wed before Thanksgiving.

Logan threw up for several hours the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Saturday, Dylan's eyes were pink and gooky--pink eye in both eyes as diagnosed by the urgent care dr on Sunday.

Sunday night, Logan woke up and threw up all over his bed (and between the bed and wall--which was REAL fun to try to clean up at midnight with the other id fast asleep in the top bunk!)

Dylan has been home from school all week with the pink eye thing. Today he woke up with a stomach ache and a yucky cough.

Logan has been up all night with diarrhea.

This week is Logan's last week of school before Christmas Break. All I want is a couple days of no children here so I can get some stuff done in the house. I'm really thinking it's not going to happen.

My fingers AND toes are crossed that they both go to school tomorrow..and friday!!!

UPDATE: Dylan just threw up all over the living room floor. Lord, help me!


Jen said...

So we all got sick night before last, and all I could think about, in the middle of it all, was how glad I was that Paul doesn't have a bunk bed! He was gracious enough to trash the bathroom! It's an ugly bug, that's for sure!

sue said...

How is everyone feeling now? I hate when the kids are all sick, thankfully we have been pretty lucky here, Jackson threw up once and that was it!! HUGS